FREE Acclaimed Films
cover №1  In the Pines
2013 movie • 22min
9.8 ★★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Horror
Directed by Misty Simmons-Poteet
Written by Misty Simmons-Poteet
In The Pines (The Beginning) is based on local folklore in White Co. Tennessee. The setting is the late 1800's...
Music by Logan Myers
Starring Lee Vervoort, Chadwyck Michael Vincent, Chessilyn Angel, Kailey Angel, John Dugan, Cooper Guy, Holland Guy, Scarlett Hicks, Kiya Simmons
cover №2  Midnight Violin
2011 movie • 7min
9.6 ★★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Music
Directed by Heather Schmidt
Written by Heather Schmidt
During a near death experience, a young woman encounters a mysterious and brilliant violinist.
Music by Heather Schmidt
Starring Ashleigh Craig, Tammy Gamble, Alan Shinkman, Scott St. John, Jessie Withers
cover №3  Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve
2014 movie
9.4 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by James Corbett
Written by James Corbett
Starring Edward Griffin
cover №4  Rez Carz
2013 movie • 8min
9.4 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Family
Directed by Clancy Dennehy
Written by Clancy Dennehy
Abandoned cars rest silently in fields for decades, still holding secret conversations within their bodies.
Starring Tantoo Cardinal, Gary Farmer, Michelle St. John, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Evan Adams, Kevin Loring, Ray G. Thunderchild, Ta'kaiya Blaney, Kim Harvey, Colin Van Loon, Ron Harris, Jordan Wilson
cover №5  Victori: The Truth Just Can't Be One Thing
2015 movie • 76min
9.4 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy, Drama
Directed by Michael Melamedoff
Written by Michael Melamedoff
25 year old risk management analyst Ed Victori leaves his job in finance to start managing the art career of his father, Victor Victori.
cover №6  Great Wide Open
2016 movie
9.4 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Adventure
Directed by Jared Leto
A series of five short films that celebrate America's National Parks and the incredible adventurers who explore them.
Music by Blake Ewing
Starring Jason Baldes, Tommy Caldwell, Bob Coronato, Sasha DiGiulian, Dorothy White Horse Duluane, Brittany Griffith, Alex Honnold, Aaron Huey, Jared Leto, Renan Ozturk, Peter Popinchalk, George Reed Jr.
cover №7  Jiu Jitsu vs. the World
2015 movie
9.4 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dan Lewis
Jiu-Jitsu vs the World is a feature length documentary on Brazilian Jiujitsu and how it has a positive impact on lives everywhere. This film aims to be an answer to the question often asked - "What is that Jiu-jitsu thing that you do?"
Music by Ric Armstrong
Starring Eddie Bravo, Jocelyn Chang, John Danaher, Roberto Filho de Abreu, Harley Flanagan, Jeff Glover, Renzo Gracie, Christopher Haueter, Deborah Maxwell, Phil Migliarese, Ricardo Migliarese, Nazareth Nirza
cover №8  An Intrigue of Manners
2001 movie
9.3 ★★★★★★★★   <1k
A short restoration comedic drama set in England's 17th Century. Loosely adapted from from Sir George Etherege's restoration comedy "Man of Mode" ...
Starring Michael Mahonen, Karyn Dwyer, Kent Staines
cover №9  A Killer of Men
2015 movie • 22min
9.3 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Crime, Western
Directed by Gregg Meller
Written by Gregg Meller
Shot and left for dead by the commune of murderers and thieves who raised him, an 18 year-old pure-bred killer must trek across the lawless desert waste to exact his revenge and rid the world of their evil.
Music by Jonathan Beard
Starring Riley Bodenstab, Joseph D. Reitman, Isaak Presley, Erik Aude, Tobias Jelinek, David Dastmalchian, Andrew Miller, Korbyn Hawk Hanan, James Thornton, Ashley Thornton, Stephen Michael, Jon Watt
cover №10  Casting Notice
2009 movie • 18min
9.3 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama
Directed by Marcus Thomas
Written by Marcus Thomas
A struggling actor unknowingly attends an audition for a porn film and must make an impulse decision as to whether or not he should take the role.
Music by Francis Coates III
Starring Brandon Young, Aurelio Reyes, Rocco Rosanio, Sean Serino, Ajarae Coleman, Maggie Grant, Peter Nikkos, Estela Aguirre Acosta, Tiffany Michelle Baxter, Nailah Holliday, Rebekah Salgado, Diana Savone
cover №11  The Tale of the Wall Habitants
2012 movie • 16min
9.3 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy
Directed by Andrej Boka
Written by Andrej Boka
The conflict between doors and windows is threatening to escalate.
Music by Pavletic Ivan, Mirjana Vladisavljev
Starring Minja Pekovic, Paul Ewing, Thad Monteiro, Vladimir Grbic, Tara Kovacevic
cover №12  Forbidden Forest
2004 movie
9.3 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kevin W. Matthews
Written by Jonathan Collicott, Kevin W. Matthews
Starring Jean Guy Comeau, Francis Wishart
cover №13  Bare Knuckle
2014 video movie • 70min
9.2 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Action, Drama
Directed by Joel David Santner
Written by Richard Byrne, Joel David Santner
A former Marine must fight in the underground world of bare knuckle boxing in order to protect his family.
Music by Josh Taylor
Starring William LeDent, Steve Attix, John C. Bailey, Tonya Beckman, Frank Britton, Evan Casey, Nick DePinto, Zachary Engle, Gwynne Flanagan, Daniel Flint, Kimberly Gilbert, Dieterich Gray
cover №14  The Ambassadors of Hollywood
2011 video movie • 84min
9.2 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Archie Gips, Matt Hunt
From dangerous drug addicts to struggling homeless to inspirational dreamers, a verité look at costumed...
Music by Kevin Kearney, Gregg Lehrman
Starring Donn C. Harper, Maia, Christopher C. Mitchell, Tuck John Porter, Melissa Weiss, Gerard Christian Zacher
cover №15  Monster in a House
2014 movie • 14min
9.2 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Christiano Dias
Written by Christiano Dias
A little girl investigates the presence of a monster that her parents unknowingly created.
Music by Daniel James Chan
Starring Joseph Bottoms, Lisa Roumain, Kitana Turnbull, Radhika Womack, Bret Newton, Alex Bartley
cover №16  Free Door
2012 movie • 8min
9.2 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy
Directed by Michael L. Schmidt
Written by Michael L. Schmidt
When Jim happens upon a door that's been left by the side of the road, he approaches the presumed owner to ask if he can take it...
Music by Marius Masalar
Starring Joshua Peace, Michael Copeman, Thom Sears, Vincent Thomas
cover №17  Death, Taxes and Apple Juice
2010 movie • 8min
9.2 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Family
Directed by Tamar Halpern
Written by George Roth III, Tamar Halpern
A little girl ponders the meaning of life as her friend helps her file taxes.
Music by Jordan Halpern Schwartz
Starring Aymeric Dauge-Roth, Claire Dauge-Roth, Hannah Perreault
cover №18  The Women's Kingdom
2006 movie • 20min
9.2 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Xiaoli Zhou
Written by Xiaoli Zhou, Brent E. Huffman
La Mu lives beyond the strictures of mainstream Chinese society. She is part of the Mosuo, an ethnic minority that has a matriarchal society, one of the last in the world.
cover №19  Itsy Bitsy Spiders
2013 movie • 12min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Bertrand Paré
Written by Bertrand Paré
Edwin has a dark obsession with drawing spiders. His mother does her best to curb his increasingly odd behavior, but unbeknownst to her, a terrifying mystery will soon be solved with the help of these sinister drawings.
Music by Joshua Mosley
Starring Julian Feder, Jessica Galinas, Britt Prentice, Matthew Vorce, Joe Maggard, Bruce Hammond, Gabriel Burrafato, Rusty Meyers, Trina Colon, Brandon Hunt, Mark Justice, Cory Robinson
cover №20  Crash Course: World History
2012 tv series • 10min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Stan Muller, Mark Olsen
Written by John Green, Raoul Meyer
An educational series hosted by the Brothers Green. John leads us through the humanities while Hank takes us on a journey through the sciences.
Music by Jason Weidner
Starring John Green
cover №21  September 11: The New Pearl Harbor
2013 movie • 300min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Massimo Mazzucco
Written by Massimo Mazzucco
An investigation of 9/11.
Music by Federico Povoleri
Starring Joseph Culp
cover №22  The Waking
2012 movie • 13min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Thriller
Directed by John Stead
Written by Tara Boire, Sophie Goulet
Anna moved into her dream home. She knew this was the one; but so did the mysterious presence lurking within its walls.
Music by John Rowley
Starring Jonathan Goad, Sophie Goulet, John Stead
cover №23  The Queen of Trees
2005 movie • 52min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mark Deeble, Victoria Stone
Written by Mark Deeble
The remarkable story of an African fig tree and the special relationship it has with the animals who depend on it.
Music by Guy Michelmore
Starring Ian Holm
cover №24  New York: A Documentary Film
1999 tv series • 600min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Ric Burns
Written by Ric Burns, James Sanders
Ric Burns (brother of the famed documentarian Ken Burns) presents an exhaustive history of New York...
Music by Brian Keane
Starring David Ogden Stiers, John Steele Gordon, Kenneth Jackson, Robert A.M. Stern, Mike Wallace, Philip Bosco, Brendan Gill, Calvin O. Butts III, Robert A. Caro, Peter Hamill, Alfred Kazin, David McCullough
cover №25  Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest
1990 tv movie • 56min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Barbara Jampel
Written by Barbara Jampel
Explore an extraordinary region where water and land life intermingle six months out of the year.
Music by Scott Harper
Starring William Shatner
cover №26  The Strangest Dream
2008 movie • 89min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Eric Bednarski
Written by Eric Bednarski, Barry CowlingEnglish, Japanese
The biography of Joseph Rotblat, the only scientist to leave the Manhattan Project, and would eventually win a Nobel Peace Prize.
Music by David Christensen
Starring Michael Jones, Joseph Rotblat, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Sandra Ionno Butcher, Mohamed Shaker, Roméo Dallaire, Robert Hinde, Halina Sand, Adolf Hitler, Louis Rosen, Tadatoshi Akiba, Joseph Stalin
cover №27  Tuktu and His Eskimo Dogs
1966 movie • 15min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Laurence Hyde
Written by Laurence Hyde
Music by Robert Fleming
cover №28  How the Universe Works
2010 tv series • 60min
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   3k   Documentary
Directed by Adam Warner, Peter Chinn, Louise Say
A users guide to the cosmos from the big bang to galaxies, stars, planets and moons. Where did it all come from and how does it all fit together. A primer for anyone who has ever looked up at the night sky and wondered.
Music by Richard Blair-Oliphant
Starring Richard Lintern, Phil Plait, Mike Rowe, Michelle Thaller, Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, Hakeem Oluseyi
cover №29  The Catcher
2015 movie • 19min
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Biography, Drama, Thriller
Directed by Jamie Brindle
Written by Jamie Brindle
Based on the incredible true story of professional baseball player-turned WW2 spy, Moe Berg, The Catcher...
Starring Keith Edie, John O.S. Houston, David Carey Foster, Angelo Ortega, Brian Dennis, Richard Dimaio, Steve Huang, Kei Ogawa, Davis Choh, Henry Mark, Kirk Nishikawa Dixon, Lisa Ooka
cover №30  An Insignificant Man
2012 movie • 7min
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama
Directed by Shawn Thompson
Written by Shawn Thompson
This film is a voyeuristic view of one 'insignificant' man and his world, and ultimately issues a challenge for us to follow him in his quiet footsteps.
Music by Drew Jurecka, David Hayman
Starring Angela Asher, Dan Beirne, Peter DaCunha, Aidan Devine, Jeremy From, Rick Howland, Patrick McKenna
cover №31  Prism
2016 movie
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Romance
Directed by Joe Kowalski
Written by Joe Kowalski, Bryce Lewis, Jesse Keating
Six individuals from two unique dysfunctional families are each represented by a different color in this complexly interlinked drama about love, loss, and meaning.
Music by Chris Bell
Starring Henry Winkler, Mikhail Tot, John Fecek, Shelby Brunn, Joe Kowalski, Courtney Branch, Nina Hummel, Jeff Szczecinski, Jeff Criswell, Evette France, Adelyn Hong, Sean Kahler
cover №32  Lewis Mumford on the City, Part 3: The City and Its Region
1963 movie • 28min
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Christopher Chapman, George Fenyon, Mogens Gander
Written by Ian MacNeill
A look at how cities and the countryside can live in harmony.
Music by Robert Fleming
Starring Budd Knapp, Lewis Mumford
cover №33  Lewis Mumford on the City, Part 2: The City: Cars or People?
1963 movie • 28min
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Christopher Chapman, Jean-Claude Chiabaut, Léonard Forest
Written by Ian MacNeill
Music by Robert Fleming
Starring Budd Knapp, Lewis Mumford
cover №34  The Emotional World of Farm Animals
2004 tv movie • 52min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Kim Sturla, Jeffrey Masson, Stanley Minasian
A documentary for viewers of all ages about the thinking and feeling side of animals that are all too often viewed as food...
Music by Alan Hewitt
Starring Gene Bauston, Lorri Bauston, Marc Bekoff, Ned Buyukmihci, Karen Davis, Dian Fossey, Richard Gebhardt, Jan Hamilton, Jim Mason, Jeffrey Masson, Heinz Meynhardt, Diane Miller
cover №35  The Universe
2007 tv series • 45min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   4k   Documentary, History
Directed by Laura Verklan, Louis Tarantino, Darryl Rehr
Written by Andrew Holland, Jason Coffee, Andy Papadopoulos
This educational show explores many scientific questions and topics about the universe (Big Bang, the Sun, the planets, black holes, other galaxies, astrobiology etc.) through latest CGI, data and interviews with scientists.
Music by Eric Amdahl
Starring Erik Thompson, Alex Filippenko
cover №36  Last of You
2013 movie • 28min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Dan Sachar
Written by Kai Mark, Yuval YefetHebrew
In a devastated world, Yonatan, the developer of a device which allows the re-experience of recorded memories...
Music by Roy Shen Zoor
Starring Yoav Donat, Maayan Winstock, Yoram Yosephberg, Toni Berman, Hezi Saddik, Miko Ben Porat, Nili Sachar, Shimon Jiner, Lior Darel, Leor Doron
cover №37  La Source
2012 movie • 72min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Patrick Shen
Written by Patrick Shen, Brandon Vedder
A documentary that follows Haiti-born Josue Lajeunesse as he works to bring bacteria-free water to his native village.
Music by Mateo Messina
Starring Don Cheadle
cover №38  Children Full of Life
2003 tv movie • 48min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Noboru KaetsuJapanese, English
Mr. Kanamori, a teacher of a 4th grade class, teaches his students not only how to be students, but how to live. He gives them lessons on teamwork, community, the importance of openness, how to cope, and the harm caused by bullying.
Starring Toshiro Kanamori
cover №39  The House of Domovoy
2014 movie • 47min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Horror
Directed by Kirill Khrestinin
Written by Kirill Khrestinin
A writer messes up his mind while writing a book about a Russian creature (Domovoy). He sees pictures...
Music by Kirill Khrestinin
Starring Ekaterina Efimova, Kirill Khrestinin, Uliana Koptyaeva, Natalya Mikhina, Egor Morozov, Roman Prussakov
cover №40  People in Motion
2012 movie • 56min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Cedric Dahl
Written by Cedric Dahl
A documentary about a group of people who turn to parkour in their life -- sometimes to get rid of anger and frustration, other times they just want to feel the earth and be a part of something.
Music by Alexander Bornstein, Justin Douglas, Mason Hopkins
Starring Paul Whitecotton, Brian Orosco, David Agajanian, Lonnie Tisdale, Jacob Siel, Cory DeMeyers, Andrew Cavuto, Hensley Heath