FREE Music Films
cover 1776
1972 movie • 141min
7.6 ★★★★★   7k   Drama, Family, History, Musical
Directed by Peter H. Hunt
Written by Peter Stone, Sherman Edwards
A musical retelling of the American Revolution's political struggle in the Continental Congress to declare independence.
Music by Ted Sebern, Sherman Edwards, Eddie Sauter, Peter Howard, Ray Heindorf
Created by Jack L. Warner
Starring William Daniels, Howard Da Silva, Ken Howard, Donald Madden, John Cullum, Roy Poole, David Ford, Ron Holgate, Ray Middleton, William Hansen, Blythe Danner, Virginia Vestoff
cover 7:35 in the Morning
2003 movie • 8min
7.3 ★★★★   1k   Musical, Short
Directed by Nacho Vigalondo
Written by Nacho VigalondoSpanish
A woman enters a restaurant one morning - only to be met with silence instead of people talking.
Music by Manuel Sanchez Munoz, Eugenio Mira
Created by Eduardo Carneros, Javier Ibarretxe, Oscar Reguera
Starring Marta Belenguer, Nacho Vigalondo, Antonio Tato, Borja Cobeaga, Javier Reguilón, Alejandro Garrido, Velasco Broca, Esperanza Palacios, Manuel Nebreda, Sebastian Elices, Resu Vigalondo, Dolores Gonzalez
cover Adorable
1933 movie • 88min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Musical, Comedy, Romance
Directed by William Dieterle
Written by Billy Wilder, Paul Frank, George Marion Jr.
Janet Gaynor plays a rebellious princess who must try to marry the man she loves, instead of the stuffy old prince her parents want her to marry. But will this ordinary man love her back once he finds out she's a princess?
Music by Louis De Francesco, George Marion Jr., Richard A. Whiting, Peter Brunelli
Starring Janet Gaynor, Henri Garat, C. Aubrey Smith, Herbert Mundin, Blanche Friderici, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski, James A. Marcus, Sam Ash, Albert Conti, William Henry, Sterling Holloway, Stuart Holmes
cover Afghan Star
2009 movie • 87min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Havana MarkingEnglish, Pushto, Dari
A look at how contestants on the a musical contest program "Pop Idol" in Afghanistan risk their lives to appear on the show.
Created by Maxyne Franklin, Martin Herring, Mike Lerner
Starring Habib Amiri, Setara Hussainzada, Rafi Naabzada, Lima Sahar, Hameed Sakhizada, Massoud Sanjer, Daoud Sediqi, Tahir Shaqi, Fazl Hadi Shinwari
cover Alexandra
1934 movie • 78min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance
Directed by Maurice Elvey
Written by F. Martos, Arthur Wimperis, Lauri Wylie
Revolution breaks out in a small European kingdom, and a young princess is forced to flee for her life. She heads for the neighboring country, which just happens to be ruled by the king she is betrothed to. Unfortunately, the new revolutionary govern..
Music by Ray Noble, Louis Levy, Max Kester
Created by Michael Balcon
Starring Evelyn Laye, Henry Wilcoxon, Yvonne Arnaud, George Grossmith, Max Miller, Ivor McLaren, Finlay Currie, Ivor Barnard, Francis L. Sullivan, Dino Galvani, Neal Arden, Gordon Begg
cover Anything Goes
1956 movie • 106min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Musical
Directed by Robert Lewis
Written by Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse, Sidney Sheldon
Bill Benson and Ted Adams are to appear in a Broadway show together and, while in Paris, each 'discovers' the perfect leading lady for the plum female role. Each promises the prize role to the girl they selected without informing the other until they..
Music by Nick Castle, Joseph J. Lilley, Van Cleave
Created by Robert Emmett Dolan
Starring Bing Crosby, Donald O'Connor, Zizi Jeanmaire, Mitzi Gaynor, Phil Harris, Kurt Kasznar, Richard Erdman, Walter Sande, Archer MacDonald, Argentina Brunetti, Alma Macrorie, Dorothy Neumann
cover Apache Rose
1947 movie • 75min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Action, Music, Western
Directed by William Witney
Written by Gerald Geraghty
Roy is an oil prospector. His efforts to get drilling rights on an old Spanish land grant are countered by gamblers from an off-shore gambling boat determined to control the land (and oil) themselves.
Music by Clifford Vaughan, Ernest Gold, Joseph Dubin, Morton Scott
Created by Edward J. White
Starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, Dale Evans, Olin Howland, George Meeker, John Laurenz, Russ Vincent, Minerva Urecal, LeRoy Mason, Donna Martell, Terry Frost, Conchita Lemus
cover The Arizona Kid
1939 movie • 61min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Music, War, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Gerald Geraghty, Luci Ward
Roy is a Confederate officer stationed in Missouri during the Civil War. He must put an end to outlaw gangs working under the pretense of service to the Confederacy.
Music by Joseph Nussbaum, Cy Feuer, Paul Sawtell, Alberto Colombo
Created by Joseph Kane
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Sally March, Stuart Hamblen, Dorothy Sebastian, Robert Middlemass, Earl Dwire, David Kerwin, Peter Fargo, Fred Burns, Ed Brady, Ed Cassidy
cover The Artist Formerly Known as Captain Beefheart
1997 movie • 51min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Elaine Shepherd
Biography of iconoclast musician/artist Don Van Vliet AKA Captain Beefheart.
Created by Mark Cooper, Kim Evans, Elaine Shepherd
Starring John Peel, Don Van Vliet, Frank Zappa
cover Bad Man of Deadwood
1941 movie • 61min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Musical, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by James R. Webb
Roy and Gabby have to establish fair business practices in the town of Deadwood, currently dominated by entrepreneurs who scare off potential competitors.
Music by Paul Sawtell, Cy Feuer, Albert Glasser, Leo Erdody, Darrell Calker
Created by Joseph Kane
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Carol Adams, Henry Brandon, Herbert Rawlinson, Sally Payne, Hal Taliaferro, Jay Novello, Horace Murphy, Monte Blue, Ralf Harolde, Jack Kirk
cover The Ballad of Crowfoot
1969 movie
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Musical
Directed by Willie Dunn
A musical telling of the life of the Blackfoot Chief and the betrayal and fall of his tribe with the White conquest of the Canadian West.
Created by Barrie Howells
cover Ballet Adagio
1972 movie • 10min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Musical, Short
Directed by Norman McLaren
Two ballet dancers perform a dance in ghostly slow motion.
Created by Norman McLaren
Starring David Holmes, Anna Marie Holmes
cover Ballou
2008 movie • 90min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Michael Patrei
Written by Fernanda Rossi, Michael Patrei
Ballou , a documentary film, follows the talented Washington, DC, Ballou Senior High School Marching Band, as they overcome their negative environment filled with guns, drugs, and violence, and uplift the community with music, dedication, and persona..
Music by Wesley Krauss
Created by Casey Callister, Page Ostrow
Starring Marion Barry Jr., Chuck Brown, Lewis Franklin, Denyce Graves, Rhia Hardman, Kenneth Horne, Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Darrell Watson
cover Basin Street Revue
1956 movie • 58min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Musical
Directed by Joseph Kohn, Leonard Reed
Written by Ben Frye, Leonard Reed
Musical variety filmed at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York City.
Created by Ben Frye
Starring Willie Bryant, Sarah Vaughan, Lionel Hampton, Paul Williams, Jimmy Brown, Amos Milburn, Faye Adams, Charles 'Honi' Coles, Cholly Atkins, Herb Jeffries, Cab Calloway, Count Basie
cover Before the Music Dies
2006 movie • 95min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Andrew Shapter
Written by Andrew Shapter, Joel Rasmussen
With outstanding performances and revealing interviews Before the Music Dies takes a critical look at the homogenization of popular music with commentary by some of the industry's biggest talents like Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, Elvis Costello, Eryk..
Music by Carl Thiel
Created by Joseph Celis, Michael Girard, Ellianne Kadence
Starring Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, Les Paul, Erykah Badu, Branford Marsalis, Blaze, Edna Gunderson, Alan Light, Toure, Nancy Giles, Kacy Crowley, Bob Schneider
cover Begone Dull Care
1949 movie • 8min
7.4 ★★★★   1k   Animation, Short, Music
Directed by Evelyn Lambart, Norman McLaren
Abstract images drawn directly onto the film are accompanied by three pieces of jazz performed by the Oscar Peterson trio.
Music by Austin Roberts, Oscar Peterson, Clarence Jones
Created by Norman McLaren
cover Beware
1946 movie • 54min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Music, Romance
Directed by Bud Pollard
Written by John E. Gordon
Ware College is a small Black college in Ware, Ohio. Once prominent, it is now low in attendance, low in enrollment and low on money; and at a meeting with instructors Drury and Annabelle Brown, Dean Hargreaves reveals that CEO Benjamin Ware III, gra..
Music by Louis Jordan
Created by Berle Adams, Bud Pollard, Robert M. Savini
Starring Louis Jordan, Frank L. Wilson, Emory Richardson, Valerie Black, Milton Woods, Joseph Hiliard, Tommy Hix, Charles Johnson, John Grant, Walter Earle, Ernest Calloway, Dimples Daniels
cover Big Fella
1937 movie • 73min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Drama, Musical
Directed by J. Elder Wills
Written by Fenn Sherie, Claude McKay, Ingram D'Abbes
In this musical comedy, Paul Robeson stars as Joe, a Marseilles docker hired by a wealthy English couple to find their missing son. When Joe finds him, he learns he escaped of his own will, and takes him to stay with a local singer. They offer him a ..
Music by Jack Beaver
Created by Henry Passmore, J. Elder Wills
Starring Paul Robeson, Elisabeth Welch, Roy Emerton, James Hayter, Lawrence Brown, Eldon Gorst, Marcelle Rogez, Eric Cowley, Joyce Kennedy, Dino Galvani, Anthony Holles, Eslanda Robeson
cover Biggie and Tupac
2002 movie • 108min
6.8 ★★★   4k   Documentary, Biography, Crime, Music
Directed by Nick Broomfield
Documentary on the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls and the East Coast/West Coast, hip-hop/rap rivalry that culminated in late 1996 and early 1997.
Music by Joe Henson, Matt Biffa
Created by Georgea Blakey, Barney Broomfield, Nick Broomfield
Starring B.I.G. The Notorious, Tupac Shakur, Nick Broomfield, Russell Poole, Donald Hicken, Billy Garland, Chico Del Vec, Voletta Wallace, Mopreme Shakur, Kevin Hackie, Reggie Wright Sr., Frank Alexander
cover Bill and Coo
1948 movie • 61min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Musical, Family, Fantasy
Directed by Dean Riesner
Written by Dean Riesner, Ken Murray, Royal Foster
The feathered residents of Chirpendale are terrorized by an evil black crow by the name of "The Black Menace". But to the citizen's rescue comes a brave young taxi puller named Bill!
Music by Sidney Cutner, Leo Shuken, Lionel Newman
Created by Ken Murray
Starring Burton's Birds, Jimmy the Crow, George Burton, Elizabeth Walters, Ken Murray, Pinto Colvig
cover Billy the Kid Returns
1938 movie • 53min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Music, Romance, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Jack Natteford
After Pat Garrett kills Billy the Kid, Billy's look-alike Roy Rogers arrives and is mistaken for him. Although a murderer, Billy was on the side of the homesteaders against the large ranchers. As Billy's death is unknown, Roy gets Garrett to let him ..
Music by Cy Feuer, Joseph Nussbaum, Victor Young
Created by Charles E. Ford
Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Lynne Roberts, Morgan Wallace, Fred Kohler, Wade Boteler, Edwin Stanley, Horace Murphy, Joseph Crehan, Robert Emmett Keane, Chris Allen, Silver Tip Baker
cover Blackfly
1991 movie • 5min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Family, Comedy, Musical, Short
Directed by Christopher Hinton
A young surveyor, new to northern Ontario, encounters the black flies. Over and over again, he encounters those black flies.
Music by Gilles Losier, Wade Hemsworth, Louis Hone, Dane Lankin, Pat Donaldson
Created by Douglas Macdonald, Barrie McLean, William Pettigrew
Starring Wade Hemsworth
cover The Blue Angel
1930 movie • 104min
7.8 ★★★★★   12k   Drama, Music
Directed by Josef von Sternberg
Written by Karl Vollmöller, Carl Zuckmayer, Heinrich MannGerman, English, French
An elderly professor's ordered life spins dangerously out of control when he falls for a nightclub singer.
Music by Franz Waxman
Created by Erich Pommer
Starring Emil Jannings, Marlene Dietrich, Kurt Gerron, Rosa Valetti, Hans Albers, Reinhold Bernt, Károly Huszár, Die Weintraub Syncopators, Eduard von Winterstein, Hans Roth, Rolf Müller, Roland Varno
cover Bo Burnham: Make Happy
2016 movie • 60min
8.4 ★★★★★★   6k   Documentary, Comedy, Music
Directed by Bo Burnham, Christopher Storer
Written by Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham tackles life, death, sexuality, hypocrisy, mental illness and Pringles cans in his dazzling new stand-up special.
Created by Jonathan Mussman, Chris Scanlon, Kathy Welch
Starring Bo Burnham
cover Bo Burnham: what.
2013 movie • 60min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   5k   Documentary, Comedy, Music
Directed by Bo Burnham, Christopher Storer
Written by Bo Burnham
A musical stand-up comedy show by Bo Burnham, the famous internet musician.
Created by Dave Becky, Bo Burnham, Jay Chapman
Starring Bo Burnham
cover Boarding House Blues
1948 movie • 90min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Musical
Directed by Josh Binney
Written by Hal Seeger
Tenants of a Harlem boarding house put on a show to save their home.
Created by E.M. Glucksman
Starring Moms Mabley, Dusty Fletcher, Marcellus Wilson, Marie Cooke, Augustus Smith, Johnny Lee, Emory Richardson, Harold Cromer, Sidney Easton, Freddie Robinson, John 'Spider Bruce' Mason, John Riano
cover Bob Marley Freedom Road
2007 movie • 55min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Sonia Anderson
Written by Sonia Anderson
He was and is, without doubt, Jamaica's finest export and in this programme we can reveal for the first time the behind the scenes Bob Marley that only his closest confidantes could know.
Music by Bob Marley
Created by Sonia Anderson, Ray Santilli
Starring Ester Anderson, Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Kris Needs, Andres Williams
cover Boundin'
2003 movie • 5min
7.0 ★★★★   11k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Musical
Directed by Bud Luckey, Roger Gould
Written by Bud Luckey
A sheep dances proudly in his southwestern landscape, until one day his wool is sheared and he is left naked. He's depressed and shy, until a cheerful jackalope comes along and shows him how to leap proudly and not to be ashamed.
Music by Joey Miskulin
Created by John Lasseter, Osnat Shurer
Starring Bud Luckey
cover Boy! What a Girl!
1947 movie • 70min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical
Directed by Arthur H. Leonard
Written by Vincent Valentini
A couple of theatrical producers try to get backing for their musical show.
Music by John Gluskin
Created by Jack Goldberg, Arthur H. Leonard
Starring Tim Moore, Elwood Smith, Duke Williams, Alan Jackson, Sheila Guyse, Betti Mays, Sybil Lewis, Warren Patterson, Slam Stewart, Deek Watson, Sidney Catlett, Ann Cornell
cover Brigadoon
1954 movie • 108min
6.9 ★★★   6k   Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Vincente Minnelli
Written by Alan Jay Lerner
Two Americans on a hunting trip in Scotland become lost. They encounter a small village, not on the map, called Brigadoon, in which people harbor a mysterious secret, and behave as if they were still living two hundred years in the past.
Music by Conrad Salinger, Robert Franklyn, Johnny Green, Robert Tucker
Created by Arthur Freed, Roger Edens
Starring Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, Cyd Charisse, Elaine Stewart, Barry Jones, Hugh Laing, Albert Sharpe, Virginia Bosler, Jimmy Thompson, Tudor Owen, Owen McGiveney, Dee Turnell
cover Bryan Adams: Bare Bones
2010 movie • 5min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Music
Directed by David Battistella
Written by David Battistella
Bryan Adams is one of world's most enduringly popular singer/songwriters. But he is most at home in his Vancouver studio, surrounded by his collection of vintage microphones and guitars. Adams calls it "a very analog space in a very digital world." I..
Music by Adam Greenholtz, Bryan Gallant
Created by Silva Basmajian, Gerry Flahive
Starring Bryan Adams, Gary Breit
cover Cactus Swing
1995 movie • 6min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Musical
Directed by Susan Crandall, Beth Portman
The West. A prospector is awakened by the sound of music outside his cave to see an animal band and a chorus line of dancing cacti.
Created by Susan Crandall, Jerry Krepakevich, Graydon McCrea
cover Calendar Girl
1947 movie • 88min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Musical, Romance
Directed by Allan Dwan
Written by Mary Loos, Lee Loeb, Richard Sale
A songwriter finds out that his beautiful girlfriend is going to be an artist's model.
Music by Jimmy McHugh, Cy Feuer, Leo Arnaud, Dave Kahn, Harold Adamson
Created by Allan Dwan
Starring Jane Frazee, William Marshall, Gail Patrick, Kenny Baker, Victor McLaglen, Irene Rich, James Ellison, Janet Martin, Franklin Pangborn, Gus Schilling, Charles Arnt, Lou Nova
cover Canada Vignettes: Log Driver's Waltz
1981 movie • 3min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Music, Romance
Directed by John Weldon
A short illustrating a traditional Canadian folk song about a woman's admiration for the agility for her boyfriend, the log driver.
Created by Derek Lamb, David Verrall
Starring Anna McGarrigle, Kate McGarrigle
cover Cannibal! The Musical
1993 movie • 95min
7.2 ★★★★   11k   Biography, Comedy, Musical, Thriller, Western
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker, Matt StoneEnglish, Japanese
The sole survivor of an ill-fated mining expedition tells how his taste for gold was replaced by that of human flesh.
Music by Trey Parker, Jonathan Null, Rich Sanders, Ellen Bay
Created by Ian Hardin, Edward Henwood, Alexandra Kelly
Starring Dian Bachar, Stephen Blackpool, Stan Brakhage, Dan Brother, Duster, Brad Gordon, Ian Hardin, Dave Hardin, Edward Henwood, Jon Hegel, Andrew Kemler, Steve Jackson
cover The Cat Came Back
1988 movie • 7min
7.6 ★★★★★   2k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Musical
Directed by Cordell Barker
Written by Cordell Barker
A pesky yellow cat becomes the bane of Mr. Johnson's life as it constantly outsmarts his increasingly desperate attempts to get rid of it.
Music by Peter Allen, John McCulloch
Created by Cordell Barker, Richard Condie, Cyndi Forcand
Starring Richard Condie
cover Change of Habit
1969 movie • 93min
6.0 ★★   1k   Crime, Drama, Music, Romance
Directed by William A. Graham
Written by James Lee, Eric Bercovici, S.S. Schweitzer
An incognito nun tries to help a doctor clean up an inner city ghetto, with the pair growing closer as time goes on.
Music by Stanley Wilson, Cubby O'Brien, Bernard Mayers, Buddy Kaye, Ben Weisman
Created by Joe Connelly, Irving Paley
Starring Elvis Presley, Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara McNair, Jane Elliot, Leora Dana, Edward Asner, Robert Emhardt, Regis Toomey, Doro Merande, Ruth McDevitt, Richard Carlson, Nefti Millet
cover Civilisation
1969 tv series • 50min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, Music, War
Written by Kenneth Clark
Sir Kenneth Clarke guides us through the ages exploring the glorious rise of civilisation in western man. Beginning with the bleakness of the dark ages to the present day, we consider civilisation's articulations and expressions in some of man's fine..
Starring Kenneth Clark, Nicholas Blake, William Devlin, Ronald Lacey, Eric Porter, Ian Richardson, Patrick Stewart
cover Colorado Sundown
1952 movie • 67min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Action, Comedy, Music, Western
Directed by William Witney
Written by Eric Taylor, William Lively
Rancher helps a friend claim a spread he's inherited, only to get involved in his murder.
Music by Nathan Scott, R. Dale Butts, Stanley Wilson
Created by Edward J. White
Starring Rex Allen, Koko, Mary Ellen Kay, Slim Pickens, June Vincent, Fred Graham, John Daheim, Louise Beavers, Chester Clute, Clarence Straight, Rhythm Riders The Republic, George Bamby
cover Come on, Rangers!
1938 movie • 57min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Music, Romance, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Jack Natteford, Gerald Geraghty
Disbanded Texas Rangers are gathered together to help the U.S. Cavalry put an end to marauding outlaws.
Music by Cy Feuer, Victor Young, Alberto Colombo
Created by Charles E. Ford
Starring Roy Rogers, Lynne Roberts, Raymond Hatton, J. Farrell MacDonald, Purnell Pratt, Harry Woods, Bruce MacFarlane, Lane Chandler, Chester Gunnels, Lee Powell, John Beach, Bob Card
cover Confidence
1933 movie • 8min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Musical
Directed by William Nolan
When the Great Depression hits, Oswald the Rabbit goes to the President himself for help.
Created by Walter Lantz
cover Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul
2005 movie • 90min
7.9 ★★★★★   5k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Fatih Akin
Written by Fatih AkinTurkish, German, Kurdish, English
Award-winning director Fatih Akin takes us on a journey through Istanbul, the city that bridges Europe and Asia, and challenges familiar notions of east and west. He looks at the vibrant musical scene which includes traditional Turkish music plus roc..
Music by Ceza
Created by Ali Akdeniz, Fatih Akin, Sandra Harzer
Starring Alexander Hacke, Ahmed Ulug, Cem Yegul, Mehmed Ulug, Baba Zula, Orient Expressions, Duman, Replikas, Peyote Hasan, Erkin Koray, Ceza, Ayben
cover The Cry of Jazz
1959 movie • 34min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Music
Directed by Edward Bland
Written by Nelam Hill, Edward Bland, Mark Kennedy
Discussion of jazz and the role of African-Americans in the United States.
Music by Edward Bland
Created by Edward Bland, Nelam Hill
Starring George Waller, Dorothea Horton, Linda Dillon, Andrew Duncan, Leroy Inman, James Miller, Gavin McFadyan, Carl Dupree, Goldina Rojas, Alan Leavitt, Carl McCormack, Lettie Mae Randolph
cover Dancing Feet
1936 movie • 70min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Comedy, Music, Romance
Directed by Joseph Santley
Written by Olive Cooper, Wellyn Totman, Jerome Chodorov
Peyton Wells (Ben Lyon) rescues Judy Jones (Joan Marsh) from a very dull young man, at a sedate party given for her by her multi-millionaire grandfather Silas P. Jones (Purnell Pratt.) Judy refuses to accompany Peyton on a slumming trip to a cheap da..
Music by Sidney D. Mitchell, Paul Van Loan, Sam H. Stept, Harry Grey, Ray Harrington
Created by Colbert Clark
Starring Ben Lyon, Joan Marsh, Edward J. Nugent, Isabel Jewell, James Burke, Purnell Pratt, Vince Barnett, Nick Condos, Herbert Rawlinson, Lillian Harmer, Herbert Corthell, James P. Burtis
cover David Bowie & the Story of Ziggy Stardust
2012 tv movie • 60min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by James Hale
Both a visual flashback and a telling of the life and birth of the alter ego that was David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust.
Created by Paul Bullock, James Hale, Ryan Minchin
Starring Jarvis Cocker, David Bowie, Marc Almond, Rodney Bingenheimer, Trevor Bolder, John Cambridge, Leee Black Childers, Cherie Currie, Peter Doggett, Mike Garson, Dana Gillespie, Steve Harley
cover Delightfully Dangerous
1945 movie • 92min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Musical, Romance
Directed by Arthur Lubin
Written by Irving Phillips, Frank Tashlin, Edward Verdier
Young Sherry Williams dreams of having a singing career, and she idolizes her older sister Josephine, who has gone to New York to perform on the stage. When Sherry is distraught just before performing at her school, a visiting Broadway producer encou..
Music by Morton Gould, William A. Wilmarth, Charles Previn
Created by Charles R. Rogers, Hunt Stromberg, Joseph S. Tushinsky
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Constance Moore, Jane Powell, Louise Beavers, Morton Gould, Arthur Treacher, Ruth Tobey, Sunny Burkette, André Charlot, Chris Drake, Bess Flowers, Eddie Hall
cover Die verkaufte Braut
1932 movie • 77min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Music
Directed by Max Ophüls
Written by Curt Alexander, Karel Sabina, Robert VamberyGerman
Bohemia in the 19th century, stage-coach driver Hans, loves the mayor's daughter Marie, but she is promised Wenzel, the son of another wealthy farmer. Marie refuses to marry Wenzel because of Hans, but the marriage arranger tries to "buy" Marie from ..
Music by Bedrich Smetana, Theo Mackeben
Created by Hermann Rosenfeld, Ludwig Scheer
Starring Max Nadler, Jarmila Novotna, Otto Wernicke, Hermann Kner, Maria Janowska, Paul Kemp, Karl Valentin, Liesl Karlstadt, Annemarie Sörensen, Willy Domgraf-Fassbaender, Hans Appel, Beppo Brem
cover Dig!
2004 movie • 107min
7.8 ★★★★★   5k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Ondi Timoner
Written by Ondi Timoner
A documentary on the once-promising American rock bands The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols, and the friendship/rivalry between their respective founders, Anton Newcombe and Courtney Taylor.
Created by Jeff Frey, Vasco Nunes, Tim Rush
Starring Anton Newcombe, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Joel Gion, Matt Hollywood, Peter Holmström, Zia McCabe, Brent DeBoer, Eric Hedford, Dean Taylor, Brad Wm. Clark, Warhols The Dandy, Jeff Davies
cover Discovering Electronic Music: Revised
1983 movie • 22min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Music
Directed by Bernard Wilets
Starring Jean-Claude Risset
cover Doll Face
1945 movie • 80min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Lewis Seiler
Written by Leonard Praskins, Gypsy Rose Lee, Harold Buchman
Burlesque star (Blaine) makes it in the big time.
Music by Arthur Morton, Charles Henderson, Charles Althouse, Gene Rose, Emil Newman
Created by Bryan Foy
Starring Vivian Blaine, Dennis O'Keefe, Perry Como, Carmen Miranda, Martha Stewart, Stephen Dunne, Reed Hadley, Stanley Prager, Charles Tannen, George E. Stone, Frank Orth, Donald MacBride
cover Dora's Dunking Doughnuts
1933 movie • 20min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Music
Directed by Harry Edwards
Written by Ernest Pagano, Ewart Adamson
A schoolteacher helps his friend Dora by getting his students to help him to make a radio commercial.
Music by Alfonso Corelli
Starring Andy Clyde, Ethel Sykes, Bud Jamison, Shirley Temple, Florence Gill, Kiddies The Meglin, Fern Emmett, Billy Engle, Si Jenks, Sidney Miller
cover Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy
1950 tv movie • 30min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Comedy, Music
Directed by Alan Dinehart
In his first appearance on network television, Edgar Bergen hosts a Thanksgiving Day special featuring three of his partners in ventriloquism - Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd and Podine Puffington. Ray Noble becomes upset when Charlie tells him tha..
Music by Edward Paul
Starring Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd, Diana Lynn, Podine Puffington, Ray Noble, Pat Patrick, Jim Backus, The Mellomen, Bill Baldwin, Thurl Ravenscroft
cover Evergreen
1934 movie • 94min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Victor Saville
Written by Emlyn Williams, Marjorie Gaffney, Benn W. Levy
Harriet Green, a beloved and radiant music hall star of the Edwardian era, has a guilty secret: She has a baby daughter, born out of wedlock. Harriet leaves her public and flees to South Africa to raise her daughter quietly. The years pass, and now h..
Music by Harry M. Woods, Lorenz Hart, Bretton Byrd, Richard Rodgers, Louis Levy
Created by Michael Balcon
Starring Jessie Matthews, Sonnie Hale, Betty Balfour, Barry MacKay, Ivor McLaren, Hartley Power, Patrick Ludlow, Betty Shale, Marjorie Brooks, Buddy Bradley, Stewart Granger, Rita Grant
cover Fellini: A Director's Notebook
1969 episode • 60min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Comedy, Drama, Music
Directed by Federico Fellini
Written by Eugene Walter, Bernardino Zapponi, Federico FelliniEnglish, Italian
Fellini discusses his views of making motion pictures and his unorthodox procedures. He seeks inspiration in various out of the way places. During this film viewers go with him to the Colisseum at night, on a subway ride past Roman ruins, to the Appi..
Created by Peter Goldfarb
Starring Ennio Antonelli, Caterina Boratto, Marina Boratto, Pasqualino De Santis, Federico Fellini, Giulietta Masina, Marcello Mastroianni, David Maunsell, Nino Rota, Alvaro Vitali
cover Flame of Barbary Coast
1945 movie • 91min
6.4 ★★   1k   Musical, Romance, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Prescott Chaplin, Borden Chase
Duke falls for Flaxen in the Barbary Coast in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. He loses money to crooked gambler Tito, goes home and PL: learns to gamble, and returns. After he makes a fortune he opens his own place with Flaxen as the entertainer. ..
Music by Charles Maxwell, R. Dale Butts, Joseph Dubin, Morton Scott
Created by Joseph Kane
Starring John Wayne, Ann Dvorak, Joseph Schildkraut, William Frawley, Virginia Grey, Russell Hicks, Jack Norton, Paul Fix, Manart Kippen, Eve Lynne, Marc Lawrence, Butterfly McQueen
cover Follow Your Heart
1936 movie • 82min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Musical
Directed by Aubrey Scotto
Written by Dana Burnet, Lester Cole, Olive Cooper
An eccentric musical family is kept in order by a talented daughter with modest ambitions.
Music by Harry Grey, Marlin Skiles
Created by Leonard Fields, Nat Levine, Albert E. Levoy
Starring Marion Talley, Michael Bartlett, Nigel Bruce, Luis Alberni, Henrietta Crosman, Vivienne Osborne, Walter Catlett, Eunice Healey, Ben Blue, Mickey Rentschler, John Eldredge, Margaret Irving
cover Fugitive Valley
1941 movie • 61min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Action, Comedy, Drama, Music, Western
Directed by S. Roy Luby
Written by John Vlahos, Robert Finkle, Oliver Drake
The Range Busters have a plan to get into the outlaw's hideout in Fugitive Valley. The Sheriff puts Crash and Langdon in jail together and then has Dusty break them out. Langdon then leads them to Fugitive Valley where they hope to round up the gang.
Music by Frank Sanucci
Created by Anna Bell Ward, George W. Weeks
Starring Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune, Elmer, Julie Duncan, Glenn Strange, Bob Kortman, Ed Brady, Tom London, Reed Howes, Carl Mathews, Edward Peil Sr.
cover Félix Leclerc, troubadour
1959 movie • 27min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Music
Directed by Claude JutraFrench
Starring Félix Leclerc, Monique Leyrac
cover Get a Job
1987 movie • 11min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Musical
Directed by Brad Caslor
Written by Jay Brazeau, Brad Caslor, Derek Mazur
A young dog struggles to learn how to find a job.
Music by Ron Paley, Donald Douglas, John McCulloch
Created by Brad Caslor, Derek Mazur, Joan Scott
Starring Al Simmons, Jay Brazeau, Francine Kirsch, Annis Kozub, Tasia Kozub, Kate McDonald, Ray St. Germain, Del Wagner, Bill Wallace, Bob Washington, Ilena Zaramba
cover Getting Started
1979 movie • 12min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Music
Directed by Richard Condie
Written by Richard Condie
A concert pianist prepares to begin his practising for a major concert coming up. Unfortunately, he has this procrastination problem that prevents him from getting any serious time done, even when his frustration with it literally driving him into a ..
Created by Jerry Krepakevich, Michael J.F. Scott
Starring Richard Condie, Jay Brazeau
cover Gulliver's Travels
1939 movie • 76min
6.8 ★★★   3k   Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Dave Fleischer
Written by Jonathan Swift, Dan Gordon, Edmond Seward
A doctor washes ashore on an island inhabited by little people.
Music by Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin, Victor Young, George Bassman, Charles Bradshaw
Created by Max Fleischer
Starring Jessica Dragonette, Lanny Ross, Pinto Colvig, Cal Howard, Jack Mercer, Sam Parker, Tedd Pierce, Livonia Warren
cover Hands Across the Border
1944 movie • 72min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Music, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by J. Benton Cheney, Bradford Ropes
Horse breeders Adams and Brock are vying for the Army contract. When Adams is killed trying to ride his horse Trigger, Roy saves the horse from being shot. He trains him and then plans to ride him in the race to win the contract.
Music by Walter Scharf, Joseph Dubin, Marlin Skiles
Created by Harry Grey
Starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, Ruth Terry, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Onslow Stevens, Mary Treen, Joseph Crehan, Duncan Renaldo, LeRoy Mason, Janet Martin, Harry Wiere, Herbert Wiere
cover Happy Go Lovely
1951 movie • 97min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone
Written by Val Guest, Herbert Rosenfeld, Friedrich Dammann
B.G. Bruno, a rich bachelor, the head of a successful greeting-card company in Scotland, is essentially a kind man but respectable to the point of stodginess and extreme stuffiness. An American troupe visiting Edinburgh wants to produce a musical in ..
Music by Angela Morley, Eve Boswell, Louis Levy
Created by Marcel Hellman
Starring David Niven, Vera-Ellen, Cesar Romero, Bobby Howes, Diane Hart, Gordon Jackson, Barbara Couper, Henry Hewitt, Gladys Henson, Hugh Dempster, Sandra Dorne, Joyce Carey
cover Harmonium in California
1979 movie • 29min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Robert Fortier
Written by David WilsonFrench
Through concerts and interviews, folk-progressive group Harmonium takes Quebec culture to California.
Music by Jacques Drouin
Created by Barrie Howells
Starring Harmonium, Jean-Marie Lemieux, Paul Dupont-Hébert, Denis Farmer, Monique Fauteux, Serge Fiori, Jeffrey Fisher, René Lévesque, Yvan Ouellet, Robert Stanley, Libert Subirana, Louis Valois
cover Harmony Trail
1944 movie • 57min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Comedy, Music, Western
Directed by Robert Emmett Tansey
Written by Robert Emmett Tansey
Sent to investigate a payroll robbery, Marshall Rocky meets his old friends Ken, Eddie, and Max. He has the serial numbers and when Pop puts on his medicine show they get one of the bills. This enables Ken to see through Sorrell's scheme that threw t..
Music by Frank Sanucci
Created by Walt Maddox, Robert Emmett Tansey
Starring Ken Maynard, Eddie Dean, Gene Alsace, Max Terhune, Elmer, Glenn Strange, Ruth Roman, Robert McKenzie, Charles King, Bud Osborne, Al Ferguson, Dan White
cover Heart of the Golden West
1942 movie • 65min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Action, Comedy, Music, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Earl Felton
Lambert owns the trucking line that ships cattle to market. When he raises his rates Roy decides to ship the cattle on the River Boat. When Lambert and his men are unable to stop the boat, they rustle the cattle.
Music by Paul Sawtell, Morton Scott, William Lava, Hall Johnson
Created by Joseph Kane
Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Bob Nolan, Sons of the Pioneers, Ruth Terry, Walter Catlett, Paul Harvey, Edmund MacDonald, Leigh Whipper, William Haade, Hall Johnson Choir
cover Heavy Metal Parking Lot
1986 video movie • 17min
7.5 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Short, Music
Directed by John Heyn, Jeff Krulik
A look at the wild scene outside a Judas Priest concert
cover Heavy Metal in Baghdad
2007 movie • 84min
7.7 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Music, War
Directed by Suroosh Alvi, Eddy Moretti
Written by Suroosh Alvi, Bernardo LoyolaEnglish, Arabic
In the late summer of 2006, in the middle of the insurgency, filmmakers Eddy Moretti and Suroosh Alvi traveled to Baghdad to meet and interview the only heavy metal band in Iraq, Acrassicauda. "Heavy Metal in Baghdad" is the story of the band and its..
Music by Erich Stratmann, Benjamin Jared Carr
Created by Suroosh Alvi, Monica Hampton, Spike Jonze
Starring Firas Al-Lateef, Suroosh Alvi, Marwan Reyad, Faisal Talal
cover Heldorado
1946 movie • 70min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Music, Western
Directed by William Witney
Written by Gerald Geraghty, Julian Zimet
Heldorado is an annual parade celebrating Las Vegas as a frontier town. Roy is captain of the guards at Boulder Dam. He helps celebrate the town's anniversary while capturing racketeers involved with the local casinos.
Music by William Lava, Dave Kahn, Morton Scott
Created by Edward J. White
Starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans, Paul Harvey, Brad Dexter, John Bagni, John Phillips, Malcolm 'Bud' McTaggart, Rex Lease, Steve Darrell, Doye O'Dell
cover Here Comes the Groom
1951 movie • 113min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Frank Capra
Written by Virginia Van Upp, Robert Riskin, Liam O'BrienEnglish, French
Foreign correspondent Pete Garvey has 5 days to win back his former fiancée, or he'll lose the orphans he adopted.
Music by Joseph J. Lilley, Van Cleave
Created by Irving Asher, Frank Capra
Starring Bing Crosby, Jane Wyman, Alexis Smith, Franchot Tone, James Barton, Robert Keith, Jacques Gencel, H.B. Warner, Beverly Washburn, Nicholas Joy, Connie Gilchrist, Ian Wolfe
cover Hi Diddle Diddle
1943 movie • 72min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical
Directed by Andrew L. Stone
Written by Andrew L. Stone, Edmund L. Hartmann, Frederick J. Jackson
When the bride's mother is supposedly swindled out of her money by a spurned suitor, the groom's father orchestrates a scheme of his own to set things right. He is aided by a cabaret singer, while placating a jealous wife.
Music by Phil Boutelje
Created by Edward Finney, Andrew L. Stone
Starring Adolphe Menjou, Martha Scott, Pola Negri, Dennis O'Keefe, Billie Burke, June Havoc, Walter Kingsford, Barton Hepburn, Georges Metaxa, Marek Windheim, Eddie Marr, Paul Porcasi
cover High Hat
1937 movie • 70min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Music, Romance
Directed by Clifford Sanforth
Written by Sherman L. Lowe, Alma Sioux Scarberry
An opera singer whose career is on the wane finds newfound fame doing popular songs on the radio.
Music by Ross DiMaggio, Oliver Wallace
Created by Clifford Sanforth
Starring Frank Luther, Dorothy Dare, Lona Andre, Gavin Gordon, Franklin Pangborn, Esther Muir, Ferdinand Munier, Robert Warwick, Clarence Muse, Harry Harvey, Jack Edwards Jr., Sam Edwards
cover Hollywood or Bust
1956 movie • 95min
6.6 ★★★   1k   Comedy, Musical
Directed by Frank Tashlin
Written by Frank Tashlin, Erna Lazarus
A singer who can't pay his bookie joins a nerdy, star-struck movie fan and his Great Dane in a cross-country convertible ride to Hollywood.
Music by Norman Luboff, Charles O'Curran, Walter Scharf
Created by Paul Nathan, Hal B. Wallis
Starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Pat Crowley, Maxie Rosenbloom, Anita Ekberg, Richard Alexander, Valerie Allen, Leon Alton, Adelle August, Alex Ball, Nick Borgani, Paul Bradley
cover Home in Oklahoma
1946 movie • 72min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Music, Western
Directed by William Witney
Written by Gerald Geraghty
Roy edits a small town newspaper. A rancher is murdered, and his fortune is inherited by a young boy. Editor Roy, with the assistance (?) of big city reporter Dale, brings the killers to justice.
Music by R. Dale Butts, Morton Scott
Created by Edward J. White
Starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans, Carol Hughes, George Meeker, Lanny Rees, Ruby Dandridge, George Lloyd, Arthur Space, Frank Reicher, George M. Carleton
cover The House I Live In
1945 movie • 11min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Music
Directed by Mervyn LeRoy
Written by Albert Maltz
Frank Sinatra teaches a group of young boys a lesson in religious tolerance.
Music by Axel Stordahl
Created by Mervyn LeRoy, Frank Ross
Starring Frank Sinatra, Teddy Infuhr, Harry McKim, Ronnie Ralph, Merrill Rodin, Axel Stordahl
cover IXE-13
1972 movie • 115min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Adventure, Comedy, Musical
Directed by Jacques Godbout
Written by Jacques Godbout, Pierre DaigneaultFrench
The (french-)canadian first-rate spy have to fight with a chinese woman spy working for the nazis and in love with him.
Created by Pierre Gauvreau
Starring Louise Forestier, André Dubois, Serge Grenier, Marc Laurendeau, Marcel Saint-Germain, Louisette Dussault, Carole Laure, Luce Guilbeault, Diane Arcand, Suzanne Kay, Sky Low Low, Little Brutus
cover Idaho
1943 movie • 70min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Comedy, Music, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Roy Chanslor, Olive Cooper
A deputy sets out to prove that a respected judge, who had once been a criminal, is being framed for crimes committed by a crooked saloon owner.
Music by Herman Hand, Gil Grau, Morton Scott
Created by Joseph Kane
Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Bob Nolan, Sons of the Pioneers, Virginia Grey, Harry Shannon, Ona Munson, Dick Purcell, Onslow Stevens, Arthur Hohl, Hal Taliaferro, Mitchell Boy Choir The Robert
cover In Old Cheyenne
1941 movie • 58min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Action, Music, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by John W. Krafft, Olive Cooper
Roy is a newspaper reporter. He goes to Cheyenne to cover the activities of supposed bad guy Arapahoe Brown. Roy, of course, discovers who the real bad guy is.
Music by Eddie Cherkose, Ross DiMaggio, Cy Feuer, Mort Glickman
Created by Joseph Kane
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Joan Woodbury, J. Farrell MacDonald, Sally Payne, George Rosener, William Haade, Hal Taliaferro, Jack Kirk, Chuck Baldra, William 'Billy' Benedict, Bob Burns
cover In Old Santa Fe
1934 movie • 64min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Action, Crime, Music, Romance, Western
Directed by David Howard, Joseph Kane
Written by Wallace MacDonald, Colbert Clark, John Rathmell
Kentucky loses his horse in a rigged horse race and gets framed for the murder of a stagecoach driver.
Music by Heinz Roemheld, Harold Lewis, Howard Jackson, Bob Nolan
Created by Victor Zobel, Nat Levine
Starring Ken Maynard, Tarzan, Evalyn Knapp, H.B. Warner, Kenneth Thomson, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Wheeler Oakman, George Burton, George Chesebro, Gene Autry, Silver Tip Baker, Alice Belcher
cover Indiscreet
1931 movie • 92min
7.7 ★★★★★   1k   Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
Directed by Leo McCarey
Written by Buddy G. DeSylva, Lew Brown
A young woman jeopardizes the relationship with the man she loves when a no-account from her past shows up.
Music by Alfred Newman, Diana Gaylen
Created by Lew Brown, Buddy G. DeSylva, Ray Henderson
Starring Gloria Swanson, Ben Lyon, Monroe Owsley, Barbara Kent, Arthur Lake, Maude Eburne, Henry Kolker, Nella Walker, Jack Byron, Jay Eaton, Adolph Faylauer, James Ford
cover The Inspector General
1949 movie • 102min
6.8 ★★★   2k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Henry Koster
Written by Philip Rapp, Harry Kurnitz, Nikolay Gogol
A town's corrupt officials think a fool is actually an investigator in disguise.
Music by Paul Salamunovich, Johnny Green
Created by Sylvia Fine, Jerry Wald
Starring Danny Kaye, Walter Slezak, Barbara Bates, Elsa Lanchester, Gene Lockhart, Alan Hale, Walter Catlett, Rhys Williams, Benny Baker, Leonard Bremen, Robert Cherry, Frank Conlan
cover Jack and the Beanstalk
1952 movie • 70min
6.1 ★★   2k   Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Jean Yarbrough
Written by Nathaniel Curtis, Pat Costello
Abbott & Costello's version of the famous fairy tale, about a young boy who trades the family cow for magic beans.
Music by Norman Luboff, Heinz Roemheld, Raoul Kraushaar
Created by Lou Costello, Pat Costello, Alex Gottlieb
Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Dorothy Ford, Buddy Baer, Barbara Brown, David Stollery, William Farnum, Arthur Shields, Shaye Cogan, James Alexander, Johnny Conrad, Mel Blanc
cover Jesse James at Bay
1941 movie • 56min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Action, Comedy, Music, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by James R. Webb, Harrison Jacobs
Jesse James joins with Missouri settlers in their battle with rich, land-grabbing railroad tycoons.
Music by Leo Erdody, Darrell Calker, Ross DiMaggio, Cy Feuer
Created by Joseph Kane
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Sally Payne, Pierre Watkin, Ivan Miller, Hal Taliaferro, Gale Storm, Roy Barcroft, Jack Kirk, Rick Anderson, Chuck Baldra, Hank Bell
cover Jivin' in Be-Bop
1946 movie • 59min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Leonard Anderson, Spencer Williams
Written by Powell Lindsay
A musical film in the style of a documentary, featuring 19 musical and dance numbers, by many notable musicians.
Created by William Alexander
Starring Dizzy Gillespie, Freddie Carter, Sahji, Helen Humes, James Moody, Milt Jackson, Ray Brown, Audrey Armstrong, Dolores Brown, Ralph Brown, Dan Burley, Dave Burns
cover John Mayer: Someday I'll Fly
2014 movie • 66min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Eastwood AllenEnglish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
John Mayer: Someday I'll Fly is a fan-made feature documentary chronicling the musical evolution of one of the most influential solo artists of his generation. Acclaimed singer/songwriter John Mayer.
Starring John Mayer, Steve Jordan, Pino Palladino, David Labruyere, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tony Bennett, Eric Clapton, Gary Clark Jr., Clay Cook, Buddy Guy, Jay Z, Alicia Keys
cover Johnny Physical Lives
2015 movie • 22min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Music
Directed by Joshua Neuman
Written by Joshua Neuman
A young man battling leukemia draws incredible strength from the rock n' roll in his blood.
Created by Edet Belzberg, Kimya Dawson, Trevor Hall
cover Jours de plaine
1990 movie • 6min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Musical
Directed by Réal Bérard, André Leduc
Written by Réal BérardFrench
A musical celebration of the French Canadian heritage in the Canadian West.
Created by Thérèse Descary, Guy Maguire
cover Juke-Bar
1990 movie • 10min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Animation, Musical
Directed by Martin Barry
Written by Martin Barry
With the arrival of a new juke-box in a snack-bar, the cockroaches' life becomes suddenly a little more animated.
Music by Pascal Véraquin, Louis Hone
Created by Robert Forget, Yves Leduc
Starring Louis Saraïva, François Bottega, Pierre Mailloux
cover Jumping Jacks
1952 movie • 96min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical
Directed by Norman Taurog
Written by Frederic I. Rinaldo, Robert Lees, Herbert Baker
Nightclub comic Hap Smith assumes the identity of another soldier so he can tour army bases in a revue with his ex-partner Chuck Allen.
Music by Sidney Cutner, Joseph J. Lilley, Leo Shuken, Gus Levene
Created by Hal B. Wallis
Starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Mona Freeman, Don DeFore, Robert Strauss, Richard Erdman, Ray Teal, Marcy McGuire, Danny Arnold, Dorothy Adamson, Paul Bradley, Drew Cahill
cover Kiki
1931 movie • 87min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Musical
Directed by Sam Taylor
Written by André Picard, David Belasco, Sam TaylorEnglish, French
Kiki, a French chorus girl is desperate to get into and be someone in show business, come what may.
Music by Alfred Newman
Created by Mary Pickford, Sam Taylor
Starring Mary Pickford, Reginald Denny, Joseph Cawthorn, Margaret Livingston, Phil Tead, Fred Walton, Edwin Maxwell, George Davis, Betty Grable, Edmund Mortimer, Fred Warren, Blue Washington
cover King Solomon's Mines
1937 movie • 77min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Drama, Musical, Romance, Thriller
Directed by Robert Stevenson, Geoffrey Barkas
Written by Roland Pertwee, H. Rider Haggard, Michael Hogan
White hunter Allan Quartermain and his enigmatic guide help a young Irish woman locate her missing father in unexplored Darkest Africa.
Music by Louis Levy, Eric Maschwitz
Starring Paul Robeson, Cedric Hardwicke, Roland Young, John Loder, Anna Lee, Arthur Sinclair, Robert Adams, Arthur Goullet, Tony Wane, Makubalo Hlubi, Mjujwa, Sydney Fairbrother
cover King of Jazz
1930 movie • 99min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Comedy, Music, Musical
Directed by John Murray Anderson
Written by Edward T. Lowe Jr., Charles MacArthur, Harry Ruskin
American Pre-Code color film starring Paul Whiteman and his Jazz orchestra.
Music by Billy Rose, Ferde Grofé Sr., George Gershwin, James Dietrich, Milton Ager
Created by Carl Laemmle Jr.
Starring Paul Whiteman, John Boles, Laura La Plante, Jeanette Loff, Glenn Tryon, William Kent, Slim Summerville, Boys The Rhythm, Kathryn Crawford, Carla Laemmle, Stanley Smith, George Chiles
cover King of the Cowboys
1943 movie • 67min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Music, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by J. Benton Cheney, Hal Long, Olive Cooper
Saboteurs are blowing up government warehouses (during World War II). Roy and his pals work undercover to put an end to their operations.
Music by Paul Sawtell, Marlin Skiles, Morton Scott
Created by Harry Grey
Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Bob Nolan, Sons of the Pioneers, Peggy Moran, Gerald Mohr, Dorothea Kent, Lloyd Corrigan, James Bush, Russell Hicks, Irving Bacon, Norman Willis
cover Kurt & Courtney
1998 movie • 95min
6.1 ★★   6k   Documentary, Crime, Music
Directed by Nick Broomfield
A documentary on the life of Kurt Cobain and his relationship with Courtney Love.
Created by Nick Broomfield, Michele d'Acosta, Nick Fraser
Starring Nick Broomfield, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Mari Earle, Tracey Marander, Alice Wheeler, Hank Harrison, Rozz Rezabek, Amy Squier, Tom Grant, Dylan Carlson, Al Bowman
cover Kurt Cobain About a Son
2006 movie • 96min
7.4 ★★★★   3k   Documentary, Music
Directed by AJ Schnack
In this visual essay style documentary, intimate audio of journalist Michael Azerrad's interviews with Kurt Cobain is played over more recently photographed footage of Cobain's Washington state homes and haunts.
Music by Linda Cohen, Benjamin Gibbard, Steve Fisk
Created by Ravi Anne, Michael Azerrad, Chris Green
Starring Kurt Cobain, Nathan Streifel, Michael Azerrad, Courtney Love
cover La poulette grise
1947 movie • 6min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Musical
Directed by Norman McLaren
An experimental short film of images and music made by Norman McLaren.
Created by Norman McLaren
cover Lady of Burlesque
1943 movie • 91min
6.4 ★★   1k   Comedy, Music, Mystery, Romance
Directed by William A. Wellman
Written by James Gunn, Gypsy Rose Lee
After one member of their group is murdered, the performers at a burlesque house must work together to find out who the killer is before they strike again.
Music by Maurice De Packh
Created by Hunt Stromberg
Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Michael O'Shea, J. Edward Bromberg, Iris Adrian, Gloria Dickson, Victoria Faust, Stephanie Bachelor, Charles Dingle, Marion Martin, Pete Gordon, Frank Fenton, Pinky Lee
cover The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain
2007 tv movie • 79min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by John Dower
Written by John Dower
The week before Kurt Cobain was found dead from a single gunshot, he went missing. His whereabouts for that week has remained a mystery until now. But for the first time, the story of what happened to him can now be told, using the testimony of peopl..
Music by Louise Brown, Mai Tamura, David Benjamin Steinberg
Created by Fenton Bailey, John Dower, Johnni Javier
Starring Charles Cross, Harvey Ottinger, Alice Wheeler, Leland Cobain, Hilary Richrod, Nial Stimson, Dave Reed, Tracey Marander, Melinda, Charles Peterson, Chad Channing, Duff McKagan
cover Lay That Rifle Down
1955 movie • 71min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Music, Romance
Directed by Charles Lamont
Written by Barry Shipman
Judy works for a pittance as a char in her aunt's hotel. To add spice to her life she enrols on a charm course but it's a scam. Soon the swindlers show up and plan to use her to con her aunt out of her money.
Music by Ned Freeman
Created by Sidney Picker
Starring Judy Canova, Robert Lowery, Jil Jarmyn, Jacqueline deWit, Richard Deacon, Robert Burton, James Bell, Leon Tyler, Tweeny Canova, Marjorie Bennett, Paul E. Burns, Edmund Cobb
cover Le petit café
1931 movie • 85min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Ludwig Berger
Written by Tristan Bernard, Percy Heath, Battaille-HenriFrench
Le petit Cafè is the alternate, French language version of PLAYBOY OF PARIS.
Music by Newell Chase, Richard A. Whiting, Leo Robin
Created by Ludwig Berger
Starring Maurice Chevalier, Yvonne Vallée, Tania Fédor, André Berley, Emile Chautard, Françoise Rosay, George Davis, Jacques Jou-Jerville, André Baugé, Pierre de Ramey, Sonia Sebor
cover Let's Sing Again
1936 movie • 70min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Drama, Family, Musical
Directed by Kurt Neumann
Written by Daniel Jarrett, Don Swift
An orphan (Eight-year-old boy soprano Bobby Breen) gets a chance to sing opera in New York
Music by Abe Meyer, Hugo Riesenfeld
Created by Sol Lesser
Starring Bobby Breen, Henry Armetta, George Houston, Vivienne Osborne, Grant Withers, Inez Courtney, Lucien Littlefield, Richard Carle, Clay Clement, Ann Doran, Spencer Charters, Douglas Deems
cover Lichtspiel Opus 1.
1921 movie • 13min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Music
Directed by Walter Ruttmann
Against a dark background, several bright, curved or rounded shapes pulse towards the center of the screen, one at a time. They are followed by many other shapes, some irregular, some pointed, others rounded. The abstract shapes move into or across t..
Created by Walter Ruttmann
cover The Little Colonel
1935 movie • 81min
7.1 ★★★★   1k   Comedy, Family, Musical
Directed by David Butler
Written by Anne Fellows Johnston, William M. Conselman
After Southern belle Elizabeth Lloyd runs off to marry Yankee Jack Sherman, her father, a former Confederate colonel during the Civil War, vows to never speak to her again. Several years pass and Elizabeth returns to her home town with her young daug..
Music by Cyril J. Mockridge, Arthur Lange
Created by Buddy G. DeSylva
Starring Shirley Temple, Lionel Barrymore, Evelyn Venable, John Lodge, Sidney Blackmer, Stephen Chase, William Burress, Frank Darien, Robert Warwick, Hattie McDaniel, Geneva Williams, Avonne Jackson
cover The Little Princess
1939 movie • 93min
7.3 ★★★★   5k   Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical
Directed by Walter Lang, William A. Seiter
Written by Walter Ferris, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Ethel HillEnglish, Hindi
A little girl is left by her father in an exclusive seminary for girls, due to her father having to go to South Africa to fight in the Second Boer War.
Music by Louis Silvers, Samuel Pokrass, Herbert W. Spencer, Walter Bullock
Created by Gene Markey
Starring Shirley Temple, Richard Greene, Anita Louise, Ian Hunter, Cesar Romero, Arthur Treacher, Mary Nash, Sybil Jason, Miles Mander, Marcia Mae Jones, Beryl Mercer, Deidre Gale
cover Lonely Boy
1963 movie • 27min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Music
Directed by Wolf Koenig, Roman Kroitor
A documentary chronicling the career of teen singing star Paul Anka (the title is taken from one of his hit songs).
Created by Tom Daly, Roman Kroitor
Starring Paul Anka, Jules Podell
cover Lost in Sound
2017 movie • 8min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance
Directed by Adam Neustadter
Written by Adam Neustadter
A woman, whose life has been accompanied by a cinematic score, struggles to connect with people.
Created by Chris Gallivan, James Iha, Adam Neustadter
Starring Alex Beh, Tate Ellington, Nora Zehetner
cover Lumberjack
1944 movie • 65min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Drama, Music, Western
Directed by Lesley Selander
Written by Barry Shipman, Norman Houston, Clarence E. Mulford
Julie's husband has been murdered and land agents want her to sign away her property rights. Hoppy warns against this but she does so anyway. It looks as though she will be unable to deliver the timber called for in her agreement. Hoppy has to make t..
Music by Irvin Talbot, Hugo Friedhofer, John Leipold, Gerard Carbonara, David Buttolph
Created by Lewis J. Rachmil, Harry Sherman
Starring William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jimmy Rogers, Douglass Dumbrille, Ellen Hall, Francis McDonald, Ethel Wales, Hal Taliaferro, Charles Morton, Herbert Rawlinson, Frances Morris, John Whitney
cover Man from Music Mountain
1938 movie • 58min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Comedy, Music, Romance, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Bernard McConville, Betty Burbridge, Luci Ward
When nasty land developers try to bilk honest ranchers who don't know their land holds lots of gold, Gene puts a stop to it.
Music by Raoul Kraushaar
Created by Charles E. Ford
Starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Carol Hughes, Sally Payne, Ivan Miller, Ed Cassidy, Lew Kelly, Howard Chase, Al Terry, Frankie Marvin, Earl Dwire, Lloyd Ingraham
cover Manhattan Merry-Go-Round
1937 movie • 89min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Music
Directed by Charles Reisner
Written by Harry Sauber, Frank HummertEnglish, Italian
Gangsters take control of a record company and use toughguy tactics on unwilling performers.
Music by Harry Grey, Clarence Wheeler, Alberto Colombo
Created by Nat Levine, Harry Sauber
Starring Phil Regan, Leo Carrillo, Ann Dvorak, Tamara Geva, James Gleason, Gene Autry, Ted Lewis and His Orchestra, Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra, Kay Thompson and Her Ensemble, Joe DiMaggio, Henry Armetta, Luis Alberni
cover Meet the Boyfriend
1937 movie • 63min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Music, Romance
Directed by Ralph Staub
Written by Robert Arthur, Jack Raymond, Bradford Ropes
A heartthrob singer, Tony Paige, also known as "America's Boyfriend" decides to wed a Swedish actress. His manager doesn't want this because he is afraid of Tony losing female fans so he takes up a 300 hundred thousand dollar insurance policy if Tony..
Music by Smiley Burnette, Harry Tobias, Roy Ingraham, Alberto Colombo
Created by Colbert Clark
Starring Robert Paige, Carol Hughes, Warren Hymer, Pert Kelton, Andrew Tombes, Gwili Andre, Ed 'Oscar' Platt, Lou Fulton, Smiley Burnette, Leonid Kinskey, Syd Saylor, Selmer Jackson
cover Miss London Ltd.
1943 movie • 99min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical
Directed by Val Guest
Written by Marriott Edgar, Val Guest
Terry Arden (Evelyn Dall) travels to England to take over her half of her late fathers dating service run by Arthur Bowman (Arthur Askey). An enjoyable musical comedy.
Music by Louis Levy, Bob Busby, Manning Sherwin, Val Guest
Created by Edward Black
Starring Arthur Askey, Evelyn Dall, Anne Shelton, Peter Graves, Jack Train, Max Bacon, Jean Kent, Richard Hearne, Sheila Bligh, Noni Brooke, Hilda Campbell-Russell, Virginia Keiley
cover Molly and Me
1945 movie • 77min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical
Directed by Lewis Seiler
Written by Frances Marion, Roger Burford, Leonard Praskins
A vivacious actress needing work becomes a housekeeper for a crusty retired politician, and gives his life the shaking-up that it needs.
Music by Arthur Morton, Maurice De Packh, Emil Newman, Vinton Vernon, David Buttolph
Created by Robert Bassler
Starring Gracie Fields, Monty Woolley, Roddy McDowall, Reginald Gardiner, Natalie Schafer, Edith Barrett, Clifford Brooke, Aminta Dyne, Queenie Leonard, Doris Lloyd, Patrick O'Moore, Lewis L. Russell
cover Mystery at the Burlesque
1949 movie • 70min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Drama, Musical, Mystery
Directed by Val Guest
Written by Val Guest
A man watching a musical show at the Windmill theatre is shot apparently from the stage. The cast continues the performance so that the detective can solve the murder.
Music by Philip Martell, Ronald Hanmer
Created by Daniel M. Angel, Nat Cohen
Starring Garry Marsh, Jon Pertwee, Jack Livesey, Eliot Makeham, Jimmy Edwards, Diana Decker, Donald Clive, Theatre Troupe The Windmill, Jill Anstey, Peter Butterworth, Ivan Craig, Anita D'Ray
cover Narcissus
1983 movie • 22min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Musical, Short
Directed by Norman McLaren
A balletic interpretation of the Greek myth in which dancers enact the tragedy of the beautiful youth who condemns himself to a trapped existence through excessive self-love.
Music by Margot Morris, Robert Langevin, John Newmark, Louis Hone
Created by Derek Lamb, Douglas Macdonald, David Verrall
Starring Jean-Louis Morin, Sylvie Kinal, Sylvain Lafortune
cover Nico Icon
1995 movie • 70min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Susanne Ofteringer
Written by Susanne OfteringerEnglish, German
A look into the many lives of Christa Päffgen, otherwise known as Nico; from cutie German mädchen to the first of the supermodels, to glamorous diva of the Velvet Underground, to cult item, junkie and hag. Many faces for the same woman, whom, you rea..
Created by Thomas Mertens, Peter Nadermann, Annette Pisacane
Starring Nico, Tina Aumont, Christian Päffgen, Edith Boulogne, Jackson Browne, John Cale, Danny Fields, Carlos De Maldonado-Bostock, Jonas Mekas, Paul Morrissey, Sterling Morrison, Billy Name
cover Nighttime in Nevada
1948 movie • 67min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Music, Western
Directed by William Witney
Written by Sloan Nibley
The bad guy steals a gold mine from his partner and then murders him. Next he turns to rustling cattle.
Music by Stanley Wilson, Ernest Gold, Charles Maxwell, Morton Scott
Created by Edward J. White
Starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, Adele Mara, Andy Devine, Grant Withers, Marie Harmon, Joseph Crehan, George M. Carleton, Mike Ragan, Steve Darrell, James Nolan, Hank Patterson
cover No Limit
1935 movie • 80min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical, Sport
Directed by Monty Banks
Written by Walter Greenwood, Thomas J. Geraghty, Fred Thompson
George Shuttleworth is convinced that he has the talent to win the Isle of Man TT races, despite what his neighbours back home in Wigan may think. During the trials, the brakes go on George's bike, 'The Shuttleworth Snap', which he made himself. As a..
Music by Ernest Irving
Created by Basil Dean
Starring George Formby, Florence Desmond, Howard Douglas, Beatrix Fielden-Kaye, Peter Gawthorne, Alf Goddard, Florence Gregson, Jack Hobbs, Eve Lister, Edward Rigby, Evelyn Roberts, Ernest Sefton
cover The Nomi Song
2004 movie • 98min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Andrew Horn
Written by Andrew HornEnglish, German
Having failed to break into professional opera in his native Germany (where, as an usher in West Berlin's Deutsche Oper, he would serenade the staff after the 'real' performances were over) the diminutive Klaus Nomi headed for NYC in 1972. The vibran..
Music by Richard Barone
Created by Anne Even, Achim Michael Hasenberg, Andrew Horn
Starring Klaus Nomi, Ann Magnuson, Gabriele Lafari, David McDermott, Page Wood, Tony Frere, Man Parrish, Kristian Hoffman, Ron Johnsen, Kenny Scharf, Anthony Scibelli, Alan Platt
cover Nothing But the Beat
2011 movie • 66min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Musical
Directed by Huse Monfaradi
A look at the life, work and influence of French DJ David Guetta.
Music by Danny Zook, Cameron Redovian, Christophe Piot, Corey Lloyd
Created by Jacqui Edenbrow, Sasha Nixon, Umut Ozaydinli
Starring Afrojack, Akon, Avicii, Taio Cruz, Fatboy Slim, David Guetta, LMFAO, Ludacris, David Morales, Usher Raymond, Flo Rida, Kelly Rowland
cover Oasis: Definitely Maybe
2004 video movie • 59min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Dick Carruthers, Nigel Dick, Carlos Grasso
Retrospective documentary on the making of Definitely Maybe, the 1994 debut album by British rock band Oasis.
Created by Dick Carruthers, Anouk Fontaine, Emma Greengrass
Starring Anthony Griffiths, Chris Griffiths, Mani, Keith Cameron, Marcus Russell, Alan McGee, Mark Coyle, Tim Abbot, Chris Abbot, Gem Archer, Phil Smith, Jason Rhodes
cover Ocean's 11
1960 movie • 127min
6.6 ★★★   18k   Comedy, Crime, Music, Thriller
Directed by Lewis Milestone
Written by George Clayton Johnson, Harry Brown, Charles Lederer
Danny Ocean gathers a group of his World War II compatriots to pull off the ultimate Las Vegas heist. Together the eleven friends plan to rob five Las Vegas casinos in one night.
Music by Nelson Riddle, Jimmy Wyble, Arthur Morton, Gil Grau
Created by Lewis Milestone, Henry W. Sanicola
Starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Angie Dickinson, Richard Conte, Cesar Romero, Patrice Wymore, Joey Bishop, Akim Tamiroff, Henry Silva, Ilka Chase
cover Oh... Rosalinda!!
1955 movie • 101min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Musical
Directed by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Written by Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell
"Die Fledermaus" (The Bat) is the pseudonym adopted by Dr. Falke. Floating on the buoyant waltzes of Strauss, this Viennese romp is sure to please. Disguises, tricks, and every kind of deception combine to reveal a would-be cheat in hot pursuit of hi..
Music by Frederic Lewis, Alois Melichar
Created by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, Sydney Streeter
Starring Anthony Quayle, Anton Walbrook, Dennis Price, Ludmilla Tchérina, Michael Redgrave, Mel Ferrer, Anneliese Rothenberger, Oskar Sima, Richard Marner, Nicholas Bruce, Arthur Mullard, Roy Kinnear
cover An Old-Fashioned Girl
1949 movie • 82min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical
Directed by Arthur Dreifuss
Written by McElbert Moore, Arthur Dreifuss, Louisa May Alcott
A young woman leaves home to earn money for the family, which is not the norm for her sex and social standing.
Music by Herschel Burke Gilbert, Walter Sheets, Joseph Mullendore
Created by Arthur Dreifuss, Joseph Levinson
Starring Gloria Jean, Jimmy Lydon, John Hubbard, Frances Rafferty, Elinor Donahue, Irene Ryan, Douglas Wood, Barbara Brier, Claire Whitney, Rosemary La Planche, Quenna Norla, Shirley Mills
cover On the Old Spanish Trail
1947 movie • 75min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Action, Music, Western
Directed by William Witney
Written by Sloan Nibley, Gerald Geraghty
With a $10,000 note Roy co-signed for the Pioneers due, Roy plans to get the money from the reward for the capture of the Gypsy. After he captures him he lets him go realizing he is innocent and it's not long before the real outlaws show their hand.
Music by Morton Scott, Mort Glickman, Nathan Scott, R. Dale Butts, Maurice Goldman
Created by Edward J. White
Starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, Tito Guízar, Jane Frazee, Andy Devine, Estelita Rodriguez, Charles McGraw, Fred Graham, Steve Darrell, Marshall Reed, Wheaton Chambers, Bob Nolan
cover One Rainy Afternoon
1936 movie • 81min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Rowland V. Lee
Written by Maurice Hanline, Stephen Morehouse Avery, Emeric Pressburger
Actor Philippe Martin and his married date Yvonne plan to neck in a darkened cinema, but he gets the wrong seat and mistakenly kisses lovely Monique, a publisher's daughter. An absurd scandal results; to protect Yvonne, Philippe insists that he was s..
Music by Alfred Newman, Hugo Friedhofer, Edward B. Powell
Created by Jesse L. Lasky, Mary Pickford
Starring Francis Lederer, Ida Lupino, Hugh Herbert, Roland Young, Erik Rhodes, Joseph Cawthorn, Liev De Maigret, Donald Meek, Georgia Caine, Murray Kinnell, Mischa Auer, Richard Carle
cover Our Gang Follies of 1938
1937 movie • 21min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Comedy, Family, Musical, Short
Directed by Gordon Douglas
Written by Jack Jevne
The gang is putting on a show with Alfalfa billed as "King of the Crooners." But Alfalfa abandons the show saying his crooning days are over, and that opera is his true calling. But after taking a nap and dreaming of a successful future in popular mu..
Music by Arthur Morton, Marvin Hatley
Created by Hal Roach, Sidney S. Van Keuren
Starring Our Gang, George 'Spanky' McFarland, Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer, Darla Hood, Eugene 'Porky' Lee, Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas, Georgie Jean LaRue, Tommy Ryan, Annie Ross, Daniel Boone, Frances Bowling, Henry Brandon
cover Our RoboCop Remake
2014 movie • 108min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Action, Comedy, Crime, Musical, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kelsy Abbott, Paul Bartunek, Casey Donahue
Written by Edward Neumeier, Michael Miner, James Atkinson
During The Time When The 2014 Reboot Was Coming Out, Fans Decided To Remake The Original Themselves
Music by Andrew Kaiser
Created by Paul Bartunek, Dawn Cody, Brad Conlin
Starring Chase Fein, Nichole Bagby, Willy Roberts, Hank Friedmann, Scott Yacyshyn, Justin Lazernik, Kate Freund, DeMorge Brown, Cheryl Levine, Anthony Vanchure, Brad Geis, David Seger
cover Palooka
1934 movie • 86min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Music
Directed by Benjamin Stoloff
Written by Gertrude Purcell, Ham Fisher, Jack Jevne
Knobby discovers young hunk Palooka and trains him to fight the reigning champ, also drunken sot, Al McSwatt.
Music by C. Bakaleinikoff
Created by Edward Small
Starring Jimmy Durante, Lupe Velez, Stuart Erwin, Marjorie Rambeau, Robert Armstrong, Mary Carlisle, William Cagney, Thelma Todd, Franklyn Ardell, Tom Dugan, Louise Beavers, Fred 'Snowflake' Toones
cover Pas de deux
1968 movie • 13min
7.9 ★★★★★   1k   Animation, Short, Musical
Directed by Norman McLaren
Two ballet dancers perform a dance enhanced with surreal multi and after-image effect visuals.
Music by Dobre Constantin
Created by Norman McLaren
Starring Margaret Mercier, Vincent Warren
cover Paul McCartney: Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road
2006 episode • 60min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Music
Directed by Simon Hilton
Paul McCartney plays some songs off the album "Chaos & Creation in the Backyard" and some Beatles' songs in the famous Abbey Road Studio, at the same time demonstrating some recording techniques.
Music by Nigel Godrich, Amanda Faulkner
Created by James Chads, Mark Hagen, Anu Krishnan
Starring Nigel Godrich, Paul McCartney, Joby Talbot
cover Pinocchio
1940 movie • 88min
7.5 ★★★★★   115k   Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Directed by Norman Ferguson, T. Hee, Wilfred Jackson
Written by Otto Englander, Carlo Collodi, Ted Sears
A living puppet, with the help of a cricket as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become a real boy.
Music by Hall Johnson Choir, Ned Washington, Leigh Harline, Leo Arnaud, Paul J. Smith
Created by Walt Disney
Starring Jack Bailey, Mel Blanc, Billy Bletcher, Don Brodie, Stuart Buchanan, Walter Catlett, Marion Darlington, Frankie Darro, Cliff Edwards, Dickie Jones, Charles Judels, John McLeish
cover Pot o' Gold
1941 movie • 86min
6.1 ★★   1k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by George Marshall
Written by Monte Brice, Andrew Bennison, Walter DeLeon
Jimmy, the owner of a failed music shop, goes to work with his uncle, the owner of a food factory. Before he gets there, he befriends an Irish family who happens to be his uncle's worst enemy because of their love for music and in-house band who cons..
Music by Jerry Adler, Basil Adlam, Nat Bergman, Dudley Chambers, Louis Forbes
Created by James Roosevelt
Starring James Stewart, Paulette Goddard, Horace Heidt, Charles Winninger, Mary Gordon, Frank Melton, Jed Prouty, Charles Arnt, Dick Hogan, James Burke, Donna Wood, Larry Cotton
cover PressPausePlay
2011 movie • 80min
7.5 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by David Dworsky, Victor Köhler
The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent of people in an unprecedented way, unleashing unlimited creative opportunities. But does democratized culture mean better art, film, music and literature or is true talent ..
Music by Ludvig Franzén, Felix Martinz, Joel Hilme, Carl Åborg
Created by Einar Bodström, Philip Marthinsen, Adam Svanell
Starring Apparat, Ólafur Arnalds, Scott Belsky, Robyn Carlsson, Mike Cosola, André de Ridder, Bill Drummond, Lena Dunham, David Girhammar, Seth Godin, Zach Hancock, Keith Harris
cover Public Cowboy No. 1
1937 movie • 61min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Action, Drama, Music, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Bernard McConville, Oliver Drake
Rustlers using modern technology (airplanes, shortwave radios, refrigerated trucks) are Gene's target.
Music by Felix Bernard, Raoul Kraushaar, Paul Francis Webster, Fleming Allen, Oliver Drake
Created by Sol C. Siegel
Starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Ann Rutherford, William Farnum, Arthur Loft, Frankie Marvin, House Peters Jr., James C. Morton, Maston Williams, Frank LaRue, Milburn Morante, Ray Bennett
cover Punk's Not Dead
2007 movie • 93min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Susan Dynner
On the edge of the 30th anniversary of punk rock, Punk's Not Dead takes you into the sweaty underground clubs, backyard parties, recording studios, and yes, shopping malls and stadium shows where punk rock music and culture continue to thrive. Thirty..
Music by Steve Collins, Julie Sessing
Created by Tim Armstrong, Patrick Nelson Barnes, Susan Dynner
Starring Craig Aaronson, Colin Abrahall, Adri, Lorraine Ali, Quinn Allman, Animal, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tim Armstrong, Brian Baker, Dave Baksh, Brian Barnes, Jay Bentley
cover Rainbow Over Texas
1946 movie • 65min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Music, Western
Directed by Frank McDonald
Written by Max Brand, Gerald Geraghty
Roy visits his home town while on a personal appearance tour. While there he enters a pony express race. To keep him from winning, bad guys try to sabotage Roy's entry. They fail, or course.
Music by John Stransky Jr., Dave Kahn, R. Dale Butts, Joseph Dubin, Morton Scott
Created by Edward J. White
Starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans, Sheldon Leonard, Robert Emmett Keane, Gerald Oliver Smith, Minerva Urecal, George J. Lewis, Kenne Duncan, Pierce Lyden, Dick Elliott
cover Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
1938 movie • 81min
7.1 ★★★★   1k   Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical
Directed by Allan Dwan
Written by Kate Douglas Wiggin, Don Ettlinger, Karl Tunberg
Rebecca's Uncle Harry leaves her with Aunt Miranda who forbids her to associate with show people. But neighbor Anthony Kent is a talent scout who secretly set it up for her to broadcast.
Music by Samuel Pokrass, Mack Gordon, Sidney D. Mitchell, Lew Pollack, Arthur Lange
Created by Raymond Griffith, Jack Jungmeyer, Ben Silvey
Starring Shirley Temple, Randolph Scott, Jack Haley, Gloria Stuart, Phyllis Brooks, Helen Westley, Slim Summerville, Bill Robinson, Raymond Scott and His Quintet, Alan Dinehart, J. Edward Bromberg, Dixie Dunbar
cover Renfrew of the Royal Mounted
1937 movie • 57min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Action, Crime, Music, Western
Directed by Albert Herman
Written by Laurie York Erskine, Charles Logue
Counterfeit bills are being printed in Canada and shipped across the border hidden in blocks of ice. When the counterfeiters force engraver Bronson to make a new plate, he inscribes a tiny help message on it. Renfrew catches a henchman who has one of..
Music by Arthur Kay
Created by Gordon Griffith, Albert Herman
Starring James Newill, Carol Hughes, William Royle, Herbert Corthell, Kenneth Harlan, Dickie Jones, Chief Thundercloud, William Austin, Donald Reed, Lightning, Chris Allen, James Carlisle
cover RiP: A Remix Manifesto
2009 movie • 87min
7.6 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Brett Gaylor
Written by Cynthia Knight, Brett GaylorEnglish, Portuguese
A documentary which examines copyright issues in the information age.
Music by Olivier Alary
Created by Mila Aung-Thwin, Katherine Baulu, Sally Bochner
Starring Cory Doctorow
cover Riders of the Frontier
1939 movie • 58min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Action, Music, Western
Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet
Written by Joseph Levering, Jesse Duffy
THe Rancho Grande, a Texas border ranch, cut off from the law by a gang of outlaws led by ranch foreman Bart Lane (Jack Rutherford), who is holding the elderly owner of the ranch, Sarah Burton (Marin Sais), a prisoner. Tex Lowery (Tex Ritter),an unde..
Music by Frank Sanucci
Created by Edward Finney
Starring Tex Ritter, White Flash, Jack Rutherford, Hal Taliaferro, Olin Francis, Nolan Willis, Roy Barcroft, Merrill McCormick, Mantan Moreland, Edward Cecil, Bruce Mitchell, Jean Joyce
cover Ridin' Down the Canyon
1942 movie • 55min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Music, Western
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Norman Houston, Albert DeMond, Robert Creighton Williams
Those who might write about this film without seeing it might also question why the government needed horses during WW II (if that is all they knew about it from a short synopsis read somewhere), but viewing it one can learn that Jim Fellows, is the ..
Music by Mort Glickman, Morton Scott
Created by Harry Grey
Starring Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Bob Nolan, Sons of the Pioneers, Robert 'Buzz' Henry, Linda Hayes, Addison Richards, Lorna Gray, Olin Howland, James Seay, Hal Taliaferro, Forrest Taylor
cover Rim of the Canyon
1949 movie • 70min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Action, Comedy, Music, Mystery, Romance, Western
Directed by John English
Written by Joseph Chadwick, John K. Butler
Gene Autry's stolen horse turns up in a ghost town where Gene goes after he is left stranded during a stagecoach race.
Music by Paul Mertz, Ross DiMaggio, George Duning, Mischa Bakaleinikoff
Created by Armand Schaefer
Starring Gene Autry, Champion, Nan Leslie, Thurston Hall, Clem Bevans, Walter Sande, Jock Mahoney, Francis McDonald, Alan Hale Jr., Ralph Bucko, Roy Bucko, Bobby Clack
cover Road to Bali
1952 movie • 91min
6.8 ★★★   4k   Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical
Directed by Hal Walker
Written by William Morrow, Hal Kanter, Frank Butler
Two unemployed show-biz pals accept treasure-diving work in Bali for a local princess and they find treasure, love and trouble.
Music by Joseph J. Lilley, Johnny Burke, Gerard Carbonara, Jimmy Van Heusen, Van Cleave
Created by Harry Tugend, Daniel Dare
Starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Murvyn Vye, Peter Coe, Ralph Moody, Leon Askin, Michael Ansara, Besmark Auelua, John Barton, Phil Bloom, Humphrey Bogart
cover Rock River Renegades
1942 movie • 56min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Action, Adventure, Music, Romance, Western
Directed by S. Roy Luby
Written by John Vlahos, Earle Snell, Faith Thomas
Recently elected Marshal Luke Graham falls under suspicion when he's unable to discover the local band of rustlers, which are really led by Jim Dawson, who is also trying to steal Grace Ross, daughter of the local newspaper editor.
Music by Frank Sanucci
Created by Anna Bell Ward, George W. Weeks
Starring Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune, Elmer, Christine McIntyre, John Elliott, Weldon Heyburn, Kermit Maynard, Frank Ellis, Carl Mathews, Richard Cramer, Tex Palmer
cover Royal Wedding
1951 movie • 93min
6.7 ★★★   4k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Stanley Donen
Written by Alan Jay Lerner
A brother and sister dance act encounter challenges and romance when booked in London during the Royal Wedding.
Music by Alan Jay Lerner, Conrad Salinger, Johnny Green, Robert Franklyn, Skip Martin
Created by Arthur Freed
Starring Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford, Sarah Churchill, Keenan Wynn, Albert Sharpe, Bea Allen, Les Baxter, Wilson Benge, Margaret Bert, Francis Bethencourt, Jack Boyle
cover Rubber Johnny
2005 movie • 6min
7.4 ★★★★   2k   Animation, Short, Horror, Music, Sci-Fi
Directed by Chris Cunningham
Written by Aphex Twin
An experimental music video about a wheelchair-bound boy who morphs and moves to an Aphex Twin song. The experience gets weirder when he takes cocaine and everything gets out of control.
Created by Aphex Twin, Steve Beckett, Grant Branton
Starring Elvis, Percy Rutterford, Chris Cunningham
cover Scared Stiff
1953 movie • 108min
6.6 ★★★   1k   Comedy, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Romance
Directed by George Marshall
Written by Walter DeLeon, Ed Simmons, Herbert Baker
Fleeing a murder charge, a busboy and a nightclub singer wind up on a spooky Caribbean island inherited by an heiress.
Music by Van Cleave, Joseph J. Lilley, Gil Grau, Lucien Cailliet
Created by Joseph H. Hazen, Hal B. Wallis
Starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Lizabeth Scott, Carmen Miranda, George Dolenz, Dorothy Malone, William Ching, Paul Marion, Jack Lambert, Tony Barr, Leonard Strong, Henry Brandon
cover Scratch
2001 movie • 92min
7.9 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Doug Pray
A feature-length documentary film about hip-hop DJing, otherwise known as turntablism. From the South Bronx in the 1970s to San Francisco now, the world's best scratchers, beat-diggers, party-rockers, and producers wax poetic on beats, breaks, battle..
Music by Jonathan Hafter, DJ Q-Bert, Mix Master Mike, David Bartlett, Jon L. Fine, Carol Sue Baker
Created by Brad Blondheim, John Carluccio, Albert Hughes
Starring Chali 2na, Marc 7, Afra, Carlos Aguilar, Akil, The Allies, Almighty K.G., Shannon Ames, Dread Archie Jr., Babu, Afrika Bambaataa, Junkies The Beat
cover Shut Up & Sing
2006 movie • 93min
7.7 ★★★★★   4k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Barbara Kopple, Cecilia Peck
A documentary on the Dixie Chicks in the wake of singer Natalie Maines' anti-George W. Bush statement at a 2003 concert.
Music by Marvin Etzioni, Richard Dodd, Paul Reeves, Mike Campbell, Fred Eltringham, Lenny Castro
Created by David Becker, Kelly Brennan, David Cassidy
Starring Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, Martie Maguire, Clayton Allen, Billy B., Paul Beane, Cindi Berger, Barbara Boxer, Aaron Brown, Pat Buchanan, George W. Bush, Randy Carroll
cover Sita Sings the Blues
2008 movie • 82min
7.6 ★★★★★   4k   Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Nina Paley
Written by Nina Paley, Valmiki
An animated version of the epic Indian tale of Ramayana set to the 1920s jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw.
Music by Chris Robertson
Created by Nina Paley
Starring Annette Hanshaw, Aseem Chhabra, Bhavana Nagulapally, Manish Acharya, Reena Shah, Sanjiv Jhaveri, Pooja Kumar, Debargo Sanyal, Aladdin Ullah, Nitya Vidyasagar, Nina Paley, Deepti Gupta
cover Smoke Bomb Boys
2014 movie • 15min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Short, Action, Comedy, Music
Directed by James P. Gannon
Written by Chris Cipriano, Matt Ferrin, James P. Gannon
Created by Chris Cipriano, Matt Ferrin, James P. Gannon
Starring Ashlie Atkinson, Mike Bain, Chris Cipriano, Nick Cipriano, John W. Gannon, Lawrence Jansen
cover Something to Sing About
1937 movie • 93min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical
Directed by Victor Schertzinger
Written by Austin Parker, Victor Schertzinger
A New York bandleader journeys to Hollywood when he is offered a contract with a studio, but he is determined to do things his way and not theirs.
Music by C. Bakaleinikoff, Myrl Alderman, Candy Candido
Created by Zion Myers, Victor Schertzinger
Starring James Cagney, Evelyn Daw, William Frawley, Mona Barrie, Gene Lockhart, Philip Ahn, Marek Windheim, Dwight Frye, Johnny Arthur, William B. Davidson, Richard Tucker, Kathleen Lockhart
cover Sopyonje
1993 movie • 112min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Drama, Music
Directed by Kwon-taek Im
Written by Myung-gon Kim, Chung-Joon LeeKorean
Despite its falling popularity, a father teaches his two children the Korean musical tradition of Pansori (one singer accompanied by one drummer).
Created by Tae-won Lee
Starring Myung-gon Kim, Jung-hae Oh, Kyu-chul Kim, Sae-kil Shin, Byeong-kyeong Ahn, Jae-Hyun Cho
cover State Fair
1945 movie • 100min
7.1 ★★★★   3k   Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
Directed by Walter Lang
Written by Philip Stong, Sonya Levien, Oscar Hammerstein II
The Frake family attends the annual Iowa State Fair; each member of the clan has their own reason for doing so.
Music by Edward B. Powell, Richard Rodgers, Charles Henderson, Alfred Newman, Oscar Hammerstein II
Created by William Perlberg
Starring Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews, Dick Haymes, Vivian Blaine, Charles Winninger, Fay Bainter, Donald Meek, Frank McHugh, Percy Kilbride, Harry Morgan, Jane Nigh, William Marshall
cover Steamboat Willie
1928 movie • 8min
7.7 ★★★★★   6k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Musical
Directed by Ub Iwerks, Walt Disney
Written by Ub Iwerks, Walt Disney
Mickey Mouse, piloting a steamboat, delights his passenger, Minnie, by making musical instruments out of the menagerie on deck.
Music by Green Brothers Novelty Band, Carl Edouarde
Created by Roy O. Disney, Walt Disney
Starring Walt Disney
cover Stigma
2012 movie • 27min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Music
Directed by Phillip Schwartz
Written by Jon Paul Burkhart
Peter's view of the world changes when he receives life altering news. Feeling his humanity like never before, Peter sets out on a journey of self discovery and acceptance.
Created by Jon Paul Burkhart, David Gunning, Phillip Schwartz
Starring Wes Armstrong, Glenda Morgan Brown, Samantha Colburn, Eduardo Enríkez, Jennifer Finchum, Celia Finkelstein, James Thomas Gilbert, Ryan Kibby, Piper Major, Gregory Marcel, Karen Y. McClain, Alistair McKenzie
cover The Stork Club
1945 movie • 98min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical, Romance
Directed by Hal Walker
Written by Jack McGowan, Buddy G. DeSylva
A hat-check girl at the Stork Club (Hutton) saves the life of a drowning man (Fitzgerald). A rich man, he decides to repay her by anonymously giving her a bank account, a luxury apartment and a charge account at a department store. When her boyfriend..
Music by Robert Emmett Dolan, Lloyd Akridge, Billy Daniel, Troy Sanders, Joseph J. Lilley
Created by Harold Wilson, Buddy G. DeSylva
Starring Betty Hutton, Barry Fitzgerald, Don DeFore, Robert Benchley, Bill Goodwin, Iris Adrian, Mikhail Rasumny, Mary Young, Andy Russell, Jean Acker, Sam Ash, Dorothy Barrett
cover Stormy Weather
1943 movie • 78min
7.3 ★★★★   1k   Musical
Directed by Andrew L. Stone
Written by Frederick J. Jackson, H.S. Kraft, Ted Koehler
The relationship between an aspiring dancer and a popular songstress provides a retrospective of the great African American entertainers of the early 1900s.
Music by Arthur Morton, Benny Carter, Emil Newman, Connie Bemis, Ruth Fanchon
Created by William LeBaron
Starring Lena Horne, Bill Robinson, Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra, Katherine Dunham and Her Troupe, Fats Waller, Brothers The Nicholas, Ada Brown, Dooley Wilson, Cab Calloway, Katherine Dunham, Band The Tramp, Doris Ake
cover The Story of Queen: Mercury Rising
2011 movie • 57min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Maureen Goldthorpe
This is the story of one of the worlds greatest rock bands of all time, known for their constant record breaking, sell out tours, chart-topping records and eternal worldwide success. 20 years after the death of frontman Freddie Mercury, the band stil..
Created by Brian Aabech, Maureen Goldthorpe
Starring Mike Cooper, John Deacon, Paul Gambaccini, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor
cover Street Musique
1972 movie • 9min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Music
Directed by Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin's final animated short mixes live-action black-and-white footage of typical street musicians in the city of Montreal with animation synchronized with the music.
Music by Rick Scott, Richard Stone, Dick Tarnoff, Jim Colby, Roland Newton
Created by Ryan Larkin
cover Style Wars
1983 tv movie • 69min
8.2 ★★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Tony Silver
A documentary that exposes the rich growing subculture of hip-hop that was developing in New York City in the late '70s and early '80s, specifically focusing on graffiti art and breakdancing.
Music by Gerry Gershman
Created by Henry Chalfant, Linda Habib, Tony Silver
Starring Demon, Kase 2, Eric Haze, Spank, Trap, Kay Slay, Butch, Skeme, Zone, Min One, Cap, Michael Martin
cover Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise
1980 movie • 60min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Robert Mugge
Robert Mugge filmed jazz great Sun Ra on location in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. between 1978 and 1980. The resulting 60-minute film includes multiple public and private performances, poetry readings, a band rehearsal, interviews, a..
Starring Sun Ra
cover Symphony in Black: A Rhapsody of Negro Life
1935 movie • 9min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Music
Directed by Fred Waller
Written by Milton Hockey, Fred Rath
Duke Ellington plays his symphonic jazz piece ('A Rhapsody of Negro Life') with his orchestra against slice-of-life background scenes. The four movements: 1) The Laborers, 2) A Triangle: Dance, Jealousy, Blues, 3) A Hymn of Sorrow, 4) Harlem Rhythm.
Starring Duke Ellington, Duke Ellington Orchestra, Barney Bigard, Billie Holiday, Joe 'Tricky Sam' Nanton, Earl 'Snake Hips' Tucker
cover Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser
1988 movie • 90min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Charlotte Zwerin
A documentary film about the life of pianist and jazz great Thelonious Monk. Features live performances by Monk and his band, and interviews with friends and family about the offbeat genius.
Created by Clint Eastwood, Bruce Ricker, Charlotte Zwerin
Starring Jimmy Cleveland, Harry Colomby, John Coltrane, Ray Copeland, Nica De Koenigswarter, Tommy Flanagan, Larry Gales, Johnny Griffin, Barry Harris, Bob Jones, Teo Macero, Thelonious Monk Jr.
cover There Is No Authority But Yourself
2006 movie • 64min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Alexander Oey
Created by Vera de Vries, Bruno Felix, Femke Wolting
Starring Steve Ignorant, Eve Libertine, Penny Rimbaud, Gee Vaucher
cover This Is the Army
1943 movie • 121min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Musical, War
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Written by Claude Binyon, Casey Robinson, Irving Berlin
In WWI dancer Jerry Jones stages an all-soldier show on Broadway, called Yip Yip Yaphank. Wounded in the war, he becomes a producer. In WWII his son Johnny Jones, who was before his father's assistant, gets the order to stage a new all-soldier show, ..
Music by Max Steiner, Leo F. Forbstein, Ray Heindorf
Created by Hal B. Wallis, Jack L. Warner
Starring George Murphy, Joan Leslie, George Tobias, Alan Hale, Charles Butterworth, Dolores Costello, Una Merkel, Stanley Ridges, Rosemary DeCamp, Ruth Donnelly, Dorothy Peterson, Frances Langford
cover To Hear Your Banjo Play
1947 movie • 16min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Music
Directed by Irving Lerner, Willard Van Dyke, Charles Korvin
Written by Alan Lomax
Presents the origin of the banjo, the development of southern folk music and its influence upon Americans. Pete Seeger plays his banjo and narrates the story.
Created by Irving Lerner, Willard Van Dyke
Starring Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Baldwin Hawes, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Texas Gladden
cover Tom Waits for No One
1979 movie • 6min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Music, Musical
Directed by John Lamb
Waits sings on the streets.
Created by Bruce Lyon, John Lamb
Starring Tom Waits, Donna Gordon
cover Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom
1953 movie • 10min
7.2 ★★★★   1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Music
Directed by Ward Kimball, Charles A. Nichols
Written by Dick Huemer
A crash course on the history of Western musical instruments.
Created by Walt Disney
Starring The Mellomen, Loulie Jean Norman, Charlie Parlota, Bill Thompson, Gloria Wood
cover The U.S. vs. John Lennon
2006 movie • 99min
7.4 ★★★★   5k   Documentary, Biography, Music, Romance
Directed by David Leaf, John Scheinfeld
Written by John Scheinfeld, David Leaf
A documentary on the life of John Lennon, with a focus on the time in his life when he transformed from a musician into an antiwar activist.
Music by Jeanne Fay, Tricia Holloway, Rob Stevens, Terri DiPaolo, Jay Faires
Created by Brad Abramson, Kevin L. Beggs, Terry Castagnola
Starring John Lennon, Stew Albert, Tariq Ali, Carl Bernstein, Robin Blackburn, Chris Charlesworth, Noam Chomsky, Walter Cronkite, Mario Cuomo, Angela Davis, John Dean, Felix Dennis
cover Uncle Joe
1941 movie • 51min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Comedy, Music
Directed by Howard M. Railsback, William Strohbach
Written by G.M. Rohrbach, Al Weeks
Young girl, sent to the country to avoid the amours of an artist, meets up with her backwards inventor uncle Joe and four country boys, who must all band together to keep the bank from forclosing on a friend of the family.
Starring Slim Summerville, Zasu Pitts, Gale Storm, William B. Davidson, Dorothy Peterson, Dick Hogan, Frank Coghlan Jr., Jimmy Butler, Maynard Holmes, Brenda Henderson, Howard Hickman, John Holland
cover War Dance
2007 movie • 105min
7.9 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Music, War
Directed by Sean Fine, Andrea Nix
Written by Andrea Nix, Sean FineAcholi, English
Three children living in a displacement camp in northern Uganda compete in their country's national music and dance festival.
Music by Pfilbryte, Ryan Dodge, George Acogny, Asche & Spencer, Greg Herzenach, Chris Beaty, Beth Husnik
Created by Keith Brown, Erik Cleage, Douglas Eger
Starring Dominic, Nancy, Rose, Jane Adong, Kitara Coldwell, Joshua Kyallo, Members of Acholi Tribe, Janani Okot, Jolly Okot, Stephen Rwangyezi
cover Wattstax
1973 movie • 103min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy, Music
Directed by Mel Stuart
Documentary covering a Stax Records-sponsored all-day concert at the 1972 Watts Summer Festival with performances by Stax Records artists such as Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas, The Staples Singers, and more.
Music by Wally Heider, Gabriel Gradney, Stephen Hart, Artie King, Ali Adelman
Created by Al Bell, Forest Hamilton, Michael Kelly
Starring The Dramatics, Singers The Staple, Kim Weston, Jimmy Jones, Rance Allen, The Emotions, William Bell, Louise McCord, Debra Manning, Eric Mercury, Freddy Robinson, Lee Sain
cover What the Future Sounded Like
2007 movie • 27min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Music
Directed by Matthew Bate
From Dr Who to The Dark Side of the Moon to modern day dance music, the pioneering members of the Electronic Music Studios radically changed the sound-scape of the 20th Century. What the Future Sounded Like tells this fascinating story of British ele..
Music by Kim Green
Created by Ian Collie, Claire Harris
cover When the Day Breaks
1999 movie • 10min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Musical
Directed by Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby
Written by Wendy Tilby
A chance encounter, a juicy yellow lemon and an unfortunate twist of fate will reveal that the symbiotic relationship between people is inextricable.
Music by Philippe Dunnigan, Kevin Dean, Richard Beaudet, Collin Biggin, David Gossage
Created by Barrie McLean, David Verrall
cover Young at Heart
1954 movie • 117min
6.9 ★★★   2k   Drama, Musical, Romance
Directed by Gordon Douglas
Written by Lenore J. Coffee, Liam O'Brien, Julius J. Epstein
The lives and romances of three sisters in a musical family; the youngest daughter's life is complicated by the subsequent arrival of a charming composer and a cynical music arranger.
Music by Ray Heindorf, André Previn, Bill Miller
Created by Henry Blanke
Starring Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Gig Young, Ethel Barrymore, Dorothy Malone, Robert Keith, Elisabeth Fraser, Alan Hale Jr., Lonny Chapman, Frank Ferguson, Wanda Barbour, Marjorie Bennett