FREE Sci-Fi Films
cover 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
1916 movie • 105min
6.9 ★★★   1k   Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by Stuart Paton
Written by Stuart Paton, Jules Verne
A French professor and his daughter accompany Captain Nemo on an adventure aboard a submarine.
Music by Brian Benison, Alexander Rannie, Camille Saint-Saëns
Created by Carl Laemmle, Stuart Paton
Starring Dan Hanlon, Edna Pendleton, Curtis Benton, Allen Holubar, Matt Moore, Jane Gail, Howard Crampton, William Welsh, Lois Alexander, Wallis Clark, Joseph W. Girard, Ole Jansen
cover The 3rd Letter
2010 movie • 15min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
Written by Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Bastiaan Koch
In a world where people rely on implanted technology to survive the extreme pollution, a man finds himself incapable of paying for the renewal of his life-supporting batteries.
Music by Carl Bown, Alex Westaway, Dan Haigh, Audrey Riley
Created by Vanessa Everts, Anne Koch, Bastiaan Koch
Starring Rodrigo Lopresti, Dulcie Anne Rosales, Can Tuncer
cover 41
2012 movie • 80min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Glenn Triggs
Written by Glenn Triggs
A young man discovers a hole in the floor of a local motel that leads to yesterday.
Music by Angus Davidson
Created by Fiona Eloise Bulle, Glenn Triggs
Starring Chris Gibson, Dafna Kronental, David Macrae, Shane Lee, Keith Gordon, Nick Antoniades, Menik Gooneratne, Glen Hancox, Robert Plazek, Warwick Leeson, Matt Young, Lauren Wade
cover 850 meters
2013 movie • 15min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Joeri Christiaen
Written by Joeri Christiaen, Perrine Gauthier
The quest of a fame-and-fortune-hungry, wannabe hero, in a not-so-fairy-tale.
Created by Annemie Degryse, Perrine Gauthier
Starring Emmanuel Garijo, Barbara Beretta, David Gasman, Mirabelle Kirkland
cover 88:88
2012 movie • 14min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Joey Ciccoline
Written by Joey Ciccoline, Sean Wilson
When rendered powerless by an outside force, a young woman must find a way to fight back.
Created by Joey Ciccoline, Sean Wilson
Starring Ramon De Ocampo, Rachael Kahne, Robin Moore, Erin Tawlks
cover Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
1948 movie • 83min
7.6 ★★★★★   13k   Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Charles Barton
Written by Frederic I. Rinaldo, Robert Lees, John Grant
Two hapless freight handlers find themselves encountering Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster and the Wolf Man.
Music by Ethmer Roten, David Tamkin
Created by Robert Arthur
Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi, Glenn Strange, Lenore Aubert, Jane Randolph, Frank Ferguson, Charles Bradstreet, Bobby Barber, George Barton, Harry Brown
cover Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy
1955 movie • 79min
6.5 ★★★   4k   Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Charles Lamont
Written by John Grant, Lee LoebEnglish, French
Bud and Lou find themselves pursued by an Egyptian cult for a special medallion linked to a walking mummy.
Music by Paul Salamunovich, Ethmer Roten, Joseph Gershenson
Created by Howard Christie
Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Marie Windsor, Michael Ansara, Dan Seymour, Richard Deacon, Kurt Katch, Richard Karlan, Mel Welles, George Khoury, Eddie Parker, Mazzone-Abbott Dancers
cover Adventures of Captain Marvel
1941 movie • 216min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by John English, William Witney
Written by Ronald Davidson, Norman S. Hall, Arch Heath
To protect a magic talisman from being used for evil, a teenage boy named Billy Batson is given the power to become an adult superhero, Captain Marvel, with a single magic word: "Shazam!"
Music by Cy Feuer
Created by Hiram S. Brown Jr.
Starring Tom Tyler, Frank Coghlan Jr., William 'Billy' Benedict, Louise Currie, Robert Strange, Harry Worth, Bryant Washburn, John Davidson, George Pembroke, George Lynn, Reed Hadley, Jack Mulhall
cover Alice in Wonderland
1903 movie • 8min
6.3 ★★   2k   Fantasy, Short
Directed by Cecil M. Hepworth, Percy Stow
Written by Cecil M. Hepworth, Lewis Carroll
Alice dozes in a garden, awakened by a dithering white rabbit in waistcoat with pocket watch. She follows him down a hole and finds herself in a hall of many doors. A key opens a small door: eventually, she's through into a garden where a dog awaits...
Created by Herman Casler, Cecil M. Hepworth, Elias Koopman
Starring May Clark, Cecil M. Hepworth, Blair, Geoffrey Faithfull, Stanley Faithfull, Mrs. Hepworth, Norman Whitten
cover Alice in Wonderland
1915 movie • 52min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Directed by W.W. Young
Written by Lewis Carroll, W.W. Young
Alice goes with her sister to a picnic and then she falls asleep and starts dreaming about a wonderland full of talking animals and walking playing cards.
Starring Viola Savoy, Herbert Rice, Harry Marks, Louis Merkle, William Tilden
cover Alien: Containment
2019 movie • 10min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Short, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Chris Reading
Written by Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett, Chris Reading
Four survivors find themselves stranded aboard a small escape pod in deep space. Trying to piece together the details around the outbreak that led to their ship's destruction, they find themselves unsure to trust whether or not one of them might be i..
Created by James DeJulio, Quaid Kocur, Caleb Light-Wills
Starring Gaia Weiss, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Adam Loxley, James Paxton
cover Alive in Joburg
2005 movie • 6min
7.4 ★★★★   3k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Neill Blomkamp
Written by Neill Blomkamp
An eerie tale of a close encounter of the third kind in Johannesburg.
Created by Sharlto Copley, Simon Hansen, Robin Hays
Starring Braam Greyling, Godfrey Seome, Dawie Ackermann, Sweetness Hlomza, Patrick Hlomza, Bennet Mogobithla, Zakiel Mogobithla, Jess Newing, Scott Donaldson, Jason Cope, Sharlto Copley
cover Alma
2009 movie • 6min
7.3 ★★★★   2k   Animation, Short, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Directed by Rodrigo Blaas
Written by Rodrigo Blaas
Alma, a little girl, skips through the snow-covered streets of a small town. Her attention is caught by a strange doll in an antique toy shop window. Fascinated, Alma decides to enter.
Music by Flor Madrid, Diego Galaz, Luca Frasca, David Herrington, Marco Cresci
Created by Cecile Hokes, Nina Rappaport, David Lacruz
cover Amendment 10/60
2013 movie • 22min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Short, History, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Directed by Akis Polizos
Written by Akis PolizosGreek
In a post nuclear era where owning books is a felony and the intellectual community is persecuted, a group of scientists is trying in vain to find a way to save the world. A Professor's assistant will be called upon to make the most difficult decisio..
Created by Lelia Andronikou, Akis Polizos
Starring Orfeas Avgoustidis, Yiorgos Gallos, Alexandros Logothetis, Vicky Papadopoulou, Manos Vakousis
cover Angel on My Shoulder
1946 movie • 100min
6.9 ★★★   2k   Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Archie Mayo
Written by Roland Kibbee, Harry Segall
The Devil arranges for a deceased gangster to return to Earth as a well-respected judge to make up for his previous life.
Music by Dimitri Tiomkin, Paul Marquardt, Lucien Cailliet, Leon Becker
Created by Charles R. Rogers, David W. Siegel
Starring Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, Claude Rains, Onslow Stevens, George Cleveland, Erskine Sanford, Marion Martin, Hardie Albright, James Flavin, Murray Alper, Sam Ash, Joan Blair
cover Anon
2018 movie • 100min
6.1 ★★   28k   Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Andrew Niccol
Written by Andrew Niccol
In a world without anonymity or crime, a detective meets a woman who threatens their security.
Music by Fernand Bos, Chris Piccaro, Jeff Morrow, DeadMono, Kristen Azevedo
Created by Daniel Baur, Daniel Bekerman, Joel Burch
Starring Clive Owen, Afiya Bennett, Morgan Allen, Jeffrey Men, James Tam, Amanda Seyfried, Jonathan Potts, Rachel Roberts, Toyin Ishola, Sebastian Pigott, David Storch, Billy Parrott
cover The Answers
2015 movie • 8min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Michael Goode
Written by Michael Goode, Daniel Lissing
Immediately after his death, the victim of a car crash gets answers to every question he's ever had about his life, including the most import one of all - what did it all mean?
Music by Arturo Cardelús, Guillermo Marin, Maureen Choi, Robert Lee, Melody Chang
Created by Michael Goode, Daniel Lissing
Starring Daniel Lissing, Rose McIver, Dawn Sorenson, Mickey Blaine, Ryan Anthony, Jacob Reba, Shelby Globus, Ruben Trevino, Tegan Blaine, Grant Rosen, Chad Stevens, Sam Fierro
cover Ara's Tale
2012 movie • 9min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy, Mystery
Directed by Martin Lubich
Written by Martin Lubich
A young girl has to face her destiny in a dark world. The path leads her to her ultimate destination.
Created by Martin Lubich
cover Arrest Bulldog Drummond
1938 movie • 57min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by James P. Hogan
Written by Herman C. McNeile, Stuart Palmer
The invention of a war machine, that brings to explosion everything one wants to, puts Scotland Yard and Captain Drummond into alarm.
Music by Sam Wineland, John Leipold, Leo Shuken, Boris Morros
Created by William LeBaron, Stuart Walker
Starring John Howard, Heather Angel, H.B. Warner, Reginald Denny, E.E. Clive, Jean Fenwick, Zeffie Tilbury, George Zucco, Leonard Mudie, Evan Thomas, Clyde Cook, David Clyde
cover The Art of Human Salvage
2015 movie • 15min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Dempsey Tillman
Written by Ted Dewberry
Who will save this 10 year old boy from execution?
Created by Shawna L. Brakefield, John Bussard, Lance Hyden
Starring Matthew Boylan, DeMorge Brown, Josh Fadem, Heather Grey, Jayden Kypri, Amanda Maddox, Edward James Olmos, Nick Stellate, Anders Sunberg, Jamie Walters, Kofi Yiadom
cover As They Continue to Fall
2016 movie • 6min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Directed by Nikhil Bhagat
Written by C. Robert Cargill
An aging drifter hunts fallen angels in a desolate city. Society may have turned its back on him, but that doesn't stop him from moving forward in his endless search for fallen angels.
Music by Oren Yaacoby
Created by Nikhil Bhagat, Christopher M. Boyd, Anthony Calvitti
Starring John Henry Whitaker, Burt Culver, Kelton Roney, Timothy Taratchila, Kevin Marron, Mike Felbinger, Jeremy Russell, Joshua Martini
cover The Aswang Phenomenon
2011 movie • 86min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History, Horror, Mystery, News, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jordan Clark
Written by Jordan Clark
What would happen if a country of 97 million people were taught at a young age that the boogie man was real. In the Philippines for the last 400 years, the 'aswang' has been used as propoganda and social control by Spanish Colonizers, the Catholic Ch..
Created by Jordan Clark, Cheryl Anne Lastimoso
Starring Jordan Clark, Peque Gallaga, Maricel Soriano
cover Aucassin and Nicolette
1975 movie • 16min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Lotte Reiniger
Music by Jacques Drouin, Karl du Plessis
Created by Guy Glover, Wolf Koenig, Gordon Martin
Starring Maurice Podbrey
cover Auroras
2014 movie • 5min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Niles Heckman
Written by Niles Heckman
Constantly orbiting at 400 km (250 mi) above the earth, the ISS is perfectly situated to witness the beautiful streamers of green and red light emanating from the collision of highly charged solar wind particles with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the ..
Created by Laide Agunbiade, Sarah Cave, Brian Goodwin
Starring Jess Dela Merced, Samantha Cutaran
cover Azarkant
2013 movie • 8min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Andrey Klimov
Written by Andrey Klimov
In the future, a team of astronauts are sent on a ten year journey to a distant planet to find new life. On their way, they encounter a large, abandoned spaceship that is drifting in the orbit of a mysterious planet. They board the ship with anticipa..
Created by Andrey Klimov
cover Bag Man
2014 movie • 15min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker, Josh Baker
Written by Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker
BAG MAN is the understated story of a 12 year old boy, who takes us on an introspective journey out of the city and into the remote countryside of upstate New York. With a mysterious duffle bag in hand, its contents unknown to us, we journey from the..
Music by Dave Robertson
Created by Eric Filler, Verity Grantham, Douglas Howell
Starring Judah Bellamy, Raushanah Simmons, Michael Frederic, P.J. Sosko, Tuffy Questell, Matty Blake, Theo Rubinstein, Pablo Gonzales, Jamek Grigg
cover Balablok
1972 movie • 7min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Bretislav Pojar
Blocks and balls fight simply because they are different, until their battle reduces everyone to the same shape.
Music by Pierre F. Brault
Created by René Jodoin
cover Batman: Dead End
2003 movie • 8min
7.4 ★★★★   5k   Short, Action, Sci-Fi
Directed by Sandy Collora
Written by Sandy Collora
The Joker has escaped from Arkham and Batman must once again bring him in - once and for all. Unfortunately for the bat, there is something even more sinister than the Joker waiting in the alley for the dark knight detective..
Created by Ron Brinkmann, Sandy Collora, Daren Hicks
Starring Clark Bartram, Andrew Koenig, Kurt Carley, Jake McKinnon, Dragon Dronet, Patrick Magee, Lauran de Winter, Scott Rhodes
cover The Bead Game
1977 movie • 6min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Ishu Patel
To a percussive soundtrack, a succession of more complex animals forms and is consumed by their successors (all formed from beads). Finally, We reach man, who develops ever more sophisticated forms of war.
Created by Derek Lamb
cover The Beastmaster
1982 movie • 118min
6.2 ★★   18k   Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Directed by Don Coscarelli
Written by Andre Norton, Don Coscarelli, Paul Pepperman
A sword-and-sorcery fantasy about a young man's search for revenge. Armed with supernatural powers, the handsome hero and his animal allies wage war against marauding forces.
Music by Stephen A. Hope, Alf Clausen, David Franco, Lee Holdridge, Sergio Marcotulli
Created by Donald P. Borchers, Naser el-Attasy, Frank K. Isaac
Starring Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts, Rip Torn, John Amos, Joshua Milrad, Rod Loomis, Ben Hammer, Ralph Strait, Billy Jayne, Janet DeMay, Christine Kellogg, Janet Jones
cover Beautiful Dreamer
2016 movie • 26min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by David Gaddie
Written by David Gaddie, Steven Kelleher, Ken Liu
A dying mother travels at near-light speed, bending time to watch her baby daughter grow up.
Music by Mark Beckhaus, Lawrence Horne
Created by Declan Baldwin, Ryan Cunningham, Jacqueline Gaddie
Starring Jo Armeniox, Caroline Bednar, Lynn Cohen, Annabel Ryan, Theo Ryan, Natalie Smith, Lila Taylor, Theis Weckesser
cover Between the Lines
2015 movie • 8min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Rollo Hollins
Written by Rollo Hollins, Mandy Kahn
Two young actors, strangers thrown together in a casting, spend a fleeting summer rehearsing and learning to fall in love on stage.
Created by Lizzie Goodman, Jack Goodwin
Starring Josh Collins, Arienne Mandi, Andrew Elvis Miller, Cosima Kinsey, Sarah J. Bartholomew, Jeremy Boros, Steven Cox, Beck Derobertis, Mercy Herbert, Meggan Kasier, Kelsey Anne Milano, James Nitti
cover Beyond Tomorrow
1940 movie • 84min
6.7 ★★★   1k   Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by A. Edward Sutherland
Written by Adele Comandini, Mildred Cram
The ghosts of three elderly industrialists killed in an airplane crash return to Earth to help reunite a young couple whom they initially brought together.
Created by Adele Comandini, Lee Garmes
Starring Harry Carey, C. Aubrey Smith, Charles Winninger, Alex Melesh, Maria Ouspenskaya, Helen Vinson, Rod La Rocque, Richard Carlson, Jean Parker, J. Anthony Hughes, Robert Homans, Virginia McMullen
cover Bill and Coo
1948 movie • 61min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Musical, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Dean Riesner
Written by Dean Riesner, Ken Murray, Royal Foster
The feathered residents of Chirpendale are terrorized by an evil black crow by the name of "The Black Menace". But to the citizen's rescue comes a brave young taxi puller named Bill!
Music by Sidney Cutner, Leo Shuken, Lionel Newman
Created by Ken Murray
Starring Burton's Birds, Jimmy the Crow, George Burton, Elizabeth Walters, Ken Murray, Pinto Colvig
cover Black Box: UFO Secrets
2006 tv movie • 60min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Sci-Fi
Directed by Jon Alon Walz
Written by Jon Alon Walz, David Pavoni
Music by Philip Glass
Created by David Pavoni, Jeff Tober, Jon Alon Walz
Starring Bruce Maccabee
cover Blackbeard's Ghost
1968 movie • 106min
6.8 ★★★   4k   Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Robert Stevenson
Written by Don DaGradi, Ben Stahl, Bill Walsh
On the Carolina coast, Godolphin College's new track coach lodges at Blackbeard's Inn, run by the Daughters of the Buccaneers, who claim to be descendants of the notorious pirate, and who risk losing their hotel to the local mobster.
Music by Cecil A. Crandall, Evelyn Kennedy, Ethmer Roten
Created by Bill Walsh
Starring Peter Ustinov, Dean Jones, Suzanne Pleshette, Elsa Lanchester, Joby Baker, Elliott Reid, Richard Deacon, Norman Grabowski, Kelly Thordsen, Michael Conrad, Herbie Faye, George Murdock
cover Blue-Eyed Me
2015 movie • 7min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Alexey Marfin
Written by Alexey Marfin
In a world where pets are genetically engineered to look like miniature copies of their owners, two stories from opposite ends of the world become intertwined.
Starring Sabine Crossen, Jim Liu
cover Bone Mother
2018 movie
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy
Directed by Dale Hayward, Sylvie Trouvé
Written by Maura McHugh, Dale Hayward, Lanan Adcock
A vain and arrogant youth dares to enter Baba Yaga's living house of bones. What emerges will forever fill our nights with terror.
Created by Michael Fukushima, Jelena Popovic
Starring Rafael Petardi, Renee Madeline Le Guerrier
cover Born of Hope
2009 movie • 71min
6.3 ★★   1k   Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Kate Madison
Written by Christopher Dane, Paula DiSante, J.R.R. TolkienEnglish, Sindarin
Set near the end of the Third Age of Middle-earth. Arathorn takes refugees to Taurdal, the village of his father, Arador. Then as Arador begins his campaign against the gathering orc bands in the north, he sends Arathorn onward to find the motive beh..
Music by Toby McClure, Martin Westlake, Peter Bateman, Arjan Kiel, Cody McClure
Created by Kate Madison
Starring Christopher Dane, Beth Aynsley, Kate Madison, Danny George, Iain Marshall, Andrew McDonald, Philippa Hammond, Howard Corlett, Matt Kennard, Sam Kennard, Luke Johnston, Robert Harvey
cover Box Room
2014 movie • 16min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Michael Lathrop
Written by David Lester Mooney, Michael Lathrop
Jerry is a strange and solitary boy who lives with his young neglectful mother in a run down apartment. He spends his weekends hidden away in his bedroom making model figurines and watching TV alone. While investigating a damp stain on his bedroom wa..
Created by David Lester Mooney
Starring Amanda Coakley, Killian Coyle, Roxanne Josephine, Robert Koczera, David Joseph Magee, Conor Marren, Erika McGann, Sophia Scott, Rafal Wojtas Wolowski
cover A Boy and His Dog
1975 movie • 91min
6.6 ★★★   15k   Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by L.Q. Jones
Written by L.Q. Jones, Harlan Ellison, Wayne Cruseturner
A young man and his telepathic dog wander a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Music by Larry Bunker, Ray Manzarek, Jaime Mendoza-Nava, Herb Crawford, Jimmy Maxwell
Created by Tom Connors, L.Q. Jones, Alvy Moore
Starring Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards, Tim McIntire, Alvy Moore, Helene Winston, Charles McGraw, Hal Baylor, Ron Feinberg, Michael Rupert, Don Carter, Michael Hershman
cover The Brain Hack
2015 movie • 20min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Joseph White
Written by Joseph White
A metaphysical thriller for the digital generation.
Created by David Stafford-Clark, Charlotte Walls
Starring Edward Franklin, Alexander Owen
cover Brave New World
1980 tv movie • 180min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Burt Brinckerhoff
Written by Aldous Huxley, Robert E. Thompson, Doran William Cannon
A man who grew up in a primitive society educating himself by reading Shakespeare is allowed to join the futuristic society where his parents are from. However, he cannot adapt to their repressive ways.
Music by Michael Boddicker
Created by Jacqueline Babbin, Norman Chandler Fox, Milton Sperling
Starring Julie Cobb, Bud Cort, Keir Dullea, Ron O'Neal, Marcia Strassman, Kristoffer Tabori, Dick Anthony Williams, Jonelle Allen, Jeannetta Arnette, Valerie Curtin, Tricia O'Neil, Victoria Racimo
cover Breaker
2017 movie • 11min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Philippe McKie
Written by Philippe McKieJapanese
In tomorrow's Tokyo, the technologically-enhanced body of a young mercenary hacker is overrun by a sentient data weapon. Wanted, the parasitic A.I becomes her only ally as she is chased across the city by those seeking to salvage it.
Starring Allie Hanzawa, Kazuya Shimizu, Yuka Tomatsu
cover Brian and Charles
2017 movie
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jim Archer
Written by David Earl, Chris Hayward
A day in the life of a man who built a robot.
Created by Mireille Antoine, Rupert Majendie, Hughie Phillips
Starring David Earl, Chris Hayward
cover Brigadoon
1954 movie • 108min
6.9 ★★★   6k   Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Vincente Minnelli
Written by Alan Jay Lerner
Two Americans on a hunting trip in Scotland become lost. They encounter a small village, not on the map, called Brigadoon, in which people harbor a mysterious secret, and behave as if they were still living two hundred years in the past.
Music by Conrad Salinger, Robert Franklyn, Johnny Green, Robert Tucker
Created by Arthur Freed, Roger Edens
Starring Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, Cyd Charisse, Elaine Stewart, Barry Jones, Hugh Laing, Albert Sharpe, Virginia Bosler, Jimmy Thompson, Tudor Owen, Owen McGiveney, Dee Turnell
cover The Brink
2015 movie • 8min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Ben Jendras
Written by Kaylon Hunt, Ben Jendras
Lost in an endless wasteland, two survivors clash as they unravel the truth of what led them there.
Created by Viola Davis, Kaylon Hunt, Gensho Tasaka
Starring Marcus Choi, Kaylon Hunt, Diarra Kilpatrick
cover The British UFO Files
2004 tv movie • 60min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Sci-Fi
Directed by David Howard
Written by David Howard
Since the 1940's the British Government has been investigating the Flying Saucer phenomenon. High ranking military and government personnel, speak out for the first time, offering unique eye witness accounts and inside information.
Music by Gerry Moffett, Tom Raybould
Created by Rik Hall
Starring Michael Sheard, Dennis Edwards, Lisa Osmond, Peter Mattison, Mark Birdsall, Roy Blanchard, Rose Blatchford, Georgina Bruni, David Crofts, Paul T.T. Easter, Timothy Good, Charles I. Halt
cover Broken Allegiance
2002 movie • 23min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Action, Sci-Fi, Short
Directed by Nick Hallam
Written by Nick Hallam, Sudheera Kuruppu
Two Sith apprentices, Ruan and Calis, escape the Empire by fleeing the planet Coruscant in a stolen transport. They must fight for their freedom when Darth Vader sends a vicious bounty hunter, Korbain Thor, to track them down.
Music by John Williams
Created by Nick Hallam, Sudheera Kuruppu
Starring Paul Hooper, Niobe Dean, Hadrian Jonathan, Randall Berger, Ian Lingard, Paul Bugeja, Chris Brennan, Ben Fletcher, David Newell, Daniel Knight, Tristan Hill
cover Bunny
1998 movie • 7min
6.8 ★★★   1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Chris Wedge
Written by Chris Wedge
An elderly widowed rabbit grieving her husband's death is encountered by a moth who invites her into the afterlife.
Music by Matthew Brubeck, Trevor Dunn, Andrew Borger, Ralph Carney, Kathleen Brennan
Created by Nina Rappaport
cover The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
1920 movie • 76min
8.1 ★★★★★★   49k   Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Directed by Robert Wiene
Written by Carl Mayer, Hans Janowitz
Hypnotist Dr. Caligari uses a somnambulist, Cesare, to commit murders.
Music by Timothy Brock
Created by Rudolf Meinert, Erich Pommer
Starring Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt, Friedrich Feher, Lil Dagover, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski, Rudolf Lettinger, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Hans Lanser-Rudolf, Henri Peters-Arnolds, Ludwig Rex, Elsa Wagner
cover Caltiki, the Immortal Monster
1959 movie • 77min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Riccardo Freda, Mario Bava
Written by Riccardo Freda, Filippo SanjustItalian
Archaeologists investigating some Mayan ruins come across a blob-like monster. They manage to destroy it with fire, but keep a sample. Meanwhile, a comet is due to pass close to the Earth - the same comet passed near the Earth at the time the Mayan c..
Created by Samuel Schneider, Bruno Vailati, Lionello Santi
Starring John Merivale, Didi Sullivan, Gérard Herter, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Vittorio André, Daniele Vargas, Arturo Dominici, Nerio Bernardi, Rex Wood, Gail Pearl, Daniela Rocca, Tom Felleghy
cover The Cameraman's Revenge
1912 movie • 12min
7.8 ★★★★★   2k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Wladyslaw Starewicz
Written by Wladyslaw Starewicz
Mr Beetle seeks companionship from a statuesque dragonfly dancer, unaware that her ex-boyfriend, a slender grasshopper and an industrious cameraman, watches their every move. Will Mrs Beetle forgive him? Will he get away with adultery?
Created by Aleksandr Khanzhonkov
cover Captain Awesome
2007 movie • 2min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Marty Martin
Written by Marty Martin
In this 3D animated short, Martian President Zath declares war on the planet Earth. Caped Super Hero Captain Awesome comes to the rescue.
Created by Marty Martin
Starring Marty Martin
cover Cargo
2013 movie • 7min
7.7 ★★★★★   2k   Short, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke
Written by Yolanda Ramke
Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect his infant daughter.
Music by Daniel Weltlinger
Created by Daniel Foeldes, Ben Howling, Marcus Newman
Starring Andy Rodoreda, Alison Gallagher, Ruth Venn, Yolanda Ramke, Kallan Richards, Effron Heather, Scott Wood
cover Carried Away
1987 movie • 6min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy
Directed by Vonnie von Helmolt, Alan Pakarnyk
A phantasmagoria of colors and shapes.
Music by Pierre Guérin
Created by Michael J.F. Scott, Vonnie von Helmolt
Starring Harvey Atkin
cover The Cathedral
2002 movie • 7min
7.4 ★★★★   3k   Animation, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Tomasz Baginski
Written by Jacek Dukaj, Tomasz Baginski
A space fantasy about an explorer who pays a visit to an unusual cathedral built with organic materials.
Created by Marcin Kobylecki, Jaroslaw Sawko, Piotr Sikora
Starring Jola Rzebuska, Maria Kucharska, Marcin Jaskowski, Piotr Widlarz
cover The Centaurs
1921 movie • 3min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy
Directed by Winsor McCay
Written by Winsor McCay
A female centaur (a creature half-human and half-horse) enters a clearing in the woods, and picks some flowers. She is soon met by a male centaur, and the two then romance each other. They then seek parental consent for their union.
Created by Winsor McCay
cover A Chairy Tale
1957 movie • 12min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Claude Jutra, Norman McLaren
An ordinary-looking chair refuses to be sat upon.
Starring Claude Jutra
cover Chasse papillon
2003 movie • 11min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Short, Animation, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Philippe Vaucher
Created by Pierre Hébert, Marcel Jean
cover A Christmas Carol
1951 movie • 86min
8.1 ★★★★★★   18k   Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Brian Desmond Hurst
Written by Noel Langley, Charles Dickens
An old bitter miser is given a chance for redemption when he is haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve...
Music by Muir Mathieson
Created by Brian Desmond Hurst, Stanley Haynes
Starring Alastair Sim, Kathleen Harrison, Mervyn Johns, Hermione Baddeley, Michael Hordern, George Cole, John Charlesworth, Francis De Wolff, Rona Anderson, Carol Marsh, Brian Worth, Miles Malleson
cover A Christmas Carol
1971 tv short • 28min
7.7 ★★★★★   1k   Animation, Short, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Richard Williams
Written by Charles Dickens
An old bitter miser is given a chance for redemption when spirits visit him on Christmas Eve.
Music by of Elliott School The Children
Created by Chuck Jones, Richard Williams
Starring Alastair Sim, Michael Redgrave, Michael Hordern, Diana Quick, Joan Sims, Paul Whitsun-Jones, David Tate, Felix Felton, Annie West, Melvyn Hayes, Mary Ellen Ray, Alexander Williams
cover The Chubbchubbs!
2002 movie • 6min
7.4 ★★★★   3k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Eric Armstrong
Written by Jeff Wolverton
A janitor at an alien nightclub gets his wish to be a singer.
Music by Chance Thomas
Created by Jacquie Barnbrook
Starring Brad Simonsen, Mortonette Jenkins, Jeff Wolverton, Peter Lurie, Rick Zieff, Dustin Adair, Eric Armstrong, Yakov Baytler, Mary Biondo, Sumit Das, Layne Friedman, Robert Gordon
cover Cinderella
1899 movie • 6min
6.5 ★★★   1k   Short, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Georges Méliès
Written by Charles Perrault
A fairy godmother magically turns Cinderella's rags to a beautiful dress, and a pumpkin into a coach. Cinderella goes to the ball, where she meets the Prince - but will she remember to leave before the magic runs out?
Created by Georges Méliès
Starring Mlle Barral, Bleuette Bernon, Carmelli, Jehanne d'Alcy, Dupeyron, Georges Méliès
cover Click
2010 movie • 15min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Directed by William Prince
Written by William Prince
At the end of a long day, five children look to fill in the remaining hours of sunlight before they return home. Bored, and looking for a new playground, they enter an imposing, decaying building that has been abandoned for years. Abandoned and distr..
Created by Tony Dixon, Catherine Jefferey, Catherine Jeffrey
Starring Francesca Parker, Lucy Hird, Daniel Leach, Samuel Holland, Jamie Spencer
cover Code 8
2016 movie • 10min
8.0 ★★★★★★   1k   Short, Action, Crime, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jeff Chan
Written by Jeff Chan, Chris Pare
A desperate young man possessing special powers clashes with a militarized police force after committing a petty crime.
Created by Billie Aleman, Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell
Starring Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell, Sung Kang, Chad Donella, Aaron Abrams, Simon Northwood, Jack Horan, Alfred Rubin Thompson, Jeff Sinasac, Peter Huang, Al Marchesi, Kevin Carscallen
cover The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
1969 movie • 91min
6.1 ★★   3k   Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Directed by Robert Butler
Written by Joseph L. McEveety
At Medfield College, an accident with a donated computer gives Dexter Riley the ability to remember any knowledge learned instantly and perfectly.
Music by Evelyn Kennedy, Walter Sheets
Created by Bill Anderson, Joseph L. McEveety
Starring Kurt Russell, Cesar Romero, Joe Flynn, William Schallert, Alan Hewitt, Richard Bakalyan, Debbie Paine, Frank Webb, Michael McGreevey, Jon Provost, Frank Welker, Alexander Clarke
cover Construct
2018 movie
6.3 ★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kevin Margo
Written by Kevin Margo
Created by Kevin Margo, Derron Ross
Starring Logan Kishi, Andreas Lyon, Courtney Munch, Derron Ross
cover Crack in the World
1965 movie • 96min
6.1 ★★   1k   Sci-Fi
Directed by Andrew Marton
Written by Jon Manchip White, Julian Zimet
A dying scientist pushes forward his project to tap through to the Earth's magma layer, with results that threaten to destroy the Earth as we know it.
Music by Johnny Douglas, Dan Goldwasser
Created by Bernard Glasser, Lester A. Sansom, Philip Yordan
Starring Dana Andrews, Janette Scott, Kieron Moore, Alexander Knox, Peter Damon, Jim Gillen, Gary Lasdun, Alfred Brown, Mike Steen, Emilio Carrere, Sydna Scott, John Karlsen
cover Cream
2016 movie • 10min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by David Firth
Written by David Firth
Cream tells the story of Dr. Bellifer a scientific genius, who after years of smashing particles together, reveals his revolutionary new product: a cream with the power to fix all of the world's problems. - Regent Street Cinema.
Starring David Firth
cover A Crimson Man
2017 movie • 22min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Mike Pappa
Written by Mike Pappa
In a war-torn land of man vs. robot, a young runaway slave searching for his father must ally with a broken and battle-scarred war-robot or be hunted down by his brutal overseers.
Created by Jeff Berger, Bryant Boon, Daniel Clarkson
Starring Craig Stark, Eric VanArsdale, Maddox Henry, Daniel Clarkson, Malay Kim, Joe Burch, John Gaydos, Jacob Black, Steven Lietz, Joe Balint, Rickey Lumpkin II
cover The Curious Adventures of Mr. Wonderbird
1952 movie • 63min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Paul Grimault
Written by Hans Christian Andersen, Paul Grimault, Jacques PrévertFrench, English
A chimney sweep and his beloved shepherdess are aided by Wonderbird (Sir Peter Ustinov) in their escape from a ruthless dictator.
Music by Muir Mathieson
Created by André Sarrut
Starring Pierre Brasseur, Anouk Aimée, Serge Reggiani, Max Adrian, Roger Blin, Claire Bloom, Alec Clunes, Etienne Decroux, Yves Deniaud, Denholm Elliott, Joan Heal, Fernand Ledoux
cover Danny and The Wild Bunch
2014 movie • 5min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Action, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Robert Rugan
Written by Robert Rugan
A children's book author is told that her new manuscript needs to be 'darker', but when her revisions piss off the characters in the book, they come back to make some changes of their own.
Created by Molly M. Mayeux, Adam Schlossberg
Starring Rob Tepper, Nora Zehetner
cover Dante's Inferno
1911 movie • 68min
7.1 ★★★★   1k   Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Francesco Bertolini, Adolfo Padovan, Giuseppe de Liguoro
Written by Dante AlighieriItalian
Loosely adapted from Dante's Divine Comedy and inspired by the illustrations of Gustav Doré the original silent film has been restored and has a new score by Tangerine Dream.
Starring Salvatore Papa, Arturo Pirovano, Giuseppe de Liguoro, Pier Delle Vigne, Augusto Milla, Attilio Motta, Emilise Beretta
cover Darby O'Gill and the Little People
1959 movie • 93min
7.2 ★★★★   6k   Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Robert Stevenson
Written by H.T. Kavanagh, Lawrence Edward WatkinEnglish, Irish
A wily old codger matches wits with the King of the Leprechauns and helps play matchmaker for his daughter and the strapping lad who has replaced him as caretaker.
Music by Lawrence Edward Watkin, Ruby Murray, Clifford Vaughan, Oliver Wallace, Evelyn Kennedy
Created by Walt Disney
Starring Albert Sharpe, Janet Munro, Sean Connery, Jimmy O'Dea, Kieron Moore, Estelle Winwood, Walter Fitzgerald, Denis O'Dea, J.G. Devlin, Jack MacGowran, Farrell Pelly, Nora O'Mahoney
cover A Date in 2025
2017 movie • 14min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Ryan Turner
Written by Ryan Turner, Matthew Hart
In the year 2025, a young man's superintelligent AI system tells him that he must go on a date or face certain suicide from loneliness.
Created by Matthew Hart, Justin Towery, Ryan Turner
Starring Corrin Evans, Sasha Feldman, Amy Shiels
cover Death Race 2000
1975 movie • 80min
6.2 ★★   22k   Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Sport
Directed by Paul Bartel
Written by Charles B. Griffith, Robert Thom, Ib MelchiorEnglish, Brazilian Sign Language, Spanish
In a dystopian future, a cross country automobile race requires contestants to run down innocent pedestrians to gain points that are tallied based on each kill's brutality.
Created by Roger Corman, Jim Weatherill
Starring David Carradine, Simone Griffeth, Sylvester Stallone, Mary Woronov, Roberta Collins, Martin Kove, Louisa Moritz, Don Steele, Joyce Jameson, Carle Bensen, Sandy McCallum, Paul L. Ehrmann
cover The Death and Return of Superman
2011 movie • 17min
7.7 ★★★★★   1k   Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Max Landis
Written by Max Landis
Screenwriter Max Landis accounts DC's 1992 multi-issue story arc "The Death and Return of Superman," pointing out various plot holes and featuring a number of celebrity cameos.
Created by Bryan Basham, Jared Bauer
Starring Max Landis, Kit Willesee, Yuri Lowenthal, Grae Drake, Joel Michaely, Alex Montilla, Amalia Levari, Morgan Krantz, Jimmi Simpson, Elden Henson, Brian Morrison, Brad Gage
cover Deep Sea UFOs
2006 tv movie • 60min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Sci-Fi
Directed by Jon Alon Walz
Written by David Pavoni, Jon Alon Walz
Created by David Pavoni, Jeff Tober, Jon Alon Walz
Starring Loren Coleman, Will Lyman
cover Destroy Madrid
2016 movie • 9min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, War
Directed by Joseba Alfaro
Written by Joseba Alfaro
Madrid, 2030. In a world ravaged by the fight between governments and citizens, one member of the resistance has got a mysterious device that can finally end the war. Will he escape from the drones that guard the city?
Created by Joseba Alfaro, Cristina Costa, David Martínez
Starring Fernando Cayo, Ramón Quesada, Ricardo Reguera, Javier Server
cover Dilemma
2005 movie • 10min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy
Directed by Boris Paval Conen
Written by Boris Paval Conen
Just before a truck hits a ten-year-old boy everything comes to a standstill. A man who is witnessing the accident is the only one who can move in the frozen world and he discovers a way to save the life of the child. But in his attempt to alter the ..
Created by Anton Scholten, José van Doorn
Starring Tanya Antonowycz, Jack Bontekoe, Herman Hafkamp, Marcel Hensema, Tom van Seijen
cover Dimensions of Dialogue
1983 movie • 12min
8.1 ★★★★★★   3k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Jan Svankmajer
Written by Jan SvankmajerCzech
Three surreal depictions of failures of communication that occur on all levels of human society.
cover Divine Fate
1993 movie • 11min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Ishu Patel
Written by Marilyn Bowering
An environmental morality tale. A divine gate gives one all that one desires, on the condition that one takes only what one needs and one gives something good in return.
Music by Denis L. Chartrand
Created by Barrie McLean, William Pettigrew
Starring Linda Morrison, Jason Lang, Aron Tager, Susan Glover
cover Dji. Death Sails
2014 movie • 5min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Dmitri Voloshin
Written by Vadim Novak, Serdar Djumaev, Dmitri Voloshin
Bad days at work may happen in anyone's life, even if you are a Grim Reaper.
Created by Serghei Chirillov, Dmitri Voloshin
cover Do You Believe in the Devil?
2013 movie • 19min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Directed by Alex Grybauskas
Written by Alex Grybauskas
On the floor of a bar restroom, a man on his deathbed is met by Danny Pickler: an elementary school classmate of his ... who died twenty-six years ago. On the brink of damnation, he is offered a deal that could save his life but in the process may de..
Created by Mike Bussolari, Alan Eisenberg, Lynn Franciotti
Starring Madison Comerzon, Gary Lee Mahmoud, Daniel Montesano, Kire Tosevski
cover Donny the Drone
2017 movie • 12min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Biography, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Mackenzie Sheppard
Written by Oyl Miller, Mackenzie Sheppard
The world's first sentient machine goes on stage to accept a prestigious "Person of the Year" award as an auditorium of humans are confronted with his emotional and controversial story.
Created by Harry A. Hill, Nick Johnston, Kai Hoshino Sandy
Starring Nozomi de Lencquesaing, Guy Pearce
cover Doodlebug
1997 movie • 3min
7.1 ★★★★   14k   Short, Fantasy, Mystery
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Written by Christopher Nolan
In his squalid apartment, a man tries to squash with his shoe an insect of some kind that is moving around the room.
Created by Steve Street, Emma Thomas
Starring Jeremy Theobald
cover Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1920 movie • 82min
7.0 ★★★★   4k   Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by John S. Robertson
Written by Clara Beranger, Thomas Russell Sullivan, Robert Louis Stevenson
Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.
Created by Adolph Zukor
Starring John Barrymore, Brandon Hurst, Martha Mansfield, Charles Lane, Cecil Clovelly, Nita Naldi, Louis Wolheim, Alma Aiken, J. Malcolm Dunn, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Julia Hurley, Jack McHugh
cover Dracula
1931 movie • 75min
7.6 ★★★★★   41k   Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Tod Browning, Karl Freund
Written by Hamilton Deane, John L. Balderston, Bram StokerEnglish, Hungarian, Latin
The ancient vampire Count Dracula arrives in England and begins to prey upon the virtuous young Mina.
Music by Heinz Roemheld
Created by E.M. Asher, Tod Browning, Carl Laemmle Jr.
Starring Bela Lugosi, Helen Chandler, David Manners, Dwight Frye, Edward Van Sloan, Herbert Bunston, Frances Dade, Joan Standing, Charles K. Gerrard, Anna Bakacs, Nicholas Bela, Daisy Belmore
cover Dreams That Money Can Buy
1947 movie • 99min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Hans Richter
Written by Hans Richter, David Vern
After learning how to look inside himself, a poetic bum sells people vivid dreams.
Music by Louis Applebaum
Created by Kenneth MacPherson, Hans Richter
Starring Jack Bittner, Libby Holman, Josh White, Norman Cazanjian, Doris Okerson, John La Touche, Herb Campbell, Ethel Beseda, Samuel Cohen, Max Ernst, Jo Fontaine-Maison, Bernard Friend
cover The Eagleman Stag
2010 movie • 9min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Michael Please
Written by Michael Please
If you repeat the word 'fly' for long enough it sounds like you are saying 'life'. This is of no help to Peter. His answers lie in the brain of the beetle.
Created by Michael Please
Starring David Cann, Tony Guilfoyle
cover Eega
2012 movie • 145min
7.8 ★★★★★   19k   Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, J.V.V. Sathyanarayana
Written by Janardhan Maharshi, Ashwin Gangaraju, S.S. KanchiTelugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam
A murdered man is reincarnated as a housefly and seeks to avenge his death.
Music by Anuj Gurwara, Chaitra H.G., Sravana Bhargavi, Achu, Deepu
Created by Sai Korrapati, M.M. Srivalli, Daggubati Suresh Babu
Starring Sudeep, Nani, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Hamsa Nandini, Crazy Mohan, Santhanam, Adithya Menon, Chandra Sekhar, Srinivasa Reddy, Sivannarayana, Devadarshini Chetan, Noel
cover Embers & Dust
2016 movie • 11min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy
Directed by Patrick Biesemans
Written by Howard Koch, Peter Koch, Patrick Biesemans
Embers and Dust focuses on the perspective of a young farm boy and his family, and how the night of Orson Welles' dramatic broadcast of War of The Worlds unfolded for them.
Created by Stephanie Cohen Aubrey, Patrick Biesemans, Jeff Croghan
Starring Joel Nagle, Virginia Logan, Henry Gagliardi, Orson Welles, Frank Readick, Kenny Delmar, Edwina Maye Phillips, Indigo John Phillips
cover Endtrip
2013 movie • 5min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy, Mystery
Directed by Olivier Ballast, Koen de Mol, Rick Franssen
Written by Olivier Ballast, Rick Franssen
In Endtrip we enter the mind of a drug overdosed girl and go on a journey through her subconsciousness.
Created by Olivier Ballast, Koen de Mol, Rick Franssen
Starring Femke During, Cecile Hanrath, Veerle Cima, Myrthe van Gurp, Derk Reneman
cover Evolution
1971 movie • 11min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Michael Mills
Written by Michael MillsFrench, English
A humourous illustration of the natural process of evolution.
Created by Michael Mills
cover Evolution
2001 movie • 101min
6.1 ★★   112k   Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Ivan Reitman
Written by David Weissman, David Diamond, Don Jakoby
A fire-fighting cadet, two college professors, and a geeky but sexy government scientist work against an alien organism that has been rapidly evolving since its arrival on Earth inside a meteor.
Music by Julian Bratolyubov, George Doering, Elizabeth Finch, Sandy DeCrescent, Bunny Andrews
Created by Jeff Apple, Paul Deason, Daniel Goldberg
Starring David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones, Seann William Scott, Ted Levine, Ethan Suplee, Michael Bower, Pat Kilbane, Ty Burrell, Dan Aykroyd, Katharine Towne, Gregory Itzin
cover The Exit Room
2013 movie • 10min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi, War
Directed by Todd Wiseman Jr.
Written by Todd Wiseman Jr.
Imprisoned journalist Joseph Michaels faces a government execution during a future American Revolution.
Created by Christopher Abbott, Tyler Ben-Amotz, Ariel Elia
Starring Christopher Abbott, Ana Kayne, Dean Neistat, Frantzy Orisma, Brett Azar, Leslie Batiste, Maisha A.L. Dang, Rosemary Howard, Darryle Jermaine, Kevin Michael Kennedy, Avanna King, Beverly Mian
cover Exit Strategy
2017 movie • 15min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Travis Bible
Written by Travis Bible
A man in a time loop must work with his brother to prevent a catastrophic fire.
Created by Travis Bible, Brett Ulery
Starring Christopher O'Shea, Richard Kohnke, Lorna Street Dopson, Finch Nissen, Darnell Trotter
cover Exode
2014 movie • 8min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy
Directed by Kathleen Cartier, Sandrine Gimenez, Nicolas Mrikhi
Written by Nicolas Mrikhi, Sandrine Gimenez, Kathleen CartierFrench
In a desert land, the last breath of a giant creature spurs the exodus of an entire people.
cover Face Swap
2019 movie • 5min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by David Gidali, Einat Tubi
Written by David Gidali, Einat Tubi
A guy convinces his wife to try out a new A.I. technology to spice up their sex life, but he ends up getting a bit more spice than he bargained for.
Created by David Gidali, Keren Hantman
Starring Troy Caylak, Megan Gray, Noelle Urbano, Ione Butler, Trevor Lee Georgeson, Sarah Rathbun, Einat Tubi
cover Face/Off
1997 movie • 138min
7.3 ★★★★   324k   Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by John Woo
Written by Mike Werb, Michael CollearyEnglish, Latin
In order to foil an extortion plot, an FBI agent undergoes a facial transplant surgery and assumes the identity and physical appearance of a terrorist, but the plan turns from bad to worse when the same terrorist impersonates the FBI agent.
Music by Sally Boldt, Sandy DeCrescent, Louis Fagenson, Ryeland Allison, Bob Bornstein
Created by Terence Chang, Michael Colleary, Michael Douglas
Starring John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Joan Allen, Alessandro Nivola, Gina Gershon, Dominique Swain, Nick Cassavetes, Harve Presnell, Colm Feore, John Carroll Lynch, CCH Pounder, Robert Wisdom
cover The Faceless Man
2018 movie • 13min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Jeremy Foley
Written by Jeremy Foley, Sara O'Reilly
An offbeat fable about a disillusioned man who discovers his face has transformed into a mirror and must venture out into the world to reclaim his identity.
Created by Courtney Foley, Jeremy Foley, Abby Lance
Starring William O'Leary, Norma Maldonado, Rima Rajan, Hoyt Richards, Heather Long, Nate Moore, Michael King, Austin James Rodriguez
cover Fallen Angels
2016 movie
6.4 ★★   <1k   Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Milos Twilight
Written by Milos TwilightEnglish, Chinese
A young assassin is sent back in time to amend the world's Karma.
Created by Donna White
Starring Caroline Posada, Cat Ce, Michelle Claire, Bart Leenders, Anthony Jon Michael, Nicole Marie White, Scott Alexander Young
cover Faster Than Light
2017 movie • 15min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Directed by Adam Stern
Written by Adam Stern
A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
Created by Todd Giroux, Sara Irvine-Erickson, Adam Stern
Starring Ty Olsson, Karin Konoval, Aliyah O'Brien, John Torrance, Ronald Patrick Thompson, Mana Mansour, Crystal Bretz, Keyvin Dell, Yazmin Garcia, Sean Gilhooly, Milton Muller, Chris Yoo
cover Fiend Without a Face
1958 movie • 75min
6.3 ★★   3k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Arthur Crabtree
Written by Amelia Reynolds Long, Herbert J. Leder
Invisible atomic monsters attack a U.S. Armed Forces base and the local residents.
Music by Frederic Lewis
Created by John Croydon, Richard Gordon, Ronald Kinnoch
Starring Marshall Thompson, Kynaston Reeves, Kim Parker, Stanley Maxted, Terry Kilburn, James Dyrenforth, Robert MacKenzie, Peter Madden, Gil Winfield, Michael Balfour, Launce Maraschal, Meadows White
cover Final Offer
2018 movie • 12min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Mark Slutsky
Written by Mark Slutsky
A down-on-his-luck lawyer awakes to find he's been enlisted to negotiate on behalf of the human race.
Created by Floris Bauer, Kieran Crilly, David Harris
Starring Aaron Abrams, Anna Hopkins
cover Firebase
2017 movie • 27min
7.2 ★★★★   2k   Short, Horror, Sci-Fi, War
Directed by Neill Blomkamp
Written by Neill Blomkamp, Thomas Sweterlitsch
While fighting the Vietnam war, both sides face a new kind of threat that neither of them were prepared for.
Music by Kelly Johnson, Steven Kofsky, Queenie Li, Max Aruj
Created by Mike Blomkamp, Victoria Burkhart, Gary Lam
Starring Steve Boyle, Nic Rhind, Robert Hobbs, Chris William Martin, Tyler Johnston, Carlo Yu, Pat Mastroianni, Than Thao Nguyen, Nicole Goliath, Richard Simpson
cover Four Eyed Monsters
2005 movie • 85min
6.4 ★★   1k   Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Susan Buice, Arin Crumley
Written by Susan Buice, Arin Crumley
Apathy, technology, paranoia, disease and medication. Meet Arin. Arin is a shy videographer who finds it too much to handle to go out and meet girls, so he sets up an account on The flood of responses never comes, save for one email from..
Starring Susan Buice, Arin Crumley, Julia Ann Ames, Lindsey Andersen, Derik Babtiste, Doug Boatwright, Kevin Bostic, Brad Calcaterra, Michael Camacho, Yuan-Kwan Chan, Lucie Cuadrado, Michael Cuomo
cover Frankenstein
1910 movie • 16min
6.5 ★★★   3k   Short, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by J. Searle Dawley
Written by Mary Shelley, J. Searle Dawley
Frankenstein, a young medical student, trying to create the perfect human being, instead creates a misshapen monster. Made ill by what he has done, Frankenstein is comforted by his fiancée but on his wedding night he is visited by the monster. A figh..
Created by Thomas A. Edison
Starring Mary Fuller, Charles Ogle, Augustus Phillips
cover Fusioneer
2010 video movie • 20min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kai Clear
For three years Dr Jonathan Howard has dedicated himself to finding a solution to our energy crisis. In the spare room of his South London flat he's constructed a fusion reactor from bit of recycled scrap and parts bought on eBay. Scientists say that..
cover Future by Design
2006 movie • 86min
8.0 ★★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Sci-Fi
Directed by William Gazecki
Written by William Gazecki
Future by Design shares the life and far-reaching vision of Jacque Fresco, considered by many to be a modern day Da Vinci. Peer to Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, Jacque is a self-taught futurist who describes himself most often as a "generalist" or..
Music by Alexina Louie
Created by Kim Gazecki, William Gazecki, Harvey Vengroff
Starring William Gazecki, Jacque Fresco, Larry King, Roxanne Meadows
cover Gayniggers from Outer Space
1992 movie • 26min
6.2 ★★   5k   Comedy, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Morten Lindberg
Written by Morten Lindberg, Per Kristensen
Extraterrestrial beings travel the galaxy to free men "oppressed" by females to make way for an entirely-homosexual society.
Created by Dino Raymond Hansen
Starring Coco C.P. Dalbert, Sammy Salomon, Gbatokai Dakinah, Konrad Fields, Anne Busacker, Verner Mollerup Christensen, Torben Zenth, Tove Kristensen, Heidrun von Wildenraut, Heintz Heinrick von Grundstead, Maiksen Thorsson, Nina N. Rosenmeier
cover Gear
2014 movie • 8min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Short, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kevin R. Adams, Joe Ksander
Written by Joe Ksander, Kevin R. Adams
A young girl flees the city with the help of her only ally -- an old broken down construction robot.
Created by Narineh Hacopian, Ryan Kirby
Starring Charlotte Alexis White, Braden Lynch, Amber Friendly, Ryan P. Shrime, Stephen Carey, Brenda Berumen, Craig Caton, Fred Herrman
cover A Gentlemen's Duel
2006 movie • 8min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Sean McNally, Francisco Ruiz-Velasco
Written by Sean McNally, Jeff Fowler, Francisco Ruiz-Velasco
A seemingly innocent tea party is transformed into mega technological mayhem when two imperious aristocrats compete for the affections of a lady.
Music by Jeff Vaughn
Created by Tim Miller, Al Shier, Debbie G. Yu
Starring Tom Kenny, Ashley Walsh, Chuck Wojthiewicz
cover Getting Fat in a Healthy Way
2015 movie • 22min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kevork Aslanyan
Written by Georgi Merdzhanov, Kevork AslanyanBulgarian
In a dystopian post-communist world, Constantine and his father Atanas share a small flat in a run-down apartment block. A tragic accident has disturbed gravity on Earth beyond repair, so everyone weighing less than 120 kilos flies up into space. Wit..
Created by Ivan Andreev, Kevork Aslanyan, Mihail Dichev
Starring Ovanes Torosian, Petyo Cekov, Keti Raykova, Ana Topalova, David Torosyan, Kevork Aslanyan, Lyudmila Daskalova, Tsvetomira Daskalova, Ivan Hadjiski, Dimitar Katsarov, Ivan Matev, Silva Petrova
cover Girl + Ghost
2014 movie • 12min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Nik Wansbrough
Written by Nik Wansbrough
The surreal tale of a lonely ghost, infatuated with the girl next door and the flirtatious postman who stands in the way of their love.
Created by Sam Dignand
Starring Hugh Bosman, Chloe Morello, Krissan Pattugalan, Isabelle Snowball
cover God of Love
2010 movie • 18min
7.7 ★★★★★   1k   Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Luke Matheny
Written by Luke Matheny
A lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion finds his prayers are answered -- literally -- when he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts.
Created by Gigi Dement, Stephen Dypiangco, Ryan Silbert
Starring Luke Matheny, Marian Brock, Christopher Hirsh, Emily Young, Miguel Rosales, Mark Gessner, Francesca Root-Dodson, David Ross, Elizabeth Olin, Andrea Mustain, Priya Dewan, Katherine E. Scharhon
cover Golden Shot
2015 movie • 9min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy
Directed by Gökalp Gönen
Written by Gökalp Gönen
Rusty machines living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light, keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the machines wants to see the sun itself and he has a plan for that.
Created by Gökalp Gönen
cover The Golem
1920 movie • 91min
7.2 ★★★★   5k   Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Carl Boese, Paul Wegener
Written by Henrik Galeen, Paul Wegener
In 16th-century Prague, a rabbi creates the Golem - a giant creature made of clay. Using sorcery, he brings the creature to life in order to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution.
Music by Douglas M. Protsik
Created by Paul Davidson
Starring Paul Wegener, Albert Steinrück, Lyda Salmonova, Ernst Deutsch, Hans Stürm, Max Kronert, Otto Gebühr, Dore Paetzold, Lothar Müthel, Greta Schröder, Loni Nest, Carl Ebert
cover Good Business
2017 movie
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Ray Sullivan
Written by Simon Roy
Humanity makes a deal with a new client.
Created by Ray Sullivan
Starring Amy De Bhrún, Darryl Kinsella
cover Goodbye Charlie
1964 movie • 116min
6.3 ★★   1k   Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Vincente Minnelli
Written by George Axelrod, Harry Kurnitz
Shot by a jealous husband, Charley falls out a porthole and is lost at sea only to find himself returned as an attractive blond woman. His best friend is staying at his house as he puts Charlie's affairs in order and after being convinced, finds hims..
Music by Albert Woodbury
Created by David Weisbart
Starring Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Pat Boone, Joanna Barnes, Walter Matthau, Ellen Burstyn, Laura Devon, Martin Gabel, Roger C. Carmel, Harry Madden, Myrna Hansen, Michael Romanoff
cover Goutte d'Or
2013 movie • 11min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Christophe Peladan
Written by Christophe Peladan
As a pirate enters the Kingdom of the Dead he encounters its beautiful Queen. She captures his heart, but hers is not so easily won.
Created by Søren Fleng, Geoff Johnson, André Samak
cover Gremlins: Recall
2017 movie • 11min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Ryan Patrick
Written by Ryan Patrick
A company by the name of Wing has created Mogwais that can be adopted as family pets with no ill consequences -- or so they thought. Tiny terror is unleashed at a local diner when a teenage girl interferes with a Wing driver's live cargo.
Created by Nash Cubero Jr., Sarah Lilly, Rich Salamone
Starring Katherine Rodriguez, Randy Irwin, Sarah Lilly, Rob Wood, Hannah Baker, Dan Carr, Grayson Stone, Ryan Patrick
cover Gulliver's Travels
1939 movie • 76min
6.8 ★★★   3k   Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Dave Fleischer
Written by Jonathan Swift, Dan Gordon, Edmond Seward
A doctor washes ashore on an island inhabited by little people.
Music by Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin, Victor Young, George Bassman, Charles Bradshaw
Created by Max Fleischer
Starring Jessica Dragonette, Lanny Ross, Pinto Colvig, Cal Howard, Jack Mercer, Sam Parker, Tedd Pierce, Livonia Warren
cover Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade
2016 video movie • 14min
7.1 ★★★★   1k   Short, Action, Sci-Fi
Directed by Keith Allen
Written by Keith Allen, Nathaniel Nauert, Jared Bell
A young smuggler by the name of Han Solo is on a mission to rescue his pal Chewbacca. Which of course brings some trouble along the way...
Music by Bálint Sapszon
Created by Keith Allen, Kristopher Caetta, Jamie Costa
Starring Jamie Costa, Doug Jones, Kristine Gerolaga, Cory Daniel, Bernie Bregman, Christopher Troy, Matt Shadden, Gordon Tarpley, Kyle Leeper, Rachel Ly, Chris Gomez, Ryan Miorelli
cover The Happy Prince
1974 movie • 25min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Michael Mills
Written by Michael Mills, Oscar Wilde
A royal statue makes friends with a small swallow.
Music by Ron Goodwin
Created by Michael Mills, Gerald Potterton, Murray Shostak
Starring Christopher Plummer, Glynis Johns, John Codner, Jill Frappier, Howard Ryshpan
cover Hardware Wars
1978 movie • 13min
7.0 ★★★★   1k   Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Short
Directed by Ernie Fosselius
Written by Ernie Fosselius
This is a short parody of the movie Star Wars.
Created by John V. Fante, Ernie Fosselius, Laurel Polanick
Starring Frank Robertson, Artie Deco, Scott Mathews, Jeff Hale, Cinthia Freeling, Bob Knickerbocker, Ernie Fosselius, Paul Frees, Sonny Buddy Jr., Walt Kraemer
cover The Head Vanishes
2016 movie • 10min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Franck Dion
Written by Franck DionFrench
Jacqueline has lost her mind a bit, but whatever, for her trip to the seaside, she has decided to take the train by herself, like a big girl!
Created by Franck Dion, Julie Roy, Richard Van Den Boom
cover The Heart of Sky
2016 movie • 2min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jimmy Yuan
Written by Jimmy Yuan
The Manikins were created by Celestial and used as weapons in an endless war on an ancient planet. After the apocalypse on the planet, the Celestial traveled to an inner planet seek for resources they need. They have re-designed the genes of Manikins..
Created by Michelle Xie
cover Here There Be Tygers
1989 movie • 10min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Vladimir Samsonov
Written by Sergei Task, Ray BradburyRussian
Set in the future, a rocket ship from Earth travels to a far universe and touches down on an unknown planet with a mission to exploit its natural resources. However, this is planet is like no other, it seems to be alive.
Starring Aleksey Borzunov, Vsevolod Larionov, Yuriy Puzyryov, Rogvold Sukhoverko
cover Home Sweet Home
2013 movie • 10min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Romain Mazevet
Written by Paccolat Stéphane
A house uproots "herself" and goes on an adventure with other kinds of houses.
cover Horror Express
1972 movie • 84min
6.6 ★★★   7k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Eugenio Martín
Written by Arnaud d'Usseau, Julian Zimet
In 1906, in China, a British anthropologist discovers a frozen prehistoric creature and must transport it to Europe by train.
Created by Bernard Gordon, Gregorio Sacristán
Starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alberto de Mendoza, Silvia Tortosa, Julio Peña, Ángel del Pozo, Helga Liné, George Rigaud, Alice Reinheart, José Jaspe, Víctor Israel, Juan Olaguivel
cover The Hunt for Gollum
2009 movie • 38min
6.9 ★★★   4k   Short, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Directed by Chris Bouchard
Written by Sabina Sattar, Chris Bouchard, J.R.R. Tolkien
The great events of the war of the ring are about to unfold and the priority for Strider and Gandalf is to keep the Ring secret. Sauron is preparing to unleash his armies and Gollum is creeping around Middle Earth with crucial knowledge of the Ring's..
Created by Chris Bouchard, Spencer Duru, Noel Gale
Starring Adrian Webster, Arin Alldridge, Patrick O'Connor, Rita Ramnani, Gareth Brough, Jason Perino, Christopher Dingli, Matthew Cunningham, Max Bracey, Dan Styles, Joshua Kennedy, Ross Morrisson
cover Häxan
1922 movie • 91min
7.7 ★★★★★   10k   Documentary, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Benjamin Christensen
Written by Benjamin ChristensenSwedish, Danish
Fictionalized documentary showing the evolution of witchcraft, from its pagan roots to its confusion with hysteria in modern Europe.
Music by Jean-Luc Ponty, Michel Portal, Daniel Humair, Guy Pedersen, Bernard Lubat
Starring Maren Pedersen, Clara Pontoppidan, Elith Pio, Oscar Stribolt, Tora Teje, John Andersen, Benjamin Christensen, Poul Reumert, Karen Winther, Kate Fabian, Else Vermehren, Astrid Holm
cover I Married a Witch
1942 movie • 77min
7.2 ★★★★   5k   Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by René Clair
Written by Thorne Smith, Marc Connelly, Robert Pirosh
A beautiful 17th-century witch returns to life to plague politician Wallace Wooley, descendant of her persecutor.
Created by René Clair, Buddy G. DeSylva, Preston Sturges
Starring Fredric March, Veronica Lake, Robert Benchley, Susan Hayward, Cecil Kellaway, Elizabeth Patterson, Eily Malyon, Robert Warwick, Robert Greig, Viola Moore, Mary Field, Nora Cecil
cover I'm Here
2010 movie • 29min
7.9 ★★★★★   7k   Short, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Directed by Spike Jonze
Written by Spike Jonze
A young man faces the abrupt loss of his friend.
Music by Adam Moseley, ASKA, Brent Nichols, Zach Sinick, Susan Schwartz
Created by Natalie Farrey, Vincent Landay
Starring Andrew Garfield, Sienna Guillory, Annie Hardy, Daniel London, Michael Berry Jr., ASKA, David Kramer, Nathan Johnson, Jason Barclay, Christopher Wonder, Richard Penn, Quinn Sullivan
cover I'm You, Dickhead
2014 movie • 12min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Lucas Testro
Written by Larry Boxshall
A man travels back in time to force his 10 year old self to learn guitar, so that he can get more action with the ladies in the present day.
Created by Ash Andersen, Renée Crea, Jeffrey J. Ellen
Starring Anthony Gooley, Alan Flower, Olivia Pigeot, Anthony Taufa, Noah Moon, Tom Usher, Emma Palmer, Rae Johnston, Alistair Wallace, Jordan Frazis
cover Icarus
1974 movie • 8min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy
Directed by Paul Bochner
In a retelling of the Greek myth, Icarus' father builds a pair of wings to escape their prison but Icarus flies too high. He flies too close to the sun.
Created by Wolf Koenig
cover Icarus Down
2014 movie • 12min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Paul Nicoletos
Written by Paul Nicoletos, Tye Lombardi
A military vessel is shot down in an unknown planet, creating darkness and chaos amongst its passengers.
Created by Claudia Aerni, Gabriel Betancourt, Mario Chavez
Starring Michael Billington, Billy Bussey, Christian Nikolas Lemberg, Tedi Nicoletos
cover If We Had No Moon
1999 tv movie • 60min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Sci-Fi
Directed by Martyn Ives
Written by David Taylor
What if the moon never had existed?
Created by Pippa Dennis, Sean Gallagher, Martyn Ives
Starring Patrick Stewart, William Hartmann, Jay Melosh, Robin Canup, Marjorie A. Chan, Jacques Laskar, Lynn Rothschild, Minik Rosing, Norman Sleep, Jack Lissauer, Alan Binder, David Gump
cover In the Beginning was Water and Sky
2017 movie • 13min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, History
Directed by Ryan Ward
Written by Ryan WardOjibwa, English
A haunting and visually stunning fairy tale that blends fantasy and real life events. Two Native American children struggle to find their way back to a home that may be lost forever.
Created by Mackenzie Leigh, Ross Mollberg
Starring Norma-Sue Hill, Shohnáhose Davin Bomberry, Carter Simon, Jenna Clause, James Levesque, Harrison Stewart, Tara McLearnon, Christina Vernucci, Cheryl De Luca, Dallas Fuller, John Homer, Talon White-Eye
cover Instant Getaway
2014 movie
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Joe Penna
Written by Joe Penna, Ryan Morrison
After teleporting into Texas illegally, a young man from Mexico stands trial for murder.
Created by Michael Cruz, Jack Ferry, Kathleen Grace
Starring Hansel Ramírez, Robert Sisko, David Castro, Ceciley Jenkins, Taryn O'Neill, Steve Phelan, Tanner Thomason, Jude B. Lanston, George Capacete, Chuey Martinez, Armando Heredia, William Guirola
cover Intruders
2014 movie • 10min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Directed by Santiago Menghini
Written by Uno Moralez, Al Columbia, Santiago Menghini
In the aftermath of a deadly haunting in a small suburban home, a sinister omnipresent entity proceeds to cause havoc in the private lives of a young boy, an unsuspecting teen, and absent minded inspector.
Created by Katerine Lefrançois
Starring Joshua Young, Charles Sirard-Blouin, Sarianne Cormier, Alain Gendreau, Lynda Lapierre, Tristan Gabriel Chaput
cover Invaders
2018 movie • 14min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Daniel Prince
Written by Daniel Prince
On Christmas Eve, a small UFO struggling to find his place in the universe follows his two mischievous friend's down to earth, whilst trying to impress and gain their acceptance he inadvertently changes Christmas forever.
Music by Oleg Kondratenko, F.A.M.E.'S. Project, Giorgi Hristovski, Atanas Babaleski, Boban Apostolov
Created by Rob Jelley
cover Invaders from Mars
1953 movie • 78min
6.4 ★★   6k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by William Cameron Menzies
Written by John Tucker Battle, Richard Blake
A young boy learns that space aliens are taking over the minds of earthlings.
Music by Raoul Kraushaar
Created by Edward L. Alperson Jr., Edward L. Alperson
Starring Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, Jimmy Hunt, Leif Erickson, Hillary Brooke, Morris Ankrum, Max Wagner, William Phipps, Milburn Stone, Janine Perreau, Fay Baker, Barbara Billingsley
cover Invasion of the Triffids
1963 movie • 93min
6.1 ★★   6k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Steve Sekely, Freddie Francis
Written by Bernard Gordon, Philip Yordan, John Wyndham
After an unusual meteor shower leaves most of the human population blind, a merchant navy officer must find a way to conquer tall, aggressive plants which are feeding on people and animals.
Music by Ron Goodwin, Johnny Douglas
Created by George Pitcher, Philip Yordan, Bernard Glasser
Starring Howard Keel, Nicole Maurey, Janette Scott, Kieron Moore, Mervyn Johns, Ewan Roberts, Alison Leggatt, Geoffrey Matthews, Janina Faye, Gilgi Hauser, John Tate, Carole Ann Ford
cover It Happened Tomorrow
1944 movie • 85min
7.1 ★★★★   1k   Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by René Clair
Written by Howard Snyder, Lord Dunsany, Hugh Wedlock Jr.
A young turn-of-the-century newspaper man finds he can get hold of the next day's paper. This brings more problems than fortune, especially as his new girlfriend is part of a phony clairvoyant act.
Music by Robert Stolz, Charles Maxwell
Created by Theo. W. Baumfeld, Arnold Pressburger
Starring Dick Powell, Linda Darnell, Jack Oakie, Edgar Kennedy, John Philliber, Edward Brophy, George Cleveland, Sig Ruman, Paul Guilfoyle, George Chandler, Eddie Acuff, Luis Alberni
cover It's a Wonderful Life
1946 movie • 130min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   355k   Drama, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Frank Capra
Written by Frank Capra, Albert Hackett, Frances GoodrichEnglish, French
An angel is sent from Heaven to help a desperately frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed.
Music by Leigh Harline, Paul Marquardt, Herschel Burke Gilbert, Alfred Newman, Dimitri Tiomkin
Created by Frank Capra
Starring James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Thomas Mitchell, Henry Travers, Beulah Bondi, Frank Faylen, Ward Bond, Gloria Grahame, H.B. Warner, Frank Albertson, Todd Karns
cover Itsy Bitsy Spiders
2013 movie • 12min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Bertrand Paré
Written by Bertrand Paré
Edwin has a dark obsession with drawing spiders. His mother does her best to curb his increasingly odd behavior, but unbeknownst to her, a terrifying mystery will soon be solved with the help of these sinister drawings.
Created by Amanda Lee Jacoby, R.H. McClurg, Bertrand Paré
Starring Julian Feder, Jessica Galinas, Britt Prentice, Matthew Vorce, Joe Maggard, Bruce Hammond, Gabriel Burrafato, Rusty Meyers, Trina Colon, Brandon Hunt, Mark Justice, Cory Robinson
cover Jack and the Beanstalk
1952 movie • 70min
6.1 ★★   2k   Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Jean Yarbrough
Written by Nathaniel Curtis, Pat Costello
Abbott & Costello's version of the famous fairy tale, about a young boy who trades the family cow for magic beans.
Music by Norman Luboff, Heinz Roemheld, Raoul Kraushaar
Created by Lou Costello, Pat Costello, Alex Gottlieb
Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Dorothy Ford, Buddy Baer, Barbara Brown, David Stollery, William Farnum, Arthur Shields, Shaye Cogan, James Alexander, Johnny Conrad, Mel Blanc
cover Jiminy
2013 movie • 20min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Arthur Môlard
Written by T.J. Stehly, Arthur MôlardFrench
In the near future, most people get a "cricket" implanted in their brains : an electronic chip which allows them to switch to an "automatic mode" whenever they wish to.
Created by Stéphane Pierrat, Jeremy Rossi
Starring Benjamin Brenière, Denis Lavant, Victor Boulenger, Raphaël Almosni, Caroline Bal, Marie-Stéphane Cattaneo, Vincent Furic, Anne Helbé
cover Johnny Express
2014 movie • 5min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kyungmin Woo
Written by Jisang Kim, Kyungmin Woo
In the year 2150, Johnny, a lazy Space Delivery Man, must deliver a package on a planet he does not fully understand.
Created by Kuho Choi, Jisang Kim, Jerry Park
cover Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
2018 movie • 128min
6.2 ★★   215k   Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by J.A. Bayona
Written by Colin Trevorrow, Michael Crichton, Derek ConnollyEnglish, Russian
When the island's dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen and Claire mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-level event.
Music by Peter Cobbin, Philippe Briand, Rachel Bolt, Paul Apelgren, David Arch
Created by Belén Atienza, Patrick Crowley, Thomas Hayslip
Starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rafe Spall, Justice Smith, Daniella Pineda, James Cromwell, Toby Jones, Ted Levine, Jeff Goldblum, BD Wong, Geraldine Chaplin, Isabella Sermon
cover King of the Rocket Men
1949 movie • 167min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Crime, Sci-Fi
Directed by Fred C. Brannon
Written by Royal K. Cole, William Lively, Sol Shor
Jeff King in his experimental rocket suit battles the evil Dr. Vulcan.
Music by Walter Scharf, Heinz Roemheld, Mort Glickman, Joseph Dubin, Ernest Gold
Created by Franklin Adreon
Starring Tristram Coffin, Mae Clarke, Don Haggerty, House Peters Jr., James Craven, I. Stanford Jolley, Douglas Evans, Ted Adams, Stanley Price, Dale Van Sickel, Tom Steele, David Sharpe
cover Kiss Me Deadly
1955 movie • 106min
7.6 ★★★★★   16k   Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Robert Aldrich
Written by A.I. Bezzerides, Mickey SpillaneEnglish, Italian, Spanish
A doomed female hitchhiker pulls Mike Hammer into a deadly whirlpool of intrigue, revolving around a mysterious "great whatsit".
Music by Frank De Vol, Albert Harris
Created by Robert Aldrich, Victor Saville
Starring Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker, Paul Stewart, Juano Hernandez, Wesley Addy, Marian Carr, Marjorie Bennett, Mort Marshall, Fortunio Bonanova, Strother Martin, Mady Comfort, James McCallion
cover Kung Fury
2015 movie • 31min
8.0 ★★★★★★   51k   Short, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by David Sandberg
Written by David SandbergEnglish, Swedish, German
In 1985, Kung Fury, the toughest martial artist cop in Miami, goes back in time to kill the worst criminal of all time - Kung Führer, a.k.a. Adolf Hitler.
Music by Johannes Sjöberg, Ilia Skibinsky
Created by AlWaleed K. AlShehail, Linus Andersson, Ambia Aveda
Starring David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, Steven Chew, Leopold Nilsson, Andreas Cahling, Per-Henrik Arvidius, Erik Hörnqvist, Frank Sanderson, Eleni Young, Helene Ahlson, Yasmina Suhonen, Magnus Betnér
cover L'éternel et le brocanteur
2003 movie • 38min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Sci-Fi, Short
Directed by Michel Murray
Written by Michel MurrayFrench
Created by Pierre Hébert, Marcel Jean
Starring Marc Béland, Norman Helms, Marie-France Lambert, Jean-Robert Bourdage, Nathalie Breuer, Marcel Jean, Bernard Meney, Kim Ménard
cover The Lady and the Reaper
2009 movie • 8min
7.2 ★★★★   2k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Javier Recio Gracia
Written by Javier Recio Gracia
All alone in her room, a solitary elderly widow lying on her deathbed yearns to reunite with her beloved late husband, nevertheless, the road to the afterlife can be long, while on the other hand, today's modern medicine works miracles.
Music by Michael Jani, Sergio de la Puente, Tuti Fernández, Ara Malikian
Created by Marcelino Almansa, Antonio Banderas, Pedro Carmona
Starring Miguel Angel Perez, Eva Molina
cover Land of the Heads
2009 movie • 6min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Claude Barras, Cédric Louis
Written by Julien Sulser, Claude BarrasFrench
Emile is an unhappy little vampire, doing a job he detests, in a world plunged into perpetual gloom. He serves a despotic mistress who loathes wrinkles, in the most extreme way.
Music by Nemo Venba, Bernard Cormier
Created by Claude Barras, Michael Fukushima, Jean-Blaise Perrin
cover The Landing
2013 movie • 18min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Josh Tanner
Written by Jade van der Lei, Josh Tanner
A man returns to the Midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960.
Music by Gary Seeger
Created by Murray Berghan, Alana Jessop, Jacob Livermore
Starring Henry Nixon, David Roberts, Tom Usher, James Kearney, Kevin Delaney, Desmond Kelly, Patsy Terrell
cover The Last Man on Earth
1964 movie • 86min
6.9 ★★★   15k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow
Written by William F. Leicester, Richard Matheson
When a disease turns all of humanity into the living dead, the last man on earth becomes a reluctant vampire hunter.
Music by Norman B. Schwartz, Alfonso D'Artega
Created by Harold E. Knox, Robert L. Lippert
Starring Vincent Price, Franca Bettoia, Emma Danieli, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Umberto Raho, Christi Courtland, Antonio Corevi, Ettore Ribotta, Carolyn De Fonseca, Rolando De Rossi, Giuseppe Mattei, Enrico Salvatore
cover Last Remnants
2012 movie • 6min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Directed by Charles A. Pieper
Written by Charles A. Pieper
A young man's night out at a diner takes a curious turn when he is confronted by a stranger completely removed from the modern era...
Created by Matthew Shorr
Starring Amber Marie Bollinger, Charlie Pecoraro, Elisha Yaffe
cover The Last Starfighter
1984 movie • 101min
6.7 ★★★   34k   Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by Nick Castle
Written by Jonathan R. Betuel
Video game expert Alex Rogan finds himself transported to another planet after conquering The Last Starfighter video game only to find out it was just a test. He was recruited to join the team of best starfighters to defend their world from the attac..
Music by Ken Johnson, David Franco, Daniel J. Johnson, Lyle J. Burbridge, Tom Boyd
Created by Gary Adelson, Edward O. Denault, John Whitney Jr.
Starring Kay E. Kuter, Dan Mason, Lance Guest, Dan O'Herlihy, Catherine Mary Stewart, Barbara Bosson, Norman Snow, Robert Preston, Chris Hebert, John O'Leary, George McDaniel, Charlene Nelson
cover The Last Time I Saw Richard
2014 movie • 23min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Directed by Nicholas Verso
Written by Nicholas Verso, Paul Welsh
In 1995, Jonah is proud to be the loner at the teen mental health clinic. But when a new patient, Richard, is admitted and the boys are forced to share a room, Jonah finds himself forming a connection despite himself. But will their bond be strong en..
Created by Michael Gudinski, John Molloy, Mark Morrissey
Starring Toby Wallace, Cody Fern, Brian Lipson, Melissa Godbold, Marta Kaczmarek, William Haines, Jack Harvey, Liam Willaton
cover Last of You
2013 movie • 28min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Dan Sachar
Written by Kai Mark, Yuval YefetHebrew
In a devastated world, Yonatan, the developer of a device which allows the re-experience of recorded memories, becomes obsessive about the last recollections of his late wife. When it's time to move to a safer place and leave the memories behind, he ..
Created by Guy Lahav, Shay Rylski
Starring Yoav Donat, Maayan Winstock, Yoram Yosephberg, Toni Berman, Hezi Saddik, Miko Ben Porat, Nili Sachar, Shimon Jiner, Lior Darel, Leor Doron
cover Lazy Boy
2015 movie • 12min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Dave Redman
Written by Dave Redman
Ray discovers his La-Z-Boy recliner is a one-minute time machine. Will he learn from his mistakes or is he destined to repeat them forever?
Created by Dave Redman
Starring Bobby Bright, Steven Carroll, Steph Evison Williams, Ava Redman, Sophie Redman
cover Le papillon fantastique
1909 movie • 2min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy
Directed by Georges Méliès
A magician creates a butterfly woman and then a spider woman.
Starring Georges Méliès
cover Legend of Eight Samurai
1983 movie • 133min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Kinji Fukasaku
Written by Toshio Kamata, Kinji FukasakuJapanese
Princess Shizu's family is wiped out by an family of undead seeking revenge. The eight samurai can save her, but who and where are they?
Created by Hiroshi Sugawara
Starring Hiroko Yakushimaru, Hiroyuki Sanada, Shin'ichi Chiba, Etsuko Shihomi, Yûki Meguro, Mari Natsuki, Nana Okada, Masaki Kyômoto, Kenji Ohba, Nagare Hagiwara, Tatsuo Endô, Takuya Fukuhara
cover Life After People
2009 tv series
7.6 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Sci-Fi
Written by Robert Beemer, Douglas Cohen, Colin Campbell
What would happen to planet earth if the human race were to suddenly disappear forever? Would ecosystems thrive? What remnants of our industrialized world would survive? What would crumble fastest? Life After People is a television series on which sc..
Starring James Lurie, Steven S. Ross, Gordon Masterton, Tanya Wattenburg Komas, Jan Zalasiewicz, Howard Oliver, Travis S. Taylor, Ray Coppinger, Alan W. Pense, David Brin, William Leffler, John Anderson
cover The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger
2014 movie • 10min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Directed by Michael Lukk Litwak
Written by Michael Lukk Litwak
THE LIFE AND DEATH OF TOMMY CHAOS AND STACEY DANGER tells the tale of a romantic adventure. Think Blue Valentine meets Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs have invaded Earth but neither Tommy nor Stacey care anymore, now that they've found each other. They esca..
Created by Jean Claude Billmaier, Sofia Due Rosenzweig, Mark Litwak
Starring Valerie Brody, Matthew David King, John Noel, Robert Smith
cover Lifted
2006 movie • 5min
7.9 ★★★★★   16k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Directed by Gary Rydstrom
Written by Jeff Pidgeon, Gary Rydstrom, Maxwell Brace IV
A teenage alien tries to abduct a sleeping human, but with so many switches to do so, it's nearly impossible.
Music by Frank Macchia, Peter Rotter
Created by John Lasseter, Katherine Sarafian, Osnat Shurer
cover Liliom
1934 movie • 118min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Fritz Lang
Written by Ferenc Molnár, Robert Liebmann, Bernard ZimmerFrench
Two women love the same man in a world of few prospects. In Budapest, Liliom is a "public figure," a rascal who's a carousel barker, loved by the experienced merry-go-round owner and by a young, innocent maid. The maid, Julie, loses her job after goi..
Created by Erich Pommer
Starring Charles Boyer, Madeleine Ozeray, Robert Arnoux, Roland Toutain, Alexandre Rignault, Henri Richard, Marcel Barencey, Raoul Marco, Antonin Artaud, Léon Arvel, René Stern, Mimi Funes
cover The Little Match Girl
1928 movie • 40min
7.3 ★★★★   1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Jean Renoir, Jean Tédesco
Written by Jean Renoir, Hans Christian AndersenFrench
An impoverished girl tries to sell matches on NYE. Shivering with cold and unable to sell her wares, she sits in a sheltered nook. Striking a match to keep warm, she sees things in the flame.
Starring Catherine Hessling, Eric Barclay, Jean Storm, Manuel Raaby, Amy Wells, Guy Ferrant, Mme. Heuschling, Comtesse Tolstoi
cover Lost Boy
2016 movie • 9min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Anthony Scott Burns, Ash Thorp
Written by Anthony Scott Burns, Ash Thorp
An ambitious sci-fi concept heavily influenced by American action classics and Japanese samurai films, celebrated filmmakers Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns team up with PostPanic (Sundays) for a dazzling new project.
Created by Jonas Hendrix, Ania Markham, Mischa Rozema
Starring Wasteclay Moreas, Nerea Revilla
cover The Lost Thing
2010 movie • 15min
7.4 ★★★★   3k   Animation, Short, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Andrew Ruhemann, Shaun Tan
Written by Shaun Tan
A boy finds a strange creature on a beach, and decides to find a home for it in a world where everyone believes there are far more important things to pay attention to.
Music by Damian De Boos-Smith
Created by Sophie Byrne
Starring Tim Minchin
cover The Lost World
1925 movie • 106min
7.1 ★★★★   4k   Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Harry O. Hoyt
Written by Marion Fairfax, Arthur Conan Doyle
The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land where prehistoric creatures still roam.
Music by Robert Israel, Frank S. Truda
Created by Scott MacQueen, Earl Hudson, Jamie White
Starring Bessie Love, Lewis Stone, Wallace Beery, Lloyd Hughes, Alma Bennett, Arthur Hoyt, Margaret McWade, Bull Montana, Frank Finch Smiles, Jules Cowles, George Bunny, Charles Wellesley
cover Mad Max: Roadkill BBQ
2015 movie • 4min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Mike Diva
Written by Niko Pueringer, Mike Diva, Sam Gorski
Created by Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer
Starring Sam Gorski, Paradox Pollack, Niko Pueringer
cover Magic Bricks
1908 movie • 3min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy
Directed by Segundo de Chomón
Experimental color film that shows a magician and his assistant making objects and people appear and disappear. Then they stack up some blocks and a moving picture of a little girl appears on them.
cover The Magician and the Human Pump
1901 movie • 2min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy
Directed by Georges Méliès
In this trickery extravaganza, Excelsior, the wizard of illusion, pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket, and after that, everything is possible in his rare and spectacular show.
Starring Georges Méliès
cover The Man Who Lived Again
1936 movie • 66min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Robert Stevenson
Written by Sidney Gilliat, L. Peach du Garde, John L. Balderston
Dr. Laurience, a brilliant but unstable scientist experimenting with transferring minds, becomes vengeful when his magnate patron withdraws his support.
Music by Louis Levy
Created by Michael Balcon
Starring Boris Karloff, John Loder, Anna Lee, Frank Cellier, Donald Calthrop, Cecil Parker, Lyn Harding, Clive Morton, Bryan Powley, D.J. Williams
cover The Man Who Stole Dreams
1987 movie • 11min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Fantasy, Short
Directed by Joyce Borenstein
Written by Barbara Taylor
An evil man steals the dreams of an entire village over several nights, until the villagers, with no dreams left, cannot sleep properly, and become increasingly restless. Then the man audaciously advertises the dreams for sale, so, naturally, everyon..
Music by Norah Fraser, Julian Olson, Louis Hone
Created by Margaret Pettigrew, Kathleen Shannon
Starring Joan Heney, Vlasta Vrana, Joyce Borenstein, Andrew Bednarski, Shirley Merovitz
cover The Man and the Giant: An Eskimo Legend
1975 movie • 8min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Short, Adventure, Fantasy
Directed by Co Hoedeman
Having outwitted and killed a giant, the man creates a river to escape the giant's wife. She, drinking the river waters to reach the other side, changes to fog.
Music by Aikimie Novalinga, Marie Sivuarapi, Alicie Tookaluk, Nellie Nunga
Created by Pierre Moretti
Starring Peter Mathews, Adamie Sivuarapi, Mina Mathews, Paulosie Aupoluk, Rita Novalinga, Josua Novalinga
cover Mariner
2016 movie • 19min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Directed by Thyrone Tommy
Written by Thyrone Tommy
A young marine navigation student suffers intense anxiety during his final exams, when an incident from his past returns to both haunt and help him.
Music by Gary Honess
Created by Jordana Aarons, Martin Malette, John Melluso
Starring Cyrus Aazam, Rhea Akler, Robert Bellissimo, Alli Chung, Daniel Coz, Brittany Johnson, Alison Louder, Thomas Olajide, Shane Pollard, Sasha Rajamani, Jameel J. Razack, Marques Sam
cover The Mascot
1933 movie • 26min
7.7 ★★★★★   1k   Animation, Short, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Wladyslaw Starewicz
Written by Wladyslaw StarewiczFrench, English
A stuffed animal goes on a journey through frightening streets to get its kid an orange.
Created by M.J. Kandel
cover Master of the Flying Guillotine
1976 movie • 93min
7.5 ★★★★★   3k   Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Jimmy Wang Yu
Written by Jimmy Wang YuMandarin
After his students are killed by the One Armed Boxer, a vengeful and blind Kung Fu expert travels to a village where a martial arts contest is being held and vows to behead every one armed man he comes across.
Created by Cheuk Hon Wong
Starring Jimmy Wang Yu, Kang Chin, Chun-Erh Lung, Chia Yung Liu, Lung Wei Wang, Chien-Po Tsen, Fei Lung, Hou-Chiang Chi, Ming Fei Wang, Chi Ping Chang, Chung-Kuei Chang, Yi Kuei Chang
cover A Matter of Life and Death
1946 movie • 104min
8.1 ★★★★★★   17k   Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, War
Directed by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Written by Emeric Pressburger, Michael PowellEnglish, French, Russian
A British wartime aviator who cheats death must argue for his life before a celestial court.
Music by Lambert Williamson, Walter Goehr
Created by George R. Busby, Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Starring David Niven, Kim Hunter, Robert Coote, Kathleen Byron, Richard Attenborough, Bonar Colleano, Joan Maude, Marius Goring, Roger Livesey, Robert Atkins, Bob Roberts, Edwin Max
cover Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid
2010 movie • 44min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by Colin Fleming, John Garside
Written by Colin Fleming, John Garside, Jerry Renek
Max Neptune and the Atomic Space Patrol face their biggest threat ever. Dr. Agotch and his giant, mechanical, Menacing Squid!
Created by Colin Fleming, John Garside
Starring Curt Clendenin, Michael Ornelas, Keaton Shyler, David Uchansky, Dominic Alfano, David Pond, John Garside, Colin Fleming, Julian Strickland, Casey Bouma, Zing The Amazing, Josh Clendenin
cover Memoir
2016 movie • 16min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Alexander Jeffery
Written by Paul T.O. Petersen
Memories can either fuel our existence or eat away at us like a disease. In the not-too-distant future, Dr. Theodore Maine is on the cusp of losing his job at Janus Labs where he is developing research for Alzheimers treatment. That is, until a myste..
Created by Susan Gallacher, Alexander Jeffery, Barry Jeffery
Starring Paul T.O. Petersen, Cailey Fleming, Ryan Broussard, Jordan Scott, Mary Alfred Thoma, Rex Austin Barrow, Douglas Alexander, Kelsie Jones, Chris Evans, Alexander Jeffery, Matthew Cordell, Jim Hayes
cover Metropolis
1927 movie • 153min
8.3 ★★★★★★   142k   Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Fritz Lang
Written by Fritz Lang, Thea von HarbouGerman
In a futuristic city sharply divided between the working class and the city planners, the son of the city's mastermind falls in love with a working class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate their differences.
Music by Otto Harzner, Brian Reeves, Frank Strobel
Created by Erich Pommer
Starring Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Fritz Rasp, Theodor Loos, Erwin Biswanger, Heinrich George, Brigitte Helm, Fritz Alberti, Grete Berger, Olly Boeheim, Max Dietze
cover Mindscape
1976 movie • 8min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy
Directed by Jacques Drouin
Written by Jacques Drouin
An artist creates a painting of the landscape he sees, then finds he can literally climb into the picture to see the fantastic world inside.
Created by Gaston Sarault
cover Mis-drop
2013 movie • 14min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Ferand Peek
Written by Ferand Peek
300 years in the future, a forensic accountant reviews the video stream from one mercenary's drop-pod which has been damaged during the initial stages of a colonial invasion.
Created by Ferand Peek
Starring Elliot Travers, Maria Walker, Larry Rew, Rowan Bettjeman, Joyce Kamille Cristal, Kerry-Lee Dewing, Luke Hawker, Greg Hornsby, Fraser McLeod, Charles Mesure, Joseph Sherman-Mendez, Simon Smith
cover The Missing Scarf
2013 movie • 7min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Eoin Duffy
Written by Eoin Duffy
A black comedy exploring some of life's common fears: fear of the unknown, of failure, rejection and finally the fear of death. Narrated by George Takei.
Created by Jamie Hogan
Starring George Takei
cover The Mist
2007 movie • 126min
7.2 ★★★★   259k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Frank Darabont
Written by Stephen King, Frank Darabont
A freak storm unleashes a species of bloodthirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole up in a supermarket and fight for their lives.
Music by Adam Olmsted, Dennis S. Sands, Joe E. Rand, Tyler Parkinson, Cindy O'Connor
Created by Frank Darabont, Anna Garduno, Liz Glotzer
Starring Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher, Toby Jones, William Sadler, Jeffrey DeMunn, Frances Sternhagen, Nathan Gamble, Alexa Davalos, Chris Owen, Sam Witwer
cover Monkey King: Hero Is Back
2015 movie • 89min
6.9 ★★★   3k   Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Tian Xiao Peng
Written by Tian Xiao Peng, Cory Edwards, Stephanie ShehMandarin
The all-powerful Monkey King once roamed freely between Heaven and Earth, but after angering the gods, he was imprisoned within an ice cage deep within the mountains. Five hundred years later, monsters attack a small village and a child flees to the ..
Music by Ying-Wah Wong, Lee Krabbe, Ned Lott
Created by Victor Elizalde, Hui Liang, Ning Lin
Starring Lei Zhang, Zijie Lin, Wenlun Wu, Zirong Tong, Jiurong Liu, Wu Di, Beizhen Liu, Qianjing Zhao, Shuai Zhou, Yuan Lu, Bao Bao, Jackie Chan
cover Monster in a House
2014 movie • 14min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Christiano Dias
Written by Christiano Dias
A little girl investigates the presence of a monster that her parents unknowingly created.
Music by Daniel James Chan, James Fitzpatrick, of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra The City, Adam Klemens, Vitek Kral
Created by Massiel Cordero, Christiano Dias, Justin Muller
Starring Kitana Turnbull, Joseph Bottoms, Lisa Roumain, Radhika Womack, Bret Newton, Alex Bartley
cover Monsters
2015 movie • 13min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Steve Desmond
Written by Michael Sherman, Steve Desmond
Jenn lives in an underground bunker, protected from the monsters that now ravage the world. This is the day that she goes outside...
Created by J.R. Arinaga, Jason Michael Berman, Aaron Billet
Starring Caitlin Carmichael, Ione Skye, Christopher Wiehl, Joey Luthman, Eva-Marie Fredric, Paul Hickman, Brooklyn Robinson, Benjamin Waters
cover Mouse-X
2014 movie • 15min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Directed by Justin Tagg
Written by Justin Tagg
Mouse-X is a mystery/sci-fi story about Anderson, a man who wakes in a building with no idea where he is or how he got there, before slowly discovering that in each of the rooms around him are a thousand clones of himself, all of whom woke into the s..
Created by Graeme Cox, Mike Cuthell, Paul Diffley
Starring Julian Nicholson
cover My Science Project
1985 movie • 94min
6.0 ★★   4k   Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jonathan R. Betuel
Written by Jonathan R. Betuel
A high school student and his friend find a strange, orb-like piece of equipment to use as a science project, but must stop it when it begins to threaten mankind.
Music by Alf Clausen, Brian Mann, Jay Lawton, Curtis Roush, Joel Rosenbaum
Created by E. Darrell Hallenbeck, Jonathan T. Taplin
Starring John Stockwell, Danielle von Zerneck, Fisher Stevens, Raphael Sbarge, Richard Masur, Barry Corbin, Ann Wedgeworth, Dennis Hopper, Candace Silvers, Beau Dremann, Pat Simmons, John Vidor
cover The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello
2005 movie • 26min
7.8 ★★★★★   2k   Animation, Short, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Directed by Anthony Lucas
Written by Anthony Lucas, Mark Shirrefs
Set in a world of iron dirigibles and steam powered computers, this gothic horror mystery tells the story of Jasper Morello, a disgraced aerial navigator who flees his plague-ridden home on a desperate voyage to redeem himself.
Music by Robin Gray
Created by Susie Campbell, Anthony Lucas, Julia Lucas
Starring Joel Edgerton, Helmut Bakaitis, Tommy Dysart, Jude Beaumont, Richard Moss, Lewis Fiander
cover Nano
2017 movie • 16min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Short, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Mike Manning
Written by Tom Anderson, Mike Manning
In the near future, nanotechnology administered into the bloodstream can sync with computer apps to augment the human genome. A new law mandating and regulating this once elective procedure meets resistance from hacktivists who are conspiring to thwa..
Music by Ben Crippin Taylor
Created by Tom Anderson, Wesley Barker, Manny Duran
Starring Brooke Butler, Bayardo De Murguia, Lindsey Ginter, Laura James, Brittany Richards, Sebastian Vallentin Stenhøj
cover The Narrow World
2017 movie • 15min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Brent Bonacorso
Written by Brent Bonacorso
A giant alien creature comes to Earth. The reasons for its arrival, however, remain unknown as mankind fails to make contact with the visitor.
Created by Thom Fennessey, Kacper Sawicki
Starring Julia Cavanaugh, Scott Bailey Gagain, Karim Saleh
cover Never Happened
2015 movie • 8min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Directed by Mark Slutsky
Written by Mark Slutsky
A pair of business travellers have an affair and decide it might be easier to just forget about it.
Created by Aaron Abrams, Spencer Hahn, Anna Hopkins
Starring Aaron Abrams, Anna Hopkins, Mia Kirshner
cover The Next Wave
2014 episode • 20min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, Sci-Fi
Written by Hugh Hardy, Colet Abedi
It's the stuff of nightmares. Emergency lines flooded with calls as UFOs appear in the sky. Mounting evidence has revealed that UFO waves are able to penetrate the world's most closely guarded airspace.
Music by Alexander Andresen, Jason Altshuler
Created by Colet Abedi, Randy Chase, Carolyn Jacob
Starring John B. Wells, William J. Birnes, Nick Pope, John Samford
cover Non-Stop New York
1937 movie • 69min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Directed by Robert Stevenson
Written by J.O.C. Orton, Ken Attiwill, Roland Pertwee
A young woman finds herself as the intended victim of a murder plot on a transatlantic flight from London to New York.
Music by Louis Levy
Starring John Loder, Anna Lee, Francis L. Sullivan, Frank Cellier, Desmond Tester, Athene Seyler, William Dewhurst, Drusilla Wills, Jerry Verno, James Pirrie, Ellen Pollock, Arthur Goullet
cover Nosferatu
1922 movie • 94min
8.0 ★★★★★★   80k   Fantasy, Horror
Directed by F.W. Murnau
Written by Henrik Galeen, Bram StokerGerman
Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter's wife.
Music by Galeshka Moravioff, James Fitzpatrick, Joanna Seaton, Art Zoyd
Created by Enrico Dieckmann, Albin Grau
Starring Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schröder, Georg H. Schnell, Ruth Landshoff, Gustav Botz, Alexander Granach, John Gottowt, Max Nemetz, Wolfgang Heinz, Albert Venohr, Eric van Viele
cover The Nostalgist
2014 movie • 17min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Giacomo Cimini
Written by Daniel H. Wilson, Giacomo Cimini
Somehow, an unforeseen malfunction in a man's spectacles blurs the frail bounds between reality and parallel reality, allowing instances of a dark and dystopian future to seep into his world.
Created by Felix Balbas, Stephanie Bamberg, Giacomo Bargellesi
Starring Lambert Wilson, Samuel Joslin, Darrell D'Silva, Stephen Thompson, Scott Hinds, Alex Warren, Alison Baker, Juliet Adler, Milton MacGrory
cover Not of This Earth
1957 movie • 67min
6.4 ★★   1k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Roger Corman
Written by Mark Hanna, Charles B. Griffith
An alien agent from the distant planet Davana is sent to Earth via a high-tech matter transporter. There, he terrorizes Southern California in an attempt to acquire blood for his dying race, the result of a devastating nuclear war.
Created by Roger Corman
Starring Paul Birch, Beverly Garland, Morgan Jones, William Roerick, Jonathan Haze, Dick Miller, Anna Lee Carroll, Pat Flynn, Barbara Bohrer, Roy Engel, Tamar Cooper, Harold Fong
cover Operator
2013 movie • 8min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Sam Barnett
Written by Sam Barnett
Bob is an operator working for the InfoCorp corporation with a family to support. When the corporation installs a new efficiency system, it has unexpected consequences. Bob has to struggle to keep up with his work while trying to fend off the strange..
Starring Alejandra Bursik-Cervantes
cover Orbit Ever After
2013 movie • 21min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jamie Magnus Stone
Written by Jamie Magnus Stone
Nigel has fallen in love. But when you live in orbit aboard a ramshackle space hovel with the most risk averse family imaginable, it isn't easy to follow your heart; especially when the girl of your dreams is spinning around earth the wrong way!
Created by Nicky Bentham, Chee-Lan Chan, Kurban Kassam
Starring Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Mackenzie Crook, Bronagh Gallagher, Bob Goody, Naomi Battrick
cover Our RoboCop Remake
2014 movie • 108min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Action, Comedy, Crime, Musical, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kelsy Abbott, Paul Bartunek, Casey Donahue
Written by Edward Neumeier, Michael Miner, James Atkinson
During The Time When The 2014 Reboot Was Coming Out, Fans Decided To Remake The Original Themselves
Music by Andrew Kaiser
Created by Paul Bartunek, Dawn Cody, Brad Conlin
Starring Chase Fein, Nichole Bagby, Willy Roberts, Hank Friedmann, Scott Yacyshyn, Justin Lazernik, Kate Freund, DeMorge Brown, Cheryl Levine, Anthony Vanchure, Brad Geis, David Seger
cover Palm Rot
2015 movie • 8min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Ryan Gillis
An old Florida fumigator discovers a mysterious crate in the Everglades, and it ruins his day.
Starring Greg Tonner
cover The Peanut Butter Solution
1985 movie • 93min
6.4 ★★   1k   Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Michael Rubbo
Written by Louise Pelletier, Andrée Pelletier, Vojtech JasnýFrench, English
Peanut butter is the secret ingredient for magic potions made by two friendly ghosts. Eleven-year-old Michael loses all of his hair when he gets a fright and uses the potion to get his hair back.
Music by Denis Barsalo, Ian Terry
Created by Rock Demers, Jim Kaufman, Nicole Robert
Starring Mathew Mackay, Siluck Saysanasy, Alison Darcy, Michael Hogan, Michel Maillot, Helen Hughes, Griffith Brewer, Harry Hill, Edgar Fruitier, Pat Thompson, Terrence Labrosse, Doug Smith
cover Penelope in The Treehouse
2016 movie • 13min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Jonathan Langager
Written by Jonathan Langager
When a new stepfather moves in, Penelope escapes to a treehouse above the clouds.
Created by Christian Hall, Christopher Vaughan
Starring Annabelle Kavanagh, Jenna Augen, Carson Bolde, Eric Geller, J. Rene Pena, Elizabeth Tovey, Mariam Tovey
cover Phantasm
1979 movie • 88min
6.8 ★★★   28k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Don Coscarelli
Written by Don Coscarelli
A teenage boy and his friends face off against a mysterious grave robber known only as the Tall Man, who keeps a lethal arsenal of terrible weapons with him.
Music by Paul Ratajczak
Created by Dac Coscarelli, Paul Pepperman
Starring A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Reggie Bannister, Kathy Lester, Terrie Kalbus, Kenneth V. Jones, Susan Harper, Lynn Eastman-Rossi, David Arntzen, Ralph Richmond, Bill Cone, Laura Mann
cover The Phantom Carriage
1921 movie • 100min
8.1 ★★★★★★   8k   Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Victor Sjöström
Written by Victor Sjöström, Selma LagerlöfSwedish
On New Year's Eve, the driver of a ghostly carriage forces a drunken man to reflect on his selfish, wasted life.
Music by Eric Westberg
Created by Charles Magnusson
Starring Victor Sjöström, Hilda Borgström, Tore Svennberg, Astrid Holm, Concordia Selander, Lisa Lundholm, Tor Weijden, Einar Axelsson, Olof Ås, Nils Aréhn, Simon Lindstrand, Nils Elffors
cover Picture Wheel
2017 movie • 13min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Directed by David O'Donnell
Written by David O'Donnell
In an alternate reality where memories are literally worn about one's head, a jilted lover wrestles with the image of his ex.
Music by Ryan Miller
Created by Ande Cunningham, Tom Fox Davies, Rob Gibson
Starring James Hoare, Elena Satine, David O'Hara, Buck Acosta, Darnell Baldwin, Tru Collins, Christopher Frontiero, George Gallagher, Eliza Gerontakis, Kym Jackson, Nicole Koval, Bobby Marchesso
cover Pinocchio
1940 movie • 88min
7.5 ★★★★★   115k   Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Directed by Norman Ferguson, T. Hee, Wilfred Jackson
Written by Otto Englander, Carlo Collodi, Ted Sears
A living puppet, with the help of a cricket as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become a real boy.
Music by Hall Johnson Choir, Ned Washington, Leigh Harline, Leo Arnaud, Paul J. Smith
Created by Walt Disney
Starring Jack Bailey, Mel Blanc, Billy Bletcher, Don Brodie, Stuart Buchanan, Walter Catlett, Marion Darlington, Frankie Darro, Cliff Edwards, Dickie Jones, Charles Judels, John McLeish
cover Planet Unknown
2016 movie • 10min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by Shawn 'Zixiao' Wang
Written by Shawn 'Zixiao' Wang
At the end of 21st century, mankind were facing global resource depletion. Space Rovers were sent out to find potential inhabitable planets.
Created by Xinyuan Huang, Shawn 'Zixiao' Wang
cover Planet of the Apemen: Battle for Earth
2011 tv mini series
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Tony Mitchell, Dave Stewart, David Stewart
Written by Colin Swash
Two part mini-series follows the journeys of two different groups of modern humans as they encounter other human species. The first group encounters Homo erectus and is forced to cross the Thar Desert to reach the sea. The second group encounters Nea..
Starring Rayna Campbell, Jimmy Akingbola, Angela Wynter, Clayton Evertson, Sean Francis, Sang Lui, Ngobile Sipama, Nathan Fredericks, Matt Rook, Ryan Knoll, Lee-Anne Liebenberg, Geraldine James
cover Plastic
2008 movie • 7min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Sandy Widyanata
Written by Sandy Widyanata
Whilst Anna is preparing for a first date with Henry, a man she has secretly loved for years, everything goes wrong until she discovers the impossible - to sculpt her appearance like clay to any shape she desires.
Created by Courtney Wise
Starring Romy Bartz, Don Hany
cover Pokémon the Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom
2011 movie • 95min
6.1 ★★   1k   Animation, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama
Written by Hideki Sonoda, Ken Sugimori, Junichi MasudaJapanese, English
The greatest adventure in Pokémon history approaches!
Created by Rei Anami, Susumu Fukunaga, Shûkichi Kanda
Starring Rica Matsumoto, Ikue Ôtani, Hideki Takahashi, Takeshi Tsuruno, Satomi Ishihara, Mao Daichi, Nana Mizuki, Kôichi Yamadera, Shôko Nakagawa, Mamoru Miyano, James Carter Cathcart, Leah Clark
cover Power Rangers
2015 movie • 14min
7.8 ★★★★★   3k   Short, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Joseph Kahn
Written by Dutch Southern, Joseph Kahn, James Van Der BeekKorean, Japanese, English
A dark and gritty re-imagining of the classic franchise.
Music by Chris Dugan
Created by Renn Brown, Jil Hardin, David Kang
Starring Katee Sackhoff, James Van Der Beek, Russ Bain, Will Yun Lee, Gichi Gamba, Yves Bright, Stevin Knight, Tony 'Madness' Gomez, Matt D'Elia, Bree Olson, Amia Miley, Carla Perez
cover Predestination
2014 movie • 97min
7.5 ★★★★★   224k   Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Written by Robert A. Heinlein, Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
For his final assignment, a top temporal agent must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time. The chase turns into a unique, surprising and mind-bending exploration of love, fate, identity and time travel taboos.
Music by Nick Murray, Otto Cate
Created by Michael Burton, Gary Hamilton, Matt Kennedy
Starring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, Christopher Kirby, Christopher Sommers, Kuni Hashimoto, Sara El-Yafi, Paul Moder, Grant Piro, Christopher Bunworth, Jamie Gleeson, Christina Tan, Dennis Coard
cover Prehistoric Park
2006 tv series • 60min
7.5 ★★★★★   1k   Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Nigel Marven travels back in time to rescue exotic creatures on the brink of extinction. CGI is used to create animals no longer seen on earth, from woolly mammoths, and T Rex, to dinosaur-eating crocodiles.
Starring Rod Arthur, Suzanne McNabb, David Jason, Nigel Marven, Saba Douglas-Hamilton, Sirio Quintavalle, Morgan Williams, Morgan Williams
cover Princess Iron Fan
1941 movie • 73min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Fantasy
Directed by Wan Laiming, Guchan WanMandarin
Three travelers needing to pass through a fiery mountain seek the magical fan of a princess, but she does not wish to part with it.
Starring Wan Chaochen, Chizuko Kanda, Wan Laiming, Shuichi Makino, Musei Tokugawa, Dihuan Wan, Guchan Wan, Ichiro Yamano
cover Prism
2015 movie • 17min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Jackson Miller
Written by Jackson Miller, Chris Purse
Dan Warner is a desaturator, tasked with sapping beauty from the world in a future where Color is used as energy.
Created by Luis Chavez, Matthew Rebong
Starring Jay Brothers, Aria Buckley, Chase Cargill, John Eddings, Jeremy Lee Evans, Rachel Hemsley, Heston Horwin, Guerin Piercy, Gary Sturm, Dan Weale
cover The Privates
2017 movie • 12min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Dylan Allen
Written by Dylan Allen
A band struggles with a radioactive energy in their music they can't control.
Music by Dave Paulson
Created by Javier Gonzalez, Matthew Perkins, Mari Shiel
Starring Lilli Stein, Omar Maskati, Alex Herrald, Eli Kleinsmith, Eddy Vallante, Rachel Trachtenburg, Kuper Bank
cover The Problemless Anonymous
2017 movie • 13min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Gary Roberts
Written by Gary Roberts, Samuel Barber
Ivan has tested positive for perfection, but sadly in this world it's illegal and the law states he must attend a private clinic to be made imperfect.
Created by Harriet Macdonald, Amanda O'Shaughnessy, Gary Roberts
Starring Eloise Black, Hugh Coleridge, Anthony Harwood, Kara Lily Hayworth
cover Prophets of Doom
2011 tv movie
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Sci-Fi
Directed by Toby Barraud
Written by Jessica Grumet
Created by Jonelle J. Fenton, Russell McCarroll, Lisa LeeKing Ruvalcaba
Starring Alberto Alvarado, Christopher Keocharoen, Heather Knight, Sawyer Novak, William Young
cover Proximity
2013 movie • 11min
7.6 ★★★★★   1k   Short, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Ryan Connolly
Written by Seth Worley, Ryan Connolly
After waking to find their ankles rigged with proximity triggered bombs, two men find themselves bound together while being forced to play a twisted game of survival as they are hunted by their captors.
Created by Todd Bruno, Tim Connolly Jr., Ryan Connolly
Starring Todd Bruno, Josh Connolly, Justin Robinson, Timothy Connolly Sr., Daniel James, Tim Allen, Tim Connolly Jr., Arris Quinones
cover Puff the Magic Dragon
1978 tv short • 30min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Charles Swenson, Fred Wolf
Written by Romeo Muller
A friendly dragon comes to help a non-communicative boy overcome his debilitating fears.
Created by Kevin Hunter, Romeo Muller, Elizabeth Rockhill
Starring Burgess Meredith, Philip Tanzini, Robert Ridgely, Maitzi Morgan, Peter Yarrow, Regis Cordic, Frank Nelson, Charles Woolf
cover Pulsar
2018 movie • 17min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Aurora Fearnley
Written by Neville Pierce, Aurora Fearnley
A Peacemaker, who rejects his final mission to save an endangered planet, is believed to be cursed when a solar storm hits his spaceship.
Created by Jackie Sheppard, Rob Speranza, Luke Walton
Starring Jessie Buckley, David Gyasi, Anna Koval, Tahirah Sharif, Burt Caesar, Polly Walton, Andrew Squires, Naomi Harvey
cover R'ha
2013 movie • 6min
7.0 ★★★★   1k   Animation, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kaleb Lechowski
Written by Kaleb Lechowski
A member of an alien species is being interrogated and tortured by a machine.
Created by Kaleb Lechowski
Starring David Masterson
cover REDEEM The Beginning
2014 movie • 15min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Dennis Petersen
Written by Dennis Petersen
If you were murdered but given a second chance, a chance to redeem yourself and it means taking the lives of those who took yours... Would you do it?
Created by Moa Malan, Dennis Petersen
Starring Tim Greenlee, Moa Malan, Jerry Obeng, Johan Skålberg, Raymond Teibl
cover Rabbit and Deer
2013 movie • 17min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   1k   Animation, Short, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Péter Vácz
Written by Péter Vácz
The friendship of Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension...
Music by Mahdi Khene
Created by József Fülöp
Starring Dániel Czupi, Adrienn Mórocz
cover Rakka
2017 movie • 22min
7.4 ★★★★   4k   Short, Horror, Sci-Fi, War
Directed by Neill Blomkamp
Written by Thomas Sweterlitsch, Neill Blomkamp
A tale of a dystopian future where an unknown alien group have colonised the earth and humans struggle to fight back.
Music by Max Aruj, Steven Kofsky, Kelly Johnson, Queenie Li, Steffen Thum
Created by Mike Blomkamp, Victoria Burkhart, Gary Lam
Starring Sigourney Weaver, Eugene Khumbanyiwa, Robert Hobbs, Carly Pope, Brandon Auret, Mike Huff, Owen Macrae, Connor Page, Jay Anstey, Justin Shaw, Carla Marais, Ryan Angilly
cover Reign of the Fallen
2005 video movie • 56min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Action, Sci-Fi
Directed by David McLeavy
Written by David McLeavy
As the Sith spread across the galaxy, subjugating planet after planet, a lone warrior seeks out a weapon of legend to save his people.
Created by Jonathan Wang
Starring Carlos Acuña, Maureen Isern, Jason Updike, Kevin Walsh, Rosemarie Farkas, Paul Plumeri, Wei Wang, Jonathan Wang, Kelly Smithee, Danielle Crouse, Peter Giannascoli, Ying Liang
cover Rejected
2000 movie • 9min
8.1 ★★★★★★   7k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Don Hertzfeldt
Written by Don HertzfeldtEnglish, Swedish
A hilarious collection of animated television commercials that were rejected because of their creator's failing grip on sanity.
Created by Don Hertzfeldt
Starring Robert May, Jennifer Nyholm, Don Hertzfeldt
cover Return Flight
2016 movie
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Christian D'Alessi
Written by Christian D'Alessi
Return Flight is a proof of concept short for a serialized show.
Created by Christian D'Alessi, Anthony Littlechild, Jesse O'Brien
Starring Mark Redpath, Stephen Degenaro, Anthony Littlechild, Sasha Dalton, Elliott Hall, Joshua D'Alessi, Juliette Salom
cover Riddick
2013 movie • 119min
6.4 ★★   144k   Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by David Twohy
Written by Ken Wheat, Jim Wheat, David Twohy
Left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick finds himself up against an alien race of predators. Activating an emergency beacon alerts two ships: one carrying a new breed of mercenary, the other captained by a man from Riddick's past.
Music by Or Chausha, Mark Curry, Joe Conte, Boris Elkis, Grant Conway
Created by Camille Brown, Vin Diesel, Mike Drake
Starring Vin Diesel, Jordi Mollà, Matt Nable, Katee Sackhoff, Dave Bautista, Bokeem Woodbine, Raoul Max Trujillo, Conrad Pla, Danny Blanco Hall, Noah Danby, Neil Napier, Nolan Gerard Funk
cover The Risk Not Taken
2011 movie • 8min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Directed by Alex Glawion
Written by Alex Glawion
In a strange, but wonderful world a creature envisions the fatal outcome of a potential decision and is therefore granted a chance to alter future events.
Created by Alex Glawion
cover Road to Bali
1952 movie • 91min
6.8 ★★★   4k   Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical
Directed by Hal Walker
Written by William Morrow, Hal Kanter, Frank Butler
Two unemployed show-biz pals accept treasure-diving work in Bali for a local princess and they find treasure, love and trouble.
Music by Joseph J. Lilley, Johnny Burke, Gerard Carbonara, Jimmy Van Heusen, Van Cleave
Created by Harry Tugend, Daniel Dare
Starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Murvyn Vye, Peter Coe, Ralph Moody, Leon Askin, Michael Ansara, Besmark Auelua, John Barton, Phil Bloom, Humphrey Bogart
cover Road to the Stars
1957 movie • 52min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Biography, Sci-Fi
Directed by Pavel Klushantsev
Written by Boris Lyapunov, Vasiliy SolovyovRussian
A groundbreaking popular science fiction film about the past and future of astronautics, from the first experiments by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky to the manned spaceflight and colonization of the Moon.
Created by Pavel Klushantsev, L. Presnyakova, G.I. Tsvetkov
Starring Georgi Solovyov, Leonid Khmara, Georgi Kulbush
cover Ronal the Barbarian
2011 movie • 89min
6.6 ★★★   11k   Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen, Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Philip Einstein Lipski
Written by Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Kresten Vestbjerg AndersenDanish
Fantasy comedy about young Ronal who lives in a barbarian village. Ronal is weak, skinny and doesn't have the usual barbarian traits like everyone else and therefore is considered a laughing stock. But one day his village gets attacked, his tribe kid..
Music by James Fitzpatrick, Peter Due, Jan Holzner, Adam Klemens, Nicklas Schmidt
Created by Jan Duckert, Bobby Francavillo, Trine Heidegaard
Starring Anders Juul, Hadi Ka-Koush, Lærke Winther, Brian Lykke, Lars Mikkelsen, Peter Aude, Lars Bom, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Ole Thestrup, Preben Kristensen, Ole Ernst, Brigitte Nielsen
cover Rubber Johnny
2005 movie • 6min
7.4 ★★★★   2k   Animation, Short, Horror, Music, Sci-Fi
Directed by Chris Cunningham
Written by Aphex Twin
An experimental music video about a wheelchair-bound boy who morphs and moves to an Aphex Twin song. The experience gets weirder when he takes cocaine and everything gets out of control.
Created by Aphex Twin, Steve Beckett, Grant Branton
Starring Elvis, Percy Rutterford, Chris Cunningham
cover Ruin
2011 movie • 8min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Action, Sci-Fi
Directed by Wes Ball
Written by Wes Ball
In a future where cities have crumbled and been reclaimed by nature we join a lone man exploring the ruins of the company Haven Nanosystems. Recovering a locked container he seems to have found what he was looking for, which is information relating t..
cover Ruslan and Ludmila
1972 movie • 150min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
Directed by Aleksandr Ptushko
Written by Aleksandr Ptushko, Alexander Pushkin, Samuel BolotinRussian
Based on Russian poet Alexander Pushkin's fairy tale poem of the same name. In the midst of the wedding party of Prince Ruslan and Ludmila, Ludmila is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. Her father seeks help from his people, but of course Ruslan is the o..
Music by Mina Blank, Emin Khachaturyan
Starring Valeri Kozinets, Natalya Petrova, Vladimir Fyodorov, Mariya Kapnist, Andrei Abrikosov, Igor Yasulovich, Vyacheslav Nevinnyy, Oleg Mokshantsev, Ruslan Akhmetov, Sergey Martinson, N. Nikolayev, Nikolay Kutuzov
cover Ryan
2004 movie • 14min
7.6 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Biography, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Chris LandrethEnglish, French
The movie talks about the life of Ryan Larkin, a gifted Canadian animator of the late '60s and the early '70s.
Music by Hugh Marsh, Roberto Occhipinti, Brian Barlow, Ormond Jobin, Jeremy Edwardes
Created by Jed DeCory, Jeremy Edwardes, Steven Hoban
Starring Ryan Larkin, Chris Landreth, Felicity Fanjoy, Derek Lamb
cover The Sand Castle
1977 movie • 13min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Co HoedemanFrench, English
On a sandy desert, a man made of sand constructs other sand creatures to help make a beautiful sand castle for themselves.
Created by Pierre Moretti, Gaston Sarault
cover Saurora
2016 movie • 7min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Pavel Siska
Written by Pavel Siska
An underwater rescue mission on a remote planet centered around two co-workers in heavy submersible suits takes shortly an unplanned course.
Created by Pavel Siska
Starring Travis Work, Robert Zapf
cover Scariest Places on Earth
2000 tv series
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Horror, Mystery, Reality-TV, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Written by Will Dixon, John Jopson
Host Linda Blair and narrator Zelda Rubinstien explore some of the most reputedly haunted locations in the world, providing history, live camera investigation, and interviews with individuals who have experienced phenomena.
Starring Linda Blair, Zelda Rubinstein, Alan Robson, Siwan Morris, Gaetano Guarino, Patrick Canty, Jeffrey Grellman, Bryan Bonner, Carlo, Danielle McGee, Marco Pepe, Caroline White
cover Scrooge
1935 movie • 78min
6.7 ★★★   1k   Drama, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Henry Edwards
Written by Charles Dickens, H. Fowler Mear
Scrooge, the ultimate Victorian miser, hasn't a good word for Christmas, though his impoverished clerk Cratchit and nephew Fred are full of holiday spirit. But in the night, Scrooge is visited by spirits of another color. Straightforward adaptation o..
Music by W.L. Trytel
Created by Julius Hagen
Starring Seymour Hicks, Donald Calthrop, Robert Cochran, Mary Glynne, Garry Marsh, Oscar Asche, C.V. France, Athene Seyler, Maurice Evans, Mary Lawson, Barbara Everest, Eve Gray
cover Seam
2017 movie • 21min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Elan Dassani, Rajeev Dassani
Written by Elan Dassani, Rajeev DassaniEnglish, Arabic, Mandarin
The desert is personified by a machine, that is reawakened to defense oppressed people.
Music by Úyanga Bold, Steven Gizzi, David Butterfield
Created by Chevy Chen, Kristijan Danilovski, Elan Dassani
Starring Oded Fehr, Rakeen Saad, Khaled al Ghwairi, Ulka Simone Mohanty, Stephen Au, Mohamed Hakeemshady, Serdar Kalsin, Roger Sands
cover The Secret Number
2012 movie • 15min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Colin Levy
Written by Igor Teper, Colin Levy
A psychiatrist is compelled by his patient, an obsessive mathematician, to consider the existence of a secret integer between three and four.
Created by Andrew Chesworth, Daniel Hollister, Kiyoshi
Starring Daniel Jones, Tom Nowicki, Tom Carleglio, James Troutman
cover Serene Valley
2011 movie • 13min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Justin Lewis
Written by Justin Lewis
In the distant future, a young girl is sent on a dangerous mission to deliver a young boy to an unknown campground. Through their travels, the two form a touching relationship and she questions if she is making the right decision.
Created by Laurel Dibble, Daniel D. Ford, Frederic Lahey
Starring Christine Mascolo, Jonah Isaac Abrams, Lee Ellis, Jim Sea, Brian Lancaster, Mark Roeder, Matthew Halbe, Gwenna Hendrickson, Dwayne Brown, Jagadeesh Pandiyan, Grant Kochmann, Pir Byron Warzabluk
cover Shadow of Mordor
2014 movie • 8min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Fantasy
Directed by Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer
Legendary ranger Talion takes on a group of volatile orcs and shows off his brutal moveset to initiate distrust in the group and remove heads from bodies
Created by Jake Watson
cover Shifter
2014 movie • 10min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Short, Action, Sci-Fi
Directed by Diego Hallivis
Written by Alberto Veloso
Los Angeles - 2023. James Striker is on the verge of bringing down the oppressive government that has crushed all freedom in the United States. But before he can take them on, Striker must get past a homicidal drone and an elite squad of EFT soldiers..
Music by Ladina Spence, Belinda Capol
Created by Diego Hallivis, Julio Hallivis
Starring Andres Ache, Michael Antonio, Zach Avery, Narayana Cabral, Johnny DeBeer, Jong Woo Kim, Oscar Leiva, Jenna Parker, Virginia Welch
cover The Shooting Star Salesman
2012 movie • 20min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Kico Velarde
Written by William Camacho III, Joel Ceballos
An embittered, magical salesman attempts to revive his shooting star business in a modern, fast paced society.
Created by Yancey Arias, William Camacho III, Joel Ceballos
Starring Yancey Arias, Elijah Velarde, Jason Gedrick, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Amanda Pajer, Alex DeMarco, Wesley Ryan Davenport, Joanne K. Lee, Alan Huntington Hardwick, Logan Matheson Hardwick, Taylor Helms, Deborah Parker
cover The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse
2015 movie • 6min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Camille Chaix, Hugo Jean, Juliette Jourdan
A lonesome fox hunts a mouse and their relationship will evolve as two owls interfere with the hunt.
cover The Signal
2013 movie • 9min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Marcus Stokes
Written by Marcus Stokes
In a world saved from a global energy crisis by a new form of wireless power, an ex-scientist turned fugitive must save the city from the fatal side effects of his own invention.
Music by Bear McCreary
Created by Chris Harding, Marcus Stokes, Tim Story
Starring Michael Ealy, Gracie Gillam, Doc Duhame, Casey Adams, Zack Duhame, Gonzalo Escudero
cover Sita Sings the Blues
2008 movie • 82min
7.6 ★★★★★   4k   Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Nina Paley
Written by Nina Paley, Valmiki
An animated version of the epic Indian tale of Ramayana set to the 1920s jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw.
Music by Chris Robertson
Created by Nina Paley
Starring Annette Hanshaw, Aseem Chhabra, Bhavana Nagulapally, Manish Acharya, Reena Shah, Sanjiv Jhaveri, Pooja Kumar, Debargo Sanyal, Aladdin Ullah, Nitya Vidyasagar, Nina Paley, Deepti Gupta
cover Skhizein
2008 movie • 13min
8.1 ★★★★★★   3k   Animation, Short, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jérémy Clapin
Written by Stéphane Piera, Jérémy ClapinFrench
Having been struck by a 150-ton meteorite, Henry has to adapt to living precisely ninety-one centimeters from himself.
Created by Wendy Griffiths, Stéphane Piera
Starring Julien Boisselier, Théo Grimmeisen, Mado Debrus
cover Skin for Skin
2017 movie • 15min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Carol Beecher, Kevin D.A. Kurytnik
Written by Carol Beecher, Kevin D.A. Kurytnik, William Dyer
Skin for Skin is a dark allegory of greed and spiritual reckoning set during the early days of the fur trade.
Music by Owen Bonnar
Created by Carol Beecher, David Christensen, Bonnie Thompson
Starring Paul Boucher, Inouk Touzin, Stéphane Prévost, Stephan Gabriele, Jim Ripley, Roger Rhodes
cover Skipped
2017 movie • 5min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Faisal Hashmi
Written by Faisal Hashmi
A man working at the office late at night stumbles upon a time-travel power that can boost his productivity. But a power so life-changing is nothing to sneeze at.
Created by Faisal Hashmi
Starring Tarek Ghandour, Ghaleb El Saadi
cover Sleeping Betty
2007 movie • 9min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by Claude Cloutier
Written by Claude CloutierNyaneka
In a world of odd people and surreal habits, the Queen weeps and wails: her daughter Betty won't wake up. With the court looking on, the King swings into action, jiggling the bed with the help of a knight, calling on a doctor and then a witch, and al..
Music by Julie Triquet, Normand Roger, Sofia Gentile, Denis L. Chartrand, Pierre Yves Drapeau
Created by Michèle Bélanger, Marcel Jean, Francine Langdeau
Starring Martin Barry, Johanne Garneau, Rick Jones
cover Smash and Grab
2019 movie • 8min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Action, Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi
Directed by Brian Larsen
Written by Brian Larsen
After years of toiling away inside the engine room of a towering locomotive, two antiquated robots will risk everything for freedom and for each other.
Music by Gary Monheit, Jon Raskin
Created by Lindsey Collins, Mary Alice Drumm, David Lally
cover Sniffer
2006 movie • 10min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Bobbie Peers
Written by Bobbie Peers
One morning, in a gravity-less surreal world, a "sniffer" at a deodorant factory, one morning has to be saved from the ceiling by his wife.
Created by Maria Ekerhovd, Glenn Gardner
Starring Danny Schlesinger, Kristin Krogh Sissener, Ole Ivar Rudi
cover The Snowman
1982 tv short • 26min
8.2 ★★★★★★   11k   Animation, Short, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Dianne Jackson, Jimmy T. Murakami
Written by Raymond Briggs
On Christmas Eve, a young boy builds a snowman that comes to life and takes him to the North Pole to meet Father Christmas.
Music by John Richards, Howard Blake
Created by John Coates, Iain Harvey
Starring David Bowie, Raymond Briggs, Mel Smith
cover A Song of Love
1950 movie • 26min
7.5 ★★★★★   2k   Short, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by Jean Genet
Written by Jean Genet
Two prisoners in complete isolation, separated by the thick brick walls, and desperately in need of human contact, devise a most unusual kind of communication.
Created by Nikos Papatakis
Starring Bravo, Jean Genet, Java, Coco Le Martiniquais, André Reybaz, Lucien Sénémaud
cover Sonova
2016 movie • 9min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Justin Boon, Ryan Ng
Written by Justin Boon, Mairin Blaauw
What happens when Humanity arrives at the technological singularity and achieves digital immortality? Where do we go from here?
Created by Justin Boon
Starring Chloe Kay
cover Space Invaders
2016 episode • 22min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Arthur Qwak, Solène Azernour
Written by Duane Capizzi, Eric Rogers
After getting stuck in Kaos' mind, Stealth Elf must convince the other Skylanders to help her escape.
Music by Angel Lopez, Dalton Diehl, Steve Gallagher, Karyn Rachtman
Created by Coco Francini, Bobby Kotick, Emily Levitan
Starring Jonathan Banks, Chris Diamantopoulos, John DiMaggio, Greg Ellis, Bobcat Goldthwait, James Hetfield, Richard Steven Horvitz, Justin Long, Norm MacDonald, Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey, Susan Sarandon
cover Spiritus Lepus
2017 movie • 20min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Kristofer Kiggs Carlsson
Written by Kristofer Kiggs Carlsson
Hidden amongst the mythical undergrowth in a grimy operation room, six Rabbit Humanoid Surgeons haphazardly fight to save the life of a damaged soul.
Created by Amelia Clay, Linnea Lofthus
Starring Amelia Clay, Filip Gisslén, Isabelle Haag, Jack Kelly, Max Krupski, Evelina Olsson, Filip Pilthammar, Christoffer Richardsson
cover Star Trek: Voyager
1995 tv series • 44min
7.7 ★★★★★   50k   Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Written by Michael Piller, Rick Berman, Gene Roddenberry
Pulled to the far side of the galaxy, where the Federation is seventy-five years away at maximum warp speed, a Starfleet ship must cooperate with Maquis rebels to find a way home.
Starring Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, Robert Duncan McNeill, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Garrett Wang, Tarik Ergin, Majel Barrett, Jeri Ryan, Jennifer Lien
cover Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut
2012 video movie • 124min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Action, Sci-Fi
Directed by Casey Pugh
In 2009, Casey Pugh asked thousands of Internet users to remake "Star Wars: A New Hope" into a fan film, 15 seconds at a time. Contributors were allowed to recreate scenes from Star Wars however they wanted. Within just a few months SWU grew into a w..
cover Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning
2005 video movie • 103min
6.8 ★★★   5k   Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Timo Vuorensola
Written by Jarmo Puskala, Samuli Torssonen, Rudi AiristoFinnish, English
The future looks bleak for Captain Pirk. Originally from the far future, he traveled back to save the world, but was shipwrecked on the 21st century. The world of the past is a dangerous place and he is finding it difficult to convince the ladies he ..
Music by Lauri Lepokorpi, Tapani Siirtola, Hannu Kumpula
Created by Atte Joutsen, Samuli Torssonen
Starring Antti Satama, Tiina Routamaa, Samuli Torssonen, Timo Vuorensola, Karoliina Blackburn, Seppo Honkanen, Sonja Sjöblom, Santeri Humina, Ville Vuorensola, Rudi Airisto, Niklas Vainio, Esa Jaatinen
cover Starship Troopers
1997 movie • 129min
7.2 ★★★★   250k   Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Written by Edward Neumeier, Robert A. Heinlein
Humans in a fascist, militaristic future wage war with giant alien bugs in a satire of modern world politics.
Music by Tim Boyle, Sandy DeCrescent, James Burt, Steven Bramson, Eric Colvin
Created by Jon Davison, Frances Doel, Stacy Lumbrezer
Starring Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Denise Richards, Jake Busey, Neil Patrick Harris, Clancy Brown, Seth Gilliam, Patrick Muldoon, Michael Ironside, Rue McClanahan, Marshall Bell, Eric Bruskotter
cover Status
2011 movie • 20min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Richard Williamson
Written by Richard Williamson
2018. The world is changing. Social networking sprawls far beyond beyond desktop computers and iphones. "Welcome to Statlink." Live connected 24/7 though microchips inserted directly into your scull and veins. Ultimate connection is yours. It is only..
Created by Steve Jablonski
Starring James Ballard, Cat Commander, Ellen Grimshaw, Kathryn Tohill
cover Strange Beasts
2017 movie • 6min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Magali Barbé
Written by Magali Barbé
A new augmented reality game is developed to allow you to create and grow your own pet. But, how far are people willing to go to live in a fantasy environment of their own creation?
Created by Magali Barbé
Starring Poppy Polivnick, Timothy Renouf
cover The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays
1957 tv movie • 55min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Directed by Frank Capra, William T. Hurtz
Written by Jonathan Latimer, Frank Capra
Traces, in an easy-to-follow way, the discovery of cosmic rays. You don't need rocket science to follow along with the explanations. Saw it while a Junior in HS and it spurred me to study physics in college. A rare example of good tv programming.
Music by Raoul Kraushaar
Created by Frank Capra, Shamus Culhane, Joseph Sistrom
Starring Richard Carlson, Frank Baxter, Bil Baird, Cora Baird
cover Strange Invaders
2001 movie • 8min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Cordell Barker
Written by Cordell Barker
Roger and Doris are a childless couple who get more than they bargained for when a strange child appears at their door one day.
Music by Luc Préfontaine
Created by Cordell Barker, Svend-Erik Eriksen, Jennifer Torrance
Starring Cordell Barker, Jennifer Torrance, Jackson Barker
cover The Student of Prague
1913 movie • 85min
6.6 ★★★   1k   Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Directed by Paul Wegener, Stellan Rye
Written by Hanns Heinz Ewers, Alfred de MussetGerman, English
Balduin, a student of Prague, leaves his roystering companions in the beer garden, when he finds he has reached the end of his resources. He is scarcely seated in a quiet corner when a hideous, shriveled-up old man taps him upon the shoulder and whis..
Created by Paul Wegener
Starring Paul Wegener, Grete Berger, Lyda Salmonova, John Gottowt, Lothar Körner, Fritz Weidemann, Hanns Heinz Ewers, Alexander Moissi
cover Subconscious Disconnect
2012 movie • 7min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Ian Kammer
Written by Garrison Kammer, Ian Kammer
With the technology to view dreams, two scientists have to face the reality that they don't exist when they see themselves on the monitor.
Created by Ian Kammer
Starring Adriano Aragon, Charlie Capen, Justin Sloane
cover Sundays
2015 movie • 15min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Mischa Rozema
Written by Kevin Koehler, Mischa Rozema
A post apocalyptic world where control fear and the unknown lead civilisation into isolation and virtual death. One mans quest to discover the truth behind an imaginary dystopian existence.
Created by Nick Dodet, Ania Markham, Stacy Perskie
Starring Brian Petsos, Sofía Sisniega
cover Superman
1941 movie • 10min
7.4 ★★★★   2k   Animation, Short, Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Dave Fleischer
Written by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Seymour Kneitel
The Man of Steel fights a mad scientist who is destroying Metropolis with an energy cannon.
Music by Lou Fleischer, Sammy Timberg
Created by Max Fleischer
Starring Joan Alexander, Jackson Beck, Bud Collyer, Jack Mercer, Julian Noa
cover Svengali
1931 movie • 81min
6.9 ★★★   1k   Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi
Directed by Archie Mayo
Written by J. Grubb Alexander, George L. Du MaurierEnglish, French, Italian, German
Through hypnotism and telepathic mind control, a sinister music maestro controls the singing voice, but not the heart, of the woman he loves.
Music by David Mendoza, Oscar Potoker
Starring John Barrymore, Marian Marsh, Donald Crisp, Bramwell Fletcher, Carmel Myers, Luis Alberni, Lumsden Hare, Paul Porcasi, Ferike Boros, Adrienne D'Ambricourt, Yola d'Avril, Rose Dione
cover Sync
2012 movie • 103min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Action, Sci-Fi
Directed by Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer
Written by Ira Parker
Charlie Cooper is a special agent of the future able to transfer his consciousness to bio-mechanical bodies at will. But when a computer virus corrupts his system, he must face one of his greatest challenges yet: mortality.
Created by Sarah Penna, Steve Raymond, Mike Rotman
Starring Tanner Thomason, Jai Koutrae, Jude B. Lanston, Krista Marie Yu, Carlos Ciurlizza, Shane Daniels, Robert Dill, Joe Fidler, Tim Garris, Cooper Harris, Olga Kay, Monique Kim
cover Syrinx
1965 movie • 3min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy
Directed by Ryan Larkin
Pan encounters a water nymph.
Music by Claude Debussy
cover The Tale of the Wall Habitants
2012 movie • 16min
9.2 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy
Directed by Andrej Boka
Written by Andrej Boka
The conflict between doors and windows is threatening to escalate.
Created by Andrej Boka
Starring Minja Pekovic, Paul Ewing, Thad Monteiro, Vladimir Grbic, Tara Kovacevic
cover Tarantula
1955 movie • 80min
6.5 ★★★   7k   Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jack Arnold
Written by Robert M. Fresco, Jack Arnold, Martin Berkeley
A spider escapes from an isolated Arizona desert laboratory experimenting in giantism and grows to tremendous size as it wreaks havoc on the local inhabitants.
Music by Henry Mancini, Ethmer Roten, Joseph Gershenson, David Tamkin
Created by William Alland
Starring John Agar, Mara Corday, Leo G. Carroll, Nestor Paiva, Ross Elliott, Edwin Rand, Raymond Bailey, Hank Patterson, Bert Holland, Steve Darrell, Wag Blesing, Dee Carroll
cover Terminally Happy
2016 movie • 13min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Adina Istrate
Written by Adina Istrate
In order to remember, you first need to forget.
Created by Duo Film, Giannina La Salvia, Marie Fuglestein Lægreid
Starring Alastair Mackenzie, Emma Campbell-Jones, William Stagg, Ellie Moon, Kevin Golding, Christopher Lawley, Georgina Sowerby
cover The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9!
2009 movie • 6min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jake Armstrong
Written by Jake Armstrong
A space bounty-hunter travels to a lonely planet to kill a terrible monster.
Starring Paul Villeco
cover Therefore I Am
2015 movie • 7min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Directed by Luke McCoubrey, Peter McCoubrey
Written by Peter McCoubrey
A mysterious encounter between a man who claims to be from the future and the man that he claims is his former self.
Created by Cody Ryder
Starring Kevin Breznahan, JD Taylor
cover They Live
1988 movie • 94min
7.3 ★★★★   95k   Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by John Carpenter
Written by Ray Nelson, John Carpenter
A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth.
Created by Andre Blay, Larry Franco, Shep Gordon
Starring Roddy Piper, Keith David, Meg Foster, George 'Buck' Flower, Peter Jason, Raymond St. Jacques, Jason Robards III, John Lawrence, Susan Barnes, Sy Richardson, Wendy Brainard, Lucille Meredith
cover Things to Come
1936 movie • 100min
6.7 ★★★   6k   Drama, Sci-Fi, War
Directed by William Cameron Menzies
Written by H.G. Wells
The story of a century: a decades-long second World War leaves plague and anarchy, then a rational state rebuilds civilization and attempts space travel.
Music by Gordon Jacob, Muir Mathieson, Lionel Salter
Created by Alexander Korda
Starring Raymond Massey, Edward Chapman, Ralph Richardson, Margaretta Scott, Cedric Hardwicke, Maurice Braddell, Sophie Stewart, Derrick De Marney, Ann Todd, Pearl Argyle, Kenneth Villiers, Ivan Brandt
cover Thresher
2014 movie • 8min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Short, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Mike Diva, Sam Shapson
Written by Jan-Michael Losada, Mike Diva
A man locked in a room faces inter-dimensional terror.
Music by David Dahlquist
Created by Maxwell James, Trip Hope, Jan-Michael Losada
Starring Nick Gregorio, Ruben Pla, Douglas Olsson
cover To Be
1990 movie • 10min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Directed by John Weldon
Written by John Weldon
A scientist has invented a teleportation device, but when an observer learns the details of how it works, she is left with a moral dilemma and a meditation on the nature of self and morals.
Music by Kate McGarrigle
Created by Douglas Macdonald, David Verrall
Starring Kim Handysides, Howard Ryshpan
cover Toonocalypse
2015 movie • 19min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Owen Rixon
Written by Callum Barton, Owen Rixon
Two students document the arrival of cute, cartoon aliens in Edinburgh, but after a year on Earth, the pair discover the true intention of the aliens visit.
Created by Callum Barton, Kevin Carvell, Gavin De Salis
Starring Matthew Acton, James Carney, David Kaye, Sally Magnusson
cover Topper
1953 tv series • 30min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Fantasy, Comedy
Written by Sig Herzig, Stanley Davis, Robert Riley Crutcher
This series was about a somewhat grumpy and uptight banker, Cosmo Topper, and the ghosts which only he could see or hear, George and Marion Kerby. The Kerbys would often try to get Cosmo to loosen up and enjoy life, but more often they would complica..
Starring Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling, Leo G. Carroll, Buck, Lee Patrick, Thurston Hall, Kathleen Freeman, Edna Skinner, Mary Field, Frank Ferguson, Benny Rubin, Douglas Wood
cover Topper Returns
1941 movie • 88min
7.0 ★★★★   2k   Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
Directed by Roy Del Ruth
Written by Thorne Smith, Gordon Douglas, Jonathan Latimer
A fun-loving young woman finds herself murdered after trading bedrooms with her wealthy friend. Her ghost seeks aid from a banker to find out why and by whom.
Music by Irvin Talbot
Created by Hal Roach
Starring Joan Blondell, Roland Young, Carole Landis, Billie Burke, Dennis O'Keefe, Patsy Kelly, H.B. Warner, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, George Zucco, Donald MacBride, Rafaela Ottiano, Trevor Bardette
cover Toxicity
2012 episode • 23min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by Scooter Tidwell, David Hartman
Written by Steven Melching, Duane Capizzi
Megatron deploys his most vicious Insecticon warrior to stop Bulkhead from finding a new relic, but it turns out that the thing they're after poses a threat to Autobots and Decepticons alike.
Music by Robert Lydecker
Created by Duane Capizzi, Jeff Kline, Alex Kurtzman
Starring Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Jeffrey Combs, Kevin Michael Richardson, Tania Gunadi, Ernie Hudson, Andy Pessoa, David Kaye
cover A Trip to the Moon
1902 movie • 13min
8.2 ★★★★★★   38k   Short, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Georges Méliès
Written by Jules Verne, Georges Méliès, H.G. WellsFrench
A group of astronomers go on an expedition to the Moon.
Music by Jean-Marc Gonçalves De Almeida
Created by Georges Méliès
Starring Victor André, Bleuette Bernon, Brunnet, Jehanne d'Alcy, Henri Delannoy, Delpierre, Farjaux, Kelm, François Lallement, Jules-Eugène Legris, Georges Méliès
cover A Truncated Story of Infinity
2012 movie • 9min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Paul Trillo
Written by Paul Trillo
A poetic and scientific exploration of infinity in the everyday. Comprised of various visual representations of infinity interspersed throughout a non-linear narrative. Following a day in the life of Vincent and his multiple variations that exist thr..
Music by Sebastian Plano, Isaac Weiser
Created by Costas Syrmos, Paul Trillo
Starring Mackenzie Bourbin, Ricardo Cabral, Andrew Falberg, Elias Greendorfer, Cyrus Moshrefi, Jeri Silverman
cover Turning Point
2015 movie • 14min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Joe Penna
Written by Joe Penna, Ryan Morrison
Abandoned and exposed to a deadly disease, a young woman wakes up to discover she must survive the night alone.
Created by Ryan Morrison, Joe Penna
Starring Jade Harlow, George Capacete, Michael Reed
cover Tuurngait
2011 movie • 6min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Fantasy
Directed by Paul-Emile Boucher, Rémy Dupont, Benjamin Flouw
Written by Rémy Dupont, Benjamin Flouw, Paul-Emile Boucher
A little Inuit boy is playing outside his cabin when a seagull teases him to follow it to a dangerous place ruled by magic giant animals.
cover The Twelve Parsec Stare
2015 movie • 10min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Short, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Western
Directed by Eric Raunio
Boba Fett, the infamous intergalactic bounty hunter, has tracked his next prey into a dusty saloon in the outskirts of a remote space port. Who will blink first?
Created by Eric Raunio, Teemu Valve
Starring Jon-Peter Andersson, Faruk Nazeri, Joel Kinnunen, Jesse Liskola, Petri Lepistö, John Parta
cover U.F.Oh Yeah
2015 movie • 5min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Ryan Connolly
Written by Ryan Connolly
Ned Deedry, a conspiracy theorist and Extra-Terrestrial enthusiast, had always dreamed of making contact with other-worldly visitors. But, when that day finally arrived, things don't play out the way he'd hoped.
Created by Tim Connolly Jr., Ryan Connolly
Starring Josh Connolly
cover Un Chien Andalou
1929 movie • 16min
7.8 ★★★★★   41k   Short, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Luis Buñuel
Written by Salvador Dalí, Luis BuñuelFrench
Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí present 17 minutes of bizarre, surreal imagery.
Music by Luis Buñuel
Created by Luis Buñuel
Starring Simone Mareuil, Pierre Batcheff, Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dalí, Robert Hommet, Marval, Fano Messan, Jaume Miravitlles
cover Uncanny Valley
2015 movie • 9min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Federico Heller
Written by Federico Heller
A glimpse into a future where First Person Shooters have become a new drug for those disillusioned with society. The films examines the consequences of this on the global society.
Music by Rodolphe Gervais
Created by Federico Heller, German Heller, Brandon Maseda
Starring Marcela Sandra Ballestero, Steve Kisicki, Iván Steinhardt, Agustin Olcese, Raymond E. Lee, Nicole Apstein
cover Utopia
2013 tv series • 50min
8.4 ★★★★★★   35k   Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Written by Dennis Kelly, Huw Kennair-Jones, Mark Aldridge
After a group of people, who meet online, discover a bizarre graphic novel which seems to hold mysterious answers, they find themselves being tracked down by a merciless organization known merely as 'The Network'.
Starring Adeel Akhtar, Paul Higgins, Neil Maskell, Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Alistair Petrie, Alexandra Roach, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Oliver Woollford, Ruth Gemmell, Geraldine James, Emilia Jones, Paul Ready
cover Vampyr
1932 movie • 75min
7.6 ★★★★★   13k   Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer
Written by Sheridan Le Fanu, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Christen JulGerman
A drifter obsessed with the supernatural stumbles upon an inn where a severely ill adolescent girl is slowly becoming a vampire.
Created by Carl Theodor Dreyer, Julian West
Starring Julian West, Maurice Schutz, Rena Mandel, Sybille Schmitz, Jan Hieronimko, Henriette Gérard, Albert Bras, N. Babanini, Jane Mora, Georges Boidin
cover Vincent
1982 movie • 6min
8.4 ★★★★★★   20k   Short, Animation, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Tim Burton
Written by Tim Burton
Young Vincent Malloy dreams of being just like Vincent Price and loses himself in macabre daydreams which annoys his mother.
Created by Rick Heinrichs
Starring Vincent Price
cover Visible
2016 movie • 16min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Romance, Sci-Fi
Directed by Clay Delauney
Written by Andrea Snider
The year is 2086. Seventy years ago the entire human race went invisible. Ten years ago, a small number of people began to mysteriously reappear. While theories exist, no one knows what's truly going on. When Guy, a conflicted artist, is presented wi..
Created by Elizabeth Adams, Steve Adams, Henry Ian Cusick
Starring Henry Ian Cusick, Sonya Walger
cover Visit to a Small Planet
1960 movie • 85min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Norman Taurog
Written by Edmund Beloin, Gore Vidal, Henry Garson
The weirdest alien of the galaxy pays a visit to Earth...
Music by Lou Brown, Israel Baker, John T. Boudreau, Arnold Belnick, Buddy Childers
Created by Paul Nathan, Hal B. Wallis
Starring Jerry Lewis, Joan Blackman, Earl Holliman, Fred Clark, John Williams, Jerome Cowan, Gale Gordon, Lee Patrick, Milton Frome, Ellen Corby, Barbara Lawson, Don Bagley
cover The Voyage Across the Impossible
1904 movie • 24min
7.6 ★★★★★   2k   Short, Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Georges Méliès
Written by Jules Verne, Adolphe d'Ennery, Georges MélièsFrench
Using every known means of transportation, several savants from the Geographic Society undertake a journey through the Alps to the Sun which finishes under the sea.
Created by Georges Méliès
Starring Georges Méliès, Fernande Albany, Jehanne d'Alcy, May de Lavergne
cover Wake Up
2016 movie • 11min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Michael Mando
Written by Michael Mando
A debt collector (Michael Mando) has a nervous breakdown at work on the anniversary of his wife's suicide (Amber Goldfarb). He is pulled between reality and a hallucinative journey into his subconscious as he desperately searches for a way out of his..
Created by Amber Goldfarb, Michael Mando, Joseph Mroué
Starring Michael Mando, Amber Goldfarb, Carlo Mestroni, Mei Melançon, Craig Olejnik, Edsson Morales, Sarah Booth, Daniel Richard Giverin, Monique Phillips
cover Waking Life
2001 movie • 99min
7.8 ★★★★★   56k   Animation, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Richard Linklater
Written by Richard Linklater
A man shuffles through a dream meeting various people and discussing the meanings and purposes of the universe.
Music by Jeanine Attaway, Guy Forsyth, Glover Gill, Ames Asbell, Tosca Tango Orchestra
Created by Caroline Kaplan, Tommy Pallotta, Jonathan Sehring
Starring Trevor Jack Brooks, Lorelei Linklater, Wiley Wiggins, Glover Gill, Lara Hicks, Ames Asbell, Leigh Mahoney, Sara Nelson, Jeanine Attaway, Erik Grostic, Bill Wise, Robert C. Solomon
cover The Wanderer
1988 movie • 11min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by George Ungar
A stranger comes to a peaceful village bearing gifts that bear a terrible price.
Created by Eunice Macaulay, Douglas Macdonald, Ishu Patel
cover We Will Live Again
2012 movie • 13min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Myles Kane, Josh Koury
We Will Live Again is a look at the unusual and extraordinary operations of the Cryonics Institute. The film follows Ben Best and Andy Zawacki, the caretakers of this 'mom and pop style' warehouse, as they maintain the 99 deceased human bodies stored..
Music by Myles Kane
Created by Trisha Koury
cover What on Earth!
1967 movie • 10min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Directed by Les Drew, Kaj Pindal
Written by Donald Brittain, Kaj Pindal
The Martians speculate on the nature of Earth's apparent dominant lifeform, automobiles.
Created by Wolf Koenig, Robert Verrall
Starring Donald Brittain
cover When the Day Breaks
1999 movie • 10min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Musical
Directed by Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby
Written by Wendy Tilby
A chance encounter, a juicy yellow lemon and an unfortunate twist of fate will reveal that the symbiotic relationship between people is inextricable.
Music by Philippe Dunnigan, Kevin Dean, Richard Beaudet, Collin Biggin, David Gossage
Created by Barrie McLean, David Verrall
cover White Tiger
2012 movie • 104min
6.1 ★★   3k   Action, Adventure, Fantasy, War
Directed by Karen Shakhnazarov
Written by Karen Shakhnazarov, Ilya Boyashov, Aleksandr BorodyanskiyRussian, German
Great Patriotic War, early 1940s. After barely surviving a battle with a mysterious, ghostly-white Tiger tank, Red Army Sergeant Ivan Naydenov becomes obsessed with its destruction.
Music by Gennady Papin
Created by Galina Shadur, Karen Shakhnazarov
Starring Aleksey Vertkov, Vitaliy Kishchenko, Valeriy Grishko, Dmitriy Bykovskiy-Romashov, Gerasim Arkhipov, Aleksandr Vakhov, Vitaliy Dordzhiev, Vladimir Ilin, Karl Kranzkowski, Christian Redl, Klaus Grünberg, Vilmar Bieri
cover Wire Cutters
2014 movie • 9min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Drama, Sci-Fi, Western
Directed by Jack Anderson
Written by Jack Anderson
A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet.
cover The Wizard, Oz
2016 movie • 22min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Sci-Fi
Directed by Danny Yourd
Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, known simply as 'OZ", is a self-described wizard.Being a product of the 1960's renaissance era where new art, ideas, and beliefs emerged, OZ created a life for himself that is truly stranger than fiction.Raising mythical beast..
Created by Danny Yourd
cover X-Story
2016 movie • 13min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by Vitaliy Shushko
Written by Vitaliy Shushko
A guy equipped with the latest model of bionic power arm gets a map and a mysterious ball from a clandestine dealer, and begins the search for a treasure that is hidden inside an abandoned tower in the desert.
cover Young at Heart
2007 episode • 21min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Action, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Nicholas Filippi
Written by Laura McCreary
After Jake, Trixie, Spud, and Grandpa battle a magical creature, they discover their contact with the beast has left them drained of their youth. Jake is thrilled because he's now 21 years old and living it up, but Trixie and Spud end up in a retirem..
Music by Perry La Marca
Created by Jeff Goode, Eddie Guzelian, Steve Loter
Starring Dante Basco, Jeff Bennett, Amy Bruckner, John DiMaggio, Charlie Finn, kittie KaBoom, Matt Nolan, Lauren Tom, Keone Young
cover Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions
2016 movie • 130min
7.1 ★★★★   2k   Animation, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Satoshi Kuwabara
Written by Kazuki Takahashi, Masahiro Hikokubo, Satoshi Kuwabara
Yugi and Kaiba have a special duel that transcends dimensions.
Music by Michael Brady
Starring Shunsuke Kazama, Kenjirô Tsuda, Gregory Abbey, Luis Alfonso, Amy Birnbaum, Bethany Cardinal, Michael Lockwood Crouch, Daniel J. Edwards, Rina Endô, Lindsay Victoria Granduke, Wayne Grayson, Dan Green
cover Zerogon
2015 movie • 5min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed by John Mattiuzzi, Joshua Planz
Written by Anney Bonney, John Mattiuzzi, Joshua Planz
A lonely creature on a lonely planet who is addicted to computer generated imagery.
Created by John Mattiuzzi
Starring John Mattiuzzi
cover Zygote
2017 movie • 23min
7.3 ★★★★   2k   Short, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Neill Blomkamp
Written by Neill Blomkamp, Thomas Sweterlitsch, Terri Tatchell
Stranded in an Arctic mine, two lone survivors are forced to fight for their lives, evading and hiding from a new kind of terror.
Music by Steffen Thum, Queenie Li, Steven Kofsky, Max Aruj, Kelly Johnson
Created by Mike Blomkamp, Victoria Burkhart, Gary Lam
Starring Dakota Fanning, Jose Pablo Cantillo
cover The iMom
2014 movie • 14min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Ariel Martin
Written by Ariel Martin
When technology exceeds humanity...
Music by Veronique Serret, Paul Cutlan, Michelle Kelly, Teije Hylkema, Morgan Cabot
Created by Lara Everly, Ariel Martin, Anna Fawcett
Starring Matilda Brown, Marta Dusseldorp, Karl Beattie, India Rose Aree Nampetch, Curt Bonnem, Tom Kiesche, Erin Matthews, Avi Rothman, Lara Everly, Valentine Miele, Michelle Gunn, Grace Gunn