FREE History Films
cover 102 Minutes That Changed America
2008 tv movie • 102min
8.3 ★★★★★★   1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Nicole Rittenmeyer, Seth Skundrick
The morning of September 11, 2001 is shown through multiple video cameras in New York City, from the moment the first WTC tower is hit until after both towers collapse.
Music by Brendon Anderegg
Starring George W. Bush, Joe Napolitano, Kelly Edwards
cover 1911
2011 movie • 121min
6.0 ★★   4k   Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War
Directed by Li Zhang, Jackie Chan
Written by Xingdong Wang, Baoguang ChenMandarin, English, French
A historical drama based on the founding of the Republic of China when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty.
Music by Ding Wei
Starring Jackie Chan, Winston Chao, Bingbing Li, Chun Sun, Joan Chen, Wu Jiang, Jaycee Chan, Ge Hu, Jing Ning, Shaoqun Yu, Yu-Hang To, Zhi-zhong Huang
cover 39 Pounds of Love
2005 movie • 70min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Romance
Directed by Dani Menkin
Written by Dani Menkin, Ilan HeitnerEnglish, Hebrew, Spanish
This is the story of Ami, a man who while unable to move any part of his body, still manages to move each and every one of us, as he teaches us a part of life's intimate dance.
Music by Chris Gubisch
Starring Ami Ankilewitz
cover 420: The Documentary
2013 movie • 92min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History, News
Directed by Amy Povah
Written by Amy Povah
Thousands peacefully smoke pot at 420 events - a stark contrast next to stories of college students, and others, who have been arrested, shot by police, and even murdered for mere possession of pot.
Starring James Ball, David Chavez, Alize Emme, Becky Lea Goodman, Samara Kelly, Nathaniel Peart, Margaux Susi, Ryan Vanduzer
cover Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told
2013 movie • 350min
7.8 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Dennis Wise
Written by Dennis WiseGerman, English
Adolf Hitler, born in Braunau, one man who will change the history of the world forever. It follows...
Starring Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler, George S. Patton, Hanna Reitsch
cover Air Force One
2002 tv movie • 57min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Peter Schnall
Written by Don Campbell
The role of Air Force One in the United States Presidency from FDR to George W. Bush.
Music by Michael Whalen
Starring Robert D. Barr, Barbara Bush, George Bush, George W. Bush, Michael Carroll, Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mamie Eisenhower, Betty Ford
cover Air Guitar Nation
2006 movie • 81min
7.2 ★★★★   1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Alexandra Lipsitz
It's time to rock and roll - air guitar style. AIR GUITAR NATION is the feature documentary about the year that air guitar swept America...
Music by Dan Crane
Starring Dan Crane, David S. Jung, Hadia Ackerman, Lance Kasten, Ryan Kelly, John Filion, Ralph Martin, John Daniel Harding Jr., Lucy Harrison, Rory O'Flaherty, S. Craig Zahler, Paul Fichera
cover Alexander Nevsky
1938 movie • 112min
7.7 ★★★★★   8k   Action, Biography, Drama, History, War
Directed by Sergei M. Eisenstein, Dmitriy Vasilev
Written by Pyotr Pavlenko, Sergei M. EisensteinRussian
The story of how a great Russian prince led a ragtag army to battle an invading force of Teutonic Knights.
Music by Sergei Prokofiev
Starring Nikolay Cherkasov, Nikolai Okhlopkov, Andrei Abrikosov, Dmitriy Orlov, Vasili Novikov, Nikolai Arsky, Varvara Massalitinova, Valentina Ivashova, Aleksandra Danilova, Vladimir Yershov, Sergei Blinnikov, Ivan Lagutin
cover Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse
2013 movie • 90min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, News
Directed by Brian Lindstrom
How the death and life of James Chasse changed a city.
cover Amendment 10/60
2013 movie • 22min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, History, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Directed by Akis Polizos
Written by Akis PolizosGreek
In a post nuclear era where owning books is a felony and the intellectual community is persecuted, a...
Music by Alexandros Sidiropoulos
Starring Orfeas Avgoustidis, Yiorgos Gallos, Alexandros Logothetis, Vicky Papadopoulou, Manos Vakousis
cover American Juggalo
2011 movie • 24min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, News
Directed by Sean Dunne
A look at the often mocked and misunderstood subculture of Juggalos, hardcore Insane Clown Posse fans, who meet once a year for 4 days at The Gathering of the Juggalos.
Music by David Nyman
Starring Vanilla Ice
cover American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
2009 movie • 84min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History, Mystery, News, War
Directed by David Ridgen, Nicolas Rossier
Written by David Ridgen, Nicolas Rossier
About the life and work of controversial American Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein.
Music by Judd Greenstein
Starring Musa Abu-Hashhash, Nidal Barham, Noam Chomsky, Alan M. Dershowitz, Norman Finkelstein, Richard Finkelstein, Raul Hilberg, John Mearsheimer, David Olesker, Len Rudner, Avi Shlaim, Maxine Tsvaigrach
cover American Teacher
2011 movie • 81min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History, News
Directed by Vanessa Roth, Brian McGinn
Weaving interviews of policy experts and startling facts with the lives and careers of four teachers...
Music by Thao Nguyen
Starring Erik Benner, Neil Cavuto, Matt Damon, Linda Darling-Hammond, Jonathan Dearman, Jamie Fidler, Rhena Jasey, Gregory Peters, Rachel Russell, Loran Simon, Zeke Vanderhoek
cover The American West of John Ford
1971 tv movie • 52min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Western
Directed by Denis Sanders
Written by Dan Ford, David H. Vowell
The Western films of iconic director John Ford are fondly remembered by stars James Stewart, Henry Fonda, and John Wayne, with whom he shoots a scene in Monument Valley.
Music by Jack Marshall
Starring John Wayne, James Stewart, Henry Fonda, John Ford, Andy Devine, Olive Carey, Jeffrey Hunter, John Qualen, Mickey Simpson, Pedro Armendáriz, George Bancroft, Paul Birch
cover Anatomy of a Snow Day
2014 movie • 41min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Family, News
Directed by Zachary Maxwell
Written by Zachary Maxwell
When his school remains open during a winter storm, an ambitious young documentary filmmaker searches for answers from the adults calling the shots.
Starring Zachary Maxwell, Lucas Maxwell
cover Angel on My Shoulder
1998 movie • 85min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Donna Deitch
Written by Donna Deitch, Terri Jentz
Documentary about the death from cancer of Gwen Welles, who starred in such films as Nashville, Henry Jaglom's "Eating"...
Starring Donna Deitch, Gwen Welles
cover Anthrax War
2009 tv movie • 90min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History, War
Directed by Bob Coen
Written by Eric Nadler, Bob Coen, Harold Crooks
Filmmakers investigate 2001 anthrax attacks and uncover a nightmare world.
Music by Eric LeMoyne
Starring Bob Coen, Francis E. Boyle, Jean Patterson, Stuart Jacobson, Colin Powell, Steven Jay Hatfill, Bruce Ivins, Richard Spurtsell, Edward J. Epstein, Patrick Leahy, Richard Nixon, Tom Ridge
cover Ape to Man
2005 video movie • 100min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Nic Young
The history of the search for the "missing link" in evolution is told through reenactments and interviews with leading scientists.
Music by Ilan Eshkeri
Starring Leslie Aiello, Joe Cain, Edward Herrmann, Kevin Hudson, Tessa Jubber, Chris Rogers, Thorsten Wedekind
cover Aristotle's Lagoon
2010 tv movie • 58min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   History
Directed by Harry Killas
Written by Armand Leroi
A film that examines Aristotle's discoveries about nature on the island of Lesvos and how they influenced his views on human biology.
Music by Chaz DaBat Kkoshi
Starring Armand Leroi
cover The Assault
2010 movie • 91min
6.1 ★★   2k   Action, History, Thriller
Directed by Julien Leclercq
Written by Gilles Cauture, Julien Leclercq, Simon MoutairouFrench, Arabic
Based on a true story, a SWAT team is tasked with storming a high-jacked Air France plane to save its passengers.
Music by Jean-Jacques Hertz, François Roy
Starring Vincent Elbaz, Grégori Derangère, Mélanie Bernier, Aymen Saïdi, Chems Dahmani, Mohid Abid, Djanis Bouzyani, Marie Guillard, Naturel Le Ruyet, Philippe Bas, Philippe Cura, Grégoire Taulère
cover The Aswang Phenomenon
2011 movie • 86min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History, Horror, Mystery, News, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jordan Clark
Written by Jordan Clark
What would happen if a country of 97 million people were taught at a young age that the boogie man was real...
Music by Charlie Armour
Starring Jordan Clark, Peque Gallaga, Maricel Soriano
cover The Atomic Cafe
1982 movie • 86min
7.7 ★★★★★   3k   Documentary, History
Directed by Jayne Loader, Kevin Rafferty, Pierce Rafferty
Disturbing collection of 1940s and 1950s United States government issued propaganda films designed to reassure Americans that the atomic bomb was not a threat to their safety.
Music by Ray Avery, David Dunaway, Rick Eaker, John Allinson, Richard Bass
Starring Paul Tibbets, Harry S. Truman, W.H.P. Blandy, Brien McMahon, Lloyd Bentsen, Owen Brewster, Julius Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg, Val Peterson, Lyndon Johnson, Lewis Strauss, George Molan
cover Attack in the Pacific
1944 movie • 52min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Crusade in the Pacific is a video series that documents the fighting between the United States and Imperial Japan during and immediately after World War II.
Music by David Raksin
Starring Henry H. Arnold, Alan Brooke, Kai-Shek Chiang, Winston Churchill, Andrew Cunningham, John Dill, James Doolittle, William F. Halsey, Hastings Ismay, Ernest J. King, William D. Leahy, Wei Liu
cover Ballou
2008 movie • 90min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Michael Patrei
Written by Michael Patrei, Fernanda Rossi
Ballou , a documentary film, follows the talented Washington, DC, Ballou Senior High School Marching Band...
Music by Jeff Suszczynski
Starring Marion Barry Jr., Chuck Brown, Lewis Franklin, Denyce Graves, Rhia Hardman, Kenneth Horne, Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Darrell Watson
cover Banaz: A Love Story
2012 movie • 69min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Crime, Drama
Directed by Deeyah Khan, Darin Prindle
Written by Hamilton Craig, Darin Prindle, Honora Foah
This is a documentary film chronicling the brutal Honour Killing of Banaz Mahmod, a young British Kurdish woman in London, killed by her own family for choosing a life for herself.
Music by L. Subramaniam
Starring Nazir Afzal, Bobbie Cheema, Andy Craig, Caroline Goode, Banaz Mahmod, Bekhal Mahmod, Diana Nammi, Joanne Payton, Stuart Reeves, Palbinder Singh, Victor Temple
cover A Band Called Death
2012 movie • 96min
7.5 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Mark Christopher Covino, Jeff Howlett
A documentary on the 1970s punk trio Death, and their new-found popularity decades after they disbanded.
Music by Sam Retzer, Tim Boland
Starring Dannis Hackney, Bobby Hackney, David Hackney, Robbie Duncan, Kathleen, Earl V. Hackney Jr., Victor Veve, Majora Florida Hackney, Victor Twiggs, The Beatles, The Who, Don Davis
cover Battleship Potemkin
1925 movie • 75min
8.0 ★★★★★★   41k   Drama, History
Directed by Sergei M. Eisenstein
Written by Nikolai Aseyev, Sergei M. Eisenstein, Nina AgadzhanovaRussian
A dramatized account of a great Russian naval mutiny and a resulting street demonstration which brought on a police massacre.
Music by Yati Durant, Eric Allaman, Vladimir Heifetz, Chris Lowe, Nikolai Kryukov
Starring Aleksandr Antonov, Vladimir Barsky, Grigori Aleksandrov, Ivan Bobrov, Mikhail Gomorov, Aleksandr Levshin, N. Poltavtseva, Konstantin Feldman, Prokopenko, A. Glauberman, Beatrice Vitoldi, Daniil Antonovich
cover Beating the Bomb
2010 movie • 70min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Wolfgang Matt, Meera Patel
This is a film about the biggest weapons of mass destruction ever created. It is about the people who use them, more importantly it is about the people who fight them.
Music by Martin Pradler
Starring Tony Benn, Marion Birch, Ian Fairlie, Bruce Gagnon, Kate Hudson, Helen John, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Sian Jones, Bruce Kent, Naomi Klein, Nichola Koratjitis, George Monbiot
cover Before the Flood
2016 movie • 96min
8.4 ★★★★★★   15k   Documentary, News
Directed by Fisher Stevens
Written by Mark Monroe
A look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do to prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet.
Music by Atticus Ross, Mogwai, Trent Reznor, Gustavo Santaolalla
Starring Eddie Albert, Lindsey Allen, Jake Awa, Kelly Ayotte, Lionel Barrymore, Joe Barton, Joseph Bast, Frank Baxter, Glenn Beck, Jason Box, Mike Brune, George Bush
cover Bethune
1964 movie • 59min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Donald Brittain
Written by John Kemeny, Donald BrittainEnglish, French, Turkish
The biography of Canada's most famous humanitarian doctor.
Music by Robert Fleming
Starring Michael Kane, Lister Sinclair, Ted Allan, Sylvia Ary, John B. Barnwell, Richard Brown, Dorothy Catto, Paraskeva Clark, Georges Deshaies, Aubrey Geddes, Irene Kon, Hugh MacLennan
cover Bhutto
2010 movie • 111min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Duane Baughman, Johnny O'Hara
Written by Johnny O'Hara
A riveting documentary of the recently assassinated Benazir Bhutto, a polarizing figure in the Muslim world...
Music by Herb Graham Jr., Mader
Starring Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Asif Ali Zardari, Sanam Bhutto, Victoria Schofield, Mark Siegel, Tariq Ali, Steve Coll, Ahmed Ispahani, Akbar Ahmed, Peter Galbraith
cover Biggie and Tupac
2002 movie • 108min
6.9 ★★★   3k   Documentary, Biography, Crime, Music
Directed by Nick Broomfield
Documentary on the deaths ofand Biggie Smalls and the East Coast/West Coast, hip-hop/rap rivalry that culminated in late 1996 and early 1997.
Music by Christian Henson
Starring B.I.G. The Notorious, Tupac Shakur, Nick Broomfield, Russell Poole, Donald Hicken, Billy Garland, Chico Del Vec, Voletta Wallace, Mopreme Shakur, Kevin Hackie, Reggie Wright Sr., Frank Alexander
cover The Birth of a Nation
1915 movie • 190min
6.7 ★★★   17k   Drama, History, War
Directed by D.W. Griffith
Written by D.W. Griffith, Frank E. Woods, Thomas Dixon Jr
The Stoneman family finds its friendship with the Camerons affected by the Civil War, both fighting in opposite armies. The development of the war in their lives plays through to Lincoln's assassination and the birth of the Ku Klux Klan.
Music by Joseph Carl Breil, D.W. Griffith
Starring Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Henry B. Walthall, Miriam Cooper, Mary Alden, Ralph Lewis, George Siegmann, Walter Long, Robert Harron, Wallace Reid, Joseph Henabery, Elmer Clifton
cover Bob Marley - Freedom Road
2007 movie • 55min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Sonia Anderson
Written by Sonia Anderson
He was and is, without doubt, Jamaica's finest export and in this programme we can reveal for the first time the behind the scenes Bob Marley that only his closest confidantes could know.
Music by Bob Marley
Starring Ester Anderson, Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Kris Needs, Andres Williams
cover Breaking the Code
1996 tv movie • 75min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Biography, Drama
Directed by Herbert Wise
Written by Andrew Hodges, Hugh Whitemore
A biography of the English mathematician Alan Turing, who was one of the inventors of the digital computer...
Starring Derek Jacobi, Alun Armstrong, Blake Ritson, William Mannering, Prunella Scales, Julian Kerridge, Harold Pinter, Richard Johnson, Amanda Root, Scott McKinstry
cover A Bridge Apart
2014 movie • 56min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama, News
Directed by Frank Maniglia Jr.
Written by Virginia Wolf
A Bridge Apart looks at the epic migration of immigrants from Central America and Mexico to the United...
Starring Edward James Olmos
cover A Brief History of Time
1991 movie • 80min
7.4 ★★★★   4k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Errol Morris
Written by Stephen Hawking
A film about the life and work of the cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, who despite his near total paralysis, is one of the great minds of all time.
Music by Philip Glass
Starring Isobel Hawking, Stephen Hawking, Janet Humphrey, Mary Hawking, Basil King, Derek Powney, Norman Dix, Robert Berman, Gordon Berry, Roger Penrose, Dennis Sciama, John Wheeler
cover Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey
2000 video movie • 100min
8.2 ★★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Action, Biography
Directed by John Little, Bruce Lee
Written by John Little, Bey Logan, Bruce LeeEnglish, Cantonese
Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee is the subject of this thoughtful documentary by Lee aficionado John Little...
Music by Wayne Hawkins
Starring Bruce Lee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Peter Archer, Sun-Man Bae, Robert Baker, Pierre Berton, Linda Lee Cadwell, Jackie Chan, Yuan Chieh, James Coburn, Doug Copsey, James Franciscus
cover Bryan Adams: Bare Bones
2010 movie • 5min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Music
Directed by David Battistella
Written by David Battistella
Bryan Adams is one of world's most enduringly popular singer/songwriters. But he is most at home in his Vancouver studio...
Music by Bryan Adams
Starring Bryan Adams, Gary Breit
cover Bukowski: Born into This
2003 movie • 130min
7.9 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by John Dullaghan
Documentary on Charles Bukowski, author of 'Notes of a Dirty Old Man', 'Love Is a Dog from Hell', and the autobiographical novels, 'Women', 'Hollywood', and 'Post Office'.
Music by James Stemple
Starring Charles Bukowski, Bono, John Bryan, Linda Lee Bukowski, Marina Bukowski, Neeli Cherkovski, Joyce Fante, FrancEyE, Taylor Hackford, John Martin, Michael D. Meloan, Jack Micheline
cover Buster Keaton Rides Again
1965 movie • 55min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by John Spotton
Written by Donald Brittain
This film is a documentary about the filming of one of Buster Keaton's movies:(1965).
Music by Malca Gillson
Starring Buster Keaton, Eleanor Keaton, Gerald Potterton, Michael Kane
cover Cabiria
1914 movie • 148min
6.7 ★★★   2k   Adventure, Drama, History, War
Directed by Giovanni Pastrone
Written by Giovanni Pastrone, Emilio Salgari, Gabriele D'AnnunzioItalian
Three centuries before Christus. Young Cabiria is kidnapped by some pirates during one eruption of the Etna...
Music by Ildebrando Pizzetti, Manlio Mazza
Starring Carolina Catena, Lidia Quaranta, Gina Marangoni, Dante Testa, Umberto Mozzato, Bartolomeo Pagano, Raffaele di Napoli, Emilio Vardannes, Edoardo Davesnes, Italia Almirante-Manzini, Alex Bernard, Luigi Chellini
cover Calcutta Taxi
2012 movie • 20min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Biography, Comedy, Drama
Directed by Vikram Dasgupta
Written by Vikram Dasgupta
A young Art College student Aditya Chaterji finds his backpack and belongings stolen on the day of a...
Music by Heather Gardner
Starring Geeta Bisht, Sunnie James, Anand Rajaram, Vipin Sharma
cover Canada Vignettes: Bluenose 1921-1946
1979 movie • 3min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, History
Directed by Richard Todd
A short history of Canada's greatest sailing ship.
Starring Michael Kane
cover Canada Vignettes: Holidays
1978 movie
6.2 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
A painter recalls the farm work she did as a child during summer holidays.
cover Canada Vignettes: Logger
1978 movie • 1min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Comedy, History
Directed by Al Sens
The history of the development of modern logging techniques.
cover Canada Vignettes: News Canada
1978 movie • 3min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Comedy, History
Directed by Yossi Abolafia
A profile of late 19th century Canada presented as a TV newscast.
Starring Earl Pennington, Kelly Ricard, Howard Ryshpan
cover Canada Vignettes: The Horse
1978 movie • 1min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, History
Directed by Michael Mills
The story of the impact that the introduction of the horse had on the North American West.
Starring Vlasta Vrana
cover Canada Vignettes: The Maple Leaf
1978 movie • 1min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, History
Directed by Paul Bochner
A series of related images modeled after the maple leaf symbol on the Canadian national flag.
Music by Michel Donato, R. Emond
cover Canada Vignettes: Wop May
1979 movie
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Biography
Written by Donald Brittain
A film about the life and career of Canada's greatest bush pilot and his greatest adventure.
Starring Donald Brittain
cover Cannibal! The Musical
1993 movie • 95min
7.2 ★★★★   10k   Biography, Comedy, Musical, Thriller, Western
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker, Matt StoneEnglish, Japanese
The sole survivor of an ill-fated mining expedition tells how his taste for gold was replaced by that of human flesh.
Music by Trey Parker, Rich Sanders
Starring Dian Bachar, Stephen Blackpool, Stan Brakhage, Dan Brother, Duster, Brad Gordon, Ian Hardin, Dave Hardin, Edward Henwood, Jon Hegel, Andrew Kemler, Steve Jackson
cover Captain Kidd
1945 movie • 90min
6.4 ★★   1k   Adventure, Biography, Drama, History
Directed by Rowland V. Lee
Written by Norman Reilly Raine, Robert N. Lee
The unhistorical adventures of pirate Captain Kidd revolve around treasure and treachery.
Music by Werner Janssen
Starring Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott, Barbara Britton, Reginald Owen, John Carradine, Gilbert Roland, John Qualen, Sheldon Leonard, William Farnum, Henry Daniell, Abner Biberman, Clifford Brooke
cover Carbon for Water
2011 movie • 23min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, News
Directed by Evan Abramson, Carmen Elsa López
Written by Carmen Elsa López
In Kenya's Western Province, most drinking water is contaminated. The wood many Kenyans use to boil...
cover The Catcher
2015 movie • 19min
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Biography, Drama, Thriller
Directed by Jamie Brindle
Written by Jamie Brindle
Based on the incredible true story of professional baseball player-turned WW2 spy, Moe Berg, The Catcher...
Starring Keith Edie, John O.S. Houston, David Carey Foster, Angelo Ortega, Brian Dennis, Richard Dimaio, Steve Huang, Kei Ogawa, Davis Choh, Henry Mark, Kirk Nishikawa Dixon, Lisa Ooka
cover Centurion
2010 movie • 97min
6.4 ★★   66k   Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Thriller, War
Directed by Neil Marshall
Written by Neil MarshallEnglish, Gaelic
A splinter group of Roman soldiers fight for their lives behind enemy lines after their legion is decimated in a devastating guerrilla attack.
Music by Ilan Eshkeri
Starring Michael Fassbender, Andreas Wisniewski, Dave Legeno, Axelle Carolyn, Dominic West, Dhafer L'Abidine, JJ Feild, Lee Ross, David Morrissey, Simon Chadwick, Ulrich Thomsen, Ryan Atkinson
cover Charles Manson Superstar
1989 video movie • 100min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Crime
Directed by Nikolas Schreck
Written by Nikolas Schreck
For forty years, Charles Manson has survived most of his life in what he calls 'the hallways of the all ways,' the reform schools...
Starring Charles Manson, Nikolas Schreck, Zeena Schreck, James N. Mason
cover Chubby Chaser
2012 movie
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Jeff Sterne
A Point of View film from a filmmaker who likes a bit of fat on women and wonders if he's the only one who does, and why is the beauty ideal so thin?
Music by Philip Strong
Starring Jeff Sterne, Bill Fabrey, Rebecca Rosenblat, Russell Smith, Zik Ukaeje
cover City of Gold
1957 movie • 22min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, History
Directed by Wolf Koenig, Colin Low
Written by Roman Kroitor, Gilbert Choquette, Pierre Berton
Author Pierre Berton tells the history of his hometown of Dawson City at its heyday during the Klondike Gold Rush.
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Starring Pierre Berton
cover Civilisation
1969 tv series • 50min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, Music, War
Directed by Michael Gill, Peter Montagnon, Ann Turner
Written by Kenneth Clark
Music by Edwin Astley
Starring Kenneth Clark
cover Clash of the Gods
2009 tv series
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Christopher Cassel, Jessica Conway
Written by Jessica Lyne de Ver, Mashizan Masjum, Scott Miller
Covers many of the ancient Greek and Norse Gods, monsters and heroes including Hades, Hercules, Medusa, Minotaur, Odysseus and Zeus.
Starring Stan Bernard
cover Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer
2009 tv movie
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Paul Elston
Starring Karima Gouit, Ian McNeice
cover The Collective Evolution III: The Shift
2014 movie • 84min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Drama, News
Directed by Joe Martino
Written by Joe Martino
The Collective Evolution III is a powerful documentary that explores a revolutionary shift affecting every aspect of our planet...
Music by Gad Foltys
Starring Bernard Alvarez, Inelia Benz, Miriam Delicado, Franco Denicola, Mark DeNicola, Michael Jeffreys, Alanna Ketler, Joe Martino, Daniel Pinchbeck, Jeff Roberts, Luke Rudkowski, John Stewart
cover The Colours of My Father: A Portrait of Sam Borenstein
1992 movie • 29min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Biography
Directed by Joyce Borenstein
Written by Joyce Borenstein
A glimpse of the life and work of painter Sam Borenstein.
Music by Normand Roger
Starring Griffith Brewer, Paul Soles
cover Compulsion
1959 movie • 103min
7.5 ★★★★★   4k   Biography, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller
Directed by Richard Fleischer
Written by Richard Murphy, Meyer Levin
Two wealthy law-school students go on trial for murder in this version of the Leopold-Loeb case.
Music by Lionel Newman
Starring Orson Welles, Diane Varsi, Dean Stockwell, Bradford Dillman, E.G. Marshall, Martin Milner, Richard Anderson, Robert F. Simon, Edward Binns, Robert Burton, Wilton Graff, Louise Lorimer
cover Confessions of an Innocent Man
2007 movie • 90min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by David Paperny
Written by David Paperny, Ian Gill, William Sampson
The shocking, heart-wrenching story of British-Canadian engineer William Sampson who lived a privileged life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia until he was kidnapped, locked up and tortured by Saudi thugs for almost three years.
Music by Schaun Tozer, Ben Mink
Starring William Sampson, James Sampson, Ali Al Ahmed, Les Walker, Raf Schyvens, Sandy Mitchell, Henry Garfield Pardy, Paul Kelso, Margaret Dunn, Francine Dubé Kopun, Sheikh Salah Al-Hejailan, Bill Graham
cover The Courage to Love
2000 tv movie • 95min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Drama, History, Romance
Directed by Kari Skogland
Written by Toni Ann Johnson, Heather Hale
In 19th century New Orleans creole Henriette must choose between love and devotion to the church. Neither choice is going to be easy, as there is great opposition to her ideas of breaking traditions.
Music by Christopher Dedrick
Starring Vanessa Williams, Gil Bellows, Karen Williams, Lisa Bronwyn Moore, David La Haye, Cynda Williams, Diahann Carroll, Stacy Keach, Eddie Bo Smith Jr., Graeme Somerville, Kevin Jubinville, Susannah Hoffmann
cover The Cremation of Sam McGee
2001 movie • 8min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, History
Directed by Johnny Askwith
Written by Robert W. Service
There are strange things done in the midnight sun.
Music by Spinfinity
Starring Peter Jarvis, Earl Pastko
cover The Crisis of Civilization
2011 movie • 82min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, News
Directed by Dean Puckett
Written by Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed
The Crisis Civilization is a documentary feature film investigating how global crises like ecological disaster...
Starring Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed, Francis Fukuyama, Samuel Huntington
cover Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview
2013 movie • 64min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, News
Directed by Joseph Ohayon
Written by Joseph Ohayon
'Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview' is a documentary exploring the depths of the current human...
cover Curt
2015 movie • 17min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Brendan Hearne
CURT is a short documentary about Curt Harper, an autistic, 49-year-old surfer who has become a much-loved fixture in the Southern California surf scene.
Music by Blake Mills
Starring Alex Harper, Ryder Alves, Curt Harper, Tommy McKeown, Dane Reynolds, Nathan Shore, Christian Saenz, Micky Clarke, Vivian Clarke, Fielden Harper, Janice Aragon, Beau Clarke
cover The Dark Side of Chocolate
2010 movie • 46min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Miki Mistrati, U. Roberto Romano
Written by Miki MistratiEnglish, German, French
In the cocoa plantations of Ghana and the Ivory Coast, children aged from 7 to 15 years old, with the promise of paid work, they are forced into slave labour. Does the world know about the dark side of chocolate?
Music by Jonas Colstrup
Starring Diamoutene Bakary, David Bateson, Henri Blemin, Mieke Callebaut, Moussa Coulibaly, Frank Hagemann, Patrick Hautphenne, Idrissa Kante, Yaya Konate, Ali Lakiss, Tohe Adam Malick, Mariam Marico
cover Darwin's Struggle: The Evolution of the Origin of Species
2009 tv movie • 60min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History Starring David Attenborough
cover Day of the Falcon
2011 movie • 130min
6.7 ★★★   9k   Adventure, Drama, History
Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Written by Menno Meyjes, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Hans Ruesch
Set in the 1930s Arab states at the dawn of the oil boom, the story centers on a young Arab prince torn between allegiance to his conservative father and modern, liberal father-in-law.
Music by James Horner
Starring Tahar Rahim, Antonio Banderas, Mark Strong, Freida Pinto, Riz Ahmed, Liya Kebede, Corey Johnson, Akin Gazi, Eriq Ebouaney, Lotfi Dziri, Jan Uddin, Hichem Rostom
cover Deep Water
2006 movie • 92min
7.9 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, History, Sport
Directed by Louise Osmond, Jerry Rothwell
A documentary about the disastrous 1968 round-the-world yacht race.
Music by Harry Escott, Molly Nyman
Starring Jean Badin, Simon Russell Beale, Clare Crowhurst, Donald Crowhurst, Simon Crowhurst, Santiago Franchessie, Ted Hynds, Donald Kerr, Robin Knox-Johnston, Françoise Moitessier de Cazalet, Tilda Swinton, Ron Winspear
cover Dief!
1981 movie • 27min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by William Canning
The life and career of the charismatic and controversial Canadian Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker.
Starring Lincoln Alexander, Joe Clark, John Crosbie, Bill Davis, John Diefenbaker, Peter Lougheed, Flora MacDonald, Maureen McTeer, Roland Michener, Brian Mulroney, Robert Stanfield, Pierre Trudeau
cover Dillinger
1973 movie • 107min
7.0 ★★★★   3k   Action, Biography, Crime, Drama
Directed by John Milius
Written by John MiliusEnglish, Spanish
John Dillinger and his gang go on a bank robbing spree across the midwest, but one G-Man is determined to bring him down.
Music by Barry De Vorzon
Starring Warren Oates, Ben Johnson, Michelle Phillips, Cloris Leachman, Harry Dean Stanton, Geoffrey Lewis, John P. Ryan, Richard Dreyfuss, Steve Kanaly, John Martino, Roy Jenson, Read Morgan
cover Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No
2010 video movie • 5min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Biography, Comedy, Sport
Directed by James Blagden
In celebration of the greatest athletic achievement by a man on a psychedelic journey, No Mas and artist James Blagden proudly present the animated tale of Dock Ellis' legendary LSD no-hitter.
Starring Dock Ellis
cover Dreams of a Land
1987 movie • 8min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, History
Directed by Robert Doucet
Written by Samuel de Champlain, Eunice Macaulay
The story of Samuel de Champlain's futile search for a passage to China in North America and his later founding of Quebec.
Music by Alex Pauk
Starring Vlasta Vrana
cover The Duel at Blood Creek
2010 movie • 16min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Comedy, History
Directed by Leo Burton
Written by Leo Burton
A comedy about a duel at dawn, over a matter of honour.
Starring Dominic Allburn, Ben Brown, Aidan Cook, Mark Jefferis, Fergus Johnston, Mark Phillimore, Martin Pirongs, Olly Rix, Lee maxwell Simpson, Aubrey Wakeling
cover The Eagle
1925 movie • 73min
7.4 ★★★★   1k   Action, Comedy, Drama, History, Romance
Directed by Clarence Brown
Written by George Marion Jr, Hanns Kräly, Alexander Pushkin
A wanted Russian lieutenant becomes a masked vigilante seeking vengeance upon the man who stole his family's land, only to fall for his charming daughter.
Music by Michael Hoffman, Carl Davis, Lee Erwin
Starring Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Bánky, Louise Dresser, Albert Conti, James A. Marcus, George Nichols, Carrie Clark Ward, Spottiswoode Aitken, Agostino Borgato, Mario Carillo, Gary Cooper, Jean De Briac
cover Earth Keepers
2009 movie • 83min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Action, News
Directed by Sylvie Van Brabant
Written by Sylvie Van Brabant
This film chronicles the quest of Mikael Rioux to find concrete solutions to the problems faced by our planet...
Starring Ashok Khosla, Wangari Maathai, Marilyn Mehlmann, Mikael Rioux, Karl-Henrik Robert, André Simoneau, John Todd, Nancy Jack Todd
cover Escape from Sobibor
1987 tv movie • 143min
7.5 ★★★★★   6k   Drama, History, War
Directed by Jack Gold
Written by Stanislaw 'Shlomo' Szmajzner, Richard Rashke, Reginald Rose
During WWII, the death camp at Treblinka had an escape, causing the Commandant at a similar camp in...
Music by Georges Delerue
Starring Alan Arkin, Joanna Pacula, Rutger Hauer, Hartmut Becker, Jack Shepherd, Emil Wolk, Simon Gregor, Linal Haft, Jason Norman, Robert Gwilym, Eli Nathenson, Kurt Raab
cover The Fate of America
1997 movie • 81min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy, History
Directed by Jacques Godbout
Written by Louise Leroux, René-Daniel Dubois, Philippe FalardeauFrench
Music by François Dompierre
Starring René-Daniel Dubois, Jacques Godbout, Andrew Wolfe-Burroughs, George Savarin de Marestan, Harold Klepak, Camille Gosselin, Laurier L. LaPierre
cover A Fighting Chance
2010 movie • 88min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Sport
Directed by Takashi Doscher, Alex Shofner
A FIGHTING CHANCE is the vivid, character-driven story of Kyle Maynard, a young man born without arms or legs...
Starring Kyle Maynard, Scott Maynard, Anita Maynard, Lindsay Maynard, Mackenzie Maynard, Amber Maynard, Norm Whisler, Betty Whisler, Ben Davis, Patrick Van Name, Joey Leonardo, David Gillespie
cover The Fighting Lady
1944 movie • 61min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Edward Steichen, William Wyler
Written by Eugene Ling, John S. Martin
The film follows the WWII exploits of the Essex-class aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV-10) (unidentified in the film)...
Music by David Buttolph
Starring Robert Taylor, Charles Boyer, Joseph J. Clark, Dixie Kiefer, G.E. Lowe, John S. McCain, John Meehan, E.T. Stover, Marc A. Mitscher
cover Finding Traction
2014 movie • 57min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, Biography, Sport
Directed by Jaime Jacobsen, Charles Dye
Written by Jaime Jacobsen, Stefanie Watkins
Finding Traction presents the inspirational story of ultra runner Nikki Kimball's quest to become the...
Music by Craig Minowa
cover Fire Over England
1937 movie • 92min
6.7 ★★★   1k   Adventure, History, Romance, War
Directed by William K. Howard
Written by A.E.W. Mason, Clemence Dane, Sergei Nolbandov
Queen Elizabeth is running this show. The men in her court should be thinking about how to add to the...
Music by Richard Addinsell
Starring Flora Robson, Raymond Massey, Leslie Banks, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Morton Selten, Tamara Desni, Lyn Harding, George Thirlwell, Henry Oscar, Robert Rendel, Robert Newton
cover First Winter
1981 movie • 27min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, History
Directed by John N. Smith
Written by Cynthia Scott, Gloria DemersEnglish, Irish Gaelic
With the father away, an Irish immigrant family struggle to survive their first winter in the Canadian wild.
Music by Tadhg de Brun
Starring Kathleen McAuliffe, Sharon O'Niell, Eric Patrick Godfrey, Kevin Kennedy
cover For All Mankind
1989 movie • 80min
8.2 ★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, History
Directed by Al Reinert
This movie documents the Apollo missions perhaps the most definitively of any movie under two hours...
Music by Brian Eno
Starring Jim Lovell, Russell Schweickart, Eugene Cernan, Michael Collins, Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon, Alan Bean, Jack Swigert, Stuart Roosa, James Irwin, Kenneth Mattingly, Charles Duke
cover For Neda
2010 tv movie • 67min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History
Directed by Antony Thomas
Written by Antony Thomas
On June 20, 2009, Neda Agha-Soltan was shot and killed on the streets of Tehran during the turmoil that followed the Iranian presidential contest...
Music by Dan Watts, Sam Watts
Starring Shohreh Aghdashloo, Houda Echouafni
cover Four Horsemen
2012 movie • 97min
7.8 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, News
Directed by Ross Ashcroft
Written by Ross Ashcroft, Dominic Frisby
The modern day Four Horsemen continue to ride roughshod over the people who can least afford it. Crises are converging when governments...
Music by Andrew Hewitt
Starring Dominic Frisby, Gillian Tett, Lawrence Wilkerson, David Morgan, John Perkins, Noam Chomsky, Satish Kumar, Simon Johnson, Max Keiser, Tarek El Diwany, Herman Daly, Joseph Stiglitz
cover The Fourth World
2011 movie • 55min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, History
Directed by Mark Volkers
Written by Mark Volkers
A quick look at the slums of Nairobi, Guatemala City, and Manila.
Starring Mark Volkers
cover Frank Matthews
2012 movie • 83min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History
Directed by Alan Bradley, Ron Chepesiuk
Written by Alan Bradley, Ron Chepesiuk
Richer than Frank Lucas. More powerful than the Mafia. He was the biggest drug dealer in America. In...
cover Franz Kafka
1992 movie • 16min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Biography
Directed by Piotr Dumala
Written by Piotr Dumala
Animated scenes from the Kafka's life, as told in his diaries.
Music by Janusz Hajdun
cover Freddie Mercury, the Untold Story
2000 tv movie • 59min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Rudi Dolezal, Hannes Rossacher
Written by Simon Witter
Starring Freddie Mercury, Jer Bulsara, Kashmira Cooke, Mary Austin, Montserrat Caballé, Peter Freestone, Sheroo Khory, Jim Hutton, Perviz Darukhanawalla, Gita R. Choksi, Farhang Irani, Thrity Anklesaria
cover Gangland
2007 tv series • 43min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Biography, Crime, History
Directed by Rachel Maguire, Cary Miller
Written by Dan Tyrrell, Greg Scott, Cary Miller
Follows the evolution and power of gangs across the United States.
Music by Joel Beckerman
Starring Mike Hefley, Rahul Thakkar, Martin Cox, Tim Zaal, Joe Roy, Tom Nelson, Matt Boger, Mark Potok, T.J. Leyden, Tom Metzger, John Cook, Andrew Roth
cover The General
1998 movie • 124min
7.3 ★★★★   6k   Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Directed by John Boorman
Written by John Boorman, Paul Williams
The real-life story of Dublin folk hero and criminal Martin Cahill, who pulled off two daring robberies in Ireland with his team, but attracted unwanted attention from the police, the IRA, the UVF and members of his own team.
Music by Richie Buckley
Starring Brendan Gleeson, Adrian Dunbar, Sean McGinley, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Angeline Ball, Jon Voight, Eanna MacLiam, Tom Murphy, Paul Hickey, Tommy O'Neill, John O'Toole, Ciarán Fitzgerald
cover Genghis Khan
2005 tv movie • 58min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Biography, Drama
Directed by Edward Bazalgette
Written by Jack E. Smith, James Chambers, Julian Simpson
Genghis Khan, ruthless leader of the Mongols and sovereign over the vastest empire ever ruled by a single man, was both god and devil - not just in the Middle Ages, but for centuries to come.
Music by Ty Unwin
Starring Orgil Makhaan, Unubold Batbayar, Unurjargal Jigjidsuren, Erdenetsetseg Bazarragchaa, Ankhnyam Ragchaa, Bayarkhuu Purvee, Kenneth Cranham, Alisdair Simpson
cover Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
2007 movie • 78min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Rory Kennedy
Written by Mark Bailey, Jack Youngelson
An examination of the prisoner abuse scandal involving U.S. soldiers and detainees at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison in the fall of 2003.
Music by Miriam Cutler
Starring Israel Rivera, Megan Ambuhl Graner, Javal Davis, George W. Bush, John Yoo, Alberta Mora, Scott Horton, Mark Danner, John Hutson, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Ken Davis
cover Glenn Gould: Off the Record
1959 movie • 30min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Wolf Koenig, Roman Kroitor
Written by Stanley Jackson
Starring Glenn Gould, Franz Kraemer
cover Glenn Gould: On the Record
1959 movie • 30min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Wolf Koenig, Roman Kroitor
Written by Stanley Jackson
Starring Glenn Gould, Howard Scott
cover Go for Broke!
1951 movie • 92min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Drama, History, War
Directed by Robert Pirosh
Written by Robert PiroshEnglish, Japanese, Italian, Hawaiian
The story of Japanese-American soldiers who fought in Europe during World War II.
Music by Alberto Colombo
Starring Van Johnson, Lane Nakano, George Miki, Akira Fukunaga, Ken K. Okamoto, Henry Oyasato, Harry Hamada, Henry Nakamura, Warner Anderson, Don Haggerty, Gianna Maria Canale, Dan Riss
cover The God Who Wasn't There
2005 movie • 62min
7.0 ★★★★   4k   Documentary, Biography, History
Directed by Brian Flemming
Written by Brian Flemming
Did Jesus exist? This film starts with that question, then goes on to examine Christianity as a whole.
Music by DJ Madson
Starring Sam Harris, Robert M. Price, Richard Carrier, Earl Doherty, Scott Butcher, Alan Dundes, Jerry Falwell, Brian Flemming, Barbara Mikkelson, David Mikkelson, James Robison, Ronald G. Sipus
cover Good People Go to Hell, Saved People Go to Heaven
2012 movie • 87min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Holly Hardman
Good People Go to Hell, Saved People Go to Heaven explores evangelical Christian belief and culture against the backdrop of hurricanes...
Music by Michel Haumont
cover The Great Dan Patch
1949 movie • 94min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Adventure, Biography, Drama, Romance, Sport
Directed by Joseph M. Newman
Written by John Taintor Foote
Story of the legendary trotting horse Dan Patch.
Music by Rudy Schrager
Starring Dennis O'Keefe, Gail Russell, Ruth Warrick, Charlotte Greenwood, Henry Hull, John Hoyt, Arthur Hunnicutt, Clarence Muse, Harry Lauter, Highland Dale, Stanley Blystone, Everett Brown
cover The Great Wall of China
2007 tv movie • 120min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   History
Directed by Nic Young
Written by Nic Young
Channel 4 docudrama following the history of the Great Wall of China, from the earliest building of...
Music by Avshalom Caspi
Starring Yu Beng Lim, Gerald Chew, George Chan, Hi Ching, Jerry Hoh, Richard Ng, Edward Choy, Asher Su, Bozhao Wang, Alaric, Colin Stinton
cover The Greater Good: A Hitchhike Perspective
2012 movie • 32min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Adventure, News
Directed by Thomas Francine
Thomas Francine has hitchhiked 26,000 miles through 34 states of the U.S. and in 12 other countries...
cover Greece on the Brink
2014 movie • 105min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Manuel Reichetseder
Written by Manuel ReichetsederEnglish, Dutch, German, Swedish
Greece has become a focal point in Europe. It is both where the economic crisis has acquired its most...
cover The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
2000 tv series • 150min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Cassian Harrison
Written by Cassian Harrison
A documentary, narrated by actor Liam Neeson, that chronicles the rise and fall of the civilization of ancient Greece.
Music by Simon Fisher-Turner, Michael Gibbs
Starring Paul Cartledge, Vernon Dobtcheff, Victor Davis Hanson, Keith Hopwood, Liam Neeson, Josiah Ober, Nigel Spivey
cover Grierson
1973 movie • 58min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Roger Blais
Written by Donald Brittain
The story of John Grierson, the British documentary movement, and Canada's National Film Board.
Starring Michael Kane, Monique Miller, John Amess, Edgar Anstey, Olivier Barrot, James Beveridge, Ritchie Calder, Alberto Cavalcanti, Bosley Crowther, Arthur Elton, William Farr, Ralph Foster
cover Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own
2007 movie • 110min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Gary Null
Written by Gary Null
After the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans suffered toxic reactions, neurological damage...
Starring George W. Bush, Joyce Riley, Doug Rokke
cover Harmony Lane
1935 movie • 89min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Biography, Musical, Romance, War
Directed by Joseph Santley
Written by Milton Krims, Elizabeth Meehan, Joseph Santley
The life and loves of composer Stephen Foster, from his early success through his decline, degradation, and death from alcoholism.
Music by Abe Meyer, Arthur Kay
Starring Douglass Montgomery, Evelyn Venable, Adrienne Ames, Joseph Cawthorn, William Frawley, David Torrence, Gilbert Emery, Lloyd Hughes, Al Herman, Cora Sue Collins, James Bush, Edith Craig
cover Heart & Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser
2006 tv movie • 88min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Walter J. Gottlieb
Written by Walter J. Gottlieb
Starring Matthew Broderick, Charles Nelson Reilly, Robert Morse, Jerry Herman, Betty Garrett, Jo Sullivan Loesser, James Burrows, Emily Loesser, Isabel Bigley, Maury Yeston, John Bolton, Jerry Whiddon
cover Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam
1995 tv movie • 106min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Nick Broomfield
A documentary crew from the BBC arrives in L.A. intent on interviewing Heidi Fleiss, a year after her...
Music by David Bergeaud
Starring Nick Broomfield, Nina Xining Zuo, Madam Alex, Corinne Bohrer, Mike Brambles, Cookie, Elisa Fleiss, Heidi Fleiss, Jason Fleiss, Jesse Fleiss, Kim Fleiss, Paul Fleiss
cover A History of Scotland
2008 tv series • 60min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Tim Niel, Andrew Downes, Tim Neil
A documentary charting the birth and growth of the Scottish nation.
Music by Paul Leonard-Morgan
Starring Neil Oliver
cover Hitchcock: Shadow of a Genius
1999 tv movie • 101min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Ted Haimes
Written by Ted Haimes
This documentary is a fascinating look at the cinematic genius of Alfred Hitchcock. Briefly covering much of his early British works...
Music by Taylor M. Uhler
Starring Kevin Spacey, Jonathan Demme, Alfred Hitchcock, Joseph Stefano, John Michael Hayes, Janet Leigh, Brian De Palma, Curtis Hanson, Patricia Hitchcock, Alma Reville, Norman Lloyd, Herb Steinberg
cover Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows
1998 tv movie • 93min
8.2 ★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, Biography, Sport
Directed by Paul Jay
Written by Paul Jay
Documentary focusing on the career of pro wrestler Bret Hart & his controversial exit from the WWF.
Music by Keith Scott, Russell Walker, Colin Cripps, Tim Clement
Starring Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, Blade Hart, Julie Hart, Stu Hart, Helen Hart, Diana Hart, Keith Hart, Tammy Sytch, Jim Neidhart, Georgia Hart
cover Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer
2010 movie • 76min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Drama, News
Directed by James Dirschberger
Written by James Dirschberger, Adam Wroblewski
Honest Man: the Life of R. Budd Dwyer is a movie about politics and corruption, suicide and survival...
Music by Chris Woodhouse
Starring Dyan Dwyer, Joanne Dwyer, R. Budd Dwyer, Robert Dwyer, Neil O'Neill, William Smith, Steve Voldseth
cover Honor Flight
2012 movie • 82min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Dan Hayes
Honor Flight chronicles a community coming together to honor World War II veterans. The film follows a team of Midwest volunteers as they race against the clock to send every local WWII veterans to see the memorials built in their honor.
Music by Josh Christiansen, Alexander Maas
Starring Bert Brach, Earl Bruss, Joe Dean, Joe Demler, Steve Deutsch, Donald Esselman, Lisa Goglio-Zarczynski, Mark Grams, Theodore Gurzynski, Raymond Hasey, Sterling Hasey, Bill Holmes
cover The House of Rothschild
1934 movie • 88min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Biography, Drama, History, War
Directed by Alfred L. Werker, Sidney Lanfield
Written by Nunnally Johnson, Sam Mintz, Maude T. Howell
The wealthy Rothschild family undergoes prejudice from the anti-Semitic society they live within.
Music by Alfred Newman
Starring George Arliss, Boris Karloff, Loretta Young, Robert Young, C. Aubrey Smith, Arthur Byron, Helen Westley, Reginald Owen, Florence Arliss, Alan Mowbray, Holmes Herbert, Paul Harvey
cover Hue: A Matter of Colour
2013 movie • 86min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History
Directed by Vic Sarin
Written by Vic Sarin
A documentary that weaves together personal journeys, historical facts and expert analysis to show the world through the eyes of those touched by the issue of "colourism".
Starring Joyce Laoagan, Jaden Rain, Jasmine Sky Sarin
cover Hypothesis
2010 movie • 46min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Mystery
Directed by Brett Smith
In 2005, a physics professor named Steven Jones from conservative Brigham Young University in Provo...
Starring Tom Breidenbach, Frank Delessio, Jeffrey Farrer, C. Martin Hinkley, David Jones, Steven E. Jones
cover I Thought I Told You to Shut Up!!
2015 movie • 13min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Charlie Tyrell
Written by Charlie Tyrell
In 1977,created the comic book anti-hero Reid Fleming, the World's Toughest Milkman. More than 30 years later, the big screen Hollywood adaptation remains in contractual limbo. Narrated by .
Music by Colin Nealis
Starring David Boswell, Jonathan Demme, Matt Groening, Kevin Pollak, Edward Asner, Richard Beattie, Bill Gerber, Tom Hawthorn, Jeph Loeb, Marv Newland, Dave Thomas, Gordon Tipple
cover I'm a Born Liar
2002 movie • 105min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Damian Pettigrew
Written by Olivier Gal, Damian PettigrewEnglish, Italian, French
A look at Fellini's creative process. In extensive interviews, Fellini talks a bit about his background...
Starring Roberto Benigni, Luigi 'Titta' Benzi, Italo Calvino, Dante Ferretti, Rinaldo Geleng, Tullio Pinelli, Giuseppe Rotunno, Terence Stamp, Donald Sutherland, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, Federico Fellini, Claudia Cardinale
cover Iboga Nights
2014 movie • 98min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Crime, News
Directed by David Graham Scott
Written by David Graham Scott
David Graham Scott's 2004 film DETOX OR DIE documented how, with a single dose of iboga, he quit his drug addiction...
Music by Andi Vincent
cover In the Shadow of the Moon
2007 movie • 100min
8.1 ★★★★★★   5k   Documentary, History
Directed by David SingtonEnglish, French, Japanese
The crew members of NASA's Apollo missions tell their story in their own words.
Music by Philip Sheppard
Starring Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Stephen Armstrong, Viola Armstrong, Alan Bean, Eugene Cernan, Michael Collins, Charles Duke, John F. Kennedy, Jim Lovell, Edgar D. Mitchell, Garry Moore
cover Incognito
2015 movie • 11min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Biography, History, News
Directed by Jeremiah Quinn
Written by Jeremiah Quinn
Two mysterious men meet for coffee, cake and a catch-up in Buenos Aires in 1960. The dark secret they share is revealed, along with their identities.
Music by Dimitri Scarlato
Starring Jonathan Hansler, Elizabeth Nicholson, Dolores Reynals, Kerry Shale
cover Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
2012 movie • 122min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Daniel Schmidt
Written by Daniel SchmidtEnglish, French, Spanish, German
There is one vibratory field that connects all things. It has been called Akasha, Logos, the primordial OM...
Starring Patrick Sweeney
cover Inside the Medieval Mind
2008 tv series • 60min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Victoria Page, Richard Parkin, Nat Sharman
Written by Robert Bartlett
Starring Robert Bartlett
cover Inside the Mind of Google
2009 tv movie
6.6 ★★★   <1k   News
CNBC takes an inside look at Google one of the most powerful and successful technology companies in the world...
Starring Maria Bartiromo, Eric Schmidt, Noel Gorelick, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, John Battelle, Marissa Mayer, Kevin Bankston, Frank Pasquale, Candace Carpenter, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Vic Gundotra
cover Internet Rising
2011 movie • 53min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Game-Show, History, Talk-Show
Directed by Andrew Kenneth Martin
Written by Andrew Kenneth Martin, Alex Eisen
Internet Rising is a digi-documentary investigating the evolving relationships between the Internet and collective consciousness of humanity...
Starring Douglas Rushkoff, Vint Cerf, Tiffany Shlain, Jason Silva, Kevin Kelly, Howard Rheingold, Ze Frank, Ben Goertzel, Andrew Keen, David Weinberger, Sean Bodmer, Terrell Ward Bynum
cover The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz
2014 movie • 105min
8.1 ★★★★★★   11k   Documentary, Biography, Crime, News
Directed by Brian Knappenberger
Written by Brian Knappenberger
The story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz, who took his own life at the age of 26.
Music by John Dragonetti
Starring Tim Berners-Lee, Cindy Cohn, Gabriella Coleman, Cory Doctorow, Peter Eckersley, Brewster Kahle, Lawrence Lessig, Zoe Lofgren, Carl Malamud, Quinn Norton, Tim O'Reilly, Elliot Peters
cover Into the Fire
2011 movie • 124min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History, News
Directed by Dan Dicks
A documentary film about the G20 summit that took place in Toronto, Canada in the summer of 2010. The results of which lead to the arrests of over 1100 people and the largest violation of civil liberties in Canadian history.
cover The Iron Mask
1929 movie • 95min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Adventure, Drama, History, Romance
Directed by Allan Dwan
Written by Douglas Fairbanks, Alexandre Dumas, Rochefort
King Louis XIII of France is thrilled to have born to him a son - an heir to the throne. But when the queen delivers a twin...
Music by William P. Perry, Hugo Riesenfeld, Carl Davis, Allan Gray
Starring Belle Bennett, Marguerite De La Motte, Dorothy Revier, Vera Lewis, Rolfe Sedan, William Bakewell, Gordon Thorpe, Nigel De Brulier, Ullrich Haupt, Lon Poff, Charles Stevens, Henry Otto
cover Is It Real?
2005 tv series
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Amy Doyle, Noel Dockstader, Cara Biega
Written by Nancy Donnelly, Dana Kemp, French Horwitz
Pre-Monster Quest, this series attempts to debunk some of histories greatest legends. Ranging from mysterious crop circles to the infamous legend of The Russian Bigfoot, are these myths escalated from legendary folklore - Or are they real?
Music by Jonathan Maris
Starring Will Lyman, Ian Gregory, Joe Nickell
cover Islam: Empire of Faith
2000 movie • 160min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Robert H. Gardner
Written by Jonathan Grupper
Music by Leonard Lionnet
Starring Ben Kingsley
cover JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick
2014 video movie • 208min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Written by Francis Richard Conolly
This is one of the only documentaries that actually speaks on the real Secret Societies which for most are still a secret.
Music by Lino Rise
Starring Francis Richard Conolly, Gordon Arnold, Charles Brehm, Howard Brennan, Madeleine Brown, Prescott Bush, Smedley Butler, Judith Campbell Exner, Frank Church, Michele Clark, Bill Clinton, John Connally
cover The Jackie Robinson Story
1950 movie • 76min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Biography, Drama, Sport
Directed by Alfred E. Green
Written by Lawrence Taylor, Arthur Mann, Louis Pollock
Biography of Jackie Robinson, the first black major league baseball player in the 20th century. Traces...
Music by Herschel Burke Gilbert
Starring Jackie Robinson, Ruby Dee, Minor Watson, Louise Beavers, Richard Lane, Harry Shannon, Ben Lessy, William 'Bill' Spaulding, Billy Wayne, Joel Fluellen, Bernie Hamilton, Kenny Washington
cover Je me souviens: 100 ans du Royal 22e Régiment
2014 movie • 52min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Claude Guilmain
Written by Claude GuilmainEnglish, French
A feature-length documentary on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Royal 22nd Regiment, the only French battalion in Canada at the time of the first and second world war.
Music by Claude Naubert
Starring Eric Paulhus, Aurèle Robert, Marcel Richard, Arthur Lortie, Albert Gagnon, Daniel Michaud, Michel-Henri Saint-Louis, Alain Bond, Jocelyn Paul, Alain Gauthier, Justin Morneau, Michel Jones
cover The Joe Louis Story
1953 movie • 88min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Biography, Drama, Sport
Directed by Robert Gordon
Written by Robert Sylvester
The life and career of Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis, who held the title for 12 years--longer than any other boxer in history--and who had to not only battle opponents inside the ring and racism outside it.
Music by George Bassman
Starring Coley Wallace, Hilda Simms, Paul Stewart, James Edwards, John Marley, Dots Johnson, Evelyn Ellis, Carl 'Rocky' Latimer, John Marriott, Ike Jones, P. Jay Sidney, Royal Beal
cover John Mayer: Someday I'll Fly
2014 movie • 66min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Eastwood AllenEnglish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
John Mayer: Someday I'll Fly is a fan-made feature documentary chronicling the musical evolution of one of the most influential solo artists of his generation. Acclaimed singer/songwriter John Mayer.
Starring John Mayer, Steve Jordan, Pino Palladino, David Labruyere, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tony Bennett, Eric Clapton, Gary Clark Jr., Clay Cook, Buddy Guy, Jay Z, Alicia Keys
cover Johnny Cash: The Last Great American
2004 tv movie • 59min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Biography
Directed by Chris Rodley
Starring Johnny Cash
cover Jonestown: Paradise Lost
2007 tv movie • 100min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Tim Wolochatiuk
Written by Jason Sherman
Cult leader Jim Jones leads his followers to a mass-suicide.
Music by Simon Cloquet
Starring Ted Biggs, Stephan Jones, Vernon Gosney, Tim Reiterman, Sherwin Harris, Rick Roberts, Quentin Krog, Brendan Murray, Alon Nashman, Greg Ellwand, Kevin Otto, Roxanne Blaise
cover Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple
2006 movie • 86min
7.9 ★★★★★   3k   Documentary, History
Directed by Stanley Nelson
Written by Marcia Smith, Noland Walker
Featuring never-before-seen footage, this documentary delivers a startling new look at the Peoples Temple, headed by preacher Jim Jones who, in 1978, led more than 900 members to Guyana, where he orchestrated a mass suicide via tainted punch.
Music by Tom Phillips
Starring Rebecca Moore, Janet Shular, Tim Carter, Stanley Clayton, Hue Fortson Jr., Garrett Lambrev, Claire Janaro, Neva Sly Hargrave, Deborah Layton, Phyllis Wilmore Zimmerman, Chuck Wilmore, John R. Hall
cover Journey to 10,000 BC
2008 tv movie • 90min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by David Padrusch
Written by Ian Stoker-Long, David Padrusch
Music by Michael Richard Plowman
Starring James Lurie, Nicole Waguespack, David J. Meltzer, David George, Pat Lubinski, Christopher A. Shaw, John Johnson, Jake Shapley, Todd Surovell, Darrin Lowery, Dennis Stanford, Peter Clark
cover Killer Legends
2014 movie • 86min
6.4 ★★   1k   Documentary, Crime, History, Horror
Directed by Joshua Zeman
Written by Joshua Zeman
Delving into our collective nightmares, this horror-documentary investigates the origins of our most terrifying urban legends and the true stories that may have inspired them.
Starring Rachel Mills, Joshua Zeman, Stephen Winick, James Presley, Casey Roberts, Bill Ellis, Robby Robertson, Mark Bledsoe, Jereme Kennington, Ed Goad, Craig Smyser, Mike Hinton
cover Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites
2003 tv movie • 220min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Carl Byker, Mitch Wilson
Written by David Mrazek, Isaac Mizrahi, Carl Byker
In 586 B.C., the Babylonians lead almost all that remains of the tribe of Judah - the Israelites - to exile in Babylon...
Music by Erik Friedlander
Starring F. Murray Abraham, Rene Auberjonois, Jake Borowski, Keith David, Glenn Hoeffner, Jeremy Irons, Derek Jacobi, Ben Maccabee, Benjamin Mueller, Blythe Mueller, Molly Mueller, Channing Swift
cover La liberté en colère
1994 movie • 73min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Jean-Daniel Lafond
Written by Jean-Daniel Lafond, Francis SimardFrench
Thirty years later, four members of what was Le Front de libération du Québec discussed why they create or participate in this revolutionary group...
Music by Plume Latraverse
Starring Pierre Vallières, Charles Gagnon, Francis Simard, Robert Comeau, Laurier Alarie, Lucien Bouchard, Luc Bélisle, Michel Chartrand, René Gagnon, Michel Garneau, Gaston Guy, Robert Latendresse
cover La marche à suivre
2014 movie • 76min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Jean-François CaissyFrench
In a quiet Quebec town, the local high school houses hundreds of impressionable young minds, each bursting with ideas...
Starring Claude Leblanc
cover Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen
1966 movie • 45min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Donald Brittain, Don Owen
Written by Donald BrittainEnglish, French, Greek
National Film Board of Canada Donald Owen teamed with NFB producer Donald Brittain for an imaginative profile of Montreal poet Leonard Cohen.
Music by Donald Douglas
Starring Donald Brittain, Leonard Cohen, Robert Hirschhorn, Irving Layton, Derek May, Mort Rosengarten, Pierre Berton, Earle Birney
cover Le jardin oublié: La vie et l'oeuvre d'Alice Guy-Blaché
1995 movie • 53min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Marquise Lepage
Written by Solange Collin, Marquise LepageFrench
The story of forgotten silent filmmaker Alice Guy and her more than 700 films.
Music by Robert Marcel Lepage
Starring Alice Guy, Roberta Blaché, Adrienne Blaché-Channing, André Gaudreault, Alison McMahan, Nicolas Seydoux, Anthony Slide, Alan Williams, Claudine Chatel, Anne Dorval, Françoise Faucher, Kathleen Fee
cover Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man
2005 movie • 105min
6.9 ★★★   1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Lian Lunson
Written by Lian Lunson
A documentary on the legendary singer-songwriter, with performances by those musicians he has influenced.
Music by Leonard Cohen
Starring Leonard Cohen, Martha Wainwright, Beth Orton, Jarvis Cocker, Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Perla Batalla, Julie Christensen, Antony Hegarty, Linda Thompson, Teddy Thompson, Kate McGarrigle
cover Les traces du rêve
1986 movie • 96min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Jean-Daniel Lafond
Written by Jean-Daniel LafondFrench
Music by Pierre Perrault
Starring Pierre Perrault, Stéphane-Albert Boulais, Jacques Douai, Gaston Miron, Michel Serres, Léopold Tremblay
cover The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg
1998 movie • 90min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Sport
Directed by Aviva Kempner
Written by Aviva Kempner
The life and career of Hank Greenberg, the first major Jewish baseball star in the Major Leagues.
Music by Edwin B. Edwards, Ken Gross, Matthew Abbott, Tom Abruzzo, Joel Chernet
Starring Reeve Brenner, Hank Greenberg, Walter Matthau, Alan M. Dershowitz, Carl Levin, Stephen Greenberg, Joseph Greenberg, Max Ticktin, Bill Mead, Lou Gehrig, Basil 'Mickey' Briggs, Don Shapiro
cover Living for 32
2010 movie • 40min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, News
Directed by Kevin Breslin
Living for 32 is the inspirational story of Colin Goddard, a survivor of the tragic gun shooting massacre which occurred on the Virginia Tech campus...
Music by Greg Doyle
Starring Colin Goddard, Anne Goddard, Andy Goddard, Kristina Anderson, Omar Samaha, Paul Helmke, Gerald Schembri, Mary Ester, Jackie Rowe-Adams, Kevin Breslin, Maria Cuomo Cole
cover Lobotomy
2010 movie • 57min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Yuriy Khashchevatskiy
Written by Yuriy KhashchevatskiyRussian
The film is a social-political documentary film that raises questions about the roles we play in history...
Music by Gennady Tsypin
cover Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup
2009 video movie • 99min
7.2 ★★★★   2k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Dylan Avery
Written by Dylan AveryEnglish, French, Spanish
Film in the Loose Change series.
Music by Mic Cartier
Starring Osama bin Laden, Johnelle Bryant, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Aukai Collins, Richard Gage, Leslie Groves, Hamid Gul, Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler
cover Los Canadienses
1975 movie • 58min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Albert Kish
Written by Albert Kish, Laszlo Gefin
A film about the Canadians who participated in the Spanish Civil War.
Music by Ben Low
Starring Donald Brittain, Lib Spry, Kate Bader, Hugh Garner, John G. Johnson, William Kardash, Paddy McGilligot, Len Norris, Marvin Penn, Joe Schoen, Graham Spry, Misha Storgoff
cover Lost for Life
2013 movie • 75min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, News
Directed by Joshua Rofé
A documentary about juveniles who are serving life in prison without parole and their victims' families.
Music by Julian Wass
cover The Lottery
2010 movie • 81min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama, News
Directed by Madeleine Sackler
Four children enter a high-stakes lottery. If they win, they can attend one of the best schools in New York. A look at the crisis in public education, The Lottery makes the case than any child can succeed.
Music by Gerard Smith, Tunde Adebimpe
Starring Cory Booker, Geoffrey Canada, Candice Fryer, Gregory Goodwine Jr., Gregory Goodwine Sr., Laurie Goodwine, Betsy Gotbaum, Meredith Gotlin, Ameenah Horne, Nadiyah Horne, Joel Klein, Jim Manly
cover Machine-Gun Kelly
1958 movie • 80min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Action, Biography, Crime, Film-Noir
Directed by Roger Corman
Written by R. Wright Campbell
The criminal exploits of Public Enemy number 1, George 'Machine-Gun' Kelly, during the 1930s.
Music by Gerald Fried
Starring Charles Bronson, Susan Cabot, Morey Amsterdam, Richard Devon, Jack Lambert, Frank DeKova, Connie Gilchrist, Wally Campo, Barboura Morris, Lori Martin, George Archambeault, Robert Griffin
cover The Majestic Plastic Bag
2010 movie • 4min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Action, Comedy, News
Directed by Jeremy Konner
Written by Sarah May Bates, Regie Miller
A plastic bag encounters enemies and escapes death on its epic migration to its final destination: the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Starring Jeremy Irons
cover Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
1992 movie • 167min
8.2 ★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, Biography, War
Directed by Mark Achbar, Peter Wintonick
A film about the noted American linguist/political dissident and his warning about corporate media's role in modern propaganda.
Music by Carl Schultz
Starring Mark Achbar, Karin Aguilar-San Juan, Paul Andrews, William F. Buckley, Noam Chomsky, Robert Faurisson, Jeff Greenfield, Jeff Hansen, Loie Hayes, Edward S. Herman, Arnold Kohen, Robert MacNeil
cover Married to the Eiffel Tower
2008 tv movie • 45min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Agnieszka Piotrowska
Written by Agnieszka Piotrowska
An observation documentary about women who fall in love with large objects rather than people. They maintain to have intimate relationships with them...
Music by Rod Anderson
cover Martin Luther
1953 movie • 105min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Biography, Drama, History
Directed by Irving Pichel
Written by Lothar Wolff, Theodore G. Tappert, Jaroslav Pelikan
Biopic of German priest Martin Luther covering his life between 1505-1530 A.D. and the birth of the Protestant Reformation movement.
Music by Mark Lothar
Starring Niall MacGinnis, John Ruddock, Pierre Lefevre, Guy Verney, Alastair Hunter, David Horne, Fred Johnson, Philip Leaver, Heinz Piper, Leonard White, Egon Strohm, Annette Carell
cover Meadowlark
2008 movie • 77min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Taylor Greeson
Written by Taylor Greeson
Music by Chris Horvath
Starring Julie Bales, Terrill Bracken, Brent Brooks, Andrew CdeBaca, Terrence Finn, Frank Fuhrmann, Taylor Greeson, Sally Hilander, Jacob Jones, Kiana Jones, Casey Kliner, Kent Kliner
cover Medieval Lives
2004 tv series • 240min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Lucy Cooke, Nigel Miller, Paul Bradshaw
Written by Terry Jones
Terry Jones hosts this series that looks at the real facts about the Middle Ages and its roots.
Music by David Mitcham
Starring Terry Jones
cover Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices
2008 video movie • 70min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Written by Constantine Nasr
The life and career of the renowned voice actor of animation and radio.
Music by Jeffrey Hepker
Starring Mel Blanc, Noel Blanc, Keith Scott, Bill Baldwin Jr., Mark Kausler, Will Friedwald, Kim Newman, Martha Sigall, Billy West, Gary Owens, Hank Azaria, Ron Pitts
cover The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress
1944 movie • 45min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by William Wyler
Written by William Wyler, Lester Koenig, Jerome Chodorov
Documentary about the 25th and last bombing mission of a B17, the "Memphis Belle". The "Memphis Belle"...
Music by Gail Kubik
Starring Stanley Wray, Robert Morgan, James A. Verinis, Robert J. Hanson, Charles B. Leighton, Harold P. Loch, John P. Quinlan, Cecil H. Scott, Vince Evans, Clarence E. Winchell, Casimer A. Nastal, Haywood Hansell
cover The Mirror
1975 movie • 107min
8.2 ★★★★★★   23k   Biography, Drama
Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky
Written by Arseniy Tarkovskiy, Aleksandr Misharin, Andrei TarkovskyRussian, Spanish
A dying man in his forties remembers his past. His childhood, his mother, the war, personal moments and things that tell of the recent history of all the Russian nation.
Music by Eduard Artemev
Starring Margarita Terekhova, Oleg Yankovskiy, Filipp Yankovskiy, Ignat Daniltsev, Nikolay Grinko, Alla Demidova, Yuriy Nazarov, Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Larisa Tarkovskaya, Tamara Ogorodnikova, Yuri Sventisov, Tamara Reshetnikova
cover Monster
2003 movie • 109min
7.3 ★★★★   109k   Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Directed by Patty Jenkins
Written by Patty Jenkins
Based on the life of Aileen Wuornos, a Daytona Beach prostitute who became a serial killer.
Music by BT
Starring Charlize Theron, Christina Ricci, Bruce Dern, Lee Tergesen, Annie Corley, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Marco St. John, Marc Macaulay, Scott Wilson, Rus Blackwell, Tim Ware, Stephan Jones
cover Mr. Happy Man
2010 movie • 11min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Matt Morris
For the last three decades, Bermuda's most beloved resident, Johnny Barnes, has dedicated his life to making the world a happier place in his own unique way.
Starring Johnny Barnes
cover My Enemy, My Brother
2015 movie • 18min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Drama, History, War
Directed by Ann Shin
Written by Melanie Horkan, Ann Shin
MY ENEMY, MY BROTHER is the real life story about two former enemies who become blood brothers for life:...
Music by Ari Posner
cover My Father, Joe
2010 movie • 10min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, Family, History
Directed by Nikila Cole
Written by Nikila Cole, Jack EngelhardEnglish, Hebrew
Set in the garment district of 1940's Montreal, MY FATHER, JOE takes a heartfelt look at a family who...
Music by Lawrence Sieberth
Starring Michelle Heisler, Elan Kunin, Jamie Mayers, Danny Chazonoff, Noah Chazonoff, Andrew Gryn, Joe Santamaria, Alberto John, Allie Mayers, Garo Armoudian, George Boutros, Juana Ortega Borrero
cover My Grandmother Ironed the King's Shirts
1999 movie • 11min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Biography, Family
Directed by Torill Kove
Written by Torill Kove
A personal interpretation of Norwegian history - starring a grandmother who during the Second World War loses her job ironing the King's shirts...
Music by Kevin Dean
Starring Mag Ruffman
cover Nanking
2007 movie • 90min
7.8 ★★★★★   3k   Biography, History, War
Directed by Bill Guttentag, Dan Sturman
Written by Dan Sturman, Bill Guttentag, Elisabeth BentleyJapanese, Mandarin, English
Through readings of historical account by actors and the testimony of survivors, the events of the Nanjing Massacre are recounted.
Music by Phil Marshall
Starring Hugo Armstrong, Rosalind Chao, Stephen Dorff, John Getz, Mariel Hemingway, Michelle Krusiec, Chris Mulkey, Jürgen Prochnow, Sonny Saito, Graham Sibley, Mark Valley, Robert Wu
cover Napoleon
1955 movie • 182min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Biography, Drama, War
Directed by Sacha Guitry
Written by Sacha GuitryFrench
From 1769 to 1821, Napoléon Bonaparte's life, loves and exceptional destiny but as seen through the eyes of Talleyrand, the cynic and ironic politician, who once was the Emperor of France's Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Music by Jean Françaix
Starring Jean-Pierre Aumont, Jeanne Boitel, Pierre Brasseur, Gianna Maria Canale, Pauline Carton, Jean Chevrier, Danielle Darrieux, Clément Duhour, Jacques Dumesnil, O.W. Fischer, Jean Gabin, Daniel Gélin
cover Nazi Concentration Camps
1945 movie • 59min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by George Stevens
Produced and presented as evidence at the Nuremberg war crimes trial of Hermann Göring and twenty other Nazi leaders.
Starring Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar N. Bradley, George S. Patton, Hayden Sears, Herman Bolker, Adolf Wahlmann, Karl Willig, Jack Taylor, Josef Kramer
cover Neurons to Nirvana
2013 movie • 85min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, News
Directed by Oliver HockenhullEnglish, Czech, Slovak
A stylish, in depth look at the renaissance in psychedelic drug research in light of current scientific...
Music by Steven Gutheinz, Dennis Burke
Starring William S. Burroughs, Wade Davis, Rick Doblin, Lesley Ewen, Julie Holland, Aldous Huxley, Gabor Mate, Dennis J. McKenna, Ralph Metzner, Jeremy Narby
cover New York: A Documentary Film
1999 tv series • 600min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Ric Burns
Written by Ric Burns, James Sanders
Ric Burns (brother of the famed documentarian Ken Burns) presents an exhaustive history of New York...
Music by Brian Keane
Starring David Ogden Stiers, John Steele Gordon, Kenneth Jackson, Robert A.M. Stern, Mike Wallace, Philip Bosco, Brendan Gill, Calvin O. Butts III, Robert A. Caro, Peter Hamill, Alfred Kazin, David McCullough
cover The Next Black
2014 movie • 47min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, History, News
Directed by David Dworsky, Victor Kohler
Written by David Dworsky, Victor Kohler
An exploration of the future of clothing, profiling forward-thinking companies who are at the forefront of redefining how and what we wear.
Starring Mathew Hymers, Suzanne Lee, Brittany McCrigler, Rick Ridgeway, Nancy Tilbury, Kyle Wiens
cover Nico-Icon
1995 movie • 70min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Susanne Ofteringer
Written by Susanne OfteringerEnglish, German
A look into the many lives of Christa Päffgen, otherwise known as Nico; from cutie German mädchen to the first of the supermodels...
Starring Nico, Tina Aumont, Christian Päffgen, Edith Boulogne, Jackson Browne, John Cale, Danny Fields, Carlos De Maldonado-Bostock, Jonas Mekas, Paul Morrissey, Sterling Morrison, Billy Name
cover Nine Days That Changed the World
2010 movie • 94min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History
Directed by Kevin Knoblock
Written by Kevin Knoblock
Music by Michael Josephs
Starring Callista Gingrich, Newt Gingrich
cover No Apple for Johnny
1977 movie • 9min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Biography, Comedy
Directed by John Weldon
Written by John Weldon
John Weldon tells the story of his difficult term as a teaching school student.
Music by Ben Low
Starring France Arioli, Regan Arioli, John Howe, Doris Malcolm, Les Nirenberg, John Weldon
cover No Direction Home: Bob Dylan
2005 episode • 359min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   10k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Martin Scorsese
A chronicle of Bob Dylan's strange evolution between 1961 and 1966 from folk singer to protest singer to "voice of a generation" to rock star.
Music by Michael Brauer, Robert Bower, Diane Lapson, Annette Kudrak, Jennifer L. Dunnington
Starring Bob Dylan, B.J. Rolfzen, Dick Kangas, Liam Clancy, Anthony Glover, Paul Nelson, Allen Ginsberg, Dave Van Ronk, Maria Muldaur, John Cohen, Bruce Langhorne, Mark Spoelstra
cover The Nomi Song
2004 movie • 98min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Andrew Horn
Written by Andrew HornEnglish, German
Having failed to break into professional opera in his native Germany (where, as an usher in West Berlin's Deutsche Oper...
Music by Richard Barone
Starring Klaus Nomi, Ann Magnuson, Gabriele Lafari, David McDermott, Page Wood, Tony Frere, Man Parrish, Kristian Hoffman, Ron Johnsen, Kenny Scharf, Anthony Scibelli, Alan Platt
cover Nora
2000 movie • 106min
6.1 ★★   1k   Biography, Drama
Directed by Pat Murphy
Written by Brenda Maddox, Pat Murphy, Gerard StembridgeEnglish, Italian
In 1904, in Dublin, James Joyce chats up Nora Barnacle, a hotel maid recently come from Galway. She enchants him with her frank...
Music by Stanislas Syrewicz
Starring Susan Lynch, Andrew Scott, Vinnie McCabe, Veronica Duffy, Ewan McGregor, Aedin Moloney, Pauline McLynn, Neilí Conroy, Darragh Kelly, Alan Devine, Peter McDonald, Paul Hickey
cover Nurse Edith Cavell
1939 movie • 108min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Biography, Drama, War
Directed by Herbert Wilcox
Written by Michael Hogan, Reginald Berkeley, Edith CavellEnglish, German
English nurse Edith Cavell is matron in a small private hospital in German-occupied Brussels during WWI...
Music by Anthony Collins
Starring Anna Neagle, Edna May Oliver, George Sanders, May Robson, Zasu Pitts, H.B. Warner, Sophie Stewart, Mary Howard, Robert Coote, Martin Kosleck, Gui Ignon, Lionel Royce
cover October (Ten Days that Shook the World)
1928 movie • 103min
7.5 ★★★★★   5k   Drama, History
Directed by Grigori Aleksandrov, Sergei M. Eisenstein
Written by Grigori Aleksandrov, Sergei M. Eisenstein, John Reed
In documentary style, events in Petrograd are re-enacted from the end of the monarchy in February of...
Music by Edmund Meisel, Dmitri Shostakovich
Starring Nikolay Popov, Vasili Nikandrov, Layaschenko, Chibisov, Boris Livanov, Mikholyev, Nikolai Padvoisky, Smelsky, Eduard Tisse
cover Off the Chain
2005 video movie • 60min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Bobby J. Brown
Written by Bobby J. Brown
A history of the pit bull.
Music by Dino Dumandan, Paul D. Lehrman
Starring Karen Ross
cover Once Upon a Rooftop
2010 movie • 31min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Drama, History
Directed by Sybil Wendler
On a rooftop high above the bustling streets of Hong Kong, a woman practices the ancient art of tai chi as her daughter watches from the shadows...
Music by Alex Mitchell
cover Orphans of the Storm
1921 movie • 150min
7.9 ★★★★★   3k   Drama, History, Romance
Directed by D.W. Griffith
Written by Adolphe d'Ennery, D.W. Griffith, Eugène Cormon
Two orphaned sisters are caught up in the turmoil of the French Revolution, encountering misery and love along the way.
Music by Brian Benison, William Frederick Peters, John Lanchbery, Louis F. Gottschalk
Starring Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Joseph Schildkraut, Frank Losee, Katherine Emmet, Morgan Wallace, Lucille La Verne, Sheldon Lewis, Frank Puglia, Creighton Hale, Monte Blue, Sidney Herbert
cover Our Generation
2010 movie • 73min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, News
Directed by Sinem Saban, Damien Curtis
A documentary on the Australian Aboriginal struggle for their land, culture and freedom - a story that...
Starring Jonny Burrmula, Tom Calma, Judy Djanunbe, Djiniyini Gondarra, Marcus Lacey, Les Malezer, Henry Reynolds
cover Overview
2012 movie • 20min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Guy Reid
Astronauts who have seen the Earth from space have often described the 'Overview Effect', an experience...
Starring David Beaver, Ronald Garan, Jeffrey Hoffman, Shane Kimbrough, David Loy, Edgar D. Mitchell, Nicole Stott, Frank White
cover Oxyana
2013 movie • 78min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Sean Dunne
Tucked in the Appalachian mountains of Southern West Virginia, Oceana, is a small, once thriving coal-mining...
Music by Frank Turbe, Evan Donahue, Spencer Cullum
2012 movie • 6min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Fantasy, History, Mystery
Directed by Duncan McDowall
Written by Duncan McDowall
The exploration of a building's decay, illustrating the building's retreat from the physical world and nature's advance on it.
Music by Simon Marcheterre
Starring Dorotea Saykaly
cover The Panama Deception
1992 movie • 91min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Barbara Trent
Written by David Kasper
A film about the true reasons for the 1989 US invasion of Panama and big media complicity in these activities.
Music by Chuck Wild
Starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Carlos Cantú, Diviana Ingravallo, Abraham Alvarez, Alma Martinez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ashton Bancroft, Manuel Becker, Larry Birns, Esmeralda Brown, Humberto Brown, Eugene Carroll
cover Panopticon
2012 movie • 60min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Peter Vlemmix
Written by Peter VlemmixDutch
Control on our daily lives increases and privacy is disappearing. How is this exactly happening and in which way will it effect all our lives?
Music by Niels Hahn
Starring Peter Vlemmix, Inez Weski, Brenno de Winter, Fukami, Sven Gückes, Oliver Höfinghoff, Bart Jacobs, Alexander Klöpping, Koen Martens, McTyphoon, Alexander Morlang, Jan Swinkels
cover Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
2007 movie • 60min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Louise Lockwood
Mark Oliver Everett, singer of the band EELS, on his quest to get to know his later father, quantum physicist Hugh Everett III, who invented the Many Worlds theory.
Music by John Jenkins
Starring Mark Oliver Everett, Max Tegmark
cover Partis pour la gloire
1975 movie • 102min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Drama, History
Directed by Clément Perron
Written by Clément PerronFrench
In 1942 even after a formal promise from the Liberal Party of Canada in the last election: "Never the Conscription"...
Music by François Dompierre
Starring Serge L'Italien, Rachel Cailhier, Jacques Thisdale, André Mélançon, Yolande Roy, Jean-Marie Lemieux, Louise Ladouceur, Jean-Pierre Masson, Rolland Bédard, Claude Gauthier, Marc Legault, Jean Mathieu
cover The Pendle Witch Child
2011 tv movie • 60min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Ros Ereira
Written by Ros Ereira
Simon Armitage presents the extraordinary story of the most disturbing witch trial in British history...
Starring Simon Armitage
cover The Perils of Pauline
1947 movie • 96min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Biography, Comedy
Directed by George Marshall
Written by Frank Butler, P.J. Wolfson
The real life story of actress Pearl White during her rise to fame in silent serials.
Music by Robert Emmett Dolan
Starring Betty Hutton, John Lund, Billy De Wolfe, William Demarest, Constance Collier, Frank Faylen, William Farnum, Chester Conklin, Paul Panzer, 'Snub' Pollard, James Finlayson, Creighton Hale
cover The Phase
2013 movie • 30min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, Mystery
Directed by Michael Raduga
Written by Michael Raduga
It's an astounding coincidence: in the absolute majority of accounts of the supernatural, be they biblical miracles or paranormal phenomena...
Music by Igor Tokarev
Starring Charlotte Ann, Doug Barron, David Kaplan, Valeria Lukyanova
cover Pompeii: The Last Day
2003 tv movie • 120min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Drama, History
Directed by Peter Nicholson
Written by Peter Nicholson, Edward Canfor-Dumas
A dramatized recreation of the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.
Music by Ty Unwin
Starring Alisdair Simpson, Tim Pigott-Smith, Jim Carter, Jonathan Firth, Rebecca Clarke, Inika Leigh Wright, Martin Hodgson, Rachel Atkins, Robert Whitelock, Chad Shepherd, Katherine Whitburn, Chrissie Cotterill
cover The Presidents: The Lives and Legacies of the 43 Leaders of the United States
2005 tv movie • 45min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History
A historical compendium of the 42 men who have served as the chief executive of the United States taking us from George Washington to George W. Bush. Each segment discusses the highlights and often lowlights of the men who have served.
Music by Earl Rose
Starring H.W. Brands, Richard Brookhiser, George Bush, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, William M. Fowler Jr., Warren G. Harding, Benjamin Harrison
cover The Pride of Strathmoor
2014 movie • 9min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Drama, History, Horror
Directed by Einar Baldvin
Written by Einar Baldvin
Extracts from the journal of Pastor John Deitman, Strathmoor, Georgia. June & July, 1927
Music by Atli Arnarson
Starring Geoffrey Gould
cover The Private Life of Henry VIII.
1933 movie • 97min
7.2 ★★★★   2k   Biography, Comedy, Drama, History, Romance
Directed by Alexander Korda
Written by Arthur Wimperis, Lajos Biró
King Henry VIII marries five more times after his divorce from his first wife Catherine of Aragon.
Music by Kurt Schröder
Starring Charles Laughton, Robert Donat, Franklin Dyall, Miles Mander, Laurence Hanray, William Austin, John Loder, Claud Allister, Gibb McLaughlin, Sam Livesey, Merle Oberon, Wendy Barrie
cover Problema
2010 movie • 95min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, Drama, History, News, Reality-TV
Directed by Ralf Schmerberg
Written by Ralf Schmerberg, Joe Holden
One bright day in the early 21st Century, there was a gathering of human beings unlike any before.
Music by Rudi Moser
Starring Hafsat Abiola, Willem Dafoe, Yassin Adnan, Martin Almada, Udi Aloni, Antoschka, Homero Aridjis, Mohammed Arkoun, Anthony Arnove, Jwan M. Aziz, Rodrigo Baggio, Constantin von Barloewen
cover Propaganda
2012 movie • 96min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Slavko Martinov
Written by Slavko MartinovKorean, English
An anti-western propaganda film about the influences of American visual and consumption culture on the rest of the world, as told from a North Korean perspective.
Music by Jody Lloyd
Starring Eugene Chang, Susannah Kenton
cover Pussy Riot: The Movement
2013 movie • 85min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History, News
Directed by Natasha Fissiak
Written by Carole Keeney Harrington
Pussy Riot - The Movement briefly reviews the events that led to the harsh two-year sentences of Pussy...
Music by Pussy Riot
Starring Mariya Alyokhina, Diana Arbenina, Artour Aristakisian, Svetlana Bakhmina, Veronika Dolina, Mark Feygin, Natasha Fissiak, Masha Gessen, Marat Guelman, Daryl Hannah, Gregory Kataev, Denis Krukov
cover Québec: Duplessis et après...
1972 movie • 121min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Denys Arcand
Written by Pierre Maheu, Denys ArcandFrench
A documentary about Maurice Duplessis and the quebec nationalism which to new levels after the death of this Premier of the Province of Quebec...
Starring Robin Spry, Gisèle Trépanier, Denys Arcand, Robert Bourassa, Robert Burns, Claude Charron, Antoine Drolet, Maurice Duplessis, Bernard Landry, André Léveillé, René Lévesque, Marcel Masse
cover ReGeneration
2010 movie • 81min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Action, Biography, Drama
Directed by Phillip Montgomery
Written by Phillip Montgomery
ReGENERATION explores the inherent cynicism found in many of today's youth and young adults, and the...
Starring Noam Chomsky, Ryan Gosling, Talib Kweli, Jay Walker, Howard Zinn
cover The Record Breaker
2012 movie
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Comedy
Directed by Brian McGinn
Written by Brian McGinn
Ashrita Furman holds the official record for the most Guinness World Records by one individual, including...
Music by Silas Hite
Starring Ashrita Furman
cover Reds
1981 movie • 195min
7.5 ★★★★★   16k   Biography, Drama, History, Romance
Directed by Warren Beatty
Written by Warren Beatty, Trevor GriffithsEnglish, Russian, German, French
A radical American journalist becomes involved with the Communist revolution in Russia and hopes to bring its spirit and idealism to the United States.
Music by Stephen Sondheim
Starring Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Edward Herrmann, Jerzy Kosinski, Jack Nicholson, Paul Sorvino, Maureen Stapleton, Nicolas Coster, M. Emmet Walsh, Ian Wolfe, Bessie Love, MacIntyre Dixon
cover Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People
2006 video movie • 50min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Jeremy Earp, Sut Jhally
Written by Jeremy Earp, Jack Shaheen
This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually...
Music by Simon Shaheen
Starring Jack Shaheen
cover The Referee
2010 movie • 29min
8.2 ★★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Short, Drama, News, Sport
Directed by Mattias Löw
Written by Valentina Santi Löw, Mattias Löw, Orvar AnklewSwedish
Swedish soccer referee Martin Hansson had a successful journey towards his big dream in life, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Then one dark night in Paris on November 18th, 2009, all hell broke loose.
Starring Janne Andersson, Sepp Blatter, Birgit Hansson, Martin Hansson, Thierry Henry, Holmsjöborna, Bo Karlsson, Mattias Löw, Erik Niva, Pelé, Mikael Stahre, Arsène Wenger
cover Reign of Terror
1949 movie • 88min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   History, Romance, Thriller, War
Directed by Anthony Mann
Written by Æneas MacKenzie, Philip Yordan
Robespierrre, a powerful figure in the French revolution, is desperately looking for his black book, a death list of those marked for the guillotine.
Music by Sol Kaplan
Starring Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart, Richard Hart, Arlene Dahl, Arnold Moss, Norman Lloyd, Charles McGraw, Beulah Bondi, Jess Barker, Walter Bacon, Ray Bennett, Chet Brandenburg
cover Rembrandt
1936 movie • 85min
7.2 ★★★★   1k   Biography, Drama
Directed by Alexander Korda
Written by Lajos Biró, Carl Zuckmayer, June Head
This character study joins the painter at the height of his fame in 1642, when his adored wife suddenly dies and his work takes a dark...
Music by Geoffrey Toye
Starring Charles Laughton, Gertrude Lawrence, Elsa Lanchester, Edward Chapman, Walter Hudd, Roger Livesey, John Bryning, Sam Livesey, Herbert Lomas, Allan Jeayes, John Clements, Raymond Huntley
cover Remembering Arthur
2006 movie • 90min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Martin Lavut
Written by Martin Lavut
Biography of Canadian filmmaker Arthur Lipsett, who committed suicide in 1986.
Music by Tutu Combo
Starring Fortner Anderson, Marian Arnold, Donald Brittain, Martin Duckworth, Ryan Larkin, Arthur Lipsett, Colin Low, George Lucas, John Max, Christopher Nutter, Don Owen, Terry Ryan
cover Report from the Aleutians
1943 movie • 47min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by John Huston
Written by John Huston
A cinematic record of US military operations on the Aleutian Island of Adak to retake Japanese occupied Kiska.
Music by Dimitri Tiomkin
Starring John Huston, Walter Huston, Milton Ashkin, Lyle A. Bean, Jack Chennault, C.M. McCorkle, Hawley P. Nill, William Prince, George I. Radell, Henry J. Strenkowski
cover The Revolution
2006 tv series
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   History, War
Directed by Alexander Emmert, Peter Schnall
Written by Alexander Emmert
Music by Gary Pozner
Starring John W. Hall, Mark Hilliard, Bryan Kennedy, Larry A. Maxwell, Bryan Stefancyk, Caroline Cox, Bruce Chadwick, Christopher Brown, Gary B. Nash, Willard Sterne Randall, Ray Raphael, Mark Collins
cover The Rise of Catherine the Great
1934 movie • 95min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Biography, Drama
Directed by Paul Czinner, Alexander Korda
Written by Arthur Wimperis, Marjorie Deans, Lajos BiróEnglish, French
Straightforward biography of the Russian empress, up to her assumption of the throne.
Music by Ernst Toch, Muir Mathieson
Starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Elisabeth Bergner, Flora Robson, Gerald du Maurier, Irene Vanbrugh, Joan Gardner, Dorothy Hale, Diana Napier, Griffith Jones, Gibb McLaughlin, Clifford Heatherley, Laurence Hanray
cover The Romance of Transportation in Canada
1952 movie • 12min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, History
Directed by Colin Low
Written by Guy Glover
A humourous survey of the history of the development of transportation technology in Canada.
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Starring Jean-Louis Roux, Max Ferguson, Guy Glover
cover A Romance of the Redwoods
1917 movie • 70min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Adventure, Comedy, Drama, History, Romance, Western
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Written by Jeanie Macpherson, Cecil B. DeMille
A young girl travels west to live with her uncle during the California Gold Rush only to find that he has been killed by Indians and his identity assumed by an outlaw.
Starring Mary Pickford, Elliott Dexter, Tully Marshall, Raymond Hatton, Charles Ogle, Walter Long, Winter Hall
cover Rude Dude
2012 movie • 92min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Ian Fischer
Legendary and award-winning comic book artist Steve "The Dude" Rude confronts the extreme suffering...
Music by Ross Williams
Starring Steve Rude, Neal Adams, Mike Allred, Mike Baron, David Breckman, Joe Casey, Dave Gibbons, Adam Hughes, Josh Olson, Paul Pope, Mike Richardson, Alex Ross
cover Ryan
2004 movie • 14min
7.6 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Biography, Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Chris LandrethEnglish, French
The movie talks about the life of , a gifted Canadian animator of the late '60s and the early '70s.
Music by Michael White, Fergus Marsh
Starring Ryan Larkin, Chris Landreth, Felicity Fanjoy, Derek Lamb
cover Salmon Confidential
2013 movie • 71min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Twyla Roscovich
Written by Twyla Roscovich
Salmon Confidential portrays the government cover-up of what is killing BC's wild salmon. When biologist...
cover Salt of the Earth
1954 movie • 94min
7.5 ★★★★★   2k   Drama, History
Directed by Herbert J. Biberman
Written by Michael WilsonEnglish, Spanish
Mexican workers at a Zinc mine call a general strike. It is only through the solidarity of the workers, and importantly the indomitable resolve of their wives, mothers and daughters, that they eventually triumph.
Music by Sol Kaplan
Starring Will Geer, David Wolfe, Mervin Williams, David Sarvis, Rosaura Revueltas, E.A. Rockwell, William Rockwell, Juan Chacón, Henrietta Williams, Ángela Sánchez, Clorinda Alderette, Virginia Jencks
cover Santa Fe Trail
1940 movie • 110min
6.3 ★★   2k   Adventure, Biography, Drama, History, Romance, War, Western
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Written by Robert Buckner
In 1854, Jeb Stuart, George Custer and other graduates from West Point are posted to Kansas to help pacify the territory before railroad construction to Santa Fe can resume.
Music by Max Steiner
Starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Raymond Massey, Ronald Reagan, Alan Hale, William Lundigan, Van Heflin, Gene Reynolds, Henry O'Neill, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Alan Baxter, John Litel
cover Saturn's Embrace
2012 movie • 40min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, News
Directed by Les Guthman
Written by Carolyn Porco
A mind-bending exploration of Saturn and its moons - and the possibility of life in the salt-water mists of one moon...
Starring Richard Dawkins, Carolyn Porco
cover ScaredSacred
2004 movie • 105min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Velcrow Ripper
Written by Velcrow RipperEnglish, Hindi, Central Khmer, Bosnian
In a world teetering on the edge of self destruction, award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper sets out on a unique pilgrimmage...
Music by Ctev Calvert, Leena Minifie, Igor Santoz, Gael MacLean, Michelle Irving
Starring Mehboob Bi, Satinath Sarangi, Aki Ra, Amina Bejovic, Nejadad Bejovic, Lama The Dalai, Kae Goh Ogura, Zoelya, Saher, Sensei Enkyo, Sarwar Jan, David Zeller
cover Scrap
2010 movie • 101min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Drama, History, News
Directed by Paul von Stoetzel
Scrap is a feature documentary which follows the history of two eccentric builders and their amazing...
Music by Mike Gunther
Starring Jim Bishop, Dr. Evermor, Eleanor Every, Dan Bishop, Phoebe Bishop, Thayer Every, Larry Laird, David Vic
cover The Secret of Oz
2009 movie • 115min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by William T. Still
Written by William T. Still
What's going on with the world's economy? Foreclosures are everywhere, unemployment is skyrocketing - and this may only be the beginning...
Music by Jann Castor
Starring Andrew Nance, Brent Robinson, William T. Still
cover Sewing Hope
2015 movie • 54min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Drama
Directed by Derek Watson
Written by Derek Watson
For 25 years Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army terrorized Northern Uganda. Children were stolen...
Music by Luke Moseley
Starring Forest Whitaker
cover Shahzad
2015 movie • 12min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Short, Biography, Drama
Directed by Haya Waseem
Written by Haya Waseem
Shahzad, an 11 year old Pakistani Boy who moves to Toronto with his father, has to find his home in a foreign land, only to discover home itself has become foreign.
Starring Yatharth Bhatt, Saad Siddiqui, Filip Geljo, Richard Davis, Tristan Culbert, Brian Bridger, Zane Charendoff, Isabelle Yang, Ryan Clarke, Ethan Martins, Joey Santarossa, Elijah Slater
cover The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere
2016 movie • 19min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Biography, Sport
Directed by Mickey Duzyj
Written by Mickey DuzyjEnglish, Japanese
Haru Urara, a Japanese racehorse, became a national icon after enduring a losing streak of epic proportions.
Music by Terry Dame
cover Singularity or Bust
2012 movie • 48min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Raj Dye
Two A.I. Scientists agree that a Technological Singularity is coming... and that the super-intelligent...
cover Sir Francis Drake: The Queen's Pirate
2008 movie
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Comedy, History
Directed by Adrian Carter
At the defining moment of his military career, Sir Francis Drake risks everything to engage his nemesis in a battle of honour...
Music by Paul O'Brien
Starring Seán Cullen, Scott Gorman, Joe Pingue, Ian Rutledge
cover Slavery and the Making of America
2005 tv series • 240min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   History
Directed by Leslie D. Farrell, Chana Gazit, Dante James
Written by Leslie D. Farrell, Dante James, Gail Pellett
Music by Michael Whalen
Starring Morgan Freeman, Chauncey Herring, Justin Jackson, Fred Johnson, Don Pentz, Virginia M. Pinckney
cover Slums: Cities of Tomorrow
2013 movie • 81min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, News
Directed by Jean-Nicolas Orhon
Written by Jean-Nicolas Orhon, Alain Omer Duranceau, Nicolas ReevesFrench, Hindi, Arabic, English
From the heart of the planet's slums and squats, individuals have taken over these marginalized worlds and erected cities in their own image.
Music by Simon Bellefleur
Starring Robert Neuwirth, Nicolas Reeves, Jeremy Seabrook
cover Smash and Grab
2013 movie • 89min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History, Thriller
Directed by Havana Marking
The world's most successful diamond thieves take us into the dark world of the international jewel trade.
Music by Simon Russell
Starring Tomislav Tom Benzon, Daniel Vivian, Jasmin Topalusic, Rob Kennedy, Awad Mustafa
cover Soft Self-Portrait of Salvador Dali
1970 movie • 55min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Jean-Christophe Averty
A documentary about surrealist artist Salvador Dali, narrated by Orson Welles.
Music by Jean-Claude Pelletier
Starring Gala Dalí, Donyale Luna, Tony Kina, Suzan Lancaster, Janet Woolscot, Marc-Hugo Finally, Salvador Dalí, Orson Welles
cover The Spanish Civil War
1983 tv series • 315min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by John Blake, David Hart
Written by Neal Ascherson, James CameronEnglish, Spanish
Documentary series which uses film and eyewitness accounts from both sides of the conflict that divided Spain in the years leading up to World War Two, also placing it in its international context.
Music by Patrick Gowers
Starring Frank Finlay, Enrique Lister, Ramón Serrano Súñer, Narcís Julián
cover Spent: Looking for Change
2014 movie • 40min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, News
Directed by Derek Doneen
Written by Adam Trunell
Spent: Looking for Change is a film about everyday Americans without the financial options most of us...
Music by Ian Hultquist
Starring Sarah Hosan
cover The Spirit Game
2013 movie • 11min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Drama, History, Mystery, Thriller
Directed by Craig Goodwill
Written by Dianne K. Salerni, Lesley Krueger, Craig Goodwill
In the mid-nineteenth century, three sisters astonished the world with their ability to talk to the dead...
Music by Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida
Starring Katharine Isabelle, Liberty Ross, Katie Boland, Chantal Kreviazuk, Charles Shaughnessy, Gale Harold, Yetide Badaki, Nick Baillie, Jack Bornoff, Storm Reid, Robert Christopher Riley
cover Spirit of Youth
1938 movie • 66min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Biography, Drama, Sport
Directed by Harry L. Fraser
Written by Arthur Hoerl
The story of the rise of boxer Joe Thomas, which paralleled the life of Joe Louis.
Music by Elliot Carpenter, Clarence Muse
Starring Joe Louis, Clarence Muse, Edna Mae Harris, Mae Turner, Cleo Desmond, Mantan Moreland, Jewel Smith, Tom Southern, Jess Lee Brooks, Marguerite Whitten, Clarence Brooks, Chior The Plantation
cover Spitfire
1942 movie • 118min
7.0 ★★★★   1k   Adventure, Biography, Drama, War
Directed by Leslie Howard
Written by Miles Malleson, Anatole de Grunwald, Katherine StruebyEnglish, Italian
Aircraft designer/patriot R. J. Mitchell, alarmed at growing German militarism, works to perfect a defense against the German Messerschmidt at the cost of his health.
Music by William Walton
Starring Leslie Howard, David Niven, Rosamund John, Roland Culver, Anne Firth, David Horne, J.H. Roberts, Derrick De Marney, Rosalyn Boulter, Herbert Cameron, Toni Edgar-Bruce, Gordon McLeod
cover Stanley Kubrick's Boxes
2008 tv movie • 48min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Jon Ronson
Written by Jon Ronson
A few years after his death, the widow of Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) asks Jon Ronson to look through...
Music by Simon Fisher-Turner
Starring Jon Ronson, Anthony Frewin, Jan Harlan, Christiane Kubrick, Manuel Harlan, Anya Kubrick, Julian Senior, Vincent Tilsley, Rick Senat, Deborah Davis, Judy Tobey, Van Boudreaux
cover Stepping Into the Fire
2011 movie • 84min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, Biography, Drama, Family
Directed by Ouroboros, Ross Evison, Roberto VelezEnglish, English, Spanish, Bulgarian
This documentary is about successful man living an unfulfilling life and his road towards truth and happiness. It provides insight into ancient shamanic practices and commentary on human spirituality and wellness
Music by Colin Thibadeau, Josh Peck
cover Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy
2011 tv movie • 50min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Laura Craig Gray, Tristan Quinn
Starring Evan Davis, Steve Jobs, Daniel Kottke, Stewart Brand, Steve Wozniak, Robert X. Cringely, Steven Levy, John Sculley, Andy Hertzfeld, Larry Tesler, Dean Hovey, Norman Foster
cover The Story of the Kelly Gang
1906 movie • 70min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Biography, Crime, Drama, History, Western
Directed by Charles Tait
Written by Charles Tait
True story of notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly (1855-80).
Music by Eric Chapus
Starring Elizabeth Tait, John Tait, Norman Campbell, Bella Cola, Will Coyne, Sam Crewes, Jack Ennis, John Forde, Vera Linden, Mr. Marshall, Mr. McKenzie, Frank Mills
cover Strange Days on Planet Earth
2005 tv series • 240min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, Mystery
Directed by Ron Bowman, John Rubin
Written by Ben Meyer
Around the globe, scientists are racing to solve a series of mysteries. Unsettling transformations are sweeping across the planet...
Music by Sheldon Mirowitz
Starring Edward Norton
cover The Strangest Dream
2008 movie • 89min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Eric Bednarski
Written by Eric Bednarski, Barry CowlingEnglish, Japanese
The biography of Joseph Rotblat, the only scientist to leave the Manhattan Project, and would eventually win a Nobel Peace Prize.
Music by David Christensen
Starring Michael Jones, Joseph Rotblat, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Sandra Ionno Butcher, Mohamed Shaker, Roméo Dallaire, Robert Hinde, Halina Sand, Adolf Hitler, Louis Rosen, Tadatoshi Akiba, Joseph Stalin
cover Stray from the Flock: Story of a Black Atheist
2013 movie • 51min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Family
Directed by Andre Oliver
Written by Andre Oliver
The film is a documentary about being the only Atheist in a black religious family. Subjects range from:...
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Starring Andre Oliver, Eddie Collins, John Rhynes
cover Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square
1998 movie • 29min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Biography
Directed by Shui-Bo Wang
An autobiography about the director's life, career and ultimate disillusionment with The People's Republic of China.
Music by Melissa Hui
Starring Shui-Bo Wang
cover Superpower
2008 movie • 119min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Barbara-Anne Steegmuller
Written by Barbara-Anne Steegmuller, David Chilton
Superpower illustrates how the United States has leveraged its position to ensure unilateral world domination through absolute economic and military superiority and government deception.
Music by Mark Perry, Christy Johnson
Starring Christy Johnson, Max Carter, Harry S. Truman, Eric L. Haney, Jeff W. Jones, Karen Kwiatkowski, Mohammed Mossadegh, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Noam Chomsky, Morgan Reynolds, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy
cover The Surprising History of Sex and Love
2002 tv movie • 49min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Alan Ereira, Phil Grabsky
Written by Alan Ereira, Terry Jones, Phil Grabsky
Exploring the radical change in social and religious attitudes towards sex, this award-winning documentary...
Music by Dimitri Tchamouroff
Starring Terry Jones, Joann Fletcher, Bill Dever, Diana Edelman, Rick Jones, Susan Deacy, Shobita Punja, Carol Groneman, Joycelyn Elders, David Gaimster, Khedija Sassi, Ben Jewell
cover The Sweater
1980 movie • 10min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Biography, Family, Sport
Directed by Sheldon Cohen
Written by Roch Carrier, Sheila FischmanFrench, English
A French Canadian boy endures the terrible shame when he receives the hockey sweater of the wrong team.
Music by Normand Roger
Starring Roch Carrier, Jean-Guy Moreau
cover Tashi and the Monk
2014 movie • 39min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Family
Directed by Johnny Burke, Andrew HintonHindi
On a journey to transform his suffering into light a man creates a remarkable children's community based on principles of love and compassion...
Music by Dan Weinberg, Jerome Alexander
Starring Lobsang Phuntsok
cover Ten Days That Shook the World
1967 tv movie • 77min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Written by Grigori Aleksandrov, Derek Granger, Michael MurphyEnglish, Russian
The story of the Russian Revolution.
Music by Revol Bounin
Starring Robert Stephens, Barbara Jefford, Hugh Burden, Janet Suzman, Orson Welles, A.J. Brown, Rick Jones, David March, Norman Shelley, John Woodvine, William G. Hardy, Zelda Kahan
cover Tesla: Master of Lightning
2000 tv movie • 87min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History
Directed by Robert Uth
Written by Phylis Geller, Robert Uth
Biography of electrical inventor and visionary genius Nikola Tesla.
Music by Charlie Barnett
Starring Stacy Keach, Elisabeth Noone, Leland I. Anderson, John Jacob Astor, Charles W. Batchelor, Sarah Bernhardt, William H. Bragg, Joseph Butler, Margaret Cheney, William Crookes, Flora Dodge, Thomas A. Edison
cover That's Not Funny
2014 movie • 90min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy, History
Directed by Mike Celestino
Written by Mike Celestino
That's Not Funny is an examination of the history of taboo subjects and controversy in comedy, and one comedy fan's heartfelt and passionate defense of an art form.
Music by James M. Garren
Starring Mike Celestino
cover Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser
1988 movie • 90min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Charlotte Zwerin
A documentary film about the life of pianist and jazz great Thelonious Monk. Features live performances by Monk and his band, and interviews with friends and family about the offbeat genius.
Music by Dick Hyman
Starring Jimmy Cleveland, Harry Colomby, John Coltrane, Ray Copeland, Nica De Koenigswarter, Tommy Flanagan, Larry Gales, Johnny Griffin, Barry Harris, Bob Jones, Teo Macero, Thelonious Monk Jr.
cover Thieves by Law
2010 movie • 90min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Alexander Gentelev
Written by Alexander Gentelev, Christian SchulzRussian, Hebrew, German
Documentary film from 2010 tries to give a picture of Russian organized crime not only by describing this system, but also by interviewing some of involved persons, a number of which are currently wanted by Interpol.
Music by Andreas Moisa, Philipp E. Kümpel
Starring Leonid Bilunov, Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov, Vitaly Demochka, Vladimir Ovshinsky, Valery Karyshev, Artyom Tarassov, Alexander Gurov, Dirk Nonninger, Bernd Finger, Edik, Moshé Mizrahi, Nikolay Davydenko
cover Third Reich: The Rise & Fall
2010 tv series • 180min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Seth Skundrick, Nicole Rittenmeyer
Written by Nicole Rittenmeyer
THIRD REICH: THE RISE & FALL tells the story of Hitler's Germany through rarely seen films of the people who were there...
Music by Brendon Anderegg
Starring Tony Call, Dan Bittner, Geoffrey Cantor, Eliza Foss, Adam Grupper, James Lurie, Beth McDonald, Christina Neilsen, Jason Schulmann, Hannah Smith, Richard Topol, Suzanne Toren
cover Till the Clouds Roll By
1946 movie • 132min
6.5 ★★★   1k   Biography, Musical
Directed by Richard Whorf, Vincente Minnelli, George Sidney
Written by Jean Holloway, Guy Bolton, George Wells
Biography of songwriter, Broadway pioneer, Jerome Kern. Unable to find immediate success in the USA, Kern sought recognition abroad. He journeyed to England where his dreams of success became real and where he met his future wife Eva.
Music by Conrad Salinger
Starring June Allyson, Lucille Bremer, Judy Garland, Kathryn Grayson, Van Heflin, Lena Horne, Van Johnson, Tony Martin, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Robert Walker, Gower Champion
cover Time Travel Lover
2014 movie • 11min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Biography, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Directed by Bo Mirosseni
Written by Elisha Yaffe
A new couple are about to get romantic when they are interrupted by the guy's future self, who has traveled back in time to expose all that lies ahead in their rocky relationship.
Music by Dan Gross
Starring Elisha Yaffe, Stephanie Hunt, Craig Anton, Waymond Lee
cover Titanic's Final Moments: Missing Pieces
2006 tv movie • 120min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Kirk Wolfinger
Titanic's Final Moments: Missing Pieces has made international headlines announcing their location of two new pieces of the legendary ship at 12,400 ft below the Atlantic, These pieces shed new light on the World's most famous ship wreck.
Music by Robert Neufeld
Starring John Chatterton, Richard Kohler, David Concannon, Edward Herrmann, Ken Marschall, Simon Mills, Parks Stephenson
cover Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie
1995 video movie • 92min
8.0 ★★★★★★   2k   Documentary, History
Directed by Peter Kuran
Written by Scott Narrie, Don Pugsley
A documentary presenting mankind's most ambitious effort at perfecting the means to its own annihilation...
Music by William T. Stromberg
Starring William Shatner, Edward Teller, W.H.P. Blandy, Frank H. Shelton, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Adlai Stevenson, Randall William Cook, Nikolai Bulganin, Winston Churchill, Everett Dirksen, Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi
cover Triumph of the Will
1935 movie • 114min
7.5 ★★★★★   11k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Leni Riefenstahl
Written by Leni Riefenstahl, Eberhard Taubert, Walter RuttmannGerman
The infamous propaganda film of the 1934 Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg, Germany.
Music by Herbert Windt
Starring Adolf Hitler, Max Amann, Martin Bormann, Walter Buch, Walter Darré, Otto Dietrich, Sepp Dietrich, Hans Frank, Joseph Goebbels, Jakob Grimminger, Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess
cover Tupac: Hip Hop Genius
2004 video movie • 64min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Charlotte Lewin
Starring Luke Brinkers, Michael Eric Dyson, Scott Gutierrez, Money-B, George Pryce, Mopreme Shakur
cover The U.S. vs. John Lennon
2006 movie • 99min
7.4 ★★★★   4k   Documentary, Biography, Music, Romance
Directed by David Leaf, John Scheinfeld
Written by David Leaf, John Scheinfeld
A documentary on the life of , with a focus on the time in his life when he transformed from a musician into an antiwar activist.
Music by Tricia Holloway, Rob Stevens, Jeanne Fay, Jay Faires, Terri DiPaolo
Starring John Lennon, Stew Albert, Tariq Ali, Carl Bernstein, Robin Blackburn, Chris Charlesworth, Noam Chomsky, Walter Cronkite, Mario Cuomo, Angela Davis, John Dean, Felix Dennis
cover Uncovered: The War on Iraq
2004 movie • 83min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Robert Greenwald
In this documentary feature, filmmaker Robert Greenwald chronicles the Bush Administration's case to invade Iraq following the events of Sept...
Music by Jim Ervin, Brad Chiet, Mars Lasar
Starring David Albright, Robert Baer, Milton Bearden, Rand Beers, Hans Blix, Jeff Bornstein, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Christison, David Corn, Philip Coyle, John Dean
cover The United States of Hoodoo
2012 movie • 100min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Oliver Hardt
Written by Oliver Hardt, Darius James
A road movie of the soul.
Music by Arto Lindsay
Starring Nick Cave, Darius James, Val Jeanty, Shantrelle P. Lewis, Danny Simmons
cover United We Fall
2010 movie • 124min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History, News
Directed by Bryan Law
United We Fall is a documentary about the North American Union that is being developed right now between Canada...
Starring Dan Dicks, Allan Gotlieb, Robert Pastor, Richard Syrett
cover The Universal Clock: The Resistance of Peter Watkins
2001 movie • 77min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Geoff Bowie
Written by Gerard Grugeau, Geoff Bowie, Laurent GagliardiEnglish, French
This film looks at Peter Watkins and his uncompromising devotion to his ideals.
Music by Philippe Lapointe
Starring Marie-Josephe Barrere, Renaud Bazin, Kamel Ikachamene, Sara Louis, Anna Pano, R.H. Thomson, Peter Watkins
cover The Universe
2007 tv series • 45min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   4k   Documentary, History
Directed by Laura Verklan, Louis Tarantino, Darryl Rehr
Written by Andrew Holland, Jason Coffee, Andy Papadopoulos
This educational show explores many scientific questions and topics about the universe (Big Bang, the Sun, the planets, black holes, other galaxies, astrobiology etc.) through latest CGI, data and interviews with scientists.
Music by Eric Amdahl
Starring Erik Thompson, Alex Filippenko
cover The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till
2005 movie • 70min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Keith Beauchamp
Never-before-seen testimony is included in this documentary on Emmett Louis Till, who, in 1955, was brutally murdered after he whistled at a white woman.
Music by Jim Papoulis
Starring Mamie Till, Wheeler Parker, Simeon Wright, Ruthie Mae Crawford, Al Sharpton, Charles Evers, Raymond Lockett, Roosevelt Crawford, Mose Wright, Roy Bryant, J.W. Milam, Willie Reed
cover Vampire Secrets
2006 tv movie • 90min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Drama, History, Horror
Directed by Diana Zaslaw
Written by Josh Rosen
Starring Deborah Rombaut, Elise Angell, Adrian Balbontin, Joe Bardellini, Christa Bella, Veronica Belmont, Corey Burton, Danielle Bárcena, Chris Carlone, Jeffery Davis, Jeff De Lucio-Brock, Vern Dorethy
cover Waco: The Rules of Engagement
1997 movie • 136min
8.1 ★★★★★★   2k   Documentary, History
Directed by William Gazecki
Written by Michael McNulty, William Gazecki, Dan Gifford
This controversial documentary about the stand-off between an unorthodox Christian group - the Branch Davidians...
Music by David Hamilton
Starring Dan Gifford, Clive Doyle, Jack Harwell, Joseph Penno, Dick J. Reavis, James D. Tabor, David Thibodeau, Joe Biden, Sonny Bono, Howard Coble, John Conyers, Graeme Craddock
cover War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death
2007 movie • 73min
8.0 ★★★★★★   1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Loretta Alper, Jeremy Earp
Written by Loretta Alper, Jeremy Earp, Norman Solomon
War Made Easy reaches into the Orwellian memory hole to expose a 50-year pattern of government deception...
Music by Leigh Phillips, John Van Eps
Starring Spiro Agnew, Christiane Amanpour, Peter Arnett, Wolf Blitzer, George Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Walter Cronkite, Phil Donahue, J. William Fulbright, Sean Hannity
cover We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding
2013 movie • 93min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, History, Sport
Directed by Jon Drever, Orlando von Einsiedel
Written by Jon Drever
Grain Media and Burn Energy Drink tell the story of snowboarding through the eyes of the people who made it happen...
Music by Patrick Jonsson
Starring Danny Davis, Terje Håkonsen, Jason Lee
cover The Weather Underground
2002 movie • 92min
7.6 ★★★★★   3k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Sam Green, Bill Siegel
The remarkable story of The Weather Underground, radical activists of the 1970s, and of radical politics at its best and most disastrous.
Music by David Cerf, Amy Domingues
Starring Lili Taylor, Pamela Z, Jim Lange, Evan White, Bernardine Dohrn, Mark Rudd, Brian Flanagan, David Gilbert, Bill Ayers, Naomi Jaffe, Todd Gitlin, Laura Whitehorn
cover The Wehrmacht
2007 tv series • 43min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama, History
Directed by Ingo Helm
Written by Ingo Helm, Alexander BerkelGerman
Starring Bruno F. Apitz
cover The Weight of Chains
2010 movie • 125min
8.3 ★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, History, News, War
Directed by Boris Malagurski
Written by Boris MalagurskiEnglish, Croatian, Serbian
The Weight of Chains is a Canadian documentary film that takes a critical look at the role that the US...
Music by Jasna Djuran, Novo Sekulovic
Starring Rade Aleksic, James Bissett, John Bosnitch, Michel Chossudovsky, Bosko Cirkovic, Vlade Divac, Slobodan Drakulic, Marko Francikovic, Blako Gabric, John Hawthorne, Branislav Lecic, Vesna Levar
cover What in the World Are They Spraying?
2010 movie • 97min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Paul Wittenberger
Written by Barry Kolsky, Michael J. Murphy
The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering coverup revealed.
Music by Jennifer Ricciardi
Starring G. Edward Griffin, Paul Wittenberger, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, Michael J. Murphy, Jeanne Angelheart, Tammy L. Born, Dianne Feinstein, Bart Gordon, Mariel Hemingway, Stewart Howe, Karen Johnson, Paul E. Kanjorski
cover Where Are the Dolls
2012 movie • 6min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Biography, Drama, Romance
Directed by Cassandra Nicolaou
Written by Cassandra Nicolaou, Elizabeth Bishop
'Where Are the Dolls' follows a woman as she embarks on a late-night journey through an unfamiliar urban landscape...
Music by Morgan Doctor
Starring Megan Follows, Nicola Correia-Damude, Katie Boland, Shannon Barnett, Janine Parkinson, Anastasia Phillips
cover White Like Me
2013 movie • 69min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Scott Morris
Written by Jeremy Earp, Tim Wise, Scott Morris
In White Like Me, anti-racist educator Tim Wise explores race and racism in the US through the lens of whiteness and white privilege.
Starring Tim Wise
cover White Vengeance
2011 movie • 135min
6.3 ★★   1k   Action, Drama, History
Directed by Daniel Lee
Written by Daniel LeeMandarin, Cantonese
White Vengeance tells the story of two brothers contending for supremacy during the fall of the Qin Dynasty...
Music by Henry Lai
Starring Shaofeng Feng, Leon Lai, Hanyu Zhang, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Yifei Liu, Jordan Chan, Andy On, Qing Xiu, Haifeng Ding, Xiang Dong Xu, Zhi-Hui Chen, Kuan Tai Chen
cover William Lyon Mackenzie: A Friend to His Country
1961 movie • 28min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Short, Drama, History
Directed by Julian Biggs
Written by Joseph Schull
Music by Joan Edward
Starring Douglas Rain, Kate Reid, Henry Ramer, Grace McNair, Charles Palmer, Ed McGibbon, Anthony Tremblay, Georges Toupin, Chris Wiggins, Tom Kneebone, John Raskin, Basil Fitzgibbon
cover The Witmans
2013 movie • 16min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Crime, Family
Directed by Joe Lee, Nikolas Diener, Gregory Timmons
Written by Joe Lee, Nikolas Diener
Music by Daniel Espie
cover Wittgenstein
1993 movie • 72min
6.9 ★★★   1k   Biography, Comedy, Drama
Directed by Derek Jarman
Written by Derek Jarman, Terry Eagleton, Ken ButlerEnglish, Russian
A dramatization, in modern theatrical style, of the life and thought of the Viennese-born, Cambridge-educated...
Music by André Jacquemin, Judith Hall, Jan Latham-Koenig, Paul Barrett
Starring Karl Johnson, Michael Gough, Tilda Swinton, John Quentin, Kevin Collins, Clancy Chassay, Nabil Shaban, Sally Dexter, Lynn Seymour, Donald McInnes, Jill Balcon, Gina Marsh
cover Woke Up Alive
2009 movie • 79min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, Biography, War
Directed by Mark Blacknell, Michael PoggenburgEnglish, Hebrew
A wide-eyed American on a journey of self-discovery across Israel, gets caught between war and beauty, the natural and unnatural, the old and new and tries to find balance amongst it all.
Music by Digital Samsara, Shani Ben-Canar
Starring Eyal Bartov, Mark Blacknell, Jim Brett, Lama The Dalai, David DeOr, Yossi Leshem, Amotz Zahavi
cover World Fair
2013 movie • 26min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Drama, History
Directed by Amanda Murray
WORLD FAIR is a short documentary that explores personal memory and amateur cinematography through a singular...
Music by Hays Holladay, Bluebrain, Ryan Holladay
cover Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia
1979 movie • 50min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by David Munro
Written by John PilgerEnglish, Central Khmer
Starring John Pilger
cover Zeitgeist
2007 video movie • 118min
8.2 ★★★★★★   43k   Documentary, History
Directed by Peter Joseph
Written by Peter Joseph
Mythology and belief in society today, presenting uncommon perspectives of common cultural issues.
Music by Peter Joseph
Starring Chogyam Trungpa, Jordan Maxwell, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, David Ray Griffin, Joe Casaliggi, Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Anthony Shaffer, Curt Weldon, Osama bin Laden
cover Zeitgeist: Addendum
2008 video movie • 123min
8.3 ★★★★★★   15k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Peter Joseph
Written by Peter Joseph
Zeitgeist Addendum, attempts to locate the root causes of this pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution...
Music by Peter Joseph
Starring Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows, John Perkins, George Carlin, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ron Paul
cover Zimbelism
2015 movie • 90min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Jean François Gratton, Matt Zimbel
Written by Matt Zimbel, Jean François Gratton
George Zimbel's work has documented the 20th century with grace, spontaneity and a remarkable eye for telling a story in one 35 mm frame.
Music by Doug Wilde, Manteca
Starring George Zimbel
cover Zulu
1964 movie • 138min
7.8 ★★★★★   29k   Drama, History, War
Directed by Cy Endfield
Written by John Prebble, Cy EndfieldEnglish, Zulu
Outnumbered British soldiers do battle with Zulu warriors at Rorke's Drift.
Music by John Barry
Starring Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins, Ulla Jacobsson, James Booth, Michael Caine, Nigel Green, Ivor Emmanuel, Paul Daneman, Glynn Edwards, Neil McCarthy, David Kernan, Gary Bond