FREE Documentary Films
cover The 'Socalled' Movie
2010 movie • 88min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Garry Beitel
About Montreal-based musical wizard Josh Dolgin - aka Socalled.
Starring Josh Dolgin
cover 10 MPH
2007 movie • 92min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Hunter Weeks
Written by Hunter Weeks
Two guys quit stodgy corporate jobs, scrounged up all the savings they could, collected credit cards...
Music by Everett Griffiths
Starring Josh Caldwell, Johnathan F. Keough, Alon Waisman, Gannon Weeks, Hunter Weeks
cover 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama
2006 movie • 86min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rick Ray
Written by Rick Ray
How do you reconcile a commitment to non-violence when faced with violence? Why do the poor often seem happier than the rich...
Music by Peter Kater
Starring Lama The Dalai, Tenzin Bagdro, Bob Dole, Richard Gere, George Mitchell, Rick Ray, Tenzin Tethong
cover 10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight
2009 tv movie
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Chris Salt
Music by Udi Harpaz
Starring Les Keen, Debbie Chazen, Roy Hibberd, Alex James, Glenys Jones, Amy Lamé, Michael Mosley, James Sylvester, Gerard Allt
cover 102 Minutes That Changed America
2008 tv movie • 102min
8.3 ★★★★★★   1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Nicole Rittenmeyer, Seth Skundrick
The morning of September 11, 2001 is shown through multiple video cameras in New York City, from the moment the first WTC tower is hit until after both towers collapse.
Music by Brendon Anderegg
Starring George W. Bush, Joe Napolitano, Kelly Edwards
cover 1421: The Year China Discovered America?
2004 tv movie • 113min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Wallace
Written by William Cran, David Wallace
This documentary examines the controversial theory that a Chinese Ming Dynasty fleet, led by Zheng He, sailed past the Cape of Good Hope and crossed the Atlantic to discover the Americas, decades before Christopher Columbus.
Music by Howard Davidson
Starring Larry Belling, Esmond Bradley Martin
cover 2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning
2012 movie • 104min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Amel Tresnjic
Written by Amel Tresnjic
This life changing film explores a 'positive' spiritual perspective regarding the extraordinary significance of December 21, 2012 and thereafter.
Music by Jonathan Kent
Starring Bud Barber, Santos Bonacci, Gregg Braden, George Carlin, Acintya Govinda Das, Bill Hicks, David Icke, Alex Jones, Vamsi Krishna, George Neo, Alfred Van Den Bosh
cover 21-87
1964 movie • 10min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Arthur Lipsett
Snippets from discarded footage, and with footage shot on the streets of Montreal and New York City, combined to a collage with the underlying argument as to whether man is a complex machine or a creature with a soul.
cover 24 Days in Brooks
2007 movie • 42min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Dana Inkster
Written by Dana Inkster
Music by Lynn Olagundoye
Starring Clifton Joseph
cover 24 Hours on Craigslist
2005 movie • 82min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Michael Ferris Gibson
This is about Craig Newmark popular classified ads website and the diverse postings that occur on the site in a single day.
Music by Kevan Peterson, D.N.B. Pedergnana
Starring Rachel Berney, Mike Curtis, Holly Dalton, Darleen Hollis, Brent N. Hunter, Lee Ping Kwan, Tina McRee, Christopher Murdock, Craig Newmark, Sadie, Mark Sargent, Michael Soldier
cover 39 Pounds of Love
2005 movie • 70min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Romance
Directed by Dani Menkin
Written by Dani Menkin, Ilan HeitnerEnglish, Hebrew, Spanish
This is the story of Ami, a man who while unable to move any part of his body, still manages to move each and every one of us, as he teaches us a part of life's intimate dance.
Music by Chris Gubisch
Starring Ami Ankilewitz
cover 4.1 Miles
2016 movie • 26min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Daphne MatziarakiEnglish, Greek, Arabic, Dari
A coast guard captain on a small Greek island is suddenly charged with saving thousands of refugees from drowning at sea.
Music by William Ryan Fritch
Starring Christos Sapounas, Giorgos Tsagarellis
cover 42 Ways to Kill Hitler
2008 tv movie
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jon Taylor
Written by Jon Taylor
National Geographic looks in some detail at 6 of the many close brushes with death Adolph Hitler had at the hands of assassins. The potential for the plots to succeed are examined as is the unpleasant fate of the would be assassins.
Music by Gregory Hinde
Starring Erik Thompson, Arlo Hemphill, Jason Bice, Mark Bradbury, John DeGaetano, Scott DeGrave, Matthew Farrell, Audie Foote, John Gresham, A.J. Hunt, Christopher R. Jackson, Greg Martin
cover 420: The Documentary
2013 movie • 92min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History, News
Directed by Amy Povah
Written by Amy Povah
Thousands peacefully smoke pot at 420 events - a stark contrast next to stories of college students, and others, who have been arrested, shot by police, and even murdered for mere possession of pot.
Starring James Ball, David Chavez, Alize Emme, Becky Lea Goodman, Samara Kelly, Nathaniel Peart, Margaux Susi, Ryan Vanduzer
cover 4th and Goal
2010 movie • 89min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Sport
Directed by Nina Gilden Seavey, Michael Pryfogle
4TH & GOAL is the epic story of six young men in their quest to join the most elite club in professional athletics: the NFL...
Music by Robbie Harris, Anthony Drennan, Fred Alias, John Califra
Starring Tim Brown, Brian Early, Phillip Fulmer, Bob Gregory, Bret Jones, Claude Jones, Mike Lynch, DeQawn Mobley, Jeff Mobley, George Rush Sr., Randy Sims, Byron Slack
cover 5 pieds 2 - 80000 lbs
1999 movie • 51min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Nathalie Trépanier
Written by Nathalie TrépanierFrench
Starring Anémone Richer, Natacha Bastien, Lise Riopel, Diane Leclerc, Nathalie Barrette
cover 60 Cycles
1965 movie • 17min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Sport
Directed by Jean-Claude LabrecqueFrench
Music by Gordon Fleming, Donald Douglas, Tony Romandini
cover 80 Waves
2010 movie • 60min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Steve Fagan
Filmed in glorious HD over 5 years and in 10 locations, 80 Waves is a collection of huge waves and big name riders from across the globe...
Starring Ken Bradshaw, Adam D'Esposito, Jamie O'Brien, Kelly Slater
cover 9/11: Decade of Deception
2015 video movie • 125min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary Starring David Chandler, Michel Chossudovsky, Jonathan Cole, Lance DeHaven-Smith, Richard Gage, James Gourley, Mike Gravel, David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, Barbara Honegger, Ferdinando Imposimato, Herbert Jenkins
cover 9/11: The Falling Man
2006 tv movie • 80min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Henry Singer
Written by Tom Junod
The Falling Man is a documentary that examines one of the many images that were circulated by the press...
Music by Dario Marianelli
Starring Steven Mackintosh, Iliana Guibert
cover 97% Owned
2012 movie • 130min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Michael Oswald
Written by Mike Horwath, Michael Oswald
97% owned present serious research and verifiable evidence on our economic and financial system. This...
Starring Maddy Reilly, Ben Dyson, Anne Belsey, Noel Longhurst, Josh Ryan-Collins, Ann Petifor, Simon Dixon, Sargon Nissan, Nick Dearden, James Meadway, Ciaran Mundy, Ben Bernanke
cover AIDS Inc.
2007 video movie • 120min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Gary Null
Written by Gary Null
AIDS, Inc. is a film about the multi-billion dollar AIDS industry, and how it profits from continuing fears and misconceptions about the disease...
Starring Peter Duesberg, Robert Gallo, Kary B. Mullis, Gary Null, David Rasnick
cover Absolute Zero
2008 tv movie • 96min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Dugan
Written by Tom Shachtman
TV documentary about the scientific race to reach the temperature of absolute zero at -273.15°C and about the important discoveries made along the way.
Music by Max de Wardener
Starring Iain Agnew, Neil Ross, Marinus Smit, Henk Van Rooyen
cover Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification
2009 movie • 22min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Tristan Bayer, Daniel Hinerfeld
Written by Daniel Hinerfeld
Music by Kevin Haskins
Starring Ken Caldeira, Ralph Cavanagh, Victoria Fabry, Stephen R. Palumbi, Bruce Steele, Lisa Suatoni, Sigourney Weaver
cover Act Normal
2006 movie • 80min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Olaf Johannesson de Fleur
Filmed for over ten years, a monk visits the normal world by disrobing, marrying, divorcing and becoming a monk again.
Music by Barði Jóhannsson
cover Acts of Defiance
1992 movie • 105min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alec G. MacLeod
Written by Mark Zannis
Music by Jean Derome
Starring Mark Zannis
cover Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told
2013 movie • 350min
7.8 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Dennis Wise
Written by Dennis WiseGerman, English
Adolf Hitler, born in Braunau, one man who will change the history of the world forever. It follows...
Starring Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler, George S. Patton, Hanna Reitsch
cover The Advocate for Fagdom
2011 movie • 91min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Angélique Bosio
The Advocate for Fagdom unites the puzzle pieces one by one. Testimonies are combined with rare archive images...
Starring Bruce La Bruce, Glenn Belverio, Bruce Benderson, Jürgen Brüning, Rick Castro, Jey Crisfar, Vaginal Davis, Rupert Goldsworthy, Ernest Hardy, Richard Kern, Katharina Klewinghaus, Harmony Korine
cover Affluenza
1997 tv movie • 56min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by John de Graaf
A look at the rampant materialism consuming America.
Music by Sheila Espinoza
Starring Joe Dominguez, Jennifer Gailus, Kalle Lasn, Olivia Martin, Vicki Robin, Scott Simon, Glenn Stanton
cover Afghan Muscles
2006 movie • 58min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Andreas Dalsgaard
Written by Oliver WindingPersian, Arabic
The young men of Afghanistan have discovered the art of bodybuilding. In a country ravished by war, these men still hold on to their dreams; dreams of muscle, honour and fame - absolute control of the body in a world of chaos.
Music by Fridolin T.S. Nordsø
Starring Noorrulhoda Shirbad, Hamid Shirzai
cover Afghan Star
2009 movie • 87min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Havana MarkingEnglish, Pashtu, Dari
A look at how contestants on the a musical contest program "Pop Idol" in Afghanistan risk their lives to appear on the show.
Music by Simon Russell
Starring Habib Amiri, Setara Hussainzada, Rafi Naabzada, Lima Sahar, Hameed Sakhizada, Massoud Sanjer, Daoud Sediqi, Tahir Shaqi, Fazl Hadi Shinwari
cover Africa's Super Seven
2005 movie • 52min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Joe Kennedy
On the northern bank of the Sand River in the Mala-Mala Game Reserve in South Africa, seven magnificent creatures reside in an area the size of Manhattan Island. Tracking them for 24 hours reveals a never-ending daily drama.
Music by Grant Innes McLachlan
cover After Newtown: Guns in America
2013 movie • 56min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jonathan Silvers
Written by Jonathan Silvers
Guns in America is an unprecedented exploration of America's enduring relationship with firearms.
Starring Richard Harris, Steve Williams, Annette Nance-Holt, Michael Pfleger, Dean Rantz, Jim Supica, Don Troiani, Roger Lane, Richard Slotkin, David Keene, Daniel Okrent, J. Edgar Hoover
cover After the Axe
1981 movie • 56min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Sturla Gunnarsson
Written by Steve Lucas
Biff Wilson worked for the fictional company "Universal Foods" in this Oscar-nominated documentary. He is in his 40s and has been fired. He is shattered, he is losing confidence. Will he find work in a similar position?
Music by Patricia Cullen, Sharon Smith
Starring James B. Douglas, Janine Manatis, Anne Christison, Randy Solomon, Roger Mattiussi, Eric Barton, Jim Paupst, Stanley Warshaw
cover Aftermath: Population Zero
2008 tv movie • 90min
6.8 ★★★   1k   Documentary, Sci-Fi
Ever wondered what the world would be like without any humans?
Starring Reg E. Cathey
cover Agafia's Taiga Life
2013 movie
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short Starring Agafia Lukova
cover Ai Weiwei: Without Fear or Favour
2010 movie • 60min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Matthew Springford
Music by Hugh Fowler, John E.R. Hardy
Starring Ai Weiwei
cover Air Force One
2002 tv movie • 57min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Peter Schnall
Written by Don Campbell
The role of Air Force One in the United States Presidency from FDR to George W. Bush.
Music by Michael Whalen
Starring Robert D. Barr, Barbara Bush, George Bush, George W. Bush, Michael Carroll, Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mamie Eisenhower, Betty Ford
cover Air Guitar Nation
2006 movie • 81min
7.2 ★★★★   1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Alexandra Lipsitz
It's time to rock and roll - air guitar style. AIR GUITAR NATION is the feature documentary about the year that air guitar swept America...
Music by Dan Crane
Starring Dan Crane, David S. Jung, Hadia Ackerman, Lance Kasten, Ryan Kelly, John Filion, Ralph Martin, John Daniel Harding Jr., Lucy Harrison, Rory O'Flaherty, S. Craig Zahler, Paul Fichera
cover Alias Will James
1988 movie • 83min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Western
Directed by Jacques Godbout
Written by Jacques Godbout
The unbelievable story of Ernest Dufault. A French Canadian who became a well known American novelist and THE cowboy under the name of Will James.
Music by Robert Marcel Lepage
Starring Michael Benard, Carole David, Daniel David, Ian Tyson
cover Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse
2013 movie • 90min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, News
Directed by Brian Lindstrom
How the death and life of James Chasse changed a city.
cover Alien Earths
2009 tv movie • 45min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dana Berry
Written by Steven Reich, Dana Berry, Ray Villard
Astronomers discover wobbling stars with planets where the ice is hot and the rain is made of iron.
Music by Bruce Hanifan
Starring Alan Boss, Sara Seager
cover All God's Children
2008 movie
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Scott Solary, Luci Westphal
Through the eyes of three families, All God's Children tells the personal story of the first boarding...
Starring Ann N. Beardslee, Howard M. Beardslee, Howie Beardslee, Keith Beardslee, Marilyn Christman, Dianne Couts, Anne Darr, David E. Darr, John Darr, Richard Darr, Beverly Shellrude-Thompson, Ralph Shellrude
cover All My Babies: A Midwife's Own Story
1953 movie • 55min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by George C. Stoney
Written by George C. Stoney
This beautiful film is the story of "Miss Mary" Coley, an African-American midwife more than half a century ago in rural Georgia...
Music by Louis Applebaum
Starring Mary Coley
cover All Power to the People
1996 movie • 115min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Lee Lew Lee
Music by Colin Chin
Starring Mumia Abu-Jamal, Dennis Banks, Marlon Brando, David Brinkley, Elaine Brown, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, Ward Churchill, Ramsey Clark, Eldridge Cleaver, Kathleen Cleaver, William Colby
cover The Alpha Diaries
2007 movie • 65min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Yaniv BermanHebrew, Arabic
In Israel you have to go to the army when you become 18. It's three years of full, hard service, when...
Music by Gad Emile Zeitune
cover Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest
1990 tv movie • 56min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Barbara Jampel
Written by Barbara Jampel
Explore an extraordinary region where water and land life intermingle six months out of the year.
Music by Scott Harper
Starring William Shatner
cover The Ambassadors of Hollywood
2011 video movie • 84min
9.2 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Archie Gips, Matt Hunt
From dangerous drug addicts to struggling homeless to inspirational dreamers, a verité look at costumed...
Music by Kevin Kearney, Gregg Lehrman
Starring Donn C. Harper, Maia, Christopher C. Mitchell, Tuck John Porter, Melissa Weiss, Gerard Christian Zacher
cover America The Beautiful
2007 movie • 105min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Darryl Roberts
Written by Darryl Roberts
In a society where "celebutantes" like Paris Hilton dominate newsstands and models who weigh less than 90 pounds die from malnutrition...
Music by Michael Bearden
Starring Ted Casablanca, Eve Ensler, Paris Hilton, Chris Keefe, Anthony Kiedis, Darryl Roberts, Martin Short, Jessica Simpson, Gerren Taylor
cover America's Most Hated Family in Crisis
2011 movie • 60min
7.6 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Emma Cooper
Written by Louis Theroux
Louis returns to the Phelps family to find that several members have left the cult, and that they are being sued.
Starring Louis Theroux, Steve Drain, Betty Phelps, Fred Phelps, Jael Phelps, Libby Phelps, Sara Phelps, Grace Phelps-Roper, Megan Phelps-Roper, Rebekah Phelps-Roper, Shirley Phelps-Roper
cover America: Freedom to Fascism
2006 movie • 95min
8.0 ★★★★★★   2k   Documentary
Directed by Aaron Russo
Written by Aaron Russo
A documentary that explores the connection between income tax collection and the erosion of civil liberties in America.
Starring Aaron Russo, John Turner, Joe Banister, Sherry Peel Jackson, Charlie Beall, Peter Gibbons, G. Edward Griffin, Bob Schulz, Catherine Austin Fitts, Phil Hart, Larken Rose, Irwin Schiff
cover American Blackout
2006 movie • 92min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ian Inaba
A look at the career of U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney from Georgia and the historical suppression of black voters in the United States.
Music by Michael Bearden
Starring Taalam Acey, John Conyers, Bob Fitrakis, Robert Fitrakis, Al Gore, John Lewis, Cynthia McKinney, Greg Palast, Bernie Sanders, Stephanie Tubbs Jones
cover American Call-Girl
2011 movie • 45min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Daniele Anastasion
Music by Paul Brill
Starring Mariana van Zeller, Amanda Brooks, Eliot Spitzer, Kristin Davis, Annie Lobert, Jenny Heineman
cover American Courtesans
2013 movie • 90min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by James Johnson
Written by James Johnson, Kristen DiAngelo
American Courtesans is a feature documentary that takes you into the lives of American sex workers.
Music by Jeff Tolbert
Starring Norma Jean Almodovar, Stephen Ardain, Karen M. Barnes, Pearl Callahan, Gary Callais, Allan Campo, Juliet Capulet, Tamsen Crown, Skylar Cruz, Tiffany M. DeLaRaga, Gina DePalma, Kristen DiAngelo
cover American Dream
1990 movie • 98min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Barbara Kopple, Cathy Caplan, Thomas Haneke
Chronicles the six-month strike at Hormel in Austin, Minnesota, in 1985-86. The local union, P-9 of the Food and Commercial Workers...
Music by Michael Small
Starring Jesse Jackson, Juan Munoz, Ray Rogers, Mike Kinney
cover American Drug War: The Last White Hope
2007 movie • 120min
7.9 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Crime
Directed by Kevin Booth
The War on Drugs has become the longest and most costly war in American history, the question has become...
Music by Prophet, Mary Abshier
Starring Joe Arpaio, Jello Biafra, Osama bin Laden, Jeff Blackburn, Robert C. Bonner, Curt Booth, Dorothy Booth, Kevin Booth, Eddie Bravo, Chico Brown, George Bush, George W. Bush
cover American Grindhouse
2010 movie • 80min
7.1 ★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Elijah Drenner
Written by Elijah Drenner, Calum Waddell
A documentary about the history of exploitation movies, from the silent movie era to the 1970s.
Music by Jason Brandt
Starring Robert Forster, Eric Schaefer, Eddie Muller, John Landis, Kim Morgan, Fred Olen Ray, Allison Anders, Joe Dante, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Jeremy Kasten, William Lustig, Lewis Teague
cover American Juggalo
2011 movie • 24min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, News
Directed by Sean Dunne
A look at the often mocked and misunderstood subculture of Juggalos, hardcore Insane Clown Posse fans, who meet once a year for 4 days at The Gathering of the Juggalos.
Music by David Nyman
Starring Vanilla Ice
cover American Nomads
2011 tv movie • 90min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Gerry Troyna
Written by Richard Grant
Well done BBC Documentary focusing on drifters, drop-outs, tramps and RV snowbirds, squatters, hermits...
Music by Ross Godfrey
Starring Richard Grant
cover American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
2009 movie • 84min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History, Mystery, News, War
Directed by David Ridgen, Nicolas Rossier
Written by David Ridgen, Nicolas Rossier
About the life and work of controversial American Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein.
Music by Judd Greenstein
Starring Musa Abu-Hashhash, Nidal Barham, Noam Chomsky, Alan M. Dershowitz, Norman Finkelstein, Richard Finkelstein, Raul Hilberg, John Mearsheimer, David Olesker, Len Rudner, Avi Shlaim, Maxine Tsvaigrach
cover American Teacher
2011 movie • 81min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History, News
Directed by Vanessa Roth, Brian McGinn
Weaving interviews of policy experts and startling facts with the lives and careers of four teachers...
Music by Thao Nguyen
Starring Erik Benner, Neil Cavuto, Matt Damon, Linda Darling-Hammond, Jonathan Dearman, Jamie Fidler, Rhena Jasey, Gregory Peters, Rachel Russell, Loran Simon, Zeke Vanderhoek
cover The American West of John Ford
1971 tv movie • 52min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Western
Directed by Denis Sanders
Written by Dan Ford, David H. Vowell
The Western films of iconic director John Ford are fondly remembered by stars James Stewart, Henry Fonda, and John Wayne, with whom he shoots a scene in Monument Valley.
Music by Jack Marshall
Starring John Wayne, James Stewart, Henry Fonda, John Ford, Andy Devine, Olive Carey, Jeffrey Hunter, John Qualen, Mickey Simpson, Pedro Armendáriz, George Bancroft, Paul Birch
cover Anarchism in America
1983 movie • 75min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher
Written by Joel Sucher, Kristina Boden, Steven Fischler
A colorful and provocative survey of anarchism in America, the film attempts to dispel popular misconceptions...
Starring Paul Avrich, Jello Biafra, Murray Bookchin, Emma Goldman, Karl Hess
cover Anatomy of a Snow Day
2014 movie • 41min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Family, News
Directed by Zachary Maxwell
Written by Zachary Maxwell
When his school remains open during a winter storm, an ambitious young documentary filmmaker searches for answers from the adults calling the shots.
Starring Zachary Maxwell, Lucas Maxwell
cover Ancient Aliens Debunked
2012 movie • 191min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Chris White
Written by Chris White
Ancient Aliens Debunked is a 3 hour refutation of the theories proposed on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens...
Music by Caleb Hogan
Starring Chris White, Michael Heiser
cover And Man Created Dog
2010 tv movie • 93min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pierre de Lespinois
Written by Meg Olmert, John Copeland
While its fearsome ancestor, the wolf, was created by natural selection-it is man that created the dog...
Music by John DeFaria
Starring Rick Groat, Austin James Wolff
cover Angel on My Shoulder
1998 movie • 85min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Donna Deitch
Written by Donna Deitch, Terri Jentz
Documentary about the death from cancer of Gwen Welles, who starred in such films as Nashville, Henry Jaglom's "Eating"...
Starring Donna Deitch, Gwen Welles
cover Angels of Death
2001 movie • 26min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Juris Poskus
Written by Juris Poskustvian
The film depicts stories told by several train drivers, sharing their thoughts on fortune and destiny...
cover Animal Passions
2004 tv movie • 49min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Christopher Spencer
Written by Christopher Spencer
A British documentary on zoophilia presenting various personal, religious, psychological, and sociological views on the phenomenon of sexual relations between humans and other animals.
Music by Brothers The Fratelli, James McNally
Starring Mark Matthews, Hani Miletski, Jerry Springer, John Money, Jeffrey Masson
cover Animando
1987 movie • 13min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short
Directed by Marcos Magalhães
cover Animation Favorites from the National Film Board of Canada
1994 video movie • 95min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Animation, Documentary
Directed by Sally Roy
Written by Leonard Maltin
Leonard Maltin hosts a selection of his favorite animated shorts from the National Film Board of Canada.
Starring Leonard Maltin, Alexander Alexeieff, Norman McLaren
cover The Antarctica Challenge
2009 movie • 52min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mark Terry
Written by Mark Terry
An up-to-date look at the climate change research currently being done by the scientists stationed in Antarctica.
Music by Russell Walker
Starring Mark Terry, Alexandra Shackleton, Yeugeny Karyagin, Julian Scott, Geoffrey Carpentier, Daniella Rubeling, Peter Convey, David Ainley, Jonathan Shanklin, Robert Mulvaney, Laura Grange
cover Anthrax War
2009 tv movie • 90min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History, War
Directed by Bob Coen
Written by Eric Nadler, Bob Coen, Harold Crooks
Filmmakers investigate 2001 anthrax attacks and uncover a nightmare world.
Music by Eric LeMoyne
Starring Bob Coen, Francis E. Boyle, Jean Patterson, Stuart Jacobson, Colin Powell, Steven Jay Hatfill, Bruce Ivins, Richard Spurtsell, Edward J. Epstein, Patrick Leahy, Richard Nixon, Tom Ridge
cover Anytown, USA
2005 movie • 93min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kristian Fraga
Three Candidates, Two blind Politicians, One Race. Anytown USA follows a tightly run race in the small town of Bogota, New Jersey and resonates as an all-too-familiar look at partisan politics in our increasingly polarized nation.
Music by Robert Miller
Starring Steve Lonegan, Fred Pesce, Dave Musikant, Doug Friedline, Bill Palatucci, George Shaloub, Joe Noto, Melissa Schnipp, Tom Layson, Janine Strafaci, Drew Speier, Alan Bookspan
cover Apartheid Did Not Die
1998 tv movie
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alan Lowery
Written by John Pilger
Starring John Pilger
cover Ape to Man
2005 video movie • 100min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Nic Young
The history of the search for the "missing link" in evolution is told through reenactments and interviews with leading scientists.
Music by Ilan Eshkeri
Starring Leslie Aiello, Joe Cain, Edward Herrmann, Kevin Hudson, Tessa Jubber, Chris Rogers, Thorsten Wedekind
cover Appointment in Tokyo
1945 movie • 56min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Jack Hively
Produced by the Army Pictorial Service, Signal Corps, with the cooperation of the Army Air Forces and the United States Navy...
Music by Sol Kaplan
Starring Douglas MacArthur, Chester W. Nimitz
cover The Aristocrats
2005 movie • 89min
6.4 ★★   15k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Paul Provenza
One hundred superstar comedians tell the same very, VERY dirty, filthy joke--one shared privately by comics since Vaudeville.
Music by Gary Stockdale
Starring Chris Albrecht, Jason Alexander, Hank Azaria, Shelley Berman, Steven Banks, Lewis Black, David Brenner, Mario Cantone, Drew Carey, George Carlin, Mark Cohen, Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson
cover The Art of Russia
2009 tv series • 60min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary Starring Andrew Graham-Dixon
cover The Artist Formerly Known as Captain Beefheart
1997 movie • 51min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Elaine Shepherd
Biography of iconoclast musician/artistAKA Captain Beefheart.
Starring John Peel, Don Van Vliet, Frank Zappa
cover The Ascent of Money
2008 tv movie
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Adrian Pennick
Written by Niall Ferguson
Niall Ferguson takes us on a historical adventure through the ascent of money, applying fact and opinion throughout.
Music by Steven Severin
Starring Gareth Armstrong, Niall Ferguson, Richard Lintern
cover Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire
2013 movie • 79min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kris Koenig
Written by Kris Koenig
With the original intention of empowering a citizenry's ability to defend themselves against a corrupt or tyrannical government...
Music by Greg Debonne
Starring Margot Bennett, Chris Cheng, Alan Gottlieb, Dan Gross, Alan Gura, Steve Halldorson, Gene Hoffman, Ice-T, David Kopel, Wesley Jay Morris, Ted Nugent, Bobbie Ross
cover The Aswang Phenomenon
2011 movie • 86min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History, Horror, Mystery, News, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jordan Clark
Written by Jordan Clark
What would happen if a country of 97 million people were taught at a young age that the boogie man was real...
Music by Charlie Armour
Starring Jordan Clark, Peque Gallaga, Maricel Soriano
cover Atari: Game Over
2014 movie • 66min
6.7 ★★★   4k   Documentary
Directed by Zak PennEnglish, French, German, Italian
A crew digs up all of the old Atari 2600 game cartridges of "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" that were tossed into a landfill in the 1980s.
Music by Stephen Endelman
Starring Zak Penn, Joe Lewandowski, Robert Rentschler, Paul Sanchez, Manny Gerard, Nolan Bushnell, Seamus Blackley, Howard Scott Warshaw, Son Huffmon, Pat Magill, Mike Mika, Susie Galea
cover The Atheism Tapes
2004 tv series
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Richard Denton
Jonathan Miller interviews five atheists and one theologian on the subject of atheism.
Starring Jonathan Miller
cover The Atomic Cafe
1982 movie • 86min
7.7 ★★★★★   3k   Documentary, History
Directed by Jayne Loader, Kevin Rafferty, Pierce Rafferty
Disturbing collection of 1940s and 1950s United States government issued propaganda films designed to reassure Americans that the atomic bomb was not a threat to their safety.
Music by Ray Avery, David Dunaway, Rick Eaker, John Allinson, Richard Bass
Starring Paul Tibbets, Harry S. Truman, W.H.P. Blandy, Brien McMahon, Lloyd Bentsen, Owen Brewster, Julius Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg, Val Peterson, Lyndon Johnson, Lewis Strauss, George Molan
cover Attack in the Pacific
1944 movie • 52min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Crusade in the Pacific is a video series that documents the fighting between the United States and Imperial Japan during and immediately after World War II.
Music by David Raksin
Starring Henry H. Arnold, Alan Brooke, Kai-Shek Chiang, Winston Churchill, Andrew Cunningham, John Dill, James Doolittle, William F. Halsey, Hastings Ismay, Ernest J. King, William D. Leahy, Wei Liu
cover Attack! Battle of New Britain
1944 movie • 54min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   War, Documentary
Written by Robert Presnell Sr
Documentary film depicting the attack by Allied forces on the Japanese strong-holds of Arawe Beach and Cape Gloucester, New Britain, in the South Pacific theatre of the Second World War in 1943.
Music by Dimitri Tiomkin
Starring Leo Genn, Burgess Meredith, Anthony Veiller, Walter Krueger, Douglas MacArthur, Lloyd Nolan
cover Au chic Resto Pop
1990 movie • 84min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Tahani Rached
Written by Tahani RachedFrench
In a poor eastern quarter of Montreal, a restaurant is dedicated for the poors only: le Chic Resto Pop...
Music by Steve Faulkner
cover Augusta
1976 movie • 17min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Anne Wheeler
cover Auschwitz
2015 movie
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by James Moll
Written by Lorna Graham
15-minute documentary on the history of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp,
Music by Benjamin Wallfisch
Starring Meryl Streep, Greg Kuk, Diana Angelson, Bettina Botos, Andreas Frangou, Dario Gabbai, Marek Matousek, Ioanna Meli, Justyna Pekalak, Ewa Rydzewska, Eva Koos Smith, Karl Czerwonka
cover Back to Eden
2011 movie • 104min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Family
Directed by Dana Erin Richardson, Sarah Zentz
The story of one man's lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden.
Starring Paul Gautschi
cover The Back-breaking Leaf
1959 movie • 30min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Terence Macartney-Filgate
Written by Stanley Jackson
Music by Eldon Rathburn
cover Bacon, le film
2001 movie • 82min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Hugo LatulippeFrench
cover Bad Seed: A Tale of Mischief, Magic and Medical Marijuana
2013 movie • 71min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Shayne Metcalfe
Bad Seed is the tale of a tiny little seed that some see as good and others believe is evil. Cannabis...
Music by Sean Pion, Doug Luciuk
Starring Shirley Buday, Jodie Emery, Jason Hiltz, Dana Larsen, David Malmo-Levine, Ken Rasch, Bernadette Shepard, Teresa Sittler, Jeremiah Vandermeer, Greg Williams
cover Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark
2011 movie • 51min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by May Ying Welsh
Written by May Ying Welsh
As the "Arab Spring" protests for justice and democracy spread through the middle east in early 2011, people long repressed by the Bahrain monarchy spontaneously gathered at the central Pearl Square to join in the call for their rights.
Starring Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Barack Obama
cover Ballet, Sweat and Tears
2013 movie • 25min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
We meet young girls devoting their lives to the profession, as well as the women who end up on the very top, performing on stage at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.
Starring Timur Askerov, Lyudmila Kovaleva, Evgenia Savkina, Oksana Skorik, Diana Vishneva
cover Ballou
2008 movie • 90min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Michael Patrei
Written by Michael Patrei, Fernanda Rossi
Ballou , a documentary film, follows the talented Washington, DC, Ballou Senior High School Marching Band...
Music by Jeff Suszczynski
Starring Marion Barry Jr., Chuck Brown, Lewis Franklin, Denyce Graves, Rhia Hardman, Kenneth Horne, Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Darrell Watson
cover Banana Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison
2014 movie
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jason Glaser, Diego Lopez
Written by Matt Thomas, Timothy Farrell, Diego LopezSpanish, English
You'll never feel good about buying bananas again.
Music by Kate Simko
Starring Dorothy Conway
cover Banaz: A Love Story
2012 movie • 69min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Crime, Drama
Directed by Deeyah Khan, Darin Prindle
Written by Hamilton Craig, Darin Prindle, Honora Foah
This is a documentary film chronicling the brutal Honour Killing of Banaz Mahmod, a young British Kurdish woman in London, killed by her own family for choosing a life for herself.
Music by L. Subramaniam
Starring Nazir Afzal, Bobbie Cheema, Andy Craig, Caroline Goode, Banaz Mahmod, Bekhal Mahmod, Diana Nammi, Joanne Payton, Stuart Reeves, Palbinder Singh, Victor Temple
cover A Band Called Death
2012 movie • 96min
7.5 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Mark Christopher Covino, Jeff Howlett
A documentary on the 1970s punk trio Death, and their new-found popularity decades after they disbanded.
Music by Sam Retzer, Tim Boland
Starring Dannis Hackney, Bobby Hackney, David Hackney, Robbie Duncan, Kathleen, Earl V. Hackney Jr., Victor Veve, Majora Florida Hackney, Victor Twiggs, The Beatles, The Who, Don Davis
cover Bangkok Girl
2005 movie • 50min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Jordan Clark
Written by Sawarot Huangkonchak, Jordan Clark, Maethinee Meeyason
"Bangkok Girl" is a 'remarkably accomplished, beautifully photographed and intimate debut documentary...
Music by Conway Pauls Jr.
Starring Jordan Clark, Sirirat Rapsithorn
cover Batman Unmasked
2008 tv movie • 46min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Steven Smith
Various analysts propose a psychological examination of the Dark Knight.
Starring Robert Clotworthy, Paul Levitz, Robin S. Rosenberg, Cary A. Friedman, Jeffrey Lieberman, Charles Roven, Ben Karney, Christopher Nolan, Robert T.M. Phillips, Denny O'Neil, Christian Bale, Dan Didio
cover Battle for the Trees
1993 movie • 57min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Edginton
This documentary examines the battle strategies of citizens, scientists, loggers, environmentalists and First Nations people who are fighting over the liquidation of public forests and, with it, a way of life.
Starring Bob Arbess, Herb Hammond, Verna Hanson, Jim Hault, Eve Howden, Fred Lowenberger, Peter McAllister, Frank Oberle, Randy Stoltman, Neville Winchester, Nils Zimmerman
cover The Battle of Chernobyl
2006 movie • 94min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Thomas JohnsonFrench
Documentary of the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl.
Music by Benoît Pimont
Starring Tim Birkett, Hans Blix, Mikhail Gorbachev, Oleg Mirochnikov
cover The Battle of Midway
1942 movie • 18min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary, War
Directed by John Ford
Written by Dudley Nichols, James Kevin McGuinness, John Ford
The Japanese attack on Midway in June 1942, filmed as it happened.
Music by Alfred Newman
Starring Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell, Logan Ramsey, James Roosevelt, Donald Crisp, Irving Pichel
cover Beating the Bomb
2010 movie • 70min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Wolfgang Matt, Meera Patel
This is a film about the biggest weapons of mass destruction ever created. It is about the people who use them, more importantly it is about the people who fight them.
Music by Martin Pradler
Starring Tony Benn, Marion Birch, Ian Fairlie, Bruce Gagnon, Kate Hudson, Helen John, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Sian Jones, Bruce Kent, Naomi Klein, Nichola Koratjitis, George Monbiot
cover Beautiful Lennard Island
1977 movie • 24min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Beverly Shaffer
Music by Ben Low
Starring David Holland, Stephen Thomas Holland, Tony Holland
cover The Beautiful Truth
2008 movie • 92min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Steve Kroschel
Written by Steve Kroschel
A troubled 15-year-old boy attempting to cope with the recent death of his mother sets out to research Dr...
Music by Francesca Leonardi, Francesca Dego
Starring Charlotte Gerson, Jay Kordich, Garrett Kroschel, Joyce Riley, Howard Straus
cover Beauty Factory
2013 movie • 85min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Zachary Kerschberg, Patrick Pineda
Written by Zachary KerschbergSpanish
From oratory classes to operating room, Beauty Factory follows five girls for four months as they compete...
Music by Miles Dalto
Starring Ly Jonaitis, Chiqui Montiel, Vanessa Peretti, Barbara Sanchez, Claudia Suarez
cover Bedlam: The History of Bethlem Hospital
2010 tv movie
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Joe Matthews
Music by Charles Casey
Starring David France, Stephen Leddington, Matthew David McCarthy, Oliver Messenger
cover Beer Wars
2009 movie • 89min
6.9 ★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Anat Baron
Written by Anat Baron
A contemporary David and Goliath story that takes you inside the cutthroat world of the big business of American beer.
Music by Buddy Judge
Starring Norman Adami, Anat Baron, Roberta Baskin, Jeff Becker, Simon Bergson, John Boehner, John Bryant, Betty Buck, August Busch III, August Busch IV, August Busch Jr., Sam Calagione
cover Before the Flood
2016 movie • 96min
8.4 ★★★★★★   15k   Documentary, News
Directed by Fisher Stevens
Written by Mark Monroe
A look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do to prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet.
Music by Atticus Ross, Mogwai, Trent Reznor, Gustavo Santaolalla
Starring Eddie Albert, Lindsey Allen, Jake Awa, Kelly Ayotte, Lionel Barrymore, Joe Barton, Joseph Bast, Frank Baxter, Glenn Beck, Jason Box, Mike Brune, George Bush
cover Begging Naked
2007 movie • 70min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Karen Gehres
"Begging Naked" began in 1996. My friend Elise asked me to video tape her stories of being a teen runaway and prostitute...
Starring Elise Bainbridge Hill, Sally Roth
cover Being Caribou
2004 movie • 72min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Leanne Allison, Diana Wilson
Written by Leanne Allison, Diana Wilson
Environmentalist Leanne Allison and wildlife biologist Karsten Heuer follow a herd of 120,000 caribou on foot, across 1,500 kilometres of rugged Arctic tundra.
Music by Dennis Burke
Starring Leanne Allison, Walt Audi, Karsten Heuer, James Itzi, Peter Josie, Stanley Njootli, Randall Tetlichi
cover Ben: Diary of a Heroin Addict
2008 tv movie
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Olly Lambert
This documentary shows the decline of Ben as he spirals in to heroin addiction
Starring Ben Rogers
cover Beneath the Veil
2001 tv movie
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Cassian Harrison
British journalist Saira Shah travels to Afghanistan with a camera crew to document the realities of life under the Taliban...
Starring Saira Shah
cover The Best Government Money Can Buy?
2009 movie • 77min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Francis Megahy
Written by Francis Megahy
Francis Megahy examines the role and influence of lobbyists in American politics.
Music by Kendall Marsh
Starring Francis Megahy, Jan Baran, Max Baucus, Catherine Bennett, Jeff Birnbaum, John Breaux, Arthur Bryant, Nick Calio, David Certner, Joan Claybrook, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards
cover Bethune
1964 movie • 59min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Donald Brittain
Written by John Kemeny, Donald BrittainEnglish, French, Turkish
The biography of Canada's most famous humanitarian doctor.
Music by Robert Fleming
Starring Michael Kane, Lister Sinclair, Ted Allan, Sylvia Ary, John B. Barnwell, Richard Brown, Dorothy Catto, Paraskeva Clark, Georges Deshaies, Aubrey Geddes, Irene Kon, Hugh MacLennan
cover Between Sky and Ocean
2012 movie
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Wojciech Hupert
As presented in the documentary, Kiritimati is one of the first nations to see the sunlight of the new day...
Music by Mateusz Kuriata, Ariel Kuriata
Starring Henry Gently, Timei Keitaua, Perry Langston
cover Between: Living in the Hyphen
2005 movie • 44min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Anne Marie Nakagawa
Written by Anne Marie Nakagawa
Between examines cultural identity in Canada, a country that prides itself on its ethnic diversity. Seven multi-ethnic individuals (eg....
Music by Emre Unal
Starring Fred Wah, Shannon Waters, Suzette Mayr, Tinu Sinha, Tina Thomison, Charlene Hellson, Karina Vernon, Pierre Trudeau
cover Beyond Thought
2011 movie • 86min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by James Hebert
In a world full of constant change, we are always aware of what's going on and what we think about it...
Music by James Hebert
cover Beyond Treason
2005 video movie • 89min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by William Lewis
Written by Joyce Riley, William Lewis
This extremely powerful 89 minute film presents comprehensive documentation from United States Government archives of a massive cover-up...
Music by William Lewis
Starring William Cohen, Matt Gonzalez, David Huxsoll, Bob Jones, Dennis Kyne, Jessica Lynch, Leuren Moret, Nima Nami, Joyce Riley, Doug Rokke, Dan Topolski, Mark Zeller
cover Beyond the Movie: Alexander the Great
2004 tv movie • 52min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Helen Fitzwilliam
Written by Helen Fitzwilliam
This documentary looks at the life and military conquests of Alexander the Great. It looks at Alexander's relationship with his father Philip II...
Starring Ron David, Robin Lane Fox, Paul Cartledge, John Maxwell O'Brien, Joseph Scholten, Lance Betros, Partha Bose, David Byers Miller, Andrew Chugg, Peter Bany, Valerio Bartoli, Erick Canappele
cover Bhutto
2010 movie • 111min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Duane Baughman, Johnny O'Hara
Written by Johnny O'Hara
A riveting documentary of the recently assassinated Benazir Bhutto, a polarizing figure in the Muslim world...
Music by Herb Graham Jr., Mader
Starring Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Asif Ali Zardari, Sanam Bhutto, Victoria Schofield, Mark Siegel, Tariq Ali, Steve Coll, Ahmed Ispahani, Akbar Ahmed, Peter Galbraith
cover The Big Bang Machine
2008 tv movie
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Gideon Bradshaw
A tour and presentation of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland from physicist Brian Cox.
Starring Brian Cox, Alavaro de Rujula
cover Big Brother, Big Business
2006 tv movie
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
"Big Brother Big Business," takes a look at the companies behind the powerful business of personal information...
cover The Big Picture
1953 tv series • 30min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dan Klugherz
Written by Dan Klugherz
From 1953 to 1963, the U.S. Army produced THE BIG PICTURE television show. Part history lesson, part recruiting tool and part propaganda...
Starring Audie Murphy, Vic Morrow, Stuart Queen, Lorne Greene, William Kendall, Skipper Murphy, Terry Murphy, Staats Cotsworth, Dick Cavett, Robert Mitchum, Cao Ky Nguyen, Maxwell Taylor
cover Big Rig
2007 movie • 96min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Doug Pray
Written by Doug Pray, Brad Blondheim
A portrait of contemporary American life, as seen through the eyes of long-haul truck drivers.
Music by Brad Blondheim
cover Big River Man
2009 movie • 100min
7.3 ★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by John Maringouin
Martin Strel attempts to cover 3,375 miles of the Amazon River, the longest continuous swim in history.
Music by Rich Ragsdale
Starring Matthew Mohlke, Borut Strel, Martin Strel
cover Biggie and Tupac
2002 movie • 108min
6.9 ★★★   3k   Documentary, Biography, Crime, Music
Directed by Nick Broomfield
Documentary on the deaths ofand Biggie Smalls and the East Coast/West Coast, hip-hop/rap rivalry that culminated in late 1996 and early 1997.
Music by Christian Henson
Starring B.I.G. The Notorious, Tupac Shakur, Nick Broomfield, Russell Poole, Donald Hicken, Billy Garland, Chico Del Vec, Voletta Wallace, Mopreme Shakur, Kevin Hackie, Reggie Wright Sr., Frank Alexander
cover Bilderberg'$ Club
2012 movie • 95min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Queralt Antú Serrano
Written by Daniel Arguimbau, Queralt Antú Serrano
The truth does not exist. There is only the manipulation of reality. And you are the best example. Have you heard of the Bilderberg club...
Starring Daniel Estulin, Arcadi Oliveres, Hanno Rademacher, Charlie Skelton, Hannah Skelton, Dídac Sánchez, Jim Tucker
cover Bill Clinton: His Life
2004 video movie • 111min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary Starring Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Vince Foster, Don Tyson
cover Bill Cosby: 49
1987 video movie
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Camille O. Cosby, David Lewis
Written by Bill Cosby
In this concert film, Bill Cosby muses on his nearing the big 5-0 and how that age affects men, their wives, and their children.
Starring Bill Cosby
cover Bill Cosby: Himself
1983 movie • 105min
8.2 ★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Bill Cosby
Written by Bill Cosby
A concert film in which Bill Cosby discusses weekends, raising children, dentists, and many other situations.
Music by Stu Gardner, Grover Washington Jr., Bill Cosby
Starring Bill Cosby
cover Bill Hicks: Relentless
1992 video movie • 61min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Chris Bould
Written by Bill Hicks
tells us how he feels about non-smokers, blow-jobs, religion, war and peace, drugs and music.
Starring Bill Hicks
cover Billions in Change
2015 movie • 43min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
The world is facing some huge problems. There's a lot of talk about how to solve them. But talk doesn't reduce pollution...
Music by Jon Ehrlich, Jason Derlatka
Starring Manoj Bhargava, David Letterman, Rick Perry, Jerry Seinfeld
cover Black Coffee
2007 tv movie • 172min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Irene Lilienheim Angelico
Written by Irene Lilienheim Angelico, Harold Crooks
Black Coffee is a 2007 Canadian documentary film examining the complicated history of coffee and detailing its political...
Music by Freeworm
Starring Helen King
cover Black Gold
2006 movie • 78min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Marc Francis, Nick FrancisAmharic, Italian, English
An in-depth look at the world of coffee and global trade.
Music by Andreas Kapsalis, Matt Coldrick, Kunja Chatterton
cover Black Mother Black Daughter
1989 movie • 29min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Sylvia Hamilton, Claire Prieto
Starring Sylvia Hamilton
cover Blackadder Rides Again
2008 tv movie • 65min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Matt O'Casey
Rowan Atkinson and the cast of legendary comedy series Blackadder are back for this one-off documentary...
Starring John Sergeant, Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis, Ben Elton, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, John Lloyd, Miriam Margolyes, Rik Mayall, Tim McInnerny, Miranda Richardson, Tony Robinson
cover Blackfish
2013 movie • 83min
8.1 ★★★★★★   51k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite
Written by Tim Zimmermann, Eli B. Despres, Gabriela CowperthwaiteEnglish, Spanish
A documentary following the controversial captivity of killer whales, and its dangers for both humans and whales.
Music by Jeff Beal
Starring Tilikum, John Hargrove, Samantha Berg, Mark Simmons, Kim Ashdown, Dean Gomersall, James Earl Jones, Shamu, Carol Ray, John Jett, Dawn Brancheau, Jeffrey Ventre
cover Blades and Brass
1967 movie • 10min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by William Canning
A look at the 1967 National Hockey League season.
Music by Donald Douglas
cover Blood Diamonds
2006 tv movie • 94min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by June Molgaard, Bill Brummel
Music by Jamie Dunlap
Starring Luc Berlin-Unkap, Hope Olaide Wilson, Jeffrey Wright
cover The Blood of Yingzhou District
2006 movie • 38min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Ruby YangEnglish, Mandarin
A year in the life of children in the Province of Anhui in China, who have lost their parents to AIDS. Traditional obligations to family and village collide with terror of the disease.
Music by Brian Keane
Starring Huang Children, Gao Jun, Nan Nan
cover Bob Marley - Freedom Road
2007 movie • 55min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Sonia Anderson
Written by Sonia Anderson
He was and is, without doubt, Jamaica's finest export and in this programme we can reveal for the first time the behind the scenes Bob Marley that only his closest confidantes could know.
Music by Bob Marley
Starring Ester Anderson, Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Kris Needs, Andres Williams
cover Bomb Harvest
2007 movie • 88min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kim Mordaunt
Laos: the most bombed country, per capita, on the planet. Australian bomb disposal specialist Laith...
Music by Caitlin Yeo
Starring Phonesai Silavan, Laith Stevens, Linthong Syphavong
cover Bombay Calling
2006 movie • 71min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ben Addelman, Samir Mallal
Written by Samir Mallal, Ben Addelman
Music by Ramachandra Borcar
cover Bone Wind Fire
2011 movie • 30min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Jill Sharpe
Written by Jill Sharpe
An intimate and evocative journey into the hearts, minds and eyes of Georgia O'Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frida Kahlo - 3 of the 20th century's most remarkable artists.
Starring Shirley Broderick, Debbie Cameron, Ivette Hernandez, Jeanne Hertz, Susan Hillman, Rebecca Jenkins, Barbara MacFarlane, Rosa Martinez, Antoniella Ave Reyes, Kate Robbins, Tabitha St. Germain
cover Born Rich
2003 movie • 75min
6.5 ★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Jamie Johnson
A documentary on children of the insanely rich. Directed by one of their own, Johnson & Johnson heir, Jamie Johnson.
Music by Joel Goodman
Starring Ivanka Trump, Georgina Bloomberg, Si Newhouse IV, Luke Weil, Cody Franchetti, Stephanie Ercklentz, Josiah Hornblower, Carlo von Zeitschel, Christina Floyd, Juliet Hartford, Peter L. Skolnik, Jamie Johnson
cover Born to Buck
1966 movie • 94min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Casey Tibbs
Written by Mollie Carle
Bronco riders travel through South Dakota and round up 400 wild horses in danger of extinction, then bring them to Fort Pierre where they are ridden by broncobusters in rodeo competition.
Music by Dick Stabile
Starring Casey Tibbs, Rex Allen, Bill Barnes, Ken Cooper, Norval Cooper, Bud Dancey, Red Doughty, Henry Fonda, Dallis Gifford, Scott Hall, Casey Hannum, Rafe Hanson
cover The Botany of Desire
2009 tv movie • 120min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Michael Schwarz, Edward Gray
Michael Pollan, a professor of journalism and a student of food, presents the history of four plants...
Music by Martin Bresnick
Starring Frances McDormand, Michael Pollan
cover Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope
2000 movie • 71min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Steven Cantor
A behind the scenes look at the crazy and violent world of nightclub bouncers.
Music by Samantha Maloney
Starring Black Prince, Omar Cook, Alan Crosley, Frank DeMaio, Mike DeMaio, King, Courtney Love, Jordan Maldonado, Lenny McLean, Eric Mojica, Joe Papa, Steven Rivera
cover The Boy Who Can Never Grow Old
2007 tv movie • 46min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Joe Bardsley
Imagine gradually losing the ability to use your muscles. You're born a healthy baby, but by the time...
Music by Ian Livingstone
Starring Stuart Wickison
cover The Boy Who Can't Forget
2012 tv movie
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Barnaby Peel
Music by Matthew Cracknell
cover The Boy Who Cried Warming
2012 movie • 97min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pete Garcia
Written by Jesse Jones
Uncover the truth as we expose the shepherds of Climate Change in this new controversial film. This indie documentary is not associated with any corporate sponsorship or funding whatsoever. No hidden agendas, just the COLD truth.
Starring Vanessa Aranegui, Cory Bernardi, Walter Cunningham, Thomas Davenport, David A. Dilley, Pamela Gorman, Richard A. Keen, Hans LaBohm, Christopher Landsea, Ben Lieberman, Renee Malentin, Patrick Michaels
cover The Brain That Changes Itself
2008 tv movie • 70min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mike Sheerin
Written by Mike Sheerin, Norman Doidge
The revolutionary science of "neuroplasticity" - a concept that expands not just our knowledge of how our brains work...
Starring Norman Doidge
cover Breaking the Maya Code
2008 movie • 116min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Mystery
Directed by David Lebrun
Written by David LebrunEnglish, French, German
The complex and beautiful hieroglyphic script of the ancient Maya was until recently one of the last great untranslated writing systems...
Music by Yuval Ron
Starring Michael D. Coe, Ian Graham, Nikolai Grube, Peter Mathews, CCH Pounder
cover Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror
2003 tv movie • 50min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Steve Connelly, John Pilger
Written by John Pilger
A critical documentary about the war on terror since 9-11.
Music by Nicholas Russell-Pavier
Starring John Pilger
cover Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O'Brien
1996 movie • 35min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Jessica Yu
Written by Jessica Yu
Portrait of writer , who contracted polio as a child and spent much of his life in an iron lung.
Music by Sandra Tsing Loh
Starring Mark O'Brien, Elizabeth Duvall, Ian Berzon
cover A Bridge Apart
2014 movie • 56min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama, News
Directed by Frank Maniglia Jr.
Written by Virginia Wolf
A Bridge Apart looks at the epic migration of immigrants from Central America and Mexico to the United...
Starring Edward James Olmos
cover A Brief History of Time
1991 movie • 80min
7.4 ★★★★   4k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Errol Morris
Written by Stephen Hawking
A film about the life and work of the cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, who despite his near total paralysis, is one of the great minds of all time.
Music by Philip Glass
Starring Isobel Hawking, Stephen Hawking, Janet Humphrey, Mary Hawking, Basil King, Derek Powney, Norman Dix, Robert Berman, Gordon Berry, Roger Penrose, Dennis Sciama, John Wheeler
cover The British UFO Files
2004 tv movie
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Sci-Fi
Directed by David Howard
Written by David Howard
Since the 1940's the British Government has been investigating the Flying Saucer phenomenon. High ranking military and government personnel, speak out for the first time, offering unique eye witness accounts and inside information.
Music by Gerry Moffett
Starring Michael Sheard, Dennis Edwards, Lisa Osmond, Peter Mattison, Mark Birdsall, Roy Blanchard, Rose Blatchford, Georgina Bruni, David Crofts, Paul T.T. Easter, Timothy Good, Charles I. Halt
cover Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787
2014 tv movie
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Marc Shaffer
Al Jazeera's investigative unit investigates problems with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.
Music by Ryan Sayward Whittier
Starring Will Jordan
cover Brothers... On Holy Ground
2003 movie • 54min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mike Lennon
Written by Pete Hamill, Mike Lennon
A monumental achievement Brothers On Holy Ground is the only documentary in existence made by a FDNY fireman and it spans the time period before...
cover Brownstones to Red Dirt
2010 movie • 85min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Dave LaMattina, Chad N. Walker
Written by Dave LaMattina
Kids from Brooklyn, NY housing projects try to change the world when they are paired with Sierra Leonean pen pals orphaned by a civil war.
Music by Joshua Johnson
cover Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey
2000 video movie • 100min
8.2 ★★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Action, Biography
Directed by John Little, Bruce Lee
Written by John Little, Bey Logan, Bruce LeeEnglish, Cantonese
Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee is the subject of this thoughtful documentary by Lee aficionado John Little...
Music by Wayne Hawkins
Starring Bruce Lee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Peter Archer, Sun-Man Bae, Robert Baker, Pierre Berton, Linda Lee Cadwell, Jackie Chan, Yuan Chieh, James Coburn, Doug Copsey, James Franciscus
cover Bruce Lee: In His Own Words
1998 video movie • 19min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by John Little
A collection of old interviews with Bruce Lee show us his beliefs, thoughts on fighting and what martial arts means to him.
Music by John Little, Lalo Schifrin, Robert Wolff, Barry Farley
Starring Peter Archer, Pierre Berton, Linda Lee Cadwell, Robert Clouse, James Garner, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Diana Lee Inosanto, Jim Kelly, Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee, John Saxon
cover Bryan Adams: Bare Bones
2010 movie • 5min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Music
Directed by David Battistella
Written by David Battistella
Bryan Adams is one of world's most enduringly popular singer/songwriters. But he is most at home in his Vancouver studio...
Music by Bryan Adams
Starring Bryan Adams, Gary Breit
cover The Buddha
2010 tv movie • 120min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Grubin
Written by David Grubin
After 400 BC, a new philosophy was born in South east Asia, generated from the ideas of Buddha, a mysterious...
Music by Michael Bacon
Starring Richard Gere, Blair Brown, Lama The Dalai, Mark Epstein, William Stanley Merwin, D. Max Moerman, Robert Thurman, Kevin Trainor
cover Bukowski: Born into This
2003 movie • 130min
7.9 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by John Dullaghan
Documentary on Charles Bukowski, author of 'Notes of a Dirty Old Man', 'Love Is a Dog from Hell', and the autobiographical novels, 'Women', 'Hollywood', and 'Post Office'.
Music by James Stemple
Starring Charles Bukowski, Bono, John Bryan, Linda Lee Bukowski, Marina Bukowski, Neeli Cherkovski, Joyce Fante, FrancEyE, Taylor Hackford, John Martin, Michael D. Meloan, Jack Micheline
cover Bulgaria's Abandoned Children
2007 tv movie • 90min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kate Blewett
cover The Burning Times
1990 movie • 57min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Donna Read
Written by Erna Buffie, Donna Read
The Burning Times is a Canadian documentary about the witchcraft trials & persecutions that swept through Europe in the 15th-17th centuries...
Music by Loreena McKennitt
Starring Martha Henry, Barbara Pecarich, Starhawk
cover Burp! Pepsi v. Coke in the Ice-Cold War
1984 tv movie • 60min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alan Lowery
Starring John Pilger
cover Buster Keaton Rides Again
1965 movie • 55min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by John Spotton
Written by Donald Brittain
This film is a documentary about the filming of one of Buster Keaton's movies:(1965).
Music by Malca Gillson
Starring Buster Keaton, Eleanor Keaton, Gerald Potterton, Michael Kane
cover Bustin' Down the Door
2009 movie • 96min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Sport
Directed by Jeremy Gosch
Written by Robert Traill, Jeremy Gosch, Phil Jarratt
This documentary tells the story of a group of Australian and South African surfers who revolutionized their sport in Hawaii during the winter of 1975.
Music by Stuart Michael Thomas
Starring Reno Abellira, Clyde Aikau, Eddie Aikau, Ben Aipa, Bernie Baker, Wayne Bartholomew, Larry Bertlemann, Ian Cairns, Nick Carroll, Tom Carroll, Tom Curren, Mick Fanning
cover Byzantium: The Lost Empire
1997 tv series • 208min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ron Johnston
Written by John Romer
John Romer recreates the glory and history of Byzantium. From the Hagia Sophia in present-day Istanbul to the looted treasures of the empire now located in St. Marks in Venice.
Music by Howard Davidson
Starring John Romer
cover Caine's Arcade
2012 movie • 11min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Nirvan Mullick
Caine's Arcade is a short film about a 9 year old boy's cardboard arcade, located in his dad's used auto parts store in East LA.
Music by Michael Feldman
Starring Caine Monroy, George Monroy, Nirvan Mullick
cover Cam Girlz
2015 movie • 68min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Romance
Directed by Sean Dunne
Cam Girlz enters the world of webcam sex workers who find economic freedom, empowerment, intimacy and creative self expression from the comfort of their own homes.
Music by David Nyman, Evan P. Donohue
Starring Kate Archer, Aella Martin
cover The Camera that Changed the World
2011 movie • 59min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mandy ChangEnglish, French
Starring Néna Baratier, Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Michel Brault, Jot Davies, Robert Drew, Richard Leacock, Marceline Loridan Ivens, D.A. Pennebaker, Jean Rouch
cover Can We Do It Ourselves?
2015 movie • 60min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Patrik Witkowsky
Written by Nils Säfström, André Nyström, Patrik WitkowskyEnglish, Swedish
This is a solid, thought provoking documentary covering a relevant economic topic in-depth. The question...
Music by Martin Sjölander
Starring Gustaf Arrhenius, Anna-Klara Bratt, Noam Chomsky, Viveca Dahlén, Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Michael Elsas, Bernardo Fernandes, Susann Gidlöf-Söderström, Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, Janerik Larsson, Lars Magnusson, Rodney North
cover Canada Vignettes: Bluenose 1921-1946
1979 movie • 3min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, History
Directed by Richard Todd
A short history of Canada's greatest sailing ship.
Starring Michael Kane
cover Canada Vignettes: Canada's Snowbirds
1980 movie • 2min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Joan Henson
cover Canada Vignettes: Dance
1979 movie • 2min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary, Animation
Directed by Lise-Hélène Larin
An animated celebration of the human need to dance in all its forms.
cover Canada Vignettes: Flin Flon
1978 movie • 3min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Tina Horne
The story behind the Canadian city of Flin Flon's unusual name.
Starring David Bairstow, Michael Kane
cover Canada Vignettes: Holidays
1978 movie
6.2 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
A painter recalls the farm work she did as a child during summer holidays.
cover Canada Vignettes: Logger
1978 movie • 1min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Comedy, History
Directed by Al Sens
The history of the development of modern logging techniques.
cover Canada Vignettes: Ma Chère Albertine
1979 movie • 5min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Suzanne Olivier
Music by Alain Clavier
Starring Elizabeth Lesieur
cover Canada Vignettes: Newfoundland
1978 movie • 1min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Animation, Short, Documentary
Directed by George Geertsen
Written by Josef Reeve
A examination of the Viking explorers who were the first Europeans to discover Canada.
Starring Michael Kane
cover Canada Vignettes: The Move
1985 movie • 5min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Larry Bauman
Written by Larry Bauman
cover Canada Vignettes: Woolly Mammoth
1979 movie • 1min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Short, Animation, Documentary
Directed by Bill Maylone
The theorized nature of the North American Wolly Mammoth is shown while one such animal has a close call with some thin ice.
Starring Stan Peters
cover Canadian Landscape
1941 movie • 18min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by F.R. Crawley
Written by Graham McInnes
Music by Bernard Naylor
Starring Stephen Dale, A.Y. Jackson
cover The Canadian Pavilion, Expo 67
1967 movie • 19min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Marc Beaudet
Written by Daisy de Bellefeuille
Music by Otto Joachim
cover The Canary Effect
2006 movie
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Robin Davey, Yellow Thunder Woman
Written by Robin Davey
The Canary Effect takes an in depth look at the devastating effect that US policies have had on the indigenous people of America.
Music by Paul Pesco
Starring Charles Abourezk, Ward Churchill
cover Cancer: The Forbidden Cures
2010 movie • 93min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Massimo Mazzucco
Written by Massimo Mazzucco
Music by Federico Povoleri
Starring René Caisse, Charlotte Gerson, Max Gerson, G. Edward Griffin
cover Capitalism Is the Crisis
2011 movie • 100min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Michael Truscello
Radical Politics in the Age of Austerity examines the ideological roots of the "austerity" agenda and...
Starring Richard J.F. Day, Peter Gelderloos, Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen, Naomi Klein, David McNally, Tom Morello, Leo Panitch
cover Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary
2008 movie • 90min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pepita Ferrari
From cinema-verite; pioneers Albert Maysles and Joan Churchill to maverick movie makers like Errol Morris...
Music by Robert Marcel Lepage
Starring Jennifer Baichwal, Manfred Becker, Michel Brault, Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill, Eduardo Coutinho, Paul Cowan, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Molly Dineen, Jennifer Fox, Denis Gheerbrant, Serge Giguère
cover Car Bomb
2008 movie • 101min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Kevin Toolis
Written by Mike Davis
Forget about nuclear missiles, the decisive weapon of the twentieth century is the car bomb. After Iraq we now know you can defeat a Superpower...
Music by Michael Ormiston, Dimitri Tchamouroff
Starring Robert Baer
cover Carbon for Water
2011 movie • 23min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, News
Directed by Evan Abramson, Carmen Elsa López
Written by Carmen Elsa López
In Kenya's Western Province, most drinking water is contaminated. The wood many Kenyans use to boil...
cover Carissa
2008 movie • 23min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by David Sauvage
Written by David Sauvage
Today, Carissa Phelps is earning a law degree and a business degree at UCLA. But when she was twelve, she was homeless and forced into prostitution in Fresno.
Music by Justin Melland
Starring Ron Jenkins, Carissa Phelps, Roganne Wegermann
cover The Cartel
2009 movie • 90min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bob Bowdon
Written by Bob Bowdon
American public schools have been growing progressively worse. According to the U.S. Department of Education national testing...
Music by Bob Bowdon
Starring Bob Bowdon, Bill Baroni, Rick Berman, Michael Bloomberg, Clint Bolick, Derrell Bradford, Tom Brokaw, Elaine Brown, Mika Brzezinski, Pat Buchanan, Mary Jane Cooper, John Corcoran
cover Carts of Darkness
2008 movie • 60min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Murray Siple
Written by Murray Siple
This documentary follows a group of homeless men who have combined bottle picking with the extreme sport of racing shopping carts.
Starring Murray Siple
cover Cat Ladies
2009 movie • 60min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Christie Callan-Jones
When cats mean meow to you more than people. Cat Ladies takes viewers inside the real world of four "crazy cat ladies"
Music by Philip Strong
cover Catastroika
2012 movie • 87min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Aris Chatzistefanou, Katerina Kitidi
Written by Katerina Kitidi, Aris Chatzistefanou, Leonidas VatikiotisGreek
The creators of Debtocracy, analyze the shifting of state assets to private hands. They travel round the world gathering data on privatization and search for clues on the day after Greece's massive privatization program.
Music by Active Member, Ermis Georgiadis
Starring Dean Baker, Alex Callinicos, Costas Douzinas, Ben Fine, Naomi Klein, Ken Loach, Greg Palast, Dani Rodrik, Luis Sepulveda, Slavoj Zizek
cover Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve
2014 movie
9.4 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by James Corbett
Written by James Corbett
Starring Edward Griffin
cover The Champions, Part 3: The Final Battle
1986 movie • 87min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Donald Brittain
Written by Donald Brittain
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Starring Donald Brittain
cover Champlain
1964 movie • 28min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Denys Arcand
Written by Denys ArcandFrench
cover Chariots Of The Gods
1970 movie • 92min
6.4 ★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Harald Reinl
Written by Erich von Däniken, Harald Reinl, Utz UtermannGerman
Documentary based on the book by Erich Von Daniken concerning the ancient mysteries of the world, such as the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico...
Music by Peter Thomas
Starring Heinz-Detlev Bock, Klaus Kindler, Christian Marschall, Aleksandr Kazantsev, Wiatscheslav Saitsew, Hans Domnick, Jean Fontaine, Thor Heyerdahl, Bruce Johansen, Hermann Oberth, Lee Pajan, Henning Skaarup
cover The Charles Bukowski Tapes
1987 movie • 240min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Barbet Schroeder
Barbet Schroeder interviews Bukowski.
Music by Jean-Louis Valéro
Starring Charles Bukowski, Linda Lee Bukowski, Barbet Schroeder
cover Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
2009 tv movie
8.6 ★★★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Written by David Attenborough
A documentary about evolution.
Music by Dan Jones
Starring David Attenborough
cover Charles Manson Superstar
1989 video movie • 100min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Crime
Directed by Nikolas Schreck
Written by Nikolas Schreck
For forty years, Charles Manson has survived most of his life in what he calls 'the hallways of the all ways,' the reform schools...
Starring Charles Manson, Nikolas Schreck, Zeena Schreck, James N. Mason
cover Charles Manson Then and Now
1992 movie • 106min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Nick Bougas
Written by Nick Bougas, Tom Lavagnino
A documentary about the life and prosecution of Charles Manson (The original BoogeyMan).
Music by Peter H. Gilmore
Starring Harold Wells, Charles Manson
cover Char·ac·ter
2009 movie • 88min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Drago Sumonja
A candid dialogue about the life and craft of acting between longtime colleagues and friends Dabney Coleman...
Starring Harold Baldridge, Dabney Coleman, Peter Falk, Charles Grodin, Sydney Pollack, Mark Rydell, Harry Dean Stanton
cover Checkpoint
2003 movie • 80min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Yoav ShamirHebrew, Arabic, English
Documentary filmmaker Yoav Shamir's depiction of the checkpoints that the Israel Defense Forces man in the Palestinian Authority.
cover Chess Kids: Special Edition
2011 movie • 81min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Lynn Hamrick
Written by Lynn Hamrick
Follow-up interviews with the original child chess prodigies, nearly 20 years later.
Music by Joszef Balogh, Larry Seymour
Starring Bruce Pandolfini, Morgan Pehme, Judit Polgar, Josh Waitzkin
cover Chez nous, c'est chez nous
1972 movie • 81min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Marcel CarrièreFrench
cover Chi
2013 movie • 60min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Anne Wheeler
Written by Babz Chula, Anne Wheeler
Anyone who knew Babz Chula-a talented, larger-than-life actress-could tell you that her life force, or chi...
Music by Stu Goldberg
Starring Babs Chula, Anne Wheeler, Larry Lynn, Ben Ratner
cover Children Full of Life
2003 tv movie • 48min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Noboru KaetsuJapanese, English
Mr. Kanamori, a teacher of a 4th grade class, teaches his students not only how to be students, but how to live. He gives them lessons on teamwork, community, the importance of openness, how to cope, and the harm caused by bullying.
Starring Toshiro Kanamori
cover Children Underground
2001 movie • 104min
8.3 ★★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Edet BelzbergRomanian
A profile of homeless Romanian children who were born victims of the nation's reckless population growth policy during its communist era.
Music by Joel Goodman
Starring Cristina Ionescu, Mihai Alexandre Tudose, Violeta 'Macarena' Rosu, Ana Turturica, Marian Turturica, Alexandru Beschina, Florin Ionut Calciu, Adrian Chiru, Romulus Cristescu, Ilie Fonfonile, Doru Grigore, Anca Hotnog
cover Children of Beslan
2005 tv movie • 60min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ewa Ewart, Leslie WoodheadRussian
On September 1, 2004, a group of heavily armed rebel extremists stormed into School No. 1 in Beslan...
Music by Nainita Desai, Malcolm Laws
cover Children of Darkness
1983 movie • 57min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Richard Kotuk, Ara Chekmayan
A significant number of American children and teenagers - from all social backgrounds - suffer from mental disorders...
Starring John Brooks, Billy Calhoun, Mary Calhoun, Gerald Davidson, Alice Dunn, Kenneth Kaufman, Richard Kotuk, Brian Mcanally, Jim Mcanally, Joseph Ricci, Peter Thomas, Mark Williams
cover Children of God
2008 movie • 89min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Seung-jun YiNepali
A documentary which follows a group of siblings who eke out their existence from the offerings and other goods found in the sacred Bagmati River.
cover Children of the Decree
2005 tv movie • 52min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Razvan Georgescu, Florin Iepan
Written by Razvan Georgescu, Florin IepanRomanian, English
Starring Delia Budeanu, Paula Ciupitu, Zina Dumitrescu, Adrian Sangeorzan
cover Children of the Tsunami
2012 tv movie • 60min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dan Reed
Written by Dan ReedJapanese, English
The Japanese tsunami of 2011 and the ensuing nuclear disaster in Fukushima, told through the eyes of 7-10 year-old children.
Music by Chad Hobson
cover Chile, the Obstinate Memory
1997 movie • 59min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Patricio GuzmánSpanish
After decades of fascist rule in Chile, Patricio Guzman returns to his country to screen his documentary...
Music by Robert Marcel Lepage
Starring Patricio Guzmán, Vincent Davy, Hortensia Allende, José Balmes, Carlos Flores del Pino, Ernesto Malbran, Rodolfo Müller, Pablo Perelman, Alvaro Undurraga, Ignacio Valenzuela, Carmen Vivanco, Salvador Allende
cover China from the Inside
2007 tv series
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jonathan Lewis
Written by Jonathan Lewis
Music by Orlando Gough
Starring Andrée Bernard
cover The Chocolate Farmer
2011 movie • 70min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rohan Fernando
Written by Rohan Fernando
In an unspoiled corner of southern Belize, cacao farmer and father Eladio Pop manually works his plantation...
cover Chopin: The Women Behind the Music
2010 tv movie • 90min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rupert Edwards
Written by Rupert Edwards
cover Christopher's Movie Matinee
1968 movie • 88min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mort Ransen
When a camera crew are sent to document hippie protests in Yorkville, Canada's counter-culture capital, they are charmed by a group of misunderstood kids with their own ideas about what kind of movie to make.
Music by William Hawkins, Darius Brubeck, Sandy Crawley, Amos Garrett
Starring Graham Bourns, Jan Casson, Malcolm Dean, Roger Dowker, Tom Evans, Doreen Foster, Lari Frolick, Cindy Glickman, Peter Keefe, Joyce Moore, Cathy Nasmith, Harold Shore
cover Chubby Chaser
2012 movie
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Jeff Sterne
A Point of View film from a filmmaker who likes a bit of fat on women and wonders if he's the only one who does, and why is the beauty ideal so thin?
Music by Philip Strong
Starring Jeff Sterne, Bill Fabrey, Rebecca Rosenblat, Russell Smith, Zik Ukaeje
cover Churchill's Island
1941 movie • 21min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, War, Short
Directed by Stuart LeggEnglish, German
The people of Britain resist the German air force and navy with help from North America.
Music by Lucio Agostini
Starring Lorne Greene, Gérard Arthur, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Julius Schaub
cover Cinema is Everywhere
2011 movie • 86min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Teal Greyhavens
Written by Teal GreyhavensEnglish, Cantonese, French, Hindi
Three narratives from around the world are woven together with insights from venerable filmmakers and...
Music by Brandon K. Verrett
Starring Tilda Swinton, Javed Akhtar, Fruit Chan, Sudhir Mishra, Mark Cousins, Shyam Benegal, Stanley Kwan, Ryan Chan, Karim Souaki
cover Circle of the Sun
1960 movie • 28min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Colin Low
Written by Colin Low
A Native American young man of the Blood tribe shows us contemporary life of people as he attends a Sun Dance ceremony with the tribe.
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Starring Pete Standing Alone, Stanley Jackson
cover Circus Rosaire
2007 movie • 93min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Robyn Bliley
Story of the Rosaire family, a 9th generation family of circus performers known for their unique and respectful manner of performing with animals...
Music by Jimmy Segerson
Starring Clayton Rosaire, Derrick Rosaire, Ellian Rosaire, Frederick Rosaire, Kay Rosaire, Pamela Rosaire-Zoppe, Dallas Zoppe, Roger Zoppe
cover Citizen Sam
2006 movie • 80min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Joe Moulins
Written by Joe MoulinsEnglish, Cantonese, Italian
Follows quadriplegic mayoralty candidate Sam Sullivan through his surprise victory in Vancouver's 2005 elections.
Music by Cameron Wilson
Starring Rick Cluff, Connie Fogel-Rankin, Bill Goode Jr., Jim Green, Heather Harrison, Wayne Hartrick, Don Larsen, Ann Livingston, Colin Metcalfe, Abraham Rogatnick, Sam Sullivan, Bruce Young
cover City Lax: An Urban Lacrosse Story
2010 movie • 83min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Tor Myhren
Written by Eli B. Despres
Music by Dan Wilcox
cover City Out of Time
1959 movie • 16min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Colin Low
Written by James Beveridge
Music by Robert Fleming
Starring William Shatner
cover City of Gold
1957 movie • 22min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, History
Directed by Wolf Koenig, Colin Low
Written by Roman Kroitor, Gilbert Choquette, Pierre Berton
Author Pierre Berton tells the history of his hometown of Dawson City at its heyday during the Klondike Gold Rush.
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Starring Pierre Berton
cover Civilisation
1969 tv series • 50min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, Music, War
Directed by Michael Gill, Peter Montagnon, Ann Turner
Written by Kenneth Clark
Music by Edwin Astley
Starring Kenneth Clark
cover Civilization: Is the West History?
2011 tv series
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Adrian Pennink
Written by Niall Ferguson
Documentary: Niall Ferguson investigates how western civilization came to dominate the world.
Music by Malcolm Lindsay
Starring Niall Ferguson
cover Clash of the Gods
2009 tv series
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Christopher Cassel, Jessica Conway
Written by Jessica Lyne de Ver, Mashizan Masjum, Scott Miller
Covers many of the ancient Greek and Norse Gods, monsters and heroes including Hades, Hercules, Medusa, Minotaur, Odysseus and Zeus.
Starring Stan Bernard
cover Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon
2006 movie • 72min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Peter Richardson
A documentary about a rural Oregon timber town and a rift between conservatives and liberals that threatens...
Music by Debra Arlyn
cover Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer
2009 tv movie
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Paul Elston
Starring Karima Gouit, Ian McNeice
cover The Cleveland Captives: What Really Happened?
2013 tv movie • 60min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rachele Dryden-Smith, Sarah Hunt
This documentary tells the story of three women who disappeared between 2002 and 2004, all of whom were held in the basement of a Cleveland house for approximately ten years.
Starring Rick Edwards, Amanda Berry, Sylvia Browne, Ariel Castro, Onil Castro, Pedro Castro, Gina DeJesus, Tito DeJesus, Kathleen DeMetz, Angie Gregg, Deborah Knight, Michelle Knight
cover The Coca-Cola Case
2009 movie • 86min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Carmen Garcia, German Gutierrez
Written by Carmen Garcia
Two lawyers and labor rights' activists, Daniel Kovalik of the United Steel Workers of America and Terry...
Music by Olivier Alary, Johannes Malfatti
cover Cocaine Cowboys
2006 movie • 118min
7.9 ★★★★★   10k   Documentary, Crime
Directed by Billy Corben
In the 1980s, ruthless Colombian cocaine barons invaded Miami with a brand of violence unseen in this country since Prohibition-era Chicago...
Music by Jan Hammer
Starring Jon Roberts, Al Sunshine, Sam Burstyn, Mickey Munday, Bob Palumbo, Toni Mooney, Edna Buchanan, Joseph Davis, Al Singleton, Louis Caruso, Raul Diaz, Jorge Ayala
cover Cocaine Cowboys 2
2008 movie • 97min
6.7 ★★★   2k   Documentary, Crime
Directed by Billy Corben
Set in 1991 on the inner-city streets of Oakland, California, cocaine dealer Charles Cosby has his life...
Starring Nelson Andreu, Jorge Ayala, Griselda Blanco, Sam Burstyn, Luis Casuso, Will Collins, Charles Cosby, Raul Diaz, Donovan Kennedy, Bob Palumbo, Al Singleton
cover Cocaine: History Between the Lines
2011 tv movie • 88min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Gregg LiebermanEnglish, Spanish
Music by Pete Anderson, Matt Koskenmaki
Starring Brad Barker, Tom Berenger, Ioan Grillo
cover The Coconut Revolution
2000 tv movie • 50min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dom Rotheroe
This is the modern-day story of a native peoples' remarkable victory over Western Colonial power. A Pacific island rose up in arms against giant mining corporation Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) - and won despite a military occupation and blockade.
Starring Joseph Kabui, Francis Ona
cover The Code
2011 tv series
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dan Child, Stephen Cooter, Michael Lachmann
Numbers are the rulers of the universe. What if there is a code for life's perfection? A code making the world we see, the "what we are" and the "everything else in the universe"?
Music by Carl Harms
Starring Marcus du Sautoy
cover The Collective Evolution
2010 video movie • 112min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Matthew Peter Christodoulou, Mark DeNicola, Joe Martino
Written by Mark DeNicola, Matthew Peter Christodoulou, Joe Martino
The Collective Evolution is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed...
Starring Matthew Peter Christodoulou, Franco Denicola, Mark DeNicola, Joe Martino
cover The Collective Evolution III: The Shift
2014 movie • 84min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Drama, News
Directed by Joe Martino
Written by Joe Martino
The Collective Evolution III is a powerful documentary that explores a revolutionary shift affecting every aspect of our planet...
Music by Gad Foltys
Starring Bernard Alvarez, Inelia Benz, Miriam Delicado, Franco Denicola, Mark DeNicola, Michael Jeffreys, Alanna Ketler, Joe Martino, Daniel Pinchbeck, Jeff Roberts, Luke Rudkowski, John Stewart
cover The Colours of My Father: A Portrait of Sam Borenstein
1992 movie • 29min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Biography
Directed by Joyce Borenstein
Written by Joyce Borenstein
A glimpse of the life and work of painter Sam Borenstein.
Music by Normand Roger
Starring Griffith Brewer, Paul Soles
cover Commando: On the Front Line
2007 tv series
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Christopher Terrill
Written by Christopher Terrill
A hard hitting ITV series that follows Royal Marines recruits from day one of training, through 32 weeks of the longest and hardest military training in the world and then to the front line in Afghanistan. A modern classic.
Music by John Harle
cover Comptines
1975 movie • 11min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Manon Barbeau
cover The Computer Programme
1982 tv series
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Matt Boney, Frank Ash
Music by David Ellis
Starring Chris Serle, Ian McNaught-Davis, Gill Nevill
cover Confessions of an Innocent Man
2007 movie • 90min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by David Paperny
Written by David Paperny, Ian Gill, William Sampson
The shocking, heart-wrenching story of British-Canadian engineer William Sampson who lived a privileged life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia until he was kidnapped, locked up and tortured by Saudi thugs for almost three years.
Music by Schaun Tozer, Ben Mink
Starring William Sampson, James Sampson, Ali Al Ahmed, Les Walker, Raf Schyvens, Sandy Mitchell, Henry Garfield Pardy, Paul Kelso, Margaret Dunn, Francine Dubé Kopun, Sheikh Salah Al-Hejailan, Bill Graham
cover Control Room
2004 movie • 84min
7.8 ★★★★★   4k   Documentary
Directed by Jehane Noujaim
Written by Jehane Noujaim, Julia BachaArabic, English
A documentary on perception of the United States's war with Iraq, with an emphasis on Al Jazeera's coverage.
Music by Hani Salama, Thomas DeRenzo
Starring Samir Khader, Josh Rushing, George W. Bush, Hassan Ibrahim, Deema Khatib, Tom Mintier, Donald Rumsfeld, David Shuster
cover Core of Corruption: In the Shadows
2009 movie • 139min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jonathan Elinoff
Written by Jonathan ElinoffEnglish, English
Taking you where no documentary film has gone before, Core of Corruption addresses the mind blowing truth behind the 9/11 attacks...
Music by Josh Keegan
cover Cosmic Voyage
1996 movie • 36min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Bayley Silleck
Written by Michael Miner, Kees Boeke, Bayley Silleck
Where do we fit in with the universe? This film seeks to explore our place among the ever-expanding universe.
Music by David Michael Frank
Starring Morgan Freeman
cover Cottonland
2006 movie • 53min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Nance Ackerman
Written by Nance Ackerman, Eddie Buchanan
Cottonland demystifies the world of the addict and explores the reality of economic and drug dependence...
Music by Jamie Alcorn
cover The Cove
2009 movie • 92min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   41k   Documentary, Crime
Directed by Louie Psihoyos
Written by Mark MonroeEnglish, Japanese
Using state-of-the-art equipment, a group of activists, led by renowned dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry, infiltrate a cove near Taijii, Japan to expose both a shocking instance of animal abuse and a serious threat to human health.
Music by J. Ralph
Starring Richard O'Barry, Louie Psihoyos, Hardy Jones, Michael Illiff, Joji Morishita, Ian Campbell, Paul Watson, Doug DeMaster, Dave Rastovich, Charles Hambleton, Hayato Sakurai, Kazutaka Sangen
cover Craigslist Joe
2012 movie • 90min
6.8 ★★★   3k   Documentary, Adventure
Directed by Joseph Garner
In a time when America's economy was crumbling and sense of community was in question, one guy left everything behind to see if he could survive solely on the support and goodwill of the 21st century's new town square: Craigslist.
Music by David G. Garner
Starring Joseph Garner, Kristos Andrews, Gina Keatley, Michael T. Kuciak, 357 Magnumm, Fran McGee, Tig Notaro, Travis Shivers
cover Crash Course: Biology
2012 tv series
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Hank Green
Written by Blake de Pastino, Brandon Jackson, Dave Loos
Starring Hank Green
cover Crash Course: Chemistry
2013 tv series
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Nicholas Jenkins, Michael Aranda
Written by Blake de Pastino, Kim Krieger, Edi González
Hank Green explains chemistry in a way that is easy to understand.
Starring Hank Green
cover Crash Course: US History
2013 tv series
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Stan Muller
Written by John Green, Rosianna Halse Rojas, Raoul Meyer
John Green takes you through the history of the United States, from the beginning of the Spanish colonization to the Obama administration.
Music by Jason Weidner
Starring John Green
cover Crash Course: World History
2012 tv series • 10min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Stan Muller, Mark Olsen
Written by John Green, Raoul Meyer
An educational series hosted by the Brothers Green. John leads us through the humanities while Hank takes us on a journey through the sciences.
Music by Jason Weidner
Starring John Green
cover Cree Hunters of Mistassini
1974 movie • 58min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Tony Ianzelo, Boyce Richardson
Written by Boyce RichardsonCree, English
Since times predating agriculture, Cree First Nations people have gone to the bush of the James Bay and Ungava Bay area to hunt.
Starring Boyce Richardson, Sam Blacksmith, Ronnie Jolly, Glen Speers, Abraham Voyageur
cover The Crisis of Civilization
2011 movie • 82min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, News
Directed by Dean Puckett
Written by Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed
The Crisis Civilization is a documentary feature film investigating how global crises like ecological disaster...
Starring Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed, Francis Fukuyama, Samuel Huntington
cover Cropsey
2009 movie • 84min
6.4 ★★   5k   Documentary, Crime, Horror, Mystery
Directed by Barbara Brancaccio, Joshua Zeman
Written by Joshua Zeman
Realizing the urban legend of their youth has actually come true; two filmmakers delve into the mystery surrounding five missing children and the real-life boogeyman linked to their disappearances.
Music by Alex Lasarenko
Starring Joshua Zeman, Barbara Brancaccio, Bill Ellis, Dorothy D'Eletto, Geraldo Rivera, Karen Schweiger, David Navarro, Donna Cutugno, Ralph Aquino, Bobby Jensen, Ernie Anastos, Andre Rand
cover Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul
2005 movie • 90min
7.9 ★★★★★   5k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Fatih Akin
Written by Fatih AkinTurkish, German, Kurdish, English
Award-winning director Fatih Akin takes us on a journey through Istanbul, the city that bridges Europe and Asia...
Starring Alexander Hacke, Ahmed Ulug, Cem Yegul, Mehmed Ulug, Baba Zula, Orient Expressions, Duman, Replikas, Peyote Hasan, Erkin Koray, Ceza, Ayben
cover Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview
2013 movie • 64min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, News
Directed by Joseph Ohayon
Written by Joseph Ohayon
'Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview' is a documentary exploring the depths of the current human...
cover Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks the World
2011 video movie
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Max Baloian, Joey Tosi
Starring Bob Bradshaw, Jerry Cantrell, Del Casher, Bobby Cedro, Dennis Coffey, Jim Dunlop Sr., Jimmy Dunlop, Doug Doppler, Paul Gilbert, Buddy Guy, Edward Van Halen, Kirk Hammett
cover Cry of the Wild
1973 movie • 89min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bill Mason
Written by Bill Mason
This feature-length documentary from Bill Mason imparts his affection for the big northern timber wolves and the pure-white Arctic wolves...
Music by Larry Crosley
Starring Bill Mason
cover The Cu Chi Tunnels
1990 movie • 59min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Mickey Grant
Written by Ho NguyenVietnamese
Music by Brian Mendelsohn
Starring Ba Ong Ngo, Thi Dinh Nguyen, Phuong Dong Huynh, Phuong Vien, Cao Van Tung, Tay Ho, Than Phong Duang, No Chin, Le Van Cu, Tran Van Cang, Nhu Tran, Thi Lanh Dang
cover Cure for Love
2008 movie • 59min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Francine Pelletier, Christina Willings
Written by Christina Willings
Music by Jeff Bray
cover Curt
2015 movie • 17min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Brendan Hearne
CURT is a short documentary about Curt Harper, an autistic, 49-year-old surfer who has become a much-loved fixture in the Southern California surf scene.
Music by Blake Mills
Starring Alex Harper, Ryder Alves, Curt Harper, Tommy McKeown, Dane Reynolds, Nathan Shore, Christian Saenz, Micky Clarke, Vivian Clarke, Fielden Harper, Janice Aragon, Beau Clarke
cover DMT: The Spirit Molecule
2010 movie • 75min
7.3 ★★★★   3k   Documentary
Directed by Mitch Schultz
Written by Rick Strassman, Mitch Schultz
An investigation into the long-obscured mystery of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a molecule found in nearly every living organism and considered the most potent psychedelic on Earth.
Music by David Schommer
Starring Joe Rogan, Ralph Abraham, Joel Bakst, Steven Barker, Susan Blumenthal, Erik Davis, Patricio Dominguez, Cynthia Geist, Neal Goldsmith, Alex Grey, Roland Griffiths, Charles Grob
cover DOPESICK: Fentanyl's Deadly Grip
2016 movie
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Shawney Cohen
This VICE feature film follows the lives of people in Alberta, Canada, affected by the powerful opioid drug fentanyl...
Music by Jim Guthrie
cover DPRK: The Land of Whispers
2013 movie • 59min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Matt Dworzanczyk
Written by Matt Dworzanczyk
North Korea lies somewhere between a 1930s Soviet Union frozen in time and a dark, futuristic vision of society...
Starring Matt Dworzanczyk
cover Daisy: The Story of a Facelift
1982 movie • 58min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Michael Rubbo
Written by Michael Rubbo, Kate Jansen
Music by Hariprasad Chaurasia
Starring Daisy de Bellefeuille
cover Dana Gould: I Know It's Wrong
2013 tv movie • 55min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Jay Chapman
Written by Dana Gould
Dana Gould, the comedian and writer best known for his work on the hit TV show "The Simpsons," left...
Starring Dana Gould
cover Dangerous Knowledge
2007 tv movie • 89min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Malone
Documentary about four of the most brilliant mathematicians of all time, Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing, their genius, their tragic madness and their ultimate suicides.
Starring David Malone, Roger Penrose
cover Darfur Diaries: Message from Home
2006 movie • 57min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Aisha Bain, Jen MarloweArabic
Music by Leonard 'Hub' Hubbard
cover The Dark Side of Chocolate
2010 movie • 46min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Miki Mistrati, U. Roberto Romano
Written by Miki MistratiEnglish, German, French
In the cocoa plantations of Ghana and the Ivory Coast, children aged from 7 to 15 years old, with the promise of paid work, they are forced into slave labour. Does the world know about the dark side of chocolate?
Music by Jonas Colstrup
Starring Diamoutene Bakary, David Bateson, Henri Blemin, Mieke Callebaut, Moussa Coulibaly, Frank Hagemann, Patrick Hautphenne, Idrissa Kante, Yaya Konate, Ali Lakiss, Tohe Adam Malick, Mariam Marico
cover Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story
2007 movie • 54min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Julian Shaw
Written by Julian Shaw
Controversial South African political satirist Pieter-Dirk Uys allows writer/director Julian Shaw into his previously off-limits inner world...
Music by Tessa Uys, Tony Dupé, Jeff Gibbs
Starring Pieter-Dirk Uys, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Zackie Achmat, Stephen Gray, David Eppel, Tessa Uys, Thabo Mbeki, Julian Shaw
cover Darwin's Struggle: The Evolution of the Origin of Species
2009 tv movie • 60min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History Starring David Attenborough
cover Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth
2004 tv movie • 60min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   4k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Stan Lathan
Written by Dave Chappelle
Chappelle cuts loose in what he does best, Chappelle-style! And for what it's worth, no one is safe from Dave!
Music by Minnesota
Starring Dave Chappelle, Greer Barnes
cover David Bowie & the Story of Ziggy Stardust
2012 tv movie • 60min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by James Hale
Both a visual flashback and a telling of the life and birth of the alter ego that was David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust.
Starring Jarvis Cocker, David Bowie, Marc Almond, Rodney Bingenheimer, Trevor Bolder, John Cambridge, Leee Black Childers, Cherie Currie, Peter Doggett, Suzy Fussey, Mike Garson, Dana Gillespie
cover The Day Before Disclosure
2010 movie
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Terje Toftenes, Truls Toftenes
Written by Terje Toftenes, Truls Toftenes
Our modern civilization is likely to be confronted with the biggest paradigm shift in the perception of reality ever, and through our productions we wish to bring insight from the forefront of this development.
Music by Rover
Starring Terje Toftenes, Edgar D. Mitchell, Steven M. Greer, Richard Dolan, Robert Hastings, Stephen Bassett, Robert Dean, Nick Pope, Peter Robbins, Larry Warren, Wendelle Stevens, Milton Torres
cover The Day I Died
2002 tv movie • 50min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kate Broome
Music by Sarah Class
Starring Ben Tinniswood, Tom Wilkinson
cover The Day My God Died
2003 movie • 70min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Andrew Levine
Written by Cari Beauchamp
Filmed in Nepal and India this documentary presents the stories of young girls whose lives have been shattered by the child sex slave trade...
Music by David Robbins
Starring Anuradha Koirala, Tim Robbins, Winona Ryder
cover Day of the Fight
1951 movie • 16min
6.4 ★★   2k   Documentary, Short, Sport
Directed by Stanley Kubrick
Written by Robert Rein
After a short study of boxing's history, narrated by newscaster Douglas Edwards, we follow a day in the life of a middleweight Irish boxer named Walter Cartier.
Music by Gerald Fried
Starring Douglas Edwards, Nat Fleischer, Walter Cartier, Vincent Cartier, Bobby James, Dan Stampler, Stanley Kubrick, Alexander Singer, Judy Singer
cover De mère en fille
1968 movie • 76min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Anne Claire Poirier
Written by Michèle Lalonde, Anne Claire PoirierFrench
Documents a woman's actual pregnancy; the emotions, the affects on her husband and first-born child, the birth itself via Caesarean section, and her struggle to return to work and a social life, while still being a good mother.
Music by Pierre F. Brault
Starring Liette Desjardins, Clément Desjardins, Josée Desjardins, Francis Desjardins, Vladimir Brotaneck, Monique Chabot, Victor Désy, Lise Fortier, Nicole Germain, Hubert Loiselle
cover Dear President Obama
2016 movie • 100min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jon Bowermaster
Written by Lisa Michelle Axelrod, Jon Bowermaster
During President Obama's terms extreme energy extraction grew faster than anyone could have predicted, putting the 17 million people in America who live within one mile of a new gas or oil rig in harm's way.
Music by Joe Maggio, Ike Shaw
Starring Mark Ruffalo
cover Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
2008 movie • 95min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   25k   Documentary, Crime, Drama
Directed by Kurt Kuenne
Written by Kurt Kuenne
A filmmaker decides to memorialize a murdered friend when his friend's ex-girlfriend announces she is expecting his son.
Music by Kurt Kuenne
Starring Kurt Kuenne, Andrew Bagby, David Bagby, Kathleen Bagby, Shirley Turner, Zachary Andrew Turner, Heather Arnold, Jon Atkinson, Bob Bagby, Earlene Bagby, James Bagby, Linda Bagby
cover Death Mills
1945 movie • 22min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Billy Wilder
Originally made with a German soundtrack for screening in occupied Germany and Austria, this film was...
cover Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command
1992 tv movie
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Brian McKenna
Written by Terence McKenna, Brian McKennaEnglish, German
Starring Terence McKenna, Graeme Campbell, Gilbert Turp, Nicholas Shields, Janne Mortil, Hamish McEwan, Andrew Gillies, Mark Burgess, Patric Creeman, Duncan Ollerenshaw, J.H. Wyman, Glen Peloso
cover Death in Gaza
2004 movie • 80min
8.2 ★★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by James Miller
Written by Saira ShahArabic, English, English, Hebrew
The harrowing documentary that portrays the horror of the Israeli conflict and the resulting death of its director, .
Music by Nick Powell
Starring James Miller, Saira Shah
cover Death of a Legend
1971 movie • 50min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bill Mason
Written by Stanley Jackson
Music by Eldon Rathburn
cover Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy
1994 movie • 60min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Munro
Written by John PilgerEnglish, Portuguese
Music by Agio Periera
Starring John Pilger, Alan Clark, James Dunn, Gareth Evans, Abel Guterres, José Ramos Horta, C. Philip Liechty, Konis Santana, Shirley Shackleton, Mário Soares, Sir Alan Thomas, Nugroho Wisnumurti
cover Deborah 13: Servant of God
2009 tv movie • 60min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Linda Brusasco
Unlike other British teens, 13-year-old Deborah Drapper has never heard of Britney Spears or Victoria Beckham...
cover Debtocracy
2011 movie • 75min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Aris Chatzistefanou, Katerina Kitidi
Written by Katerina Kitidi, Aris Chatzistefanou, Leonidas VatikiotisGreek, English, Spanish, French
Debtocracy seeks the causes of the Greek debt crisis and proposes solutions sidelined by the government and the dominant media. It follows countries like Ecuador that created debt Audit Commissions and tracks this process in Greece.
Music by Giannis Angelakas
Starring Samir Amin, Hugo Arias, Alain Badiou, Gerard Dumenil, Manolis Glezos, David Harvey, Kostas Lapavitsas, Avi Lewis, Fernando E. Solanas, Eric Toussaint
cover Deep Sea
2006 movie • 41min
7.6 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Howard Hall
A 3-D digital exploration of the ocean's depths and its creatures.
Music by Danny Elfman, Deborah Lurie
Starring Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet
cover Deep Water
2006 movie • 92min
7.9 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, History, Sport
Directed by Louise Osmond, Jerry Rothwell
A documentary about the disastrous 1968 round-the-world yacht race.
Music by Harry Escott, Molly Nyman
Starring Jean Badin, Simon Russell Beale, Clare Crowhurst, Donald Crowhurst, Simon Crowhurst, Santiago Franchessie, Ted Hynds, Donald Kerr, Robin Knox-Johnston, Françoise Moitessier de Cazalet, Tilda Swinton, Ron Winspear
cover Degenerate Art
1993 tv movie • 60min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Grubin
Written by David GrubinEnglish, German
Music by Michael Bacon
Starring David McCullough, Sander Gilman, Peter Guenther, Robert Hughes, Josephine Knapp, Olda Kokoschka, Peter Selz, Max Amann, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Göring, Georg Hallermann, Rudolf Hess
cover Derren Brown: Miracles for Sale
2011 tv movie • 73min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Simon Dinsell
Written by Derren Brown
Derren proves it is possible to take someone from the streets of the UK, and turn them into a faith healer in the USA. Along the way we learn how to scam people through faith healing.
Music by Nick Foster
Starring Derren Brown, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Sean Pinder, Peter Popoff
cover Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree
2012 movie • 88min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime
Directed by Derrick J. Freeman
Written by Derrick J. Freeman
A documentary chronicling liberty activist Derrick J Freeman's exciting first year of activism in The Shire.
Starring Kate Ager, Rich Angell, Ed Burke, Jed Butterfield, Chris Cantwell, Mike Clark, Terry Clark, Josh Cooley, Steven Corrigan, Trevor Croteau, Beau Davis, Jay Denonville
cover Desert Victory
1943 movie • 62min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Roy Boulting, David MacDonald
Written by J.L. HodsonEnglish, German
The Allied campaign to drive Germany and Italy from North Africa is analysed, with the major portion of the film examining the battles at El Alamein, including a re-enactment.
Music by William Alwyn
Starring Harold Alexander, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Bernard L. Montgomery, Erwin Rommel, Claude Auchinleck, Alan Brooke, Alan Cunningham, Joseph Goebbels, Henry Harwood, J.L. Hodson, Arthur Tedder
cover Desire for Beauty
2013 movie • 90min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Miguel Gaudêncio
Written by Rafal Samusik, Miguel GaudêncioPolish
Four people undergo plastic surgery. Their appearances will change, but will their lives?
Music by Jorge Quintela
Starring Maria Czubaszek, Agata Kulesza, Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, Mikolaj Lizut, Katarzyna Miller, Piotr Najsztub, Julia Pietrucha, Maria Rotkiel, Marzena Sienkiewicz, Agnieszka Szulim
cover The Devil at Your Heels
1981 movie • 102min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Robert Fortier
Devil at Your Heels, traces the trials of stuntman Ken Carter who attempts a death defying aerial jump in a car...
Music by Art Phillips
Starring Ken Carter, Robert Fortier, Evel Knievel, Gordon Pinsent, Kenny Powers, Dar Robinson, Mark Sennet
cover Devil in the Room
2013 movie • 8min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directed by Carla MacKinnon
Written by Carla MacKinnon
Have you ever woken in the night unable to move, certain that you are not alone? This is an experimental documentary examining what happens when dreams leak into waking life. It is about what is real, what is not, and if it even matters.
Music by Dominic de Grande
Starring Anne-Sophie Marie
cover Devil's Playground
2002 movie • 77min
7.1 ★★★★   2k   Documentary
Directed by Lucy WalkerEnglish, German
Amish teenagers experience and embrace the modern world as a rite-of-passage before deciding which life they will choose.
Music by Renee Travis
Starring Velda Bontrager, Mark Bontrager, Dewayne Chupp, Dylan Cole, Matt Eash, Sally Fisher, Marty Fry, John Groff, Lisa Groff, Andy Herschberger, Joann Hochstetler, Jesse Kaufman
cover The Devil's Toy
1966 movie • 16min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Claude Jutra
Written by Claude JutraFrench
A look at skateboarding in Montreal, Canada.
Music by Pierre F. Brault
Starring Pierre Charpentier, Charles Denner, Marc Harvey
cover Dief!
1981 movie • 27min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by William Canning
The life and career of the charismatic and controversial Canadian Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker.
Starring Lincoln Alexander, Joe Clark, John Crosbie, Bill Davis, John Diefenbaker, Peter Lougheed, Flora MacDonald, Maureen McTeer, Roland Michener, Brian Mulroney, Robert Stanfield, Pierre Trudeau
cover Dig!
2004 movie • 107min
7.8 ★★★★★   5k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Ondi Timoner
Written by Ondi Timoner
A documentary on the once-promising American rock bands The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols, and the friendship/rivalry between their respective founders, Anton Newcombe and Courtney Taylor.
Starring Anton Newcombe, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Joel Gion, Matt Hollywood, Peter Holmstrom, Zia McCabe, Brent DeBoer, Eric Hedford, Dean Taylor, Warhols The Dandy, Jeff Davies, Frankie Emerson
cover Digital Amnesia
2014 movie • 50min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bregtje van der Haak
Written by Marijntje Denters
Our memory is dissipating. Hard drives only last five years, a webpage is forever changing and there's...
cover Dirty Work
2004 movie • 58min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Tim Nackashi, David Sampliner
Documentarians David Sampliner & Tim Nackashi follow three men with odd, potentially unpleasant careers -- a bull semen collector, a sewage tank pumper, and an embalmer.
Music by Tim Nackashi
cover The Disappearing Male
2008 tv movie • 60min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Marc de Guerre
Written by Marc de Guerre
Music by Rose Bolton
cover Discordia
2004 movie • 68min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ben Addelman, Samir Mallal
Written by Samir Mallal, Ben Addelman
In the fall of 2002, it was announced that Benjamin Netanyahu would deliver a speech at Concordia University in Montreal, and reaction from the student body was swift and sudden.
Music by Buck 65
Starring Noam Chomsky, Samer Elatrash, Aaron Maté, Benjamin Netanyahu, Noah Sarna
cover The Divine Michelangelo
2004 tv movie • 60min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Tim Dunn, Stuart Elliott
Music by Charlie Mole
Starring Susannah York, Stephen Noonan, Roy Holder, Remo Masini, Alessandro Riccio, Daniele Favilli, Andrea Pericoli, Massimo Alì, Maurizio Bartoli, Roberto Maltagliati
cover Divorce Iranian Style
1998 movie • 80min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kim Longinotto, Ziba Mir-Hosseini
Written by Ziba Mir-HosseiniPersian
A documentary about real divorce cases in Iran's tribunals.
cover Do We Really Need the Moon?
2011 tv movie • 60min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Tim Lambert
Music by Ty Unwin
Starring Maggie Aderin-Pocock, David Criswell, Gary Lofgren, Russet J. McMillan, Lynn Rothschild, Jack Ryan, Coy DeLuca
cover Do You Want to Live Forever?
2007 tv movie • 76min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Christopher Sykes
Written by Christopher Sykes
Following the revolutionary life-extension and immortality ideas of this somewhat eccentric scientist, Dr. de Grey.
Starring Adelaide Carpenter, Aubrey de Grey, Christopher Sykes
cover Do the Math
2013 movie • 50min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kelly Nyks, Jared P. Scott
Written by Kelly Nyks, Jared P. Scott
The fossil fuel industry is killing us. They have five times the amount of coal, gas and oil that is safe to burn...
Music by Malcolm Francis
Starring Lester Brown, Mike Brune, Majora Carter, Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, Richard Cizik, James Hansen, Van Jones, Robert Kennedy Jr., Naomi Klein, Sophie Lasoff, Nelson Mandela, Bill McKibben
cover Don't Panic: The Truth About Population
2013 tv movie • 60min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Coleman, Daniel Bogado, Ashok Prasad
Infographic extravaganza with world famous Swedish statistician and showman Hans Rosling. His main message - that our world is profoundly changing in ways most of us simply don't realize - much of it for the better.
Music by Richard Heacock
Starring Hans Rosling
cover Down in the Flood: Bob Dylan, the Band & the Basement Tapes
2012 video movie • 114min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Elio Espana
Written by Elio Espana
This is the story of Bob Dylan and The Band, the legendary amateur recordings that they made together in Woodstock...
Starring The Band, Bob Dylan
cover Download: The True Story of the Internet
2008 tv series
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary Music by Sean Baillie
Starring John Heilemann
cover Dracula: The True Story
1997 tv movie • 43min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Matthias KesslerGerman
The Irish novelist, Bram Stoker, gave the world Dracula in 1897. This documentary explores the historical figure behind the fictional figure of horror and examines medical explanations for the myths of vampires.
Starring Steve Barton, Dan Berindei, Brianna Caradja, Paul Daian, Raymond McNally, Roman Polanski, Christian Reiter
cover Dreams on Spec
2007 movie • 88min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Daniel Snyder
Written by Daniel Snyder
"Dreams on Spec" takes an intimate look at how far people will go - and how much they will sacrifice - for the chance to pursue their dreams...
Music by Deane Ogden
Starring Joe Aaron, Deborah Goodwin, David J. Stieve, Scott Alexander, James L. Brooks, Steven E. de Souza, Nora Ephron, Carrie Fisher, Scott Glosserman, Paul Guay, Larry Karaszewski, Dennis Palumbo
cover Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11
2006 tv movie • 65min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Heidi Dehncke-Fisher
Written by Bruce Kennedy
Five years after 9/11, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center continue to claim the lives of American citizens...
Starring Steve Buscemi
cover Dying to Have Known
2006 movie • 80min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Steve Kroschel
Written by Steve Kroschel
Master filmmaker Steve Kroschel, intrigued by a stunning statement from his last documentary, sets out...
Starring Stephen Barret, T. Colin Campbell, Carolyn Dean, Dean Edell, Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., Charlotte Gerson, Paul Hepperly, Yoshihiko Hoshino, Steve Kroschel, Shugo Nakanishi, Wallace Sampson, Andrew W. Saul
cover Earth Keepers
2009 movie • 83min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Action, News
Directed by Sylvie Van Brabant
Written by Sylvie Van Brabant
This film chronicles the quest of Mikael Rioux to find concrete solutions to the problems faced by our planet...
Starring Ashok Khosla, Wangari Maathai, Marilyn Mehlmann, Mikael Rioux, Karl-Henrik Robert, André Simoneau, John Todd, Nancy Jack Todd
cover Earth Songs
2012 movie • 61min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Brian Luke Seaward
Written by Brian Luke Seaward
For over two years, filmmaker Brian Luke Seaward traveled to many of the world's most pristine locations - Patagonia(Chile)...
Music by Brian Keane
Starring Michael York
cover Earth Story
1998 tv series • 400min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Danielle Peck, Simon Singh
Music by Deborah Mollison
Starring Aubrey Manning
cover Earth: The Climate Wars
2008 tv series
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Gaby Hornsby, Jonathan Renouf, Nathan Williams
Music by Simon Foster, Martin Price
Starring Iain Stewart
cover Earthlings
2005 movie • 95min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   13k   Documentary, Horror
Directed by Shaun Monson
Written by Shaun Monson
Using hidden cameras and never-before-seen footage, Earthlings chronicles the day-to-day practices of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely entirely on animals for profit.
Music by Gabriel Isaac Mounsey, Barry Wood, Moby, Brian Carter, Natalie Merchant
Starring Joaquin Phoenix
cover Education, Education
2012 movie
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Weijun Chen
In ancient times in China, education was the only way out of poverty. In recent times it has been the best way...
Starring Zhenxiang Wang, Chao Wan, Pan Wang, Renzhen Dai
cover Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs
1997 tv movie • 55min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by James Barrat, Brian Breger, Patrick Prentice
National Geographic goes to Egypt to look into an underground vault that houses a ship of the Pharaoh Khufu and follows an researcher as he attempts to recreate the ancient rite of mummification.
Music by Richard Fiocca, Lenny Williams, Fred Karns, Johan Nilsson
Starring Ron David, Bob Brier, Farouk Elbaz, Zahi Hawass, Mark Lehner, Ron Wade
cover Elvis: Summer of '56
2011 movie • 47min
6.2 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Stuart A. Goldman
Written by Stuart A. Goldman
In the summer of 1956 Elvis Presley was 21 and was in love with June Juanico. This was the summer of his rise to fame. "Elvis - Summer of '56" contains never-before-seen home movie footage which captures a glimpse of the 21-year-old Elvis.
Starring Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore, June Juanico
cover Emergency Ward
1959 movie • 30min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by William Greaves
Written by Stanley Jackson
cover The Emotional World of Farm Animals
2004 tv movie • 52min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Kim Sturla, Jeffrey Masson, Stanley Minasian
A documentary for viewers of all ages about the thinking and feeling side of animals that are all too often viewed as food...
Music by Alan Hewitt
Starring Gene Bauston, Lorri Bauston, Marc Bekoff, Ned Buyukmihci, Karen Davis, Dian Fossey, Richard Gebhardt, Jan Hamilton, Jim Mason, Jeffrey Masson, Heinz Meynhardt, Diane Miller
cover The Empire in Africa
2006 movie • 87min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Philippe DiazEnglish, French
The story of the war the international community waged against civil war stricken Sierra Leone.
Starring Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, Foday Sankoh, Mike Lamin, Zainab Hawa Bangura, Hassan Hujazi, Joseph Melrose, Steve Crossman, James Jonah, Michael Fletcher, Julius Spencer, Hinga Norman, Pascal Lefort
cover Encounters at the End of the World
2007 movie • 99min
7.8 ★★★★★   14k   Documentary
Directed by Werner Herzog
Written by Werner HerzogEnglish, Spanish
Film-makertravels to the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, looking to capture the continent's beauty and investigate the characters living there.
Music by Henry Kaiser, David Lindley
Starring Werner Herzog, Scott Rowland, Stefan Pashov, Doug MacAyeal, Ryan Andrew Evans, Kevin Emery, Olav T. Oftedal, Regina Eisert, David R. Pacheco Jr., Samuel S. Bowser, Jan Pawlowski, William Jirsa
cover The End of God? A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion
2010 tv movie • 59min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Naomi Law
From creationists of America to the physics working with the Large Hadron Collider, the movie traces expansion of scientific knowledge and asks a question - whether there was still a place for God in the modern world.
Starring Thomas Dixon, Anthony Aguirre, Michael Behe, Colin Blakemore, Brian Cox, Richard Dawkins, Richard Feynman, Barbara Forrest, Carlos Frenk, Alister Hardy, Stephen Hawking, Don Hill
cover The End of Poverty?
2008 movie • 106min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Philippe Diaz
Written by Philippe DiazEnglish, French, Portuguese, Spanish
A phenomenal discourse on why poverty exists when there is so much wealth in the world. A must see for anyone wanting to understand not only the US economic system but the foundations of today's global economy.
Starring Martin Sheen, Amartya Sen, John Perkins, Eric Toussaint, Edgardo Lander, H.W.O. Okoth-Ogendo, Miriam Campos, Mashengu wa Mwachofi, Maria Luisa Mendoca, Jaime De Amorim, William Easterly, Michael Watts
cover Enemies of the People
2009 movie • 93min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rob Lemkin, Thet Sambath
Written by Rob Lemkin, Thet SambathEnglish, Central Khmer
The Khmer Rouge slaughtered nearly two million people in the late 1970s. Yet the Killing Fields of Cambodia remain unexplained...
Music by Daniel Pemberton
Starring Thet Sambath, Nuon Chea, Pol Pot, Khieu Samphan, Ieng Sary
cover Enemy Image
2005 movie • 92min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Mark Daniels
Written by Mark Daniels
An examination of the how television news in the US has covered war from Vietnam to the present day.
cover The English Surgeon
2007 movie • 93min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Geoffrey SmithEnglish, Ukrainian
This documentary offers a glimpse into the life of an English neurosurgeon (Henry Marsh) situated in Ukraine as we are exposed to the overwhelming dilemmas he has to face and the burden he has to carry throughout his profession.
Music by Warren Ellis, Nick Cave
Starring Henry Marsh
cover Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
2005 movie • 110min
7.7 ★★★★★   13k   Documentary
Directed by Alex Gibney
Written by Alex Gibney, Peter Elkind, Bethany McLean
A documentary about the Enron corporation, its faulty and corrupt business practices, and how they led to its fall.
Music by Matthew Hauser
Starring John Beard, Tim Belden, Barbara Boxer, George W. Bush, James Chanos, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Carol Coale, Peter Coyote, Gray Davis, Reggie Dees II, Joseph Dunn
cover Enthusiasm
1931 movie • 67min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dziga Vertov
How the miners of the Don coal basin (one of the industrial regions of Ukraine) were striving to fulfill in four years their part of the Five Year Plan.
cover Eraserhead Stories
2001 video movie • 85min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Lynch
The enduring hope that humanity may or may not persevere. A tale of love and abandonment.
Starring Catherine E. Coulson, David Lynch, Jack Nance
cover The Eruption of Mount St. Helens
1980 movie • 25min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by George Casey
Written by George Casey
When mount st helens erupted and ruined everything even killed many human beings this was a sad and...
Music by Michael Stearns
Starring Robert Foxworth
cover Euromania
2014 movie • 56min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Peter Vlemmix
Written by Peter VlemmixEnglish, German
A documentary about the expanding powers of the European Union.
Music by Matteo Taheri
Starring Peter Vlemmix, Ewald Engelen, Deidre Curtin, Nigel Farage, Marietje Schaake, Roger Köppel, Adriaan Schout, Wim Voermans, Harry van Bommel, Paul van Buitenen, Wim van de Camp, Rinus van Schendelen
cover Europe: A Natural History
2005 tv series • 50min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ian Gray
Written by Klaus Feichtenberger, Walter Köhler
Music by Barnaby Taylor
Starring Sean Pertwee
cover An Evening with Robin Williams
1982 video movie • 60min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Don Mischer
Written by Robin Williams, Steven Pearl
Stand-up comic Robin Williams performs his act in San Francisco's Great American Music Hall. Although he does do some of his more well known routines...
Starring Robin Williams
cover Everest: The Death Zone
1998 tv movie • 60min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Breashears, Liesl Clark
Written by Liesl Clark
A group of hikers seeks to make it to the summit of Everest, but they have to make it out alive before the mountain takes a new victim.
Music by Mason Daring, Jeanine Cowen, Shane Koss
Starring Jodie Foster, David Breashears, David Carter, Ed Viesturs
cover Evolve
2008 tv series
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Chris Gidez, Benjamin Adams Trueheart
Written by Chris Gidez
Starring Kevin Deon
cover Examined Life
2008 movie • 87min
7.1 ★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Astra Taylor
Written by Astra Taylor
Examined Life pulls philosophy out of academic journals and classrooms, and puts it back on the streets...
Starring K. Anthony Appiah, Judith Butler, Michael Hardt, Martha Nussbaum, Avital Ronell, Peter Singer, Sunaura Taylor, Cornel West, Slavoj Zizek
cover Exiles in Lotus Land
2005 movie • 71min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Romance
Directed by Ilan Saragosti
Written by Ilan SaragostiFrench
Exiles in Lotus Land is a documentary which gives unprecedented intimacy into the lives of marginal youth. Ultimately, it is a gripping love story, a bohemian cross-Canada road adventure with a shocking end.
Music by Avrum Nadigel
cover Fabled Enemies
2008 movie
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jason Bermas
Written by Jason Bermas
Starring Khalid Almihdhar, Mohammad Atta, Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, Colin Powell
cover Fagbug
2009 movie • 83min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, Drama
Directed by Erin Davies
On the 11th Annual National Day of Silence, Erin Davies was victim to a hate crime in Albany, New York...
Starring Erin Davies, The Fagbug
cover Faith School Menace?
2010 tv movie • 48min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Molly Milton
Written by Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins looks at Government funded faith schools and the effect they could have on children.
Starring Richard Dawkins
cover Fake It So Real
2011 movie • 95min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Robert Greene
Dive head-first into the world of independent pro wrestling as we follow a group in Lincolnton, North Carolina over the week leading up to a big show.
Music by Nikki Shapiro
cover Familystrip
2009 movie • 70min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Lluís Miñarro
Written by Lluís MiñarroSpanish
Lluís Miñarro made a heartfelt tribute to his parents, who filmed while pose for a portrait at the same time they were recalling their story...
Starring María Luz Albero Calvo, Francesc Herrero, Francesc Miñarro Bermejo, Lluís Miñarro
cover Faster than the Speed of Light?
2011 tv movie
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
The mathematician Marcus du Sautoy discusses the recent discovery, the faster-than-light neutrino anomaly, that neutrinos may travel faster than light.
Starring Marcus du Sautoy, Jon Butterworth, Fay Dowker, Michael Duff, John Ellis, Joao Magueijo, Tara Shears, Chiara Sirignano, Stefan Söldner-Rembold
cover Fastwalkers
2006 movie • 92min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Anthony T. Miles
Written by Robert D. Miles
For the first Time: Information you were never meant to know. Amazing UFO photos and footage you were never meant to see.
Starring Corrado Balducci, Stephen Bassett, Graham Bethune, Richard Boylan, Dolores Cannon, Stoyan Cheresharov, David Coote, James Courant, Lisa Davis, Robert Dean, James Deardorff, Richard Dolan
cover Fat Chance
1994 movie
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Jeffrey McKay
Written by Bonnie Dickie, Amanda McConnell, Rick Zakowich
This documentary follows Rick Zakowich as he faces his lifelong struggles with his weight and body image...
Music by Ian Hodges
Starring Rick Zakowich
cover Fat Head
2009 movie • 104min
7.2 ★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Tom Naughton
Written by Tom Naughton
A comedian replies to the "Super Size Me" crowd by losing weight on a fast-food diet while demonstrating that almost everything you think you know about the obesity "epidemic" and healthy eating is wrong.
Music by Tom Monahan
Starring Peter Paddon, Tom Naughton, Chareva Naughton, Sally Fallon Morell, Mary Enig, Michael R. Eades, Mary Dan Eades, Al Sears, Eric Oliver, Jacob Sullum, Eric Feit, Michael Jacobson
cover Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
2010 movie • 97min
7.6 ★★★★★   7k   Documentary
Directed by Joe Cross, Kurt Engfehr
Written by Joe Cross, Robert Mac, Kurt Engfehr
100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe...
Music by M.E. Manning
Starring Joe Cross, Amy Badberg, Merv Cross, Virginia Cross, Joel Fuhrman, Tammy Hamlin, Stacy Kennedy, Siong Norte, Ronald Penny, Mandy Reinking, Austin Staples, Barry Staples
cover The Fate of America
1997 movie • 81min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy, History
Directed by Jacques Godbout
Written by Louise Leroux, René-Daniel Dubois, Philippe FalardeauFrench
Music by François Dompierre
Starring René-Daniel Dubois, Jacques Godbout, Andrew Wolfe-Burroughs, George Savarin de Marestan, Harold Klepak, Camille Gosselin, Laurier L. LaPierre
cover Favela Rising
2005 movie • 80min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Matt Mochary, Jeff ZimbalistPortuguese
A man emerges from the slums of Rio to lead the nonviolent cultural movement known as Afro-reggae.
Music by Force Theory, Neill Sanford Livingston, Michael Furjanic
Starring Andre Luis Azevedo, Jose Junior, Michele Moraes, Anderson Sa, Zuenir Ventura, Leandro Firmino, Jonathan Haagensen, Marcos Suzano
cover Fed Up!
2002 video movie • 58min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Angelo Sacerdote
About 70% of the food we eat contains genetically engineered ingredients and the biotech industry is...
Music by Dymaxion, Angelo Sacerdote, That Hideous Strength, Chris Graybill
Starring Britt Bailey, Dominique Baron, Brent Blackwelder, Beth Burroughs, Ignacio Chapela, Sue Markland Day, Katie Dwight, Nancy Evans, Dan Glickman, Diane Joy Goodman, Simon Harris, Karen Heisler
cover Fiat Empire
2006 movie
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by James Jaeger
Written by James R. Jaeger II
Music by Jack Rooney
Starring Ted Baehr, G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Edwin Vieira
cover Fields of Sacrifice
1964 movie • 38min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Donald Brittain
Written by Donald Brittain
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Starring Douglas Rain
cover A Fighting Chance
2010 movie • 88min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Sport
Directed by Takashi Doscher, Alex Shofner
A FIGHTING CHANCE is the vivid, character-driven story of Kyle Maynard, a young man born without arms or legs...
Starring Kyle Maynard, Scott Maynard, Anita Maynard, Lindsay Maynard, Mackenzie Maynard, Amber Maynard, Norm Whisler, Betty Whisler, Ben Davis, Patrick Van Name, Joey Leonardo, David Gillespie
cover The Fighting Lady
1944 movie • 61min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Edward Steichen, William Wyler
Written by Eugene Ling, John S. Martin
The film follows the WWII exploits of the Essex-class aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV-10) (unidentified in the film)...
Music by David Buttolph
Starring Robert Taylor, Charles Boyer, Joseph J. Clark, Dixie Kiefer, G.E. Lowe, John S. McCain, John Meehan, E.T. Stover, Marc A. Mitscher
cover Filming 'The Trial'
1981 movie • 82min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Orson Welles
After a screening of 'The Trial' at the University of Southern California, Welles discussed with the public and tried to answer their questions.
Starring Joseph McBride, Todd McCarthy, Myron Meisel, Orson Welles, Richard Wilson
cover Final Offer
1985 tv movie • 79min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Robert Collison, Sturla Gunnarsson
Written by Robert Collison
Documentary on the 1984 contract negotiations between the Canadian branch of the UAW and General Motors.
Music by Jack Lenz
Starring Henry Ramer, Rod Andrew, Owen Beaver, Phil Bennett, John Clout, Claude Ducharme, Buzz Hargrove, Fred Morris, Bob Nickerson, Roger B. Smith, Bob White, Peter Mansbridge
cover Finding Atlantis
2011 tv movie • 60min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Graeme Ball
Written by Graeme Ball, Charles E. Anderson
Music by John Welsman
cover Finding Dawn
2006 movie • 74min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Christine Welsh
Written by Christine Welsh
The murders and disappearances of an estimated 500 Aboriginal women in Canada over the past 30 years.
Music by Bruce Ruddell
Starring Christine Welsh
cover Finding Farley
2009 movie • 63min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Leanne Allison
Written by Leanne Allison, Karsten Heuer
When Karsten Heuer and Leanne Allison set out to retrace the literary footsteps of Farley Mowat they meant it literally...
Music by Dennis Burke
Starring Leanne Allison, Tam Flemming, Karsten Heuer, Zev Heuer, Lynda Holland, Bill Layman, Claire Mowat, Farley Mowat, Peter, Vickie
cover Finding Traction
2014 movie • 57min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, Biography, Sport
Directed by Jaime Jacobsen, Charles Dye
Written by Jaime Jacobsen, Stefanie Watkins
Finding Traction presents the inspirational story of ultra runner Nikki Kimball's quest to become the...
Music by Craig Minowa
cover First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture
2009 movie • 87min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Sheen
FIRST EARTH is a documentary about the movement towards a massive paradigm shift for shelter - building healthy houses in the old ways...
Music by Ilya Yakovlev
Starring Becky Bee, Katy Bryce, Meka Bunch, James Chaffers, Elke Cole, Stuart Cowan, Salma Samar Damluji, Ianto Evans, Chellis Glendinning, Richard Heinberg, Alfie Howard, Katie Jeane
cover First Orbit
2011 movie • 96min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Christopher RileyRussian
Follows the first spaceflight by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in real time using images shot by astronauts at the International Space Station and archive audio.
Music by Philip Sheppard
Starring Yuri Gagarin
cover First Out of Africa
2001 tv movie • 49min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Peter Getzels
Music by Robert Hartshorne
Starring John Michie, Bhasker Patel
cover First Steps
1947 movie • 10min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Hans Burger
Written by Al Wasserman
United Nations, 1947 - In this film one crippled child learns to walk: first to move, then to stand...
cover Fists of Pride
2012 movie • 63min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Hélène Choquette
Written by Philippe Chabot, Hélène ChoquetteThai, Karen, Burmese
In a boxing camp on the Thai-Burmese border, the children of mostly illegal migrant workers fleeing Burma live and train for prize fights.
Music by Anthony Rozankovic
cover Fix ME
2009 movie • 98min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Raed AndoniArabic
Inspired by his own psychological excavations, Andoni develops the concept to apply to modern-day Palestine...
Music by Erik Rug
cover Fixing the Future
2012 movie • 97min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mary Olive Smith, Ellen Spiro
Do people exist to serve the economy, or should the economy exist to serve the people? In Fixing the Future...
Music by Kevin Schneider
Starring David Brancaccio
cover Flamenco at 5:15
1983 movie • 29min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Cynthia Scott
For a few weeks each year, in the depths of winter, senior students at the National Ballet School of Canada are treated to a style of dance that is unlike any other - flamenco.
Music by Antonio Robledo
Starring Susana Robledo, Antonio Robledo, Rita Bozi, Catherine Hader, Rex Harrington
cover Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus
2006 movie • 84min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Randy Olson
Written by Randy Olson
Filmmaker and evolutionary biologist Randy Olson tries to figure out if it is the Darwinists or Intelligent Design supporters who will become a flock of dodos.
Music by Amotz Plessner
Starring Michael Behe, John Calvert, Jack Cashill, Tom Givnish, Randy Olson, Erik Alden, David Bottjer, Carol Brown, Jeff Brown, John L. Burch, John Angus Campbell, Ty Carlisle
cover Florida Man
2015 movie • 49min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Sean Dunne
Starring Boom Mic
cover Flow: For Love of Water
2008 movie • 93min
7.7 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Irena Salina
Water is the very essence of life, sustaining every being on the planet. 'Flow' confronts the disturbing reality that our crucial resource is dwindling and greed just may be the cause.
Music by Christophe Julien
Starring Bill Alexander, Maude Barlow, Basil Bold, Shelly Brime, Anthony Burgmans, Kent Butler, Michel Camdessus, Charles-Louis de Maud'huy, Ashwin Desai, Siddharaj Dhadda, Shripad Dharmadhikary, Antoine Frerot
cover The Fluoride Deception
2004 movie
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short Starring Christopher Bryson
cover Food Design
2009 tv movie • 52min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Martin Hablesreiter, Sonja Stummerer
Written by Michael Seeber, Sonja Stummerer, Martin HablesreiterGerman
Music by Rupert Huber
Starring Tom Hanslmaier, Dieter Moor
cover For All Mankind
1989 movie • 80min
8.2 ★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, History
Directed by Al Reinert
This movie documents the Apollo missions perhaps the most definitively of any movie under two hours...
Music by Brian Eno
Starring Jim Lovell, Russell Schweickart, Eugene Cernan, Michael Collins, Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon, Alan Bean, Jack Swigert, Stuart Roosa, James Irwin, Kenneth Mattingly, Charles Duke
cover For Future Generations
1985 movie • 55min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Boyce Richardson
Written by Boyce Richardson
Music by Allan Rae
Starring Boyce Richardson
cover For Neda
2010 tv movie • 67min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History
Directed by Antony Thomas
Written by Antony Thomas
On June 20, 2009, Neda Agha-Soltan was shot and killed on the streets of Tehran during the turmoil that followed the Iranian presidential contest...
Music by Dan Watts, Sam Watts
Starring Shohreh Aghdashloo, Houda Echouafni
cover For the Bible Tells Me So
2007 movie • 95min
7.9 ★★★★★   4k   Documentary, Romance
Directed by Daniel G. Karslake
Written by Helen R. Mendoza, Daniel G. Karslake
An exploration of the intersection between religion and homosexuality in the U.S. and how the religious right has used its interpretation of the Bible to stigmatize the gay community.
Music by Mark Suozzo, Scott Anderson
Starring Imogene Robinson, Victor Robinson, Gene Robinson, Isabella 'Boo' McDaniel, Brenda Poteat, David Poteat, Tonia Poteat, Randi Reitan, Phil Reitan, Jake Reitan, Britta Reitan, Jane Gephardt
cover Forbidden Forest
2004 movie
9.3 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kevin W. Matthews
Written by Jonathan Collicott, Kevin W. Matthews
Starring Jean Guy Comeau, Francis Wishart
cover Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives
1992 movie • 85min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Lynne Fernie, Aerlyn Weissman
Written by Lynne Fernie, Aerlyn WeissmanEnglish, French
Ten women, most of them in Vancouver or Toronto, talk about being lesbian in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s:...
Music by Kathryn Moses
Starring Keely Moll, Stephanie Ozard, Ann Bannon, Reva Hutkin, Lois M. Stuart, Nairobi, Jeanne Healy, Amanda White, Carol Ritchie-MacKintosh, Ruth Christine, Stephanie Morgenstern, Lynne Adams
cover The Forest Watchers
1975 movie • 26min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Peter Raymont
Written by Peter Raymont
Music by Larry Crosley
cover The Forgotten City
2006 movie • 86min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Addison Henderson, Korey Green
Written by Korey Green, Addison Henderson
The Forgotten City is a soul stirring documentary taking place in Buffalo, New York exploring race relations...
cover Forgotten Warriors
1997 movie
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Loretta Todd
Written by Loretta Todd
Starring Gordon Tootoosis
cover Foster Child
1987 movie • 43min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Gil Cardinal
Gil Cardinal searches for his natural family and an understanding of the circumstances that led to his becoming a foster child.
Starring Gil Cardinal, Don Cardinal
cover Four Horsemen
2012 movie • 97min
7.8 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary, News
Directed by Ross Ashcroft
Written by Ross Ashcroft, Dominic Frisby
The modern day Four Horsemen continue to ride roughshod over the people who can least afford it. Crises are converging when governments...
Music by Andrew Hewitt
Starring Dominic Frisby, Gillian Tett, Lawrence Wilkerson, David Morgan, John Perkins, Noam Chomsky, Satish Kumar, Simon Johnson, Max Keiser, Tarek El Diwany, Herman Daly, Joseph Stiglitz
cover Four Women of Egypt
1997 movie • 89min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Tahani RachedArabic
Music by Jean Derome
Starring Safynaz Kazem, Wedad Mitry, Shahenda Maklad, Amina Rachid
cover The Fourth World
2011 movie • 55min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, History
Directed by Mark Volkers
Written by Mark Volkers
A quick look at the slums of Nairobi, Guatemala City, and Manila.
Starring Mark Volkers
cover The Fourth World War
2003 movie • 78min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rick Rowley
This documentary takes a polemical look at the trouble between Israelis and Palestinians.
Starring Michael Franti, Suheir Hammad
cover Frank Matthews
2012 movie • 83min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History
Directed by Alan Bradley, Ron Chepesiuk
Written by Alan Bradley, Ron Chepesiuk
Richer than Frank Lucas. More powerful than the Mafia. He was the biggest drug dealer in America. In...
cover The Frankincense Trail
2009 tv series • 60min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Michael Lynch
Written by Michael Lynch
Kate Humble makes an epic two thousand mile journey across the Middle East, following the ancient frankincense trade route of Arabia which first connected the Arab world with the West.
Starring Kate Humble
cover Freddie Mercury, the Untold Story
2000 tv movie • 59min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Rudi Dolezal, Hannes Rossacher
Written by Simon Witter
Starring Freddie Mercury, Jer Bulsara, Kashmira Cooke, Mary Austin, Montserrat Caballé, Peter Freestone, Sheroo Khory, Jim Hutton, Perviz Darukhanawalla, Gita R. Choksi, Farhang Irani, Thrity Anklesaria
cover Free Throw
2012 movie • 76min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Court Crandall
A documentary that follows eight Compton High School students who were selected to participate in a free-throw competition. The prize? A $40,000 college scholarship.
Music by David Grow
cover Free for All!
2008 movie • 100min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Ennis
Written by John Ennis
One Dude's Quest to Save Democracy. A FilmBuff Presentation.
Music by Dorian Cheah
Starring John Ennis, Ken Blackwell, Greg Palast, Jerry Springer, Noam Chomsky, Mark Crispin Miller, Bob Fitrakis, Brad Friedman, Paul Hackett, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Chris Redfern, Subodh Chandra
cover Free to Play
2014 movie • 75min
8.1 ★★★★★★   12k   DocumentaryEnglish, Chinese, Russian, Czech
Follow three professional video game players as they overcome personal adversity, family pressures, and the realities of life to compete in a $1,000,000 tournament that could change their lives forever.
Music by Mark Adler
Starring Benedict Lim, Danil Ishutin, Clinton Loomis, Toby Dawson, Pete Grenier, Tony Grenier, Edwin Leong, Jeremy Lin, Karen Loomis, Jon Robinson, Jacob Toft-Andersen
cover Freedom Fries: And Other Stupidity We'll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren
2006 video movie • 50min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Carl Christman
Written by Carl Christman
A look at America's contemporary predilection for superficial patriotic symbolism via consumerism.
Music by Andrea Datzman
Starring Bruce Gilman, Archie Bray, Greg Dickinson, Reverend Billy, Rhetta Baron, Ric Becker, James Solomon Benn, Osama bin Laden, George W. Bush, Mi Sun Choi, Joe Cuffaro, Dominique de Villepin
cover From One Second to the Next
2013 movie • 34min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Werner Herzog
Stories of serious traffic accidents caused by texting and driving are told by the perpetrators and surviving victims.
Music by Mark Antoni De Gli
cover Fusioneer
2010 video movie • 20min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed by Kai Clear
For three years Dr Jonathan Howard has dedicated himself to finding a solution to our energy crisis...
cover Future by Design
2006 movie • 86min
8.0 ★★★★★★   1k   Documentary, Sci-Fi
Directed by William Gazecki
Written by William Gazecki
Future by Design shares the life and far-reaching vision of Jacque Fresco, considered by many to be a modern day Da Vinci...
Music by Alexina Louie
Starring William Gazecki, Jacque Fresco, Larry King, Roxanne Meadows
cover Fuzz: The Sound that Revolutionized the World
2007 video movie • 91min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Clif 'Chick' Taylor
Music by Clif 'Chick' Taylor
Starring Oliver Ackermann, Marc Ahlfs, Steve Albini, Craig Anderton, Tony Bateman, Gary Burke, Paul Cochrane, Matt Conboy, Jon Cusack, Dan Druff, Dean Farley, Peter Frampton
cover Galapagos: Beyond Darwin
1996 tv movie
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Clark, Al Giddings
Written by Steve Zousmer
Music by Chris Andromidas
Starring Roscoe Lee Browne, John E. McCosker, Bruce Robison
cover Gallagher: Overboard
1987 tv movie • 54min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Wayne Orr
Written by Gallagher
A live performance by "Sledge-O-Matic" stand-up comedian Gallagher.
Starring Gallagher, Jensen Daggett, Constance Gallagher
cover Gallagher: The Bookkeeper
1985 tv movie • 58min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Joe Hostettler
Written by Gallagher
A live performance by "Sledge-O-Matic" stand-up comedian Gallagher.
Starring Gallagher
cover Gallipoli
2005 movie • 114min
7.5 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Tolga Örnek
Written by Tolga ÖrnekEnglish, Turkish
Music by Demir Demirkan
Starring Sam Neill, Zafer Ergin, Demetri Goritsas, Jeremy Irons
cover Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine
2003 movie • 90min
6.8 ★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Vikram Jayanti
Garry Kasparov is arguably the greatest chess player who has ever lived. In 1997 he played a chess match against IBM's computer Deep Blue...
Music by Rob Lane
Starring Marc Ghannoum, Joel Benjamin, Michael Greengard, Anatoli Karpov, Garry Kasparov, Jeff Kisselhof, John Searle, Terry Wogan
cover Games of the XXI Olympiad
1977 movie • 118min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Sport
Directed by Jean Beaudin, Marcel Carrière, Georges DufauxFrench
The Olympic Stadium in Montreal stands during a snowstorm into the 1976-77 winter season. As we see it...
Music by Vic Vogel, Art Phillips, André Gagnon
Starring Nadia Comaneci, João Carlos de Oliveira, Caitlyn Jenner, Olga Korbut, Francine Laurendeau, Greg Louganis, Queen Elizabeth II, Leni Riefenstahl, Yvon Thiboutot
cover Gameswipe
2009 tv movie • 50min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Al Campbell
Written by Charlie Brooker
Starring Charlie Brooker, Dara O'Briain, Graham Linehan, Rab Florence, Ryan MacLeod, Rebecca Mayes, Al Campbell
cover Ganges
2007 tv movie • 148min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary Music by Barnaby Taylor
Starring Sudha Bhuchar
cover Garbage Warrior
2007 movie • 86min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Oliver Hodge
Imagine a home that heats itself, that provides its own water, hat grows its own food. Imagine that it needs no expensive technology...
Music by Patrick Wilson
Starring Michael Reynolds, Chris Reynolds, Shauna Malloy, Dave DiCicco, Carlos R. Cisneros, Ron Gardener, Nilesh Gupte, Clinton Harden Jr., William H. Payne, Lee Rawson, John C. Ryan, William E. Sharer
cover The Genius of Charles Darwin
2008 tv series • 60min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Russell Barnes
Written by Richard Dawkins
Music by Paul Thomson
Starring Richard Dawkins
cover Gens d'Abitibi
1980 movie • 107min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pierre PerraultFrench
Music by Ginette Bellavance
cover Gentleman Jekyll and Driver Hyde
1950 movie • 8min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Comedy
Directed by David Bairstow
Written by Don Mulholland, Robert Louis Stevenson
A nice guy turns into Mr. Hyde behind the wheel of a car.
cover George Carlin: You Are All Diseased
1999 tv movie • 65min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Rocco Urbisci
Written by George Carlin
Legendary comic Carlin comes back to the Beacon theater to angrily rant about airport security, germs, cigars, angels, children and parents, men, names, religion, god, advertising, Bill Jeff and minorities.
Starring George Carlin
cover George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview
2011 tv movie
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Peter Schnall
Written by Don Campbell
In the most in-depth televised interview he has ever given on the subject, President Bush reveals his personal journey through one of the most unforgettable moments in modern American history.
Music by Gary Pozner
Starring George W. Bush
cover Gerrymandering
2010 movie • 81min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jeff Reichert
Takes a hard look at the framework of our democracy and how it provides our politicians a perfectly legal way to control electoral outcomes.
Music by David Wingo
Starring Dave Aronberg, Ben Barnes, Gray Davis, Howard Dean, Kathay Feng, Bob Graham, Susan Lerner, Justin Levitt, Alan S. Lowenthal, Ed Rollins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Wagner
cover The Gerson Miracle
2004 movie • 91min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Steve Kroschel
Written by Steve Kroschel
In 1928, Dr. Max Gerson, a German-Jewish researcher, stumbled upon a therapy that claims to have cured...
Music by David Reynolds, Bob Jenkins
Starring Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Francesca Dego, Giuliano Dego, Robert Gaffney, Charlotte Gerson, Steve Kroschel, Howard Straus, Margaret Straus, Debbie Wagner, Shantice Wagner, Steve Wagner, Anita Wilson
cover Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
2007 movie • 78min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Rory Kennedy
Written by Mark Bailey, Jack Youngelson
An examination of the prisoner abuse scandal involving U.S. soldiers and detainees at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison in the fall of 2003.
Music by Miriam Cutler
Starring Israel Rivera, Megan Ambuhl Graner, Javal Davis, George W. Bush, John Yoo, Alberta Mora, Scott Horton, Mark Danner, John Hutson, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Ken Davis
cover A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness
2015 movie • 40min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Sharmeen Obaid-ChinoyPunjabi
A woman in Pakistan sentenced to death for falling in love becomes a rare survivor of the country's harsh judicial system.
Music by Wendy Blackstone
Starring Asad Jamal, Saba
cover Give Up Tomorrow
2011 movie • 95min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Directed by Michael Collins
Written by Michael Collins, Eric Daniel Metzgar, Marty SyjucoEnglish, Filipino, Spanish
When a teenager from a political family in the Philippines is accused of a double murder, the country's entire judicial system is put to the test after years of alleged corruption.
Music by Adam Crystal
cover Give Us the Money
2012 movie • 59min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bosse Lindquist
Can glitz and celebrity save the world? Thirty years ago, rock stars Bob Geldof and Bono set out on a journey to fight poverty in Africa...
Music by Andreas Kleerup
Starring Pooneh Ghoddoosi, Bob Geldof, Bono, Ato Woldu, Gebru Asrat, Jamie Drummond, Muhammad Ali, Ann Petifor, Bill Clinton, Tom Hart, Robert Shriver, John Kasich
cover Glenn Gould: Off the Record
1959 movie • 30min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Wolf Koenig, Roman Kroitor
Written by Stanley Jackson
Starring Glenn Gould, Franz Kraemer
cover Glenn Gould: On the Record
1959 movie • 30min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Wolf Koenig, Roman Kroitor
Written by Stanley Jackson
Starring Glenn Gould, Howard Scott
cover God Grew Tired of Us
2006 movie • 89min
8.0 ★★★★★★   2k   Documentary
Directed by Christopher Dillon Quinn, Tommy Walker
Written by Christopher Dillon Quinn
Four boys from Sudan embark on a journey to America after years of wandering Sub-Saharan Africa in search of safety.
Music by Jamie Saft, Mark McAdam
Starring Panther Bior, John Bul Dau, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Abol Pach
cover The God Who Wasn't There
2005 movie • 62min
7.0 ★★★★   4k   Documentary, Biography, History
Directed by Brian Flemming
Written by Brian Flemming
Did Jesus exist? This film starts with that question, then goes on to examine Christianity as a whole.
Music by DJ Madson
Starring Sam Harris, Robert M. Price, Richard Carrier, Earl Doherty, Scott Butcher, Alan Dundes, Jerry Falwell, Brian Flemming, Barbara Mikkelson, David Mikkelson, James Robison, Ronald G. Sipus
cover Goddess Remembered
1989 movie • 55min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Donna Read
Written by Gloria Demers, Donna Read, Starhawk
Music by Loreena McKennitt
Starring Martha Henry, Starhawk
cover Golden Gloves
1961 movie • 28min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Sport
Directed by Gilles Groulx
Written by Jean LeMoyneFrench
Concerns an amateur boxing tournament and the three young working-class men who aspire to win it; how they train and their reasons for doing it.
Starring Ronald Jones
cover Golub: Late Works are the Catastrophes
2004 movie • 80min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jerry Blumenthal, Gordon Quinn
The work and times of American artist, Leon Golubfrom 1985 to his death in 2004, taking us from images...
Music by Tom Sivak
cover Good Copy Bad Copy
2007 movie • 59min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ralf Christensen, Andreas Johnsen, Henrik Moltke
Starring Lawrence Ferrara, Lawrence Lessig
cover Good People Go to Hell, Saved People Go to Heaven
2012 movie • 87min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Holly Hardman
Good People Go to Hell, Saved People Go to Heaven explores evangelical Christian belief and culture against the backdrop of hurricanes...
Music by Michel Haumont
cover Goodbye, America
2006 movie • 72min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Sergio Oksman
Written by Carlos Muguiro, Sergio Oksman, Elías Querejeta
Documentary about Al Lewis. He sits in the make-up chair and remembers part of his 92 years life.
Starring Al Lewis, Karen Lewis, Scott Sliger
cover The Gospel of Judas
2006 tv movie • 120min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by James Barrat
Written by James Barrat, John B. Bredar
One of the most significant discoveries of the twentieth century is revealed in this film.
Music by Christopher Mangum
Starring Bahran Aloui, Taoufic Bahri, Monc Ed Becheikh, Omar Bey, Peter Coyote, Florence Darbre, Bart D. Ehrman, Stephen Emmel, Craig A. Evans, Ahmed Hafiene, Houda Jendoubi, Timothy Jull
cover A Grain of Sand
2009 movie • 83min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Joseph Richard Johnson Camí
Brendon Grimshaw, a British national, was editor to some of the most important newspapers in Africa...
Starring Brendon Grimshaw, James Michelle, Joel Morgan, Suketu Patel, Nirmal Shah
cover The Great Global Warming Swindle
2007 tv movie • 52min
6.9 ★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Martin Durkin
Written by Martin Durkin
Everything you've ever been told about Global Warming is probably untrue. This film blows the whistle on the biggest swindle in modern history...
Starring Tim Ball, Nir Shaviv, Ian Clark, Piers Corbyn, John Christy, Philip Stott, Paul Reiter, Richard Lindzen, Patrick Moore, Roy Spencer, Patrick Michaels, Syun-Ichi Akasofu
cover Great Natural Wonders of the World
2002 tv movie • 57min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Peter Crawford
David Attenborough sets out on an intrepid quest across seven continents to create a unique television event to celebrate the wealth of natural features that makes Planet Earth so varied, so distinctive and so spectacularly beautiful.
Music by Brian Bennett
Starring David Attenborough
cover Great Wide Open
2016 movie
9.4 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Adventure
Directed by Jared Leto
A series of five short films that celebrate America's National Parks and the incredible adventurers who explore them.
Music by Blake Ewing
Starring Jason Baldes, Tommy Caldwell, Bob Coronato, Sasha DiGiulian, Dorothy White Horse Duluane, Brittany Griffith, Alex Honnold, Aaron Huey, Jared Leto, Renan Ozturk, Peter Popinchalk, George Reed Jr.
cover The Greater Good: A Hitchhike Perspective
2012 movie • 32min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Adventure, News
Directed by Thomas Francine
Thomas Francine has hitchhiked 26,000 miles through 34 states of the U.S. and in 12 other countries...
cover Greece on the Brink
2014 movie • 105min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Manuel Reichetseder
Written by Manuel ReichetsederEnglish, Dutch, German, Swedish
Greece has become a focal point in Europe. It is both where the economic crisis has acquired its most...
cover The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
2000 tv series • 150min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Cassian Harrison
Written by Cassian Harrison
A documentary, narrated by actor Liam Neeson, that chronicles the rise and fall of the civilization of ancient Greece.
Music by Simon Fisher-Turner, Michael Gibbs
Starring Paul Cartledge, Vernon Dobtcheff, Victor Davis Hanson, Keith Hopwood, Liam Neeson, Josiah Ober, Nigel Spivey
cover Greg Fitzsimmons: Life on Stage
2013 tv movie • 60min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Tyler Spindel
Written by Greg Fitzsimmons
Life On The Stage finds Greg back in his hometown of Tarrytown, NY to give a cutting standup set of twisted life advice. Nothing is off-limits in his advice for getting older, and stories of his life on and off stage.
Starring Greg Fitzsimmons
cover Grey Gardens
1975 movie • 94min
7.7 ★★★★★   8k   Documentary, Comedy, Drama
Directed by Ellen Hovde, Albert Maysles, David Maysles
An old mother and her middle-aged daughter, the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, live their eccentric lives in a filthy, decaying mansion in East Hampton.
Starring Edith 'Little Edie' Bouvier Beale, Edith Bouvier Beale, Brooks Hyers, Norman Vincent Peale, Jack Helmuth, Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Jerry Torre, Lois Wright
cover Griefwalker
2008 movie • 70min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Tim Wilson
Written by Tim Wilson
GRIEFWALKER is an extraordinary portrait of Harvard-trained theologian Stephen Jenkinson, who teaches...
Starring Stephen Jenkinson
cover Grierson
1973 movie • 58min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Roger Blais
Written by Donald Brittain
The story of John Grierson, the British documentary movement, and Canada's National Film Board.
Starring Michael Kane, Monique Miller, John Amess, Edgar Anstey, Olivier Barrot, James Beveridge, Ritchie Calder, Alberto Cavalcanti, Bosley Crowther, Arthur Elton, William Farr, Ralph Foster
cover Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own
2007 movie • 110min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Gary Null
Written by Gary Null
After the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans suffered toxic reactions, neurological damage...
Starring George W. Bush, Joyce Riley, Doug Rokke
cover Gun Nation
2016 movie • 30min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Zed Nelson
In the 18 years since Zed Nelson's seminal photography book Gun Nation was published, 500,000 Americans have been killed by firearms in the USA...
cover The Hacker Wars
2014 movie • 91min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime
Directed by Vivien Lesnik Weisman, Vivien Lesnik Weisman
Written by Vivien Lesnik Weisman, Meredith Raithel Perry
Ripped from international headlines, The Hacker Wars takes you to the front lines of the high-stakes battle over the fate of the Internet, freedom and privacy.
Music by Dicepticon, Christopher Lord, Ytcracker
Starring Andrew 'weev' Auernheimer, Andrew Blake, Barrett Brown, Jaime 'asshurtmacfags' Cochran, Thomas Drake, Joe 'subverzo' Fionda, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Hammond, Christopher Hedges, Gregg Housh, Michael Isikoff, Sara Jafary
cover Hannah's Story
2007 movie • 28min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Juanita Peters
Written by Juanita Peters
When she was just 5, Hannah Taylor spotted her first homeless person in the back alleys of Winnipeg...
Music by Asif Illyas
cover Hard Rider
1972 movie • 58min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Josef Reeve
Written by Josef Reeve
cover Harmonium en Californie
1980 movie
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Robert Fortier
Written by David WilsonFrench
Through concerts and interviews, folk-progressive group Harmonium takes Quebec culture to California.
Music by Jacques Drouin
Starring Jean-Marie Lemieux, Paul Dupont-Hébert, Denis Farmer, Monique Fauteux, Serge Fiori, Jeffrey Fisher, René Lévesque, Robert Stanley, Libert Subirana, Louis Valois
cover Heart & Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser
2006 tv movie • 88min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Walter J. Gottlieb
Written by Walter J. Gottlieb
Starring Matthew Broderick, Charles Nelson Reilly, Robert Morse, Jerry Herman, Betty Garrett, Jo Sullivan Loesser, James Burrows, Emily Loesser, Isabel Bigley, Maury Yeston, John Bolton, Jerry Whiddon
cover The Heart Is a Drum Machine
2009 movie • 74min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Christopher Pomerenke
Written by Ryan Page, Christopher Pomerenke, Hans Fjellestad
What is music? Many of today's top artists and scholars grapple with the question in this cinematic look at a uniquely human obsession. The Heart is a Drum Machine is a new feature documentary film project from the producers of Moog.
Music by Steven Drozd
Starring Jim Adkins, Mickey Avalon, Fairuza Balk, Steve Berlin, Ivar Bjornson, Wes Borland, Isaac Brock, George Clinton, Charlie Clouser, Wayne Coyne, Britt Daniel, Kimya Dawson
cover Hearts and Minds
1974 movie • 112min
8.3 ★★★★★★   4k   Documentary, War
Directed by Peter DavisEnglish, French, Vietnamese
An examination of the conflicting attitudes of the opponents of the Vietnam War.
Starring Dwight D. Eisenhower, William Marshall, Georges Bidault, Les Brown, Clark Clifford, George Coker, Ngo Dinh Diem, John Foster Dulles, Kay Dvorshock, Daniel Ellsberg, Randy Floyd, J. William Fulbright
cover Heaven Earth
2008 movie • 60min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rudolf Amaral, Harald Scherz
Written by Rudolf AmaralSpanish, English
Explores the practice and commercialization of amazonian ayahuasca-shamanism in Iquitos.
Starring Royce Alido, Pablo Amaringo, Jeremy Bennett, Elisa Vargas Fernandez, Alejandro Flores, Magaly Garcia, Justin Hampton, Philip Horvath, Richard Garcia Huayambi, Percy Garcia Lozano, Juan Ruiz Naupari, Edwin Godoy Perez
cover Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism
2005 tv movie • 55min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Brittany Huckabee
Join host Ben Wattenberg for the chronicle of a movement that rivaled the great religions in sweep and power, but ultimately failed to deliver the "Heaven on Earth" promised by its most ambitious advocates.
Music by John D. Keltonic, David Ylvisaker
Starring Mart Laar, Henry Strozier, Ben Wattenberg
cover Heavy Metal Parking Lot
1986 video movie • 17min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Music
Directed by John Heyn, Jeff Krulik
A look at the wild scene outside a Judas Priest concert
cover Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam
1995 tv movie • 106min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Nick Broomfield
A documentary crew from the BBC arrives in L.A. intent on interviewing Heidi Fleiss, a year after her...
Music by David Bergeaud
Starring Nick Broomfield, Nina Xining Zuo, Madam Alex, Corinne Bohrer, Mike Brambles, Cookie, Elisa Fleiss, Heidi Fleiss, Jason Fleiss, Jesse Fleiss, Kim Fleiss, Paul Fleiss
cover Helicopter Canada
1966 movie • 50min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Eugene Boyko
Written by Donald Brittain, Derek MayEnglish, French, Polish, German
A view from a helicopter of the ten Canadian provinces in 1966. The result is a big, beautiful and engrossing bird's-eye portrait of the country...
Music by Malca Gillson
Starring Stanley Jackson, Paul McCartney, Lester B. Pearson
cover The Hemp Revolution
1995 movie • 73min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Anthony Clarke
Anthony Clarke explores the history and uses of the hemp plant and looks at the economic and culture forces that are behind its prohibition.
Starring Anthony Clarke, Andrew Weil, Karen Aleay, Eugene Collins, John Stahl, Sherri Tonn, Maria Desmet, Jean-Paul Matthieu, Patsy Harmsen, Jim Young, Andrew Katelaris, Kate Short
cover Henry Miller Asleep & Awake
1975 movie • 35min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Tom Schiller
Written by Tom Schiller
Starring Henry Miller
cover The Henry Miller Odyssey
1969 movie • 110min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Robert Snyder
Starring Joe Gray, Henry Miller
cover Here is Germany
1945 movie • 52min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Frank Capra
Written by Frank Capra, William L. Shiver, Gottfried Reinhardt
Music by Dimitri Tiomkin
Starring Anthony Veiller
cover High Over the Borders
1942 movie • 23min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Raymond Spottiswoode
An Oscar-nominated film describing migration among birds in North America emphasizing the international character of many of the flights of different species.
Music by Vittorio Giannini
cover High Steel
1966 movie • 14min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Don Owen
Written by Don Owen
A very engaging short documentary of how a native Indian from Quebec works building skyscrapers in New York City...
Music by Bruce Mackay
Starring Don Francks
cover High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell
1995 tv movie • 60min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Maryann DeLeo, Richard Farrell
Written by Richard Farrell, Maryann DeLeo
Documents 18 months in the lives of three crack addicts in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Starring Dicky Eklund
cover High: The True Tale of American Marijuana
2008 video movie • 90min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Holowach
Written by John Holowach
Beyond the hysteria of Reefer Madness and past the deceptive lessons of "Just Say No", HIGH exposes the true story of America's war on drugs...
Starring John Holowach, Ricardo Cortes, Lyle Craker, William Earnshaw, Wes Fager, Paul Heberle, Allison McKim, Jeffrey Miron, Siobhan Reynolds, Keith Stroup, Maia Szalavitz
cover Hip Hop Homos
2004 movie • 26min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Dave O'Brien
A look at the lives of Deadlee an LA based queer rapper and God-des a queer rapper who hails from Madison Wisconsin.
Starring Deadlee, Drastico, Tina Gassen, God-des
cover History Cold Case
2010 tv series
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mike Taylor, Neil Ferguson, Harvey Lilley
Professor Sue Black OBE and her team use forensic science to investigate dug up remains. Includes an African skeleton found near a medieval monastery and the mummified body of a 19th century child.
Music by Rob Lord
Starring Sue Black, Xanthé Mallett, Caroline Wilkinson, Laurence Fox, Stephen Mangan, Wolfram Meier-Augenstein
cover The History of Grand Theft Auto
2013 movie
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Game-Show
cover A History of Scotland
2008 tv series • 60min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Tim Niel, Andrew Downes, Tim Neil
A documentary charting the birth and growth of the Scottish nation.
Music by Paul Leonard-Morgan
Starring Neil Oliver
cover The History of the Devil
2007 tv movie • 52min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Greg Moodie
Written by Dave Flitton, Daniel Diehl
Music by Audio Network
Starring David Robb, Tom Wright, Lionel Fanthorpe, Helen K. Bond, Nicholas Baker-Brian, Richard Holloway, Tom Webster, Helen Nicholson, Julian Goodare, Anton LaVey, John Allee, Lillee Allee
cover History's Turning Points
1997 tv series
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Greg Lanning, Patrick Fleming
Written by Revel Guest
History's Turning Points is a thirteen part series on decisive moments in world history. Dramatizations carried out at the actual sites of the events...
Starring Gregory H. Starbuck
cover The Hitch
2014 movie • 82min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kristoffer Seland Hellesmark
The life of Christopher Hitchens as told through his own words and through archive footage.
Music by Oliver Wolfe, Kevin MacLeod
Starring Christopher Hitchens, Fidel Castro, Richard Dawkins, Daniel C. Dennett, A.C. Grayling, Sam Harris, Saddam Hussein, David Irving, Lawrence Krauss, Brian Lamb, Colleen McEdwards, Julia Neuberger
cover Hitchcock: Shadow of a Genius
1999 tv movie • 101min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Ted Haimes
Written by Ted Haimes
This documentary is a fascinating look at the cinematic genius of Alfred Hitchcock. Briefly covering much of his early British works...
Music by Taylor M. Uhler
Starring Kevin Spacey, Jonathan Demme, Alfred Hitchcock, Joseph Stefano, John Michael Hayes, Janet Leigh, Brian De Palma, Curtis Hanson, Patricia Hitchcock, Alma Reville, Norman Lloyd, Herb Steinberg
cover Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows
1998 tv movie • 93min
8.2 ★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, Biography, Sport
Directed by Paul Jay
Written by Paul Jay
Documentary focusing on the career of pro wrestler Bret Hart & his controversial exit from the WWF.
Music by Keith Scott, Russell Walker, Colin Cripps, Tim Clement
Starring Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, Blade Hart, Julie Hart, Stu Hart, Helen Hart, Diana Hart, Keith Hart, Tammy Sytch, Jim Neidhart, Georgia Hart
cover Hofmann's Potion
2002 movie • 56min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Connie Littlefield
Written by Connie Littlefield
Researchers try to establish the medical benefits of LSD.
Starring Duncan Blewett, Ram Dass, Stanislav Grof, Abram Hoffer, Albert Hofmann, Aldous Huxley, Laura Archera Huxley, Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, Humphry Osmond, Myron Stolaroff
cover Hollywood Without Makeup
1963 movie • 50min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rudy Behlmer, Loring d'Usseau, Ken Murray
Written by Royal Foster
Ken Murray shares three decades of personal home movies of dozens of Hollywood stars. Not only does he share his own, but home movies from several celebrity friends, as well.
Music by George Stoll
Starring Ken Murray, Eddie Albert, June Allyson, George K. Arthur, Mary Astor, Lew Ayres, Max Baer, Lucille Ball, Richard Barthelmess, Rex Bell, Edgar Bergen, Sally Blane
cover Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer
2010 movie • 76min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Drama, News
Directed by James Dirschberger
Written by James Dirschberger, Adam Wroblewski
Honest Man: the Life of R. Budd Dwyer is a movie about politics and corruption, suicide and survival...
Music by Chris Woodhouse
Starring Dyan Dwyer, Joanne Dwyer, R. Budd Dwyer, Robert Dwyer, Neil O'Neill, William Smith, Steve Voldseth
cover Honor Flight
2012 movie • 82min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Dan Hayes
Honor Flight chronicles a community coming together to honor World War II veterans. The film follows a team of Midwest volunteers as they race against the clock to send every local WWII veterans to see the memorials built in their honor.
Music by Josh Christiansen, Alexander Maas
Starring Bert Brach, Earl Bruss, Joe Dean, Joe Demler, Steve Deutsch, Donald Esselman, Lisa Goglio-Zarczynski, Mark Grams, Theodore Gurzynski, Raymond Hasey, Sterling Hasey, Bill Holmes
cover Hoop Dreams
1994 movie • 170min
8.3 ★★★★★★   19k   Documentary, Drama, Sport
Directed by Steve James
Written by Steve James, Frederick Marx
A film following the lives of two inner-city Chicago boys who struggle to become college basketball players on the road to going professional.
Music by Ben Sidran
Starring William Gates, Arthur Agee, Emma Gates, Curtis Gates, Sheila Agee, Arthur 'Bo' Agee, Earl Smith, Gene Pingatore, Isiah Thomas, Marlyn Hopewell, Bill Gleason, Patricia Weir
cover Hot House
2006 movie • 90min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Shimon Dotan
Written by Shimon DotanHebrew, Arabic, English
A look at how Israeli prisons have become the breeding ground for the next generation of Palestinian leaders as well as the birth place of future terrorist threats.
Music by Ron Klein
Starring Maria Lopez Von Ritchie
cover Hot Planet
2009 tv movie
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary Starring Iain Stewart, Kathy Sykes
cover Houdini: Unlocking the Mystery
2005 tv movie • 120min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Michael Meadows
Written by Richard Brehm
Music by Jeffrey Hepker
Starring Lance Burton, David Copperfield, Mary Corey, Patrick Culliton, Paul Draper, Glen David Gold, Harry Houdini, Henry Muller, Sidney H. Radner, Kenneth Silverman, Teller, Anna Thurlow
cover How Beer Saved the World
2011 tv movie • 60min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Martyn Ives
This show traces the important role that beer has played in human history from the probable origins of the first beer at the dawn of history to the development of a special beer for use in zero gravity space missions.
Starring Henry Strozier, George Armelagos, Charlie Bamforth, Kyria Boundy-Mills, Drew Brosseau, Betsy Bryan, Patrick Hayes, Everett Howell, Patrick McGovern, Jaron Mitchell, Bernard Nagengast, Maureen Ogle
cover How Bruce Lee Changed the World
2009 tv movie • 120min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Steve Webb
Written by Steve Webb
More than just a biography, this film explores Bruce Lee's global impact to see how he has influenced all areas of popular culture including fitness...
Music by Gary Robinson, Chris Robertson
Starring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jackie Chan, Margaret Cho, Raymond Chow, Rob Cohen, Randy Couture, Marwan Elgamal, Eddie Griffin, Grady Hendrix, Taky Kimura, Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee
cover How TV Ruined Your Life
2011 tv series • 30min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Al Campbell, Christian Watt
Written by Charlie Brooker, Dan Swimer, Jason Hazeley
A comedic documentary series in which Charlie Brooker uses a mix of sketches and jaw-dropping archive footage to explore the gulf between real life and television.
Music by Hector Crackle
Starring Charlie Brooker, Liz May Brice, Kevin Eldon, Beth Cordingly, Lucy Thackeray
cover How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made
1939 movie • 9min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short
Behind the scenes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, as well as a general look at the different departments involved in making a cartoon.
Starring Samuel Armstrong, Frank Churchill, Les Clark, Walt Disney, Norman Ferguson, David Hand, Hamilton Luske, James MacDonald, Oliver Wallace
cover How Weed Won the West
2010 movie • 100min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kevin Booth
Written by Kevin Booth
With California and the rest of the country going bankrupt, one business is booming. 'How Weed Won the...
Music by Don Lichterman, Ryan G. Kaye
Starring Alex Jones, Ethan Nadelmann, Jeff Joseph, Craig X. Rubin, Ed Forchion, Bret Bogue, Corey Browne, Don Duncan, William Kroger, Shelly Martinez, Michael Oliveri, T. Rodgers
cover How Will We Love?
2009 video movie • 75min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Romance
Directed by Chris Brickler
How Will We Love? from filmmaker and composer, Chris Brickler, explores the human experience of romantic...
Starring Art Brickler, Chris Brickler, Eva Brickler, Gary Chapman, Joe Cuenco, Helen Fisher, Lauren Frances, Willard Harley Jr., Harville Hendrix, Howard Hughes, Helen LaKelly Hunt, Steven Z. Leder
cover How the Universe Works
2010 tv series • 60min
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   3k   Documentary
Directed by Adam Warner, Peter Chinn, Louise Say
A users guide to the cosmos from the big bang to galaxies, stars, planets and moons. Where did it all come from and how does it all fit together. A primer for anyone who has ever looked up at the night sky and wondered.
Music by Richard Blair-Oliphant
Starring Richard Lintern, Phil Plait, Mike Rowe, Michelle Thaller, Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, Hakeem Oluseyi
cover How to Build an Igloo
1949 movie • 10min
6.3 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Douglas Wilkinson
Written by Douglas Wilkinson
cover Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime
1987 movie
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime
Directed by Ken Ausubel
Written by Ken Ausubel
Music by Peter Rowan, Jeff Nelson
Starring Peter Barry Chowka, Max Gail
cover Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery
2005 video movie • 83min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Lars Lindberg Christensen
Written by Lars Lindberg Christensen, Stuart Clark, Stefania VaranoEnglish, German, Greek, Italian
Covers all aspects of the Hubble Space Telescope project - a journey through the history, the troubled early life and the ultimate scientific successes of Hubble.
Starring Robert Fosbury
cover Hue: A Matter of Colour
2013 movie • 86min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History
Directed by Vic Sarin
Written by Vic Sarin
A documentary that weaves together personal journeys, historical facts and expert analysis to show the world through the eyes of those touched by the issue of "colourism".
Starring Joyce Laoagan, Jaden Rain, Jasmine Sky Sarin
cover Human Body: Pushing the Limits
2008 tv series
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dan Clifton, Mark Radice, Jeremy Turner
Showing the limits of the human body
Music by Per Kihlborg
Starring Bray Poor
cover The Human Family Tree
2009 tv movie • 93min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Chad Cohen
Written by Chad Cohen
On a single day on a single street, with the DNA of just a couple of hundred random people, National Geographic Channel sets out to trace the ancestral footsteps of all humanity.
Starring Kevin Bacon, Michelle Dejesus, Michelle DeJesus, George Delis, Mehmet Demirci, Necla Demirci, Clive Finlayson, Kerry Nicholson Gonzalez, Jorge J. González, Julius Indaaya, Dennis Jenkins, Ravi Korisettar
cover Human Instinct
2002 tv movie
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Nigel Paterson
Starring Robert Winston, Nic Gilder
cover Human Senses
2003 tv series
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Daniel Barry, Nigel Paterson, Jeremy Turner
Starring Nigel Marven
cover The Human Sexes
1997 tv series
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Desmond Morris
Music by Martin Kiszko
Starring Desmond Morris
cover The Hutterites
1964 movie • 28min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Colin Low
Written by Stanley Jackson
A look at the Hutterites, an Anabaptist religious community similar to the Amish or the Mennonites in rural Alberta.
cover Hypothesis
2010 movie • 46min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Mystery
Directed by Brett Smith
In 2005, a physics professor named Steven Jones from conservative Brigham Young University in Provo...
Starring Tom Breidenbach, Frank Delessio, Jeffrey Farrer, C. Martin Hinkley, David Jones, Steven E. Jones
cover Häxan
1922 movie • 91min
7.7 ★★★★★   8k   Documentary, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by Benjamin Christensen
Written by Benjamin ChristensenSwedish, Danish
Fictionalized documentary showing the evolution of witchcraft, from its pagan roots to its confusion with hysteria in modern Europe.
Music by Launy Grøndahl, Matti Bye, Daniel Humair, Emil Reesen, Barði Jóhannsson
Starring Maren Pedersen, Clara Pontoppidan, Elith Pio, Oscar Stribolt, Tora Teje, John Andersen, Benjamin Christensen, Poul Reumert, Karen Winther, Kate Fabian, Else Vermehren, Astrid Holm
cover I Am Road Comic
2014 movie • 68min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jordan Brady
A first-hand comedy documentary about working the road as a comedian.
Music by Jamir Malek
Starring Maria Bamford, W. Kamau Bell, Doug Benson, Alonzo Bodden, Jordan Brady, Wayne Federman, Judah Friedlander, Nikki Glaser, Pete Holmes, Kyle Kinane, Marc Maron, T.J. Miller
cover I Am Yup'ik
2016 movie • 17min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Daniele Anastasion, Nathan Golon
A 16-year-old Yup'ik Eskimo leaves his tiny village and travels across the frozen tundra to compete in an all-Yup'ik basketball tournament and bring pride to his village.
Music by Brooke Blair, Will Blair
Starring Byron Nicholai
cover I Don't Have to Work That Big
1973 movie • 28min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Michael McKennirey
Joe Fafard is a sculptor living in the small town of Pense in rural Saskatchwan. There is isn't much...
cover I Know What I Saw
2009 tv movie
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by James Fox, Tim Coleman, Boris Zubov
Written by James Fox, Tom Christopher, Robin Lee
A documentary that compiles interviews of the most credible UFO witnesses around the world, and further details investigations conducted by analysts and government officials into UFO sightings.
Music by Christopher Hoag
Starring Seth Adams, Steve Allen, Kenneth Arnold, Bob Ball, Frances Emma Barwood, William J. Birnes, Ray Bowyer, John F. Burroughs, Edward Cabansag, John Callahan, R.J. Childerhose, Anthony Choy
cover I Love Hip Hop in Morocco
2007 movie • 80min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Joshua Asen, Jennifer Needleman
Written by Jennifer NeedlemanArabic, French, English
A determined group of Moroccan Hip Hop hopefuls band together to create their country's first Hip Hop festival, a celebration of music, unity, and free speech.
cover I Met the Walrus
2007 movie • 5min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Music, War
Directed by Josh Raskin
Written by Josh Raskin
The animated illustration of a 14-year-old's interview with John Lennon in 1969.
Starring Jerry Levitan, John Lennon
cover I Need That Record!
2008 movie • 78min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Brendan Toller
A documentary feature examining why over 3000 independent record stores have closed across the U.S. in the past decade...
Starring Glenn Branca, Pat Carney, Noam Chomsky, Chris Frantz, Bob Gruen, Patterson Hood, Lenny Kaye, Ian MacKaye, Legs McNeil, Thurston Moore, Malcolm Tent, Mike Watt
cover I Superbiker
2011 movie • 100min
6.1 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Action, Sport
Directed by Mark Sloper
Feature film for release Spring 2011 following four superbike riders through their dramatic British Superbike Season...
Music by David Vanian
cover I Thought I Told You to Shut Up!!
2015 movie • 13min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Charlie Tyrell
Written by Charlie Tyrell
In 1977,created the comic book anti-hero Reid Fleming, the World's Toughest Milkman. More than 30 years later, the big screen Hollywood adaptation remains in contractual limbo. Narrated by .
Music by Colin Nealis
Starring David Boswell, Jonathan Demme, Matt Groening, Kevin Pollak, Edward Asner, Richard Beattie, Bill Gerber, Tom Hawthorn, Jeph Loeb, Marv Newland, Dave Thomas, Gordon Tipple
cover I Was a Ninety-pound Weakling
1960 movie • 25min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Georges Dufaux, Wolf Koenig
cover I'll Find a Way
1977 movie • 26min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Beverly Shaffer
Nadia DeFranco lives in Toronto and she has spina bifida. This film follows her through some of her daily activities as she goes to school, works with her therapists, visits her relatives and lives life with her family.
Music by Larry Crosley
cover I'm a Born Liar
2002 movie • 105min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Damian Pettigrew
Written by Olivier Gal, Damian PettigrewEnglish, Italian, French
A look at Fellini's creative process. In extensive interviews, Fellini talks a bit about his background...
Starring Roberto Benigni, Luigi 'Titta' Benzi, Italo Calvino, Dante Ferretti, Rinaldo Geleng, Tullio Pinelli, Giuseppe Rotunno, Terence Stamp, Donald Sutherland, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, Federico Fellini, Claudia Cardinale
cover I.O.U.S.A.
2008 movie • 85min
7.6 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Patrick Creadon
Written by Christine O'Malley, Addison Wiggin, Kate IncontreraEnglish, Mandarin
Few are aware that America may be on the brink of a financial meltdown. I.O.U.S.A. explores the country's shocking current fiscal condition and ways to avoid a national economic disaster.
Music by Peter Golub
Starring Robert Bixby, Humphrey Bogart, Warren Buffett, George Bush, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Stephen Colbert, Kent Conrad, Ander Crenshaw, Bing Crosby, Douglas Durst
cover IRL: In Real Life
2012 movie • 7min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Anthony Rosner
Written by Arron Amo, Anthony Rosner
A documentary looking at the effects of World of Warcraft addiction.
Starring Anthony Rosner
cover Iboga Nights
2014 movie • 98min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Crime, News
Directed by David Graham Scott
Written by David Graham Scott
David Graham Scott's 2004 film DETOX OR DIE documented how, with a single dose of iboga, he quit his drug addiction...
Music by Andi Vincent
cover Ice Age Columbus: Who Were the First Americans?
2005 tv movie • 87min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Nicolas Brown
Music by Lou Pomanti
Starring Lawrence Bayne, Kathleen Munroe, Craig Stanghetta, Steven McCarthy, Stephen McHattie, Timothy Burd, Claudia Ferriera, Bruce Bradley, Richard Comeau, Peter Dinklage, Dennis Stanford
cover Icons of Power: Napoleon's Final Battle
2006 tv movie • 10min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Doug Shultz
Written by Don Campbell, Alexander Emmert, Doug Shultz
By exploring the astonishing and dramatic course of Napoleon's 100 Days - the period during which Napoleon...
Music by Gary Pozner
Starring Vasile Muraru, Philippe Nevo, Dorin Andone, Cristian Popa, Silviu Oltean, Andrei Aradits, Nicholas Schatzki, Susan Conner, Steven Englund
cover Icons of Power: Wrath of the Tsar
2006 tv movie • 92min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Don Campbell
Written by Don Campbell, Doug Shultz
Tsar Peter the Great - the six-foot seven-inch giant who literally reinvented Russia - orders the torture of his greatest antagonist...
Music by Gary Pozner
cover If We Had No Moon
1999 tv movie • 60min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Sci-Fi
Directed by Martyn Ives
Written by David Taylor
What if the moon never had existed?
Music by Ernie Wood
Starring Patrick Stewart, William Hartmann, Jay Melosh, Robin Canup, Marjorie A. Chan, Jacques Laskar, Lynn Rothschild, Minik Rosing, Norman Sleep, Jack Lissauer, Alan Binder, David Gump
cover If You Love This Planet
1982 movie • 26min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Terre Nash
An Australian pediatrician gives a speech on the consequences of a nuclear war.
Music by Karl du Plessis
Starring Helen Caldicott, Vannevar Bush, Winston Churchill, Leslie Groves, Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Tolman, Harry S. Truman, Clement Attlee, Ernest Bevin, James F. Byrnes, Ed Herlihy
cover Images de Chine
1974 movie • 69min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Marcel Carrière
Written by Michel GarneauFrench
Starring Rita Lafontaine, Kelly Ricard
cover Imaginary Landscapes
1989 video movie • 40min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Gabriella Cardazzo, Duncan Ward
cover The Impossible Map
1947 movie • 10min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short
Directed by Evelyn Lambart
Starring Bill Bolt
cover Impressions of Expo 67
1967 movie • 8min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Bill Brind
cover Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic
2006 video movie • 69min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Michael Berger
Written by Rebecca Cerese, Michael Berger
Documentary examining the collapse of the WTC buildings, and the 9/11 commission report.
Music by Andrew Lowe Watson
Starring Rebecca Cerese, Glenn Corbett, David Ray Griffin, James T. Hoffman, Mark Jacobson, Steven E. Jones, Kevin Ryan, William Veale
cover In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944
1992 tv movie • 104min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Brian McKenna
Written by Roman Jarymowycz, Brian McKenna, Terence McKennaEnglish, French
On June 6th 1944, a combined force of American, British and Canadian troops landed on the beaches of Normandy...
Music by Patrick Russell, Chris Crilly
Starring Terence McKenna, Simon Bradbury, Gerry Quigley, Julian Richings, Stephen Russell, Colin O'Meara, Stewart Arnott, Neil Munro, Nigel Bennett, Wayne Robson, Adrian Hough, Nicholas Campbell
cover In God We Teach
2011 movie • 62min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Vic Losick
Written by Vic Losick
The story of a Kearny (NJ) high school student who secretly recorded his history teacher in class, and accused him of proselytizing. When the story hit The New York Times all hell broke loose.
Starring Matthew LaClair, David Paszkiewicz
cover In Pot We Trust
2007 tv movie • 88min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Star Price
Starring Aaron Houston
cover In Search of the Bowhead Whale
1974 movie • 50min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bill Mason
Written by Bill Mason
cover In a Dream
2008 movie • 80min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jeremiah Zagar
The story of Julia Zagar and her husband Isaiah, a renowned mosaic artist, who for the past 30 years has covered more than 40,000 square feet of Philadelphia top to bottom with tile, mirror, paint, and concrete.
Music by Kelli Scarr
Starring Isaiah Zagar, Julia Zagar, Ezekiel Zagar
cover In the Realm of the Hackers
2003 movie • 55min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kevin Anderson
Written by Kevin Anderson
In the late 1980s two Melbourne teenage computer hackers known as Electron and Phoenix stole a restricted...
Music by Al Mullins, Janine De Lorenzo
Starring Ernie Gray, John 'FuzzFace' McMahon, Nathan Phillips, Dan Spielman, Ronald Tencati
cover In the Shadow of Gold Mountain
2004 movie
6.2 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Karen Cho
Written by Karen ChoEnglish, Cantonese
cover In the Shadow of the Moon
2007 movie • 100min
8.1 ★★★★★★   5k   Documentary, History
Directed by David SingtonEnglish, French, Japanese
The crew members of NASA's Apollo missions tell their story in their own words.
Music by Philip Sheppard
Starring Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Stephen Armstrong, Viola Armstrong, Alan Bean, Eugene Cernan, Michael Collins, Charles Duke, John F. Kennedy, Jim Lovell, Edgar D. Mitchell, Garry Moore
cover In the Womb
2005 tv movie • 120min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Toby Macdonald
Written by Toby Macdonald
Music by Simon Lacey
Starring Dilly Barlow
cover In the Womb: Multiples
2007 tv movie • 100min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Lorne Townend
Music by Toby Gilks
Starring Dilly Barlow, Jessica Tilli, Laura Tilli
cover Incident at Restigouche
1984 movie • 46min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alanis Obomsawin
Written by Alanis Obomsawin
Music by Diane Le Floc'h, Danny O'Neil, Willie Dunn, Dario Dominges
Starring Steve Kowch, Lucien Lessard, Alanis Obomsawin
cover The Incredible Human Journey
2009 tv series • 60min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Charles Colville, Peter Oxley, Philip Smith
Written by Michael Mosley
This series explains the evidence for the theory of early human migrations out of Africa and subsequently around the world, supporting the Out of Africa Theory.
Music by Ty Unwin
Starring Alice Roberts, Tessa Wojtczak
cover Independent Media in a Time of War
2003 video movie • 29min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short Starring Amy Goodman
cover Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
2012 movie • 122min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Daniel Schmidt
Written by Daniel SchmidtEnglish, French, Spanish, German
There is one vibratory field that connects all things. It has been called Akasha, Logos, the primordial OM...
Starring Patrick Sweeney
cover Innocents Betrayed
2003 video movie • 58min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Aaron Zelman
Written by Claire Wolfe
Documentary showing that "gun control" has historically been used to disarm citizens and make them helpless before governments commit genocide...
cover Inside Chernobyl
2012 movie
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Adrian Musto
Written by Adrian Musto
A film based on current conditions in Chernobyl and Pripyat, where the Soviet Government tried to cover up a catastrophic nuclear accident - something the world had never seen before.
cover Inside Nature's Giants
2009 tv series
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Tom Mustill
Scientists study the nature, anatomy and evolution of some of natures most fascinating creatures.
Music by Max de Wardener
Starring Tim Cockerill, Mark Evans
cover Inside the Medieval Mind
2008 tv series • 60min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Victoria Page, Richard Parkin, Nat Sharman
Written by Robert Bartlett
Starring Robert Bartlett
cover Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman
2015 video movie • 40min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Daisy-May Hudson
Matt Shea and Daisy-May Hudson receive training from Wim Hof, the Iceman, in an attempt to climb a freezing cold mountain.
Starring René Gude, Enahm Hof, Wim Hof, Daisy-May Hudson, Peter Pickkers, Matt Shea
cover The Internet Must Go
2013 video movie • 30min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Gena Konstantinakos
Written by Brendan Colthurst, Gena Konstantinakos, Brian Shortall
Starring Craig Aaron, Farnum Brown, Robin Chase, Susan Crawford, Harold Feld, Al Franken, John Hodgman, Lawrence Lessig, Alexis Ohanian, Eli Pariser, Ricken Patel, Catharine Rice
cover Internet Rising
2011 movie • 53min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Game-Show, History, Talk-Show
Directed by Andrew Kenneth Martin
Written by Andrew Kenneth Martin, Alex Eisen
Internet Rising is a digi-documentary investigating the evolving relationships between the Internet and collective consciousness of humanity...
Starring Douglas Rushkoff, Vint Cerf, Tiffany Shlain, Jason Silva, Kevin Kelly, Howard Rheingold, Ze Frank, Ben Goertzel, Andrew Keen, David Weinberger, Sean Bodmer, Terrell Ward Bynum
cover The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz
2014 movie • 105min
8.1 ★★★★★★   11k   Documentary, Biography, Crime, News
Directed by Brian Knappenberger
Written by Brian Knappenberger
The story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz, who took his own life at the age of 26.
Music by John Dragonetti
Starring Tim Berners-Lee, Cindy Cohn, Gabriella Coleman, Cory Doctorow, Peter Eckersley, Brewster Kahle, Lawrence Lessig, Zoe Lofgren, Carl Malamud, Quinn Norton, Tim O'Reilly, Elliot Peters
cover Into the Fire
2011 movie • 124min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, History, News
Directed by Dan Dicks
A documentary film about the G20 summit that took place in Toronto, Canada in the summer of 2010. The results of which lead to the arrests of over 1100 people and the largest violation of civil liberties in Canadian history.
cover Into the Tsangpo Gorge
2002 tv movie • 46min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Scott Lindgren
Written by Scott Lindgren, Les Guthman
First whitewater descent of the "Everest" of rivers, the Tsangpo Gorge in Tibet.
Starring Mike Abbot, David Allardice, Allan Ellard, Steve Fisher, Johnnie Kern, Willie Kern, Dustin Knapp, Dustin Lindgren, Scott Lindgren, Charlie Munsey, Andrew Sheppard, Kenneth Storm Jr.
cover Invisible Empire
2010 movie • 134min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jason Bermas
Written by Jason Bermas
A comprehensive wake-up call to the new world order and the architects behind its creation and continuity.
Starring Jason Bermas, Mark Dice, G. Edward Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Cindy Sheehan
cover The Invisible Nation
2007 movie • 93min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Richard Desjardins, Robert Monderie
Written by Richard Desjardins, Robert MonderieFrench, English, North American Indian
The Algonquin people once lived in harmony with the vast territory they occupied. This balance was upset when the Europeans arrived in the 16th century.
Music by Claude Fradette
Starring Richard Desjardins
cover Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
2006 movie • 75min
7.7 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Robert Greenwald
Robert Greenwald looks at war profiteering in Iraq by private contracting companies Halliburton, CACI, and KBR.
Music by Tree Adams
Starring Katy Helvenston-Wettengal, Scott Helvenston, Donna Zovko, Jozo Zovko, Tommy Zovko, Chris Lehane, Anthony Lagouranis, Janis Karpinski, Shereef Akeel, Hassan Al-Azzawi, Pratap Chatterjee, Ali Al Haj
cover Is It Real?
2005 tv series
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Amy Doyle, Noel Dockstader, Cara Biega
Written by Nancy Donnelly, Dana Kemp, French Horwitz
Pre-Monster Quest, this series attempts to debunk some of histories greatest legends. Ranging from mysterious crop circles to the infamous legend of The Russian Bigfoot, are these myths escalated from legendary folklore - Or are they real?
Music by Jonathan Maris
Starring Will Lyman, Ian Gregory, Joe Nickell
cover A Is for Autism
1992 movie • 11min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short
Directed by Tim Webb
Music by Thomas Wickens, Alan Carter
Starring Matthew Beguley, Sheila Beguley, Temple Grandin, Luke Hemstock, Stewart Hogg, Daniel Sellers, Jean Stanley, Justin Sutton
cover Is the Crown at War with Us?
2002 movie • 96min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alanis Obomsawin
Written by Alanis Obomsawin
A feature documentary offering a gripping portrait of the Esgenoopetitj Mi'gmaq First Nation during...
Music by Francis Grandmont
Starring Donald Marshal
cover Ishi: The Last Yahi
1992 movie • 57min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jed Riffe, Pamela Roberts
Written by Anne Makepeace
In the early 1900s, Ishi, the last of the Yahi Indian tribe, is discovered nearly 20 years after the Yahi tribe was thought to be wiped out...
Music by Todd Boekelheide
Starring Rayna Green, Linda Hunt
cover Islam: Empire of Faith
2000 movie • 160min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Robert H. Gardner
Written by Jonathan Grupper
Music by Leonard Lionnet
Starring Ben Kingsley
cover Islam: What the West Needs to Know
2006 movie • 98min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bryan Daly, Gregory M. Davis
An examination of Islam, violence, and the fate of the non-Muslim world.
Starring Abdullah Al-Araby, Walid Shoebat, Robert Spencer, Serge Trifkovic, Bat Ye'or
cover Isle of Flowers
1989 movie • 13min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   4k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Jorge Furtado
Written by Jorge Furtado, Cecília MeirelesPortuguese
The ironic, heartbreaking and acid "saga" of a spoiled tomato: from the plantation of a "Nisei" (Brazilian...
Music by Zé Flávio, Geraldo Flach
Starring Paulo José, Ciça Reckziegel, Douglas Trainini, Júlia Barth, Irene Schmidt, Gosei Kitajima, Takehiro Suzuki, Luciane Azevedo
cover Israel's Secret Weapon
2003 tv movie • 60min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
A documentary of Israel's weapons of Mass destruction.
Starring Ronen Bergman, Mary Eoloff, Nick Eoloff, Uzi Even, Olenka Frenkiel, Shimon Peres
cover JFK II: the Bush Connection
2003 video movie
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Hankey
Written by John Hankey
Starring George Bush, Waggoner Carr, George DeMohrenschildt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, James Humes, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm Kilduff, David Lifton, Paul O'Connor, Lee Harvey Oswald, Paul Peters, L. Fletcher Prouty
cover JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick
2014 video movie • 208min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Written by Francis Richard Conolly
This is one of the only documentaries that actually speaks on the real Secret Societies which for most are still a secret.
Music by Lino Rise
Starring Francis Richard Conolly, Gordon Arnold, Charles Brehm, Howard Brennan, Madeleine Brown, Prescott Bush, Smedley Butler, Judith Campbell Exner, Frank Church, Michele Clark, Bill Clinton, John Connally
cover JT: Reflections
2013 video movie • 60min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Stephen Rocha
Written by Stephen Rocha
Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor, Businessman, Philanthropist and now with his third album released...
Starring Jessica Biel, Shirley Halperin, Lyndsey Parker, Randall Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, Justin Timberlake, Jeff Weiss
cover Jack Kerouac's Road: A Franco-American Odyssey
1987 movie • 55min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Herménégilde Chiasson
A look at the life and work of Jack Kerouac.
Music by Robert Marcel Lepage
Starring Herménégilde Chiasson, Guy Nadon, Michael Rudder
cover Je me souviens: 100 ans du Royal 22e Régiment
2014 movie • 52min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Claude Guilmain
Written by Claude GuilmainEnglish, French
A feature-length documentary on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Royal 22nd Regiment, the only French battalion in Canada at the time of the first and second world war.
Music by Claude Naubert
Starring Eric Paulhus, Aurèle Robert, Marcel Richard, Arthur Lortie, Albert Gagnon, Daniel Michaud, Michel-Henri Saint-Louis, Alain Bond, Jocelyn Paul, Alain Gauthier, Justin Morneau, Michel Jones
cover Jens Pulver: Driven
2011 movie • 95min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Gregory Bayne
Written by J. Reuben Appelman
Probes the incredible personal story of legendary UFC fighter, Jens Pulver, as he journeys back into the cage for what may be his final bout.
Music by Patrick Benolkin
Starring Tj De Santis, Kannika Pulver, Ricky Christian, Abel Pulver, Scott Jorgensen, Jens Pulver, Tony Fryklund
cover Jerry Seinfeld: 'I'm Telling You for the Last Time' - Live on Broadway
1998 tv movie • 75min
8.1 ★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Marty Callner
Written by Jerry Seinfeld
Live from New York City, Jerry Seinfeld, aided and abetted by a host of friends and fellow comedians, performs his 1998 Emmy-nominated performance on Broadway.
Music by Michael Kamen
Starring Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Barryte, Grace Bustos, George Carlin, Alan King, Robert Klein, Carol Leifer, Jay Leno, Ed McMahon, Larry Miller, Paul Reiser, Garry Shandling
cover Jessie's Dad
2011 movie • 50min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Boaz Dvir
Written by Boaz Dvir
Former trucker Mark Lunsford transforms into one of America's most effective child-protection crusaders after losing his 9-year-old daughter to a sexual predator.
Music by Boaz Dvir
cover Jesus Camp
2006 movie • 84min
7.5 ★★★★★   23k   Documentary
Directed by Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady
A documentary on kids who attend a summer camp hoping to become the next .
Music by Force Theory, Neill Sanford Livingston, Michael Furjanic
Starring Lou Engle, Becky Fischer, Ted Haggard, Mike Papantonio
cover The Jesus Guy
2007 movie • 66min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Sean Tracey
He looks like Jesus Christ. And preaches like St. Francis of Assisi. Some say he's "a kook." Others...
Starring Carl James Joseph, Connie Muir, Shanti Desai, James C. Timlin, Lou Barletta, Jim Dwyer, Mike Matveenko, Louis Joseph
cover Jigging for Lake Trout
1967 movie • 32min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Quentin Brown
cover Jiu Jitsu vs. the World
2015 movie
9.4 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dan Lewis
Jiu-Jitsu vs the World is a feature length documentary on Brazilian Jiujitsu and how it has a positive impact on lives everywhere. This film aims to be an answer to the question often asked - "What is that Jiu-jitsu thing that you do?"
Music by Ric Armstrong
Starring Eddie Bravo, Jocelyn Chang, John Danaher, Roberto Filho de Abreu, Harley Flanagan, Jeff Glover, Renzo Gracie, Christopher Haueter, Deborah Maxwell, Phil Migliarese, Ricardo Migliarese, Nazareth Nirza
cover Jivin' in Be-Bop
1946 movie • 59min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Leonard Anderson, Spencer Williams
Written by Powell Lindsay
A musical film in the style of a documentary, featuring 19 musical and dance numbers, by many notable musicians.
Starring Dizzy Gillespie, Freddie Carter, Sahji, Helen Humes, James Moody, Milt Jackson, Ray Brown, Audrey Armstrong, Dolores Brown, Ralph Brown, Dan Burley, Dave Burns
cover John Mayer: Someday I'll Fly
2014 movie • 66min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Eastwood AllenEnglish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
John Mayer: Someday I'll Fly is a fan-made feature documentary chronicling the musical evolution of one of the most influential solo artists of his generation. Acclaimed singer/songwriter John Mayer.
Starring John Mayer, Steve Jordan, Pino Palladino, David Labruyere, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tony Bennett, Eric Clapton, Gary Clark Jr., Clay Cook, Buddy Guy, Jay Z, Alicia Keys
cover John McCrae's War: In Flanders Fields
1998 movie • 47min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Robert A. Duncan
Written by Robert A. Duncan, John McCrae
The life and career of John McCrae, a World War I army doctor who wrote the 20th century's greatest war memorial poem.
Music by John Sereda
Starring Jay Brazeau
cover John Peel's Record Box
2005 tv movie • 60min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Elaine Shepherd
An exclusive insight into the private record collection of the renowned DJ and broadcaster, marking the first anniversary of his death.
cover The Jolifou Inn
1955 movie • 11min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Colin Low
An examination of the work of Cornelius Krieghoff, a Dutch-born artist in early Canada.
Music by Louis Applebaum
cover Jonestown: Paradise Lost
2007 tv movie • 100min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Tim Wolochatiuk
Written by Jason Sherman
Cult leader Jim Jones leads his followers to a mass-suicide.
Music by Simon Cloquet
Starring Ted Biggs, Stephan Jones, Vernon Gosney, Tim Reiterman, Sherwin Harris, Rick Roberts, Quentin Krog, Brendan Murray, Alon Nashman, Greg Ellwand, Kevin Otto, Roxanne Blaise
cover Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple
2006 movie • 86min
7.9 ★★★★★   3k   Documentary, History
Directed by Stanley Nelson
Written by Marcia Smith, Noland Walker
Featuring never-before-seen footage, this documentary delivers a startling new look at the Peoples Temple, headed by preacher Jim Jones who, in 1978, led more than 900 members to Guyana, where he orchestrated a mass suicide via tainted punch.
Music by Tom Phillips
Starring Rebecca Moore, Janet Shular, Tim Carter, Stanley Clayton, Hue Fortson Jr., Garrett Lambrev, Claire Janaro, Neva Sly Hargrave, Deborah Layton, Phyllis Wilmore Zimmerman, Chuck Wilmore, John R. Hall
cover Josh Blue: Sticky Change
2012 tv movie • 52min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Jay Chapman
Josh Blue, winner of NBC's "Last Comic Standing" is back with his new special "Sticky Change." He turns...
Starring Josh Blue
cover Journey on the Wild Coast
2010 movie • 110min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Adventure, Family
Directed by Greg Chaney
Written by Greg Chaney, Erin McKittrick, Bretwood Higman
A married couple attempt to walk, paddle and ski under their own power from Seattle to the Aleutians...
Starring Erin McKittrick, Bretwood Higman, Bob Christensen III, Eric Parsons
cover Journey to 10,000 BC
2008 tv movie • 90min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by David Padrusch
Written by Ian Stoker-Long, David Padrusch
Music by Michael Richard Plowman
Starring James Lurie, Nicole Waguespack, David J. Meltzer, David George, Pat Lubinski, Christopher A. Shaw, John Johnson, Jake Shapley, Todd Surovell, Darrin Lowery, Dennis Stanford, Peter Clark
cover Journey to the Edge of the Universe
2008 tv movie • 91min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   2k   Documentary
Directed by Yavar Abbas
Written by Billie Pink, Nigel HenbestEast-Greenlandic, English
A journey through space and time.
Music by Ty Unwin, Anne Nikitin
Starring Alec Baldwin, Sean Pertwee
cover The Joy of Stats
2010 tv movie • 59min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dan Hillman
Professor Hans Rosling shares his excitement with statistics, and shows how researchers are handling the modern data deluge.
Starring Hans Rosling, Stephen Emmott, Sep Kamvar, Eileen Magnello, Michael Marmot, Michal Migurski, Peter Norvig, Franz Och, Connie Rockosi, Eric Rodenbeck, David Spiegelhalter, Chris Vein
cover Julian Assange: A Modern Day Hero? Inside the World of Wikileaks
2011 movie • 114min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by A.N. Other
Unbiased and informative documentary on Julian Assange, Wikileaks and more.
Starring Julian Assange, Ken Day, Daniel Ellsberg, David Finkel, Kristinn Hrafnsson, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Larry King, Adrian Lamo, Gavin MacFadyen, Ronald Tencati
cover Just, Melvin: Just Evil
2000 movie • 96min
7.1 ★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by James Ronald Whitney
Written by James Ronald Whitney
An in-depth look at the director James Ronald Whitney's family history of incest spanning at least three generations and the devastating consequences that include drug abuse and alcoholism.
Music by James Ronald Whitney, Brent Argovitz
Starring James Ronald Whitney, Melvin Just
cover Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance
1993 movie • 119min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alanis Obomsawin
Written by Alanis Obomsawin
A film account about the military 1990 siege of a Native American reserve near Oka, Quebec, Canada and its causes.
Music by Claude Vendette, Francis Grandmont
Starring Jack Burning, Herbie Barnes, Alanis Obomsawin, Ethel Blondin, Ellen Gabriel, Elijah Harper, Ovide Mercredi, Frank Natawe, Bill Traverse
cover Kate and Anna McGarrigle
1981 movie • 28min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Caroline Leaf
Music by Louis Hone
Starring Joe Boyd, Anna McGarrigle, Gabrielle McGarrigle, Kate McGarrigle, Donald Tarlton
cover Katiyabaaz
2013 movie • 84min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Deepti Kakkar, Fahad Mustafa
Written by Fahad MustafaHindi, English
In a city with 15 hour power cuts, hundreds of people risk their lives to steal electricity. With the...
Music by Rahul Ram, Gingger Shankar, Amit Kilam, Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum
Starring Ritu Maheshwari, Loha Singh, Irfan Solanki
cover Kill the Messenger
2006 tv movie • 84min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mathieu Verboud, Jean-Robert VialletEnglish, French
A true spy story about the only American citizen who dared stand up to the FBI in an attempt to expose...
Starring David Albright, Ann Beeson, George W. Bush, John M. Cole, Bogdan Dzakovic, Matthew Edmonds, Sibel Edmonds, Daniel Ellsberg, Steve Elson, Glenn Fine, Matthew Fogg, Philip Giraldi
cover Killer Legends
2014 movie • 86min
6.4 ★★   1k   Documentary, Crime, History, Horror
Directed by Joshua Zeman
Written by Joshua Zeman
Delving into our collective nightmares, this horror-documentary investigates the origins of our most terrifying urban legends and the true stories that may have inspired them.
Starring Rachel Mills, Joshua Zeman, Stephen Winick, James Presley, Casey Roberts, Bill Ellis, Robby Robertson, Mark Bledsoe, Jereme Kennington, Ed Goad, Craig Smyser, Mike Hinton
cover Killer Stress: A National Geographic Special
2008 tv movie • 50min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Heminway
Written by John Heminway
National Geographic investigates the root causes and eventual effects of stress.
Music by Lenny Williams
Starring Elizabeth Blackburn, Elissa Epel, Marcus Lovett, Michael Marmot, Bruce McEwen, Jeff Ritterman, Tessa Roseboom, Benjamin Sapolsky, Lisa Sapolsky, Rachel Sapolsky, Robert Sapolsky, Carol Shively
cover King of the Hill
1974 movie • 57min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Sport
Directed by Donald Brittain, William Canning
Written by Donald Brittain
A look into the Chicago Cubs National League baseball team during the 1972-1973 seasons.
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Starring Ernie Banks, Donald Brittain, Leo Durocher, Randy Huntley, Ferguson Jenkins Sr., Ferguson Jenkins, Billy Williams
cover Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites
2003 tv movie • 220min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Carl Byker, Mitch Wilson
Written by David Mrazek, Isaac Mizrahi, Carl Byker
In 586 B.C., the Babylonians lead almost all that remains of the tribe of Judah - the Israelites - to exile in Babylon...
Music by Erik Friedlander
Starring F. Murray Abraham, Rene Auberjonois, Jake Borowski, Keith David, Glenn Hoeffner, Jeremy Irons, Derek Jacobi, Ben Maccabee, Benjamin Mueller, Blythe Mueller, Molly Mueller, Channing Swift
cover Kino Eye
1924 movie • 78min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dziga Vertov
Written by Dziga Vertov
This documentary promoting the joys of life in a Soviet village centers around the activities of the Young Pioneers...
cover Kiss Loves You
2004 movie • 73min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Jim Heneghan
Ten years in the making, KISS Loves You is a film that began back in 1994 when the band KISS was at...
Music by Nick Andersson, Greg Strzempka
Starring Sebastian Bach, Bill Baker, Guido Bascilla, Christine Becker, Pat Eagle Chi, Steve Clark, Peter Criss, Doyle, Ace Frehley, Andrew French, Bingo Gazingo, Bobby Getchell
cover Know Your Mushrooms
2008 movie • 74min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ron Mann
Written by Ron Mann
Ron Mann investigates the miraculous, near-secret world of fungi. Visionaries Gary Lincoff and Larry...
Music by Lips The Flaming
Starring Larry Evans, Gary Lincoff
cover Koch Brothers Exposed
2012 movie • 56min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Robert Greenwald
An exposé on the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who helped finance the conservative political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity.
Starring Charles G. Koch, David H. Koch, Fred C. Koch, Bernie Sanders, Van Jones, Bill McKibben, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Lawrence Lessig, Ben Jealous, Adele Stan, Lee Fang, John Nichols
cover Kosovo: Can You Imagine?
2009 movie • 30min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, War
Directed by Boris Malagurski
Written by Boris MalagurskiEnglish, Serbian
In a land under international supervision, in the heart of Europe, at the beginning of the 21st century, in Kosovo, one man attempts to expose human rights violations unlike anything you can imagine.
Music by Mihaela Cristina Istrate, Kevin MacLeod, Filip Borac, Boris Malagurski
cover Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany
2009 movie • 58min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Benjamin Whalley
BBC 4 documentary about 1970s German progressive music.
Starring Amon Düül II, David Bowie, Can, Holger Czukay, Zappi Diermaier, Danny Fichelscher, Wolfgang Flür, Edgar Froese, Ralf Hütter, Renate Knaup, Kraftwerk, Jaki Liebezeit
cover Kurt Cobain About a Son
2006 movie • 96min
7.4 ★★★★   3k   Documentary, Music
Directed by AJ Schnack
In this visual essay style documentary, intimate audio of journalist Michael Azerrad's interviews with Kurt Cobain is played over more recently photographed footage of Cobain's Washington state homes and haunts.
Music by Steve Fisk, Benjamin Gibbard
Starring Kurt Cobain, Michael Azerrad, Courtney Love
cover Kymatica
2009 movie • 84min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Benjamin Stewart
We may be quick to blame secret organizations, greedy corporations and corrupt politicians for the state of the environment and economy...
Starring Bruce Lipton, Henrik Palmgren
cover L'abri
2014 movie • 101min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Fernand MelgarEnglish, French, Romany, Spanish
A winter spent in the heart of an emergency shelter where every night watchmen have the difficult task of "sorting the poor" due to lack of space.
cover L'acadie, l'Acadie
1971 movie • 117min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Michel Brault, Pierre PerraultFrench, English
Long métrage documentaire tourné dans les coulisses de l'action à l'Université de Moncton (Nouveau-Brunswick)...
Music by Majorique Duguay, Valère Blais
cover L'arche de verre
1994 movie • 89min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bernard GosselinFrench
The undertaking of an enthusiastic group of scientists to transform an indoor cycle racing-track built...
Music by Robert Marcel Lepage
cover L'histoire des Trois
1990 movie • 74min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jean-Claude Labrecque
Written by Michel MoreauFrench, English
Music by Richard Grégoire
Starring Jean-Pierre Goyer, Francine Laurendeau, Bruno Meloche, Carmel Dumas, Jacques Guay, Guy Lamarche, Emile Tourigny, Lucien Côté, Maurice Duplessis, René Lévesque, Camil G. Moreau, Antoine Rivard
cover La Source
2012 movie • 72min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Patrick Shen
Written by Patrick Shen, Brandon Vedder
A documentary that follows Haiti-born Josue Lajeunesse as he works to bring bacteria-free water to his native village.
Music by Mateo Messina
Starring Don Cheadle
cover La bête lumineuse
1982 movie • 128min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pierre PerraultFrench
A documentary film about a group of hunters who gather annually to hunt moose near Maniwaki, Quebec.
Starring Louis-Philippe Lécuyer, Philippe Cross, Stéphane-Albert Boulais, Maurice Chaillot, Bernard L'Heureux, Michel Guyot, Barney Descontie, Maurice Aumont, Claude Lauriault, Laurier Prévost
cover La liberté en colère
1994 movie • 73min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Jean-Daniel Lafond
Written by Jean-Daniel Lafond, Francis SimardFrench
Thirty years later, four members of what was Le Front de libération du Québec discussed why they create or participate in this revolutionary group...
Music by Plume Latraverse
Starring Pierre Vallières, Charles Gagnon, Francis Simard, Robert Comeau, Laurier Alarie, Lucien Bouchard, Luc Bélisle, Michel Chartrand, René Gagnon, Michel Garneau, Gaston Guy, Robert Latendresse
cover La lutte
1961 movie • 28min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Michel Brault, Marcel Carrière, Claude FournierFrench
Follows the professional wrestling scene in Montreal and observes the before, during, and after portions of a major show and the spectators who are enthralled by it.
cover La marche à suivre
2014 movie • 76min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Jean-François CaissyFrench
In a quiet Quebec town, the local high school houses hundreds of impressionable young minds, each bursting with ideas...
Starring Claude Leblanc
cover La peau et les os
1988 movie • 90min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Johanne Prégent
Written by Monique Gignac, Johanne PrégentFrench
Music by Ginette Bellavance, Daniel Toussaint
Starring Hélène Bélanger, Sylvie-Catherine Beaudoin, Louise Turcot, Hubert Gagnon, Sophie Faucher, Emmanuel André, Florence Belanger, Noemie Bergeron, Barbara Boudot, Martin Faucher, Sylvie Germain, Valerie Catherine Hernandez
cover La veillée des veillées
1976 movie • 96min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bernard GosselinFrench
cover Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen
1966 movie • 45min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Donald Brittain, Don Owen
Written by Donald BrittainEnglish, French, Greek
National Film Board of Canada Donald Owen teamed with NFB producer Donald Brittain for an imaginative profile of Montreal poet Leonard Cohen.
Music by Donald Douglas
Starring Donald Brittain, Leonard Cohen, Robert Hirschhorn, Irving Layton, Derek May, Mort Rosengarten, Pierre Berton, Earle Birney
cover The Lady and the Owl
1975 movie • 28min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by William Canning
Music by Donald Douglas
cover Land Rush
2012 movie • 58min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Hugo Berkeley, Osvalde LewatEnglish, French, Bambara
75 per cent of Mali's population are farmers, but rich land-hungry nations like China and Saudi Arabia...
Music by Eli Cane
Starring Daljit Dhaliwal, Calestous Juma, Mima Nedelcovych, Massa Sanogo, Kassoum Diara, Nick Morris, Warren Wessels, Adama Sidibé, Steven Stoll, Liz Alden Wily, Ibrahima Coulibaly, Agatham Alassane
cover Land of the Tiger
1985 movie • 60min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dennis B. Kane, Thomas Skinner
Written by Stanley Breeden
Explore the strange and mysterious world of the tiger.
Music by Terry Oldfield, Nicholas Hooper
cover The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain
2007 tv movie • 79min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by John Dower
Written by John Dower
The week before Kurt Cobain was found dead from a single gunshot, he went missing. His whereabouts for that week has remained a mystery until now...
Music by Mai Tamura, Louise Brown, David Benjamin Steinberg
Starring Charles Cross, Harvey Ottinger, Alice Wheeler, Leland Cobain, Hilary Richrod, Nial Stimson, Dave Reed, Tracey Marander, Melinda, Charles Peterson, Chad Channing, Duff McKagan
cover Last Chance High
2014 tv series
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud
On Chicago's West Side, there is a school for the city's most at-risk youth - the Moses Montefiore Academy...
cover The Last Lioness
2009 tv movie • 50min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Bronwyn Watkins
A haunting roar echoes across the Liuwa Plain. There is no answer, there hasn't been for years. She has no pride, no support - she alone must safeguard her own survival. She is Lady Liuwa, the Last Lioness.
Music by Benjamin Willem
cover The Last Taboo
2013 movie • 50min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Romance
Directed by Alexander Freeman
Written by Alexander Freeman
The gripping and heart-warming story of six people with various physical disabilities and an able-bodied partner who was in a relationship with one of them and their experiences with sex.
Music by Miro Kepinski, Dan Barrenechea, Caleb Williams
Starring Mazique Bianco, Gary Karp, Alexander Freeman, Lauren Beller, Erin Pfeiffer, Clark Matthews, Morgan Jennifer, Candace Brown, Anthony Dicostanzo
cover Last Will & Testament
2012 movie • 85min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Mystery
Directed by Laura Wilson, Lisa Wilson
This documentary explores the ongoing debate about the authorship of the works attributed to Shakespeare...
Music by Graeme Revell
Starring Jonathan Bate, Charles Beauclerk, William Boyle, Michael Cecil, Jon Culverhouse, Michael Delahoyde, Derek Jacobi, William Leahy, Gerald J. Meyer, Charlton Ogburn, Diana Price, Vanessa Redgrave
cover Le Niger, jeune république
1961 movie • 58min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Claude Jutra
Written by Claude JutraFrench
cover Le Prix des mots
2012 movie • 102min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Julien Fréchette
Written by Julien FréchetteFrench, English
This feature documentary takes us through the twists and turns of judicial proceedings pitting Canadian...
Music by Dany Nicolas, Zoé Dumais
cover Le beau plaisir
1968 movie • 15min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Michel Brault, Bernard Gosselin, Pierre PerraultFrench
Court métrage documentaire sur la pêche aux marsouins à l'Île-aux-Coudres. Avec un art suprême, les...
Music by Aimé Gagnon, Raymond Gagnon, Jean-Baptiste Gagnon
Starring Alexis Tremblay
cover Le goût de la farine
1977 movie • 108min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pierre PerraultFrench
cover Le jardin oublié: La vie et l'oeuvre d'Alice Guy-Blaché
1995 movie • 53min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Marquise Lepage
Written by Solange Collin, Marquise LepageFrench
The story of forgotten silent filmmaker Alice Guy and her more than 700 films.
Music by Robert Marcel Lepage
Starring Alice Guy, Roberta Blaché, Adrienne Blaché-Channing, André Gaudreault, Alison McMahan, Nicolas Seydoux, Anthony Slide, Alan Williams, Claudine Chatel, Anne Dorval, Françoise Faucher, Kathleen Fee
cover Le mystère Picasso
1956 movie • 78min
7.8 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Henri-Georges ClouzotFrench
A filmed record of Pablo Picasso painting numerous canvases for the camera, allowing us to see his creative process at work.
Music by Georges Auric
Starring Pablo Picasso, Henri-Georges Clouzot, Claude Renoir
cover Le pays de la terre sans arbre ou le Mouchouânipi
1980 movie • 111min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pierre PerraultFrench
Music by Philippe Gagnon, Émile Grégoire
cover Le règne du jour
1967 movie • 118min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pierre PerraultFrench
Four years after(1963), the director 'Pierre Perrault' askif he agreed to...
Music by Jean-Marie Cloutier
Starring Alexis Tremblay, Marie Tremblay, Léopold Tremblay, Marie-Paule Tremblay, Louis Harvey, Marcellin Tremblay, Abbé Jean-Paul Tremblay, Diane Tremblay, Simon Tremblay, Blanchon, Carleton Ray, Françoise Montagne
cover Le steak
1992 movie • 75min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pierre Falardeau, Manon LericheFrench
Music by Robert Leriche
Starring Gaëtan Hart, Alexis Martin, Alain Pratte, Jerry Snell
cover The Legend of Leigh Bowery
2002 movie • 83min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Charles Atlas
The life of '80's fashion designer/queer icon Leigh Bowery is explored in this documentary.
Music by Richard Torry
Starring Charles Atlas, Leigh Bowery, Michael Bracewell, Sophie Fiennes, Bella Freud, Boy George, Damien Hirst, Stewart Laing, Rifat Ozbek, Stella Stein, Richard Torry
cover Legend of a Warrior
2012 movie • 78min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Corey Lee
Written by Corey Lee
Legend of a Warrior follows Corey Lee's efforts to reconnect with his father, martial arts legend Frank Lee...
Music by Alec Harrison, Andrea Wettstein
Starring Billy Chow, Corey Lee, Frank Pang Lee
cover Lenny Bruce in 'Lenny Bruce'
1967 movie • 72min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by John Magnuson
Written by Lenny Bruce
Iconoclast Lenny Bruce appears at San Francisco's Basin Street West in what was his next-to-last live appearance...
Starring Lenny Bruce
cover Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man
2005 movie • 105min
6.9 ★★★   1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Lian Lunson
Written by Lian Lunson
A documentary on the legendary singer-songwriter, with performances by those musicians he has influenced.
Music by Leonard Cohen
Starring Leonard Cohen, Martha Wainwright, Beth Orton, Jarvis Cocker, Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Perla Batalla, Julie Christensen, Antony Hegarty, Linda Thompson, Teddy Thompson, Kate McGarrigle
cover Les Montréalistes
1965 movie • 28min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Denys Arcand
Written by Andrée ThibaultFrench
A look back at the small band of missionaries that founded the city of Montréal, Canada.
Music by Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer, Donald Mackey
Starring Gilles Marsolais, Gisèle Trépanier
cover Les filles du roy
1974 movie • 56min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Anne Claire Poirier
Written by Anne Claire Poirier, Jeanne Morazain, Marthe BlackburnFrench
The history of the roles of women in Quebec society, beginning with the women shipped from France to the New World by the King to populate the colony with the men already there, and ending with the modern career woman.
Music by Maurice Blackburn
Starring Katherine Deer, Danielle Ouimet, Marie-Josée Da Silva, Suzanne Gervais, Hélène Girard, Nicole Lebreton, Monique Fortier, Berthe Latraverse Poirier, Marthe Blackburn, Dyne Mousso, Anne Claire Poirier
cover Les raquetteurs
1958 movie • 15min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Michel Brault, Gilles GroulxFrench
Footage of a snowshoe festival in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Depictions of culture in the early years including snowshoe races, and musical attractions.
Music by Norman Bigras
cover Les traces du rêve
1986 movie • 96min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Jean-Daniel Lafond
Written by Jean-Daniel LafondFrench
Music by Pierre Perrault
Starring Pierre Perrault, Stéphane-Albert Boulais, Jacques Douai, Gaston Miron, Michel Serres, Léopold Tremblay
cover Les vrais perdants
1978 movie • 92min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by André MélançonFrench
Nine children with talent, aged between 5 and 15, talk freely in absence of their parents about their activities in the field they love...
cover Let the Church Say, Amen
2002 movie • 87min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Petersen
In Washington D.C., one church becomes the symbol of a local community dedicated to one another.
Starring Darlene Duncan, JoAnn Perkins
cover Let the Daylight Into the Swamp
2012 movie • 37min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Drama, Family
Directed by Jeffrey St. Jules
Written by Jeffrey St. Jules
Filmmaker Jeffrey St. Jules reconstructs the story of his grandparents and their rugged frontier life in the logging towns of Northern Ontario...
Music by Darren Fung
Starring Karlo William, Colombe Demers, Diana Leblanc, Sean McCann, Noah Ryan Scott, Pierre Simpson
cover Let's Make Money
2008 movie • 110min
7.5 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Erwin Wagenhofer
Written by Erwin WagenhoferGerman, Spanish, English, Tamil
Most of us don't know where their money is. However, one thing is for certain, it's is not in the bank to which we entrusted it. The bank and our money is already a part of the cycle of the global money market.
Starring Mark Mobius, Mirko Kovats, K. Sujatha Raaju, Gerhard Schwarz, John Christensen, Yves Delisle, Francis Kologo, Anton Schneider, Werner Rügemer, John Perkins, Antonio Baena Pérez, Miguel Angel Torres
cover Letters from Iran
2011 tv movie • 90min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Manon LoizeauPersian, French
Music by Mahdyar Aghajani
Starring Neda Agha-Soltan, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Sohrab Arabi, Mehdi Chamran, Alireza Dabir, Massoumeh Ebtekar, Parvin Fahimi, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ebrahim Mehtari, Fakhrosadat Mohtashamipour, Ramin Pourandarjani
cover Lewis Mumford on the City, Part 2: The City: Cars or People?
1963 movie • 28min
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Christopher Chapman, Jean-Claude Chiabaut, Léonard Forest
Written by Ian MacNeill
Music by Robert Fleming
Starring Budd Knapp, Lewis Mumford
cover Lewis Mumford on the City, Part 3: The City and Its Region
1963 movie • 28min
9.0 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Christopher Chapman, George Fenyon, Mogens Gander
Written by Ian MacNeill
A look at how cities and the countryside can live in harmony.
Music by Robert Fleming
Starring Budd Knapp, Lewis Mumford
cover Life After People
2008 tv movie • 108min
7.4 ★★★★   2k   Documentary, Sci-Fi
Directed by David de Vries
Written by David de Vries
Visit the ghostly villages surrounding Chernobyl (abandoned by humans after the 1986 nuclear disaster)...
Music by Eric Amdahl
Starring Struan Rodger, John Anderson, David Brin, Bill Bruninga, Ron Chesser, Ray Coppinger, Eric Doehne, Sergey Gashchak, John Hadidian, Kevin Harrison, Gordon Masterton, Nabil Nasr
cover The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg
1998 movie • 90min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Sport
Directed by Aviva Kempner
Written by Aviva Kempner
The life and career of Hank Greenberg, the first major Jewish baseball star in the Major Leagues.
Music by Edwin B. Edwards, Ken Gross, Matthew Abbott, Tom Abruzzo, Joel Chernet
Starring Reeve Brenner, Hank Greenberg, Walter Matthau, Alan M. Dershowitz, Carl Levin, Stephen Greenberg, Joseph Greenberg, Max Ticktin, Bill Mead, Lou Gehrig, Basil 'Mickey' Briggs, Don Shapiro
cover A Life in Japan
2013 movie • 80min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Petri Storlöpare
See Japan through foreign eyes. Nineteen foreigners tell about their personel experiences and opinions of the country. Both the positive and negative aspects.
Music by Petri Storlöpare
Starring John Frederick Ashburne, Stefano Bandini, Tom Brown, Robert Condon, Daniel Donny-Clark, Alejandro Pena Flores, Micah Aron Gampel, Peter MacIntosh, Scott Mason, Colleen Christina Mathieu, Phillips Murray, Anna Rogowska
cover Life in a Day
2011 movie • 95min
7.7 ★★★★★   13k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Loressa Clisby, Kevin Macdonald, Hiroaki AikawaEnglish, Italian, Japanese, German
A documentary shot by film-makers all over the world that serves as a time capsule to show future generations what it was like to be alive on the twenty-fourth of July, 2010.
Music by Harry Gregson-Williams, Matthew Herbert
Starring Hiroaki Aikawa, Cindy Baer, Teagan Bentley, Ester Brym, Cristina Bocchialini, Jesse Brisendine, Andrea Cunningham, Shir Decker, Jaap Dijkstra, Ayman El Gazwy, Boris Grishkevich, Arsen Grigoryan
cover Life with Murder
2010 movie • 95min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Kastner
Chatham, Ontario, 1998. Eighteen-year-old Jennifer Jenkins is brutally shot to death by multiple rifle rounds in her family home...
cover The Lightbringers: The Emissaries of Jahbulon
2005 video movie • 54min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jüri Lina
Written by Jüri Lina
Music by Attila Publik, Francesco Manfredini, Toivo Kurmet
Starring Robert Clarke
cover Lions of the African Night
1987 movie • 60min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Carol Hughes, David Hughes
Written by Carol Hughes, David Hughes
Documentary exploring the nighttime lives of the greatest of all cats, the African lion. The film follows a large pride of more than two dozen lions as they stalk various prey through the jungle and grasslands.
Music by Mike Trim, Helen Hurden
Starring Richard Kiley
cover The Listening Project
2008 movie • 76min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dominic Howes, Joel Weber
The Listening Project follows four Americans as they travel the world in order to listen to people in foreign countries and hear what they think of the United States. They visit the countries of Canada, China, India, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Tanzania, France, Brazil, South Africa, Afghanistan, Russia, and Palestine.
Music by Reid Kruger
Starring Bao Phi, Bob Roeglin, Carrie Lennox, Han Shan, Daphne Banai, Pete O'Neal
cover The Living Edens
1997 tv series
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Andrew Young
Written by Bruce Reitherman, Elizabeth Bowen, Kim MacQuarrie
Music by Laura Karpman
Starring Sally Kellerman, Peter Coyote, Linda Hunt, James Coburn
cover Living for 32
2010 movie • 40min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, News
Directed by Kevin Breslin
Living for 32 is the inspirational story of Colin Goddard, a survivor of the tragic gun shooting massacre which occurred on the Virginia Tech campus...
Music by Greg Doyle
Starring Colin Goddard, Anne Goddard, Andy Goddard, Kristina Anderson, Omar Samaha, Paul Helmke, Gerald Schembri, Mary Ester, Jackie Rowe-Adams, Kevin Breslin, Maria Cuomo Cole
cover Lobotomy
2010 movie • 57min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Yuriy Khashchevatskiy
Written by Yuriy KhashchevatskiyRussian
The film is a social-political documentary film that raises questions about the roles we play in history...
Music by Gennady Tsypin
cover The London Perambulator
2009 movie • 45min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Rogers
Leading London writers and cultural commentators Will Self, Iain Sinclair and Russell Brand explore...
Starring Russell Brand, Nick Papadimitriou, Will Self, Iain Sinclair
cover Long Distance Love
2009 movie • 77min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Magnus Gertten, Elin JonssonUzbek
Alisher and Dildora are in love in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Soon they are married and even sooner they have a baby on the way...
Music by Alexander Thörnqvist
cover Loose Change
2005 video movie • 61min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Dylan Avery
Written by Dylan Avery
An exploration of the viewpoint that the September 11, 2001 attacks were planned by the United States government.
cover Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup
2009 video movie • 99min
7.2 ★★★★   2k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Dylan Avery
Written by Dylan AveryEnglish, French, Spanish
Film in the Loose Change series.
Music by Mic Cartier
Starring Osama bin Laden, Johnelle Bryant, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Aukai Collins, Richard Gage, Leslie Groves, Hamid Gul, Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler
cover The Lord Is Not on Trial Here Today
2010 movie • 56min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jay Rosenstein
Written by Jay Rosenstein
Music by Wendy Blackstone
Starring Ed Dessen, Bruce Dierenfield, Walter Feinberg, Dan McCollum, Jim McCollum, Vashti McCollum, David Meyer, Charlie Palmer, Ron Rotunda, David Ogden Stiers, Victor Stone, Wanda Whitsitt
cover Los Canadienses
1975 movie • 58min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Albert Kish
Written by Albert Kish, Laszlo Gefin
A film about the Canadians who participated in the Spanish Civil War.
Music by Ben Low
Starring Donald Brittain, Lib Spry, Kate Bader, Hugh Garner, John G. Johnson, William Kardash, Paddy McGilligot, Len Norris, Marvin Penn, Joe Schoen, Graham Spry, Misha Storgoff
cover The Lost Gods of Easter Island
2000 tv movie • 49min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Kate Broome
Written by David Attenborough
A simple, carved figure bought at an auction in New York leads David Attenborough on a global journey from Russia to Australia, from England back to the Pacific. On the way he delves into a history of the stunning stones on Easter Island.
Music by Roger Bolton
Starring David Attenborough
cover Lost Kubrick: The Unfinished Films of Stanley Kubrick
2007 video movie • 20min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Gary Leva
Written by Gary Leva, Pi Ware
He is considered by many the greatest film director the medium has ever known. Yet in a 45-year career...
Starring Malcolm McDowell, Jack Nicholson, Sydney Pollack, Jan Harlan, John Calley, John Baxter, Anthony Frewin, Paul Duncan, Stuart McDougal, Daniel Richter, Louis Begley, Joseph Mazzello
cover Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives
1989 tv series • 156min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by David Attenborough
David Attenborough's comprehensive study of fossils, which give many clues to how life existed on pre-historic Earth.
Music by Terry Oldfield
Starring David Attenborough
cover Lost for Life
2013 movie • 75min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, News
Directed by Joshua Rofé
A documentary about juveniles who are serving life in prison without parole and their victims' families.
Music by Julian Wass
cover The Lottery
2010 movie • 81min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama, News
Directed by Madeleine Sackler
Four children enter a high-stakes lottery. If they win, they can attend one of the best schools in New York. A look at the crisis in public education, The Lottery makes the case than any child can succeed.
Music by Gerard Smith, Tunde Adebimpe
Starring Cory Booker, Geoffrey Canada, Candice Fryer, Gregory Goodwine Jr., Gregory Goodwine Sr., Laurie Goodwine, Betsy Gotbaum, Meredith Gotlin, Ameenah Horne, Nadiyah Horne, Joel Klein, Jim Manly
cover Louis Theroux's African Hunting Holiday
2008 tv movie • 58min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Paddy Wivell
Written by Louis Theroux
Louis goes to South Africa where American tourists pay to hunt wild animals in privately owned reserves.
Starring Louis Theroux
cover Louis Theroux: The City Addicted to Crystal Meth
2009 tv movie • 60min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Geoffrey O'Connor
Written by Louis Theroux
British documentarian Louis Theroux examines the toll meth has taken on several addicts in Fresno, California.
Music by Bob Golden
Starring Louis Theroux
cover Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists
2011 tv movie • 60min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Written by Louis TherouxEnglish, Hebrew, Arabic
Louis Theroux visits a small group of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers.
Music by Yaniv Fridel
Starring Louis Theroux, Yair Lieberman, Daniel Luria
cover The Love Competition
2012 movie • 16min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Romance
Directed by Brent Hoff
The Stanford MRI Lab hosts the world's first ever 'Love Competition,' in which seven contestants have five minutes to neurochemically love some 'as hard as they can.'
Music by Nathan Chase, Jason Kupfer, Tierney Tough
cover Love Hate Love
2011 movie • 83min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Don Hardy Jr., Dana Nachman
Written by Dana Nachman
It's been nine years since Liz Alderman's son Peter was murdered by terrorists. Every day since then...
Music by Joe Rosato Jr.
cover Love Me, Love My Doll
2007 tv movie • 50min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Romance
Directed by Nick Holt
They say love is blind, but can it also be synthetic? This extraordinary film meets a group of lonely guys who have fallen in love with their customized, life-sized dolls.
Music by Frank Loesser
Starring Mark Strong
cover Love, Reality and the Time of Transition
2011 movie
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Bernhard Guenther
This video sheds light into the nature of love, relationships, the "New Age" movement, reality-creation...
cover Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
2008 movie • 90min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Frank H. Woodward
Written by Frank H. Woodward
A chronicle of the life, work and mind that created the Cthulhu mythos.
Music by Mars Homeworld
Starring Robin Atkin Downes, Neil Gaiman, Peter Straub, Guillermo del Toro, Ramsey Campbell, Stuart Gordon, Caitlin R. Kiernan, S.T. Joshi, John Carpenter, Robert M. Price, Andrew Migliore, Hunter Paterra
cover Loving Lampposts
2010 movie • 84min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Todd Drezner
What would you call a four year old who caresses all the lampposts in the park? Quirky? Unusual? Or sick...
Music by Zack Martin
Starring Nadine Antonelli, Simon Baron-Cohen, Billy, Kristina Chew, Jackie Colliton, Paul Colliton, Erika Drezner, Todd Drezner, Eric, Charlie Fisher, Jim Fisher, Gianna
cover Luce Guilbeault, explorActrice
2000 tv movie • 46min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Marcel Jean
Written by Marcel JeanFrench
Music by Guillaume Dostaler
Starring Denys Arcand, Markita Boies, Anne Claire Poirier, Michelle Rossignol, Marcel Sabourin
cover Lucent
2014 movie • 107min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Chris Delforce
Written by Chris Delforce
Through a combination of hand-held and hidden camera footage, Lucent explores the darker side of Australia's pig farming industry, highlighting the day-to-day cruelty accepted by the industry as standard practice.
Music by Asher Pope
Starring Lindsay McDougall
cover The Mad Canadian
1976 movie • 11min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Robert Fortier
A short documentary profiling a day in the life of Canada's most notorious stuntman: Ken Carter - The...
Music by Ben Low
Starring Ken Carter
cover Madness in the Fast Lane
2010 tv movie • 48min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jim Nally
Caught on tape, twin sisters for unknown reasons acting in a series of bizarre incidents on the M6 motorway and the subsequent killing of Glenn Hollinshead.
Starring Frank Booth, Tracey Cope, Melissa Dutton, Nigel Eastman, Richard Elliott, Sabrina Eriksson, Ursula Eriksson, Paul Finlayson, Dominic Frisby, Joshua Grattage, Paul Hollingshead, Claire Lindley
cover The Mafia's Secret Bunkers
2013 tv movie
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Elena Cosentino
Starring John Dickie
cover Magical Egypt
2001 tv series • 48min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Anthony West
Written by Chance Gardner, John Anthony West
Growing evidence is suggesting a missing chapter in human history. West explores evidence of a sophisticated science behind the unexplainable accomplishments of Ancient Egypt, the inheritor of knowledge from an even earlier civilization?
Music by Geraint Hughes
Starring Derek Partridge, John Anthony West
cover The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam
2003 movie • 90min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ann Marie Fleming
Filmmakergoes on a world tour to uncover the life of her great grandfather, a legendary magician and acrobat who performed all over the world in the first half of the 20th century.
Music by Patric Caird
cover Make Me a German
2013 tv movie • 59min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rieta OordGerman, English
Starring Bee Rowlatt, Justin Rowlatt
cover Man on Wire
2008 movie • 94min
7.8 ★★★★★   43k   Documentary
Directed by James Marsh
Written by Philippe PetitEnglish, French
A look at tightrope walker Philippe Petit's daring, but illegal, high-wire routine performed between New York City's World Trade Center's twin towers in 1974, what some consider, "the artistic crime of the century."
Music by J. Ralph, Michael Nyman
Starring Philippe Petit, Jean François Heckel, Jean-Louis Blondeau, Annie Allix, David Forman, Alan Welner, Mark Lewis, Barry Greenhouse, Jim Moore, Guy F. Tozzoli, Paul McGill, David Demato
cover Manda Bala (Send a Bullet)
2007 movie • 85min
7.3 ★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Jason KohnEnglish, Portuguese
An examination of corruption and class warfare in Brazil as told through the stories of a wealthy businessman, a plastic surgeon who assists kidnapping victims and a politician whose income relies on a frog farm.
Music by Force Theory, Neill Sanford Livingston, Michael Furjanic
cover Manger
1961 movie • 28min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Gilles Carle, Louis Portugais
Written by Arthur Lamothe, Louis PortugaisFrench
Music by Eldon Rathburn
cover Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
1992 movie • 167min
8.2 ★★★★★★   3k   Documentary, Biography, War
Directed by Mark Achbar, Peter Wintonick
A film about the noted American linguist/political dissident and his warning about corporate media's role in modern propaganda.
Music by Carl Schultz
Starring Mark Achbar, Karin Aguilar-San Juan, Paul Andrews, William F. Buckley, Noam Chomsky, Robert Faurisson, Jeff Greenfield, Jeff Hansen, Loie Hayes, Edward S. Herman, Arnold Kohen, Robert MacNeil
cover Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita
2007 movie • 100min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Maria Finitzo
Written by Lois Vossen, Eric Martin, Maria Finitzo
Terra Incognita is a feature length documentary film and companion civic engagement campaign featuring the story of Dr...
Music by Joel Diamond
Starring Terrence Howard
cover Marie Uguay
1982 movie • 56min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jean-Claude LabrecqueFrench
Music by Dominique Proulx
Starring Marie Uguay, Corine Laurendeau, Francine Laurendeau
cover The Mark of Cain
2001 movie • 73min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alix LambertRussian
Sailing ships, stars, angels and executioners, The Mark of Cain chronicles the vanishing practice and language of Russian Criminal Tattoos...
Music by Damon Locks, Wayne Montana
cover Married in Spandex
2011 movie • 50min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy, Romance
Directed by Devin Gallagher
Written by Allison Kole
A love story about Amanda and Rachel, a young lesbian couple who decide to go from Philadelphia to Ames...
cover Married to the Eiffel Tower
2008 tv movie • 45min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Agnieszka Piotrowska
Written by Agnieszka Piotrowska
An observation documentary about women who fall in love with large objects rather than people. They maintain to have intimate relationships with them...
Music by Rod Anderson
cover The Mars Underground
2007 movie • 84min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Scott J. Gill
Written by Josh Dasal, Scott J. Gill
Visionary rocket scientist, Robert Zubrin, has a plan for getting humans to Mars in the next ten years and ultimately turning the Red Planet blue. But can he win over the skeptics at NASA and the wider world?
Music by Jim Dooley
Starring Neil Armstrong, David Baker, Penelope Boston, Sam Brownback, George Bush, George W. Bush, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Louis Friedman, John F. Kennedy, Reece Lumsden, John McCain, Chris McKay
cover Mary & Myself
2013 movie • 7min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short
Directed by Sam Decoste
Written by Sam Decoste
Music by Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Starring Jia Tsu Thompson
cover Maxed Out
2006 movie • 90min
7.3 ★★★★   2k   Documentary
Directed by James D. Scurlock
Written by James D. Scurlock
When Hurricane Katrina ravaged America's Gulf Coast, it laid bare an uncomfortable reality-America is...
Music by Benoît Charest
Starring Beth Naef, Mike Hudson, Louis C.K., Catherine Brown, John Brown, Robin Leach, Luke McCabe, Dave Ramsey, Chris Barrett, Elizabeth Warren, Brandie Broersma, Will Broersma
cover The Mayfair Set
1999 tv series • 240min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Adam Curtis
The effects on Britains economic and political power brought by unscrupulous, reckless gamblers from the notorious gambling club in the 60s - the Clermont Club.
Starring James Goldsmith
cover Me and the Mosque
2005 movie • 53min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Zarqa Nawaz
Written by Zarqa Nawaz
In many Canadian mosques, women are put behind barriers to pray and sometimes are not even expected to enter...
Music by Rob Bryanton, Todd Bryanton
Starring Zarqa Nawaz, Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, Ahmed Aboutheir, Amal Abukaram, Abdullah Adhami, Aminah Assilmi, Shaheena Awan, Hosni Azzabi, Gianna Desantis, Aisha Geissinger, Samiul Haque, Ghasan Joundi
cover Me, My Sex and I
2011 movie
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Giles Harrison
Music by Chris Green
Starring Arlene Baratz, Katie Baratz, Tiger Devore, Janet Green
cover Meadowlark
2008 movie • 77min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Taylor Greeson
Written by Taylor Greeson
Music by Chris Horvath
Starring Julie Bales, Terrill Bracken, Brent Brooks, Andrew CdeBaca, Terrence Finn, Frank Fuhrmann, Taylor Greeson, Sally Hilander, Jacob Jones, Kiana Jones, Casey Kliner, Kent Kliner
cover Meat the Truth
2007 movie • 74min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Karen Soeters, Gertjan Zwanikken
Written by Karen Soeters
Meat the Truth is a high-profile documentary which forms an addendum to earlier films on climate change...
Music by Javier Garcia Vicente
Starring Pamela Anderson, Elaine Hendrix, Bill Maher, Wayne Pacelle, Marianne Thieme, Debra Wilson
cover Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health
2011 movie • 48min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Lindsey Ward
cover Medieval Lives
2004 tv series • 240min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Lucy Cooke, Nigel Miller, Paul Bradshaw
Written by Terry Jones
Terry Jones hosts this series that looks at the real facts about the Middle Ages and its roots.
Music by David Mitcham
Starring Terry Jones
cover Meeting Woody Allen
1986 movie • 26min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Jean-Luc Godard
Revolutionary French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard conducts a twenty-five minute interview with...
Starring Woody Allen, Jean-Luc Godard, Annette Insdorf
cover Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices
2008 video movie • 70min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography
Written by Constantine Nasr
The life and career of the renowned voice actor of animation and radio.
Music by Jeffrey Hepker
Starring Mel Blanc, Noel Blanc, Keith Scott, Bill Baldwin Jr., Mark Kausler, Will Friedwald, Kim Newman, Martha Sigall, Billy West, Gary Owens, Hank Azaria, Ron Pitts
cover The Memories of Angels
2008 movie • 80min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Luc BourdonEnglish, French
Montreal of another time is reborn into screen through images from a hundred of movies and shorts produced...
Starring Paul Anka, Geneviève Bujold, Oscar Peterson, Igor Stravinsky, Carol-Lynne Traynor
cover The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress
1944 movie • 45min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by William Wyler
Written by William Wyler, Lester Koenig, Jerome Chodorov
Documentary about the 25th and last bombing mission of a B17, the "Memphis Belle". The "Memphis Belle"...
Music by Gail Kubik
Starring Stanley Wray, Robert Morgan, James A. Verinis, Robert J. Hanson, Charles B. Leighton, Harold P. Loch, John P. Quinlan, Cecil H. Scott, Vince Evans, Clarence E. Winchell, Casimer A. Nastal, Haywood Hansell
cover Metamorphose: M.C. Escher, 1898-1972
1999 movie • 60min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jan BosdrieszEnglish, Dutch
cover Meth
2006 movie • 79min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Todd Ahlberg
METH explores the rising wave of crystal methamphetamine use within the gay population. Through the reflections of a dozen gay men...
Music by Chris Zippel
cover Mexico
1996 movie • 43min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Lorena Parlee
Written by Carlos Blanco Aguinaga, Carlos FuentesEnglish, Spanish
Using text from Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes and ancient Aztec and Mayan poetry, Mexico leads viewers...
Music by Daniel Valdez
Starring Martin Sheen, Enrique Rocha
cover MicroCosmos
1996 movie • 80min
7.9 ★★★★★   9k   Documentary
Directed by Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
Written by Claude Nuridsany, Marie PérennouFrench
A documentary on insect life in meadows and ponds.
Music by Bruno Coulais
Starring Jacques Perrin, Kristin Scott Thomas
cover Mile... Mile & a Half
2013 movie • 87min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jason M. Fitzpatrick, Ric Serena
Written by Jason M. FitzpatrickEnglish, Japanese
In an epic snow year, five friends leave their daily lives behind to hike California's historic John Muir Trail...
Music by Paul Bessenbacher, Bernard Chadwick
cover Mobilize
2015 movie • 4min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Caroline Monnet
cover The Mohammed Cartoons
2007 tv movie • 52min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Karsten Kjær
cover Molon Labe
2013 movie
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by James Jaeger
Written by James Jaeger
History shows that, when citizens are unarmed, government suppression and tyranny are inevitable. MOLON LABE...
Starring Chuck Baldwin, Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Jack Rooney
cover Momentum
1992 movie • 20min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Tony Ianzelo, Colin Low
Music by Eldon Rathburn
cover Mon oeil pour une caméra
2001 movie • 76min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Denys Desjardins
Written by Denys DesjardinsFrench, English
A filmmaker, fascinated by the power of the camera and obsessed with the theories of Russian film pioneer Dziga Vertov...
Music by Sandro Forte, Wetfish
Starring Denys Desjardins, Oleg Popkov
cover The Mona Lisa Curse
2008 movie
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mandy Chang
cover Money & Life
2013 movie • 86min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Drama
Directed by Katie Teague
Written by Katie Teague
MONEY and LIFE is a passionate and inspirational essay-style documentary that makes a provocative proposition:...
Music by Todd Barton
Starring Marga Laube, Lynne Twist, Vandana Shiva, Orland Bishop, Joy Hosey, James Quilligan, Mark Bozzuti-Jones, Jacob Needleman, Thomas H. Greco, William Greider, Vicki Robin, Steven Z. Leder
cover The Money Fix
2009 movie • 79min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alan Rosenblith
Money is at the intersection of nearly every aspect of modern life. Most of us take the monetary system for granted...
Music by Alan Rosenblith
Starring Francis Ayley, Noam Chomsky, Thomas H. Greco, Marjorie Kelly, Bernard A. Lietaer, Michael Linton, Juliet Schor
cover The Money Masters
1996 movie • 210min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by William T. Still
Written by William T. Still, Patrick S.J. Carmack
The Money Masters is a 1996 documentary film that discusses the concepts of money, debt, taxes, and describes their development from biblical times onward.
Starring William T. Still
cover Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety
2006 video movie • 50min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Ennis, Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau
A straightforward look at the pharmaceutical industry. Includes interviews with investigative journalists, medical professionals, former pharmaceutical sales representatives, and others.
Starring John Abramson, Bob Goodman, Jerome Hoffman, Jeanne Lenzer, Scott J. Schultz, Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau, Alex Sugerman-Brozan
cover Money as Debt
2006 movie • 47min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation
Directed by Paul Grignon
Written by Paul Grignon
The monetary systems practiced through modern banking.
Music by Paul Grignon
Starring Bob Bossin
cover Montana Meth
2007 tv movie
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Eames Yeates
Montana Meth takes a look into the world of Crystal Meth in a few towns in the state of Montana. Actual users give their insight and tales of their addiction and what its done to them and their lives.
Music by David Wolfert
cover Montreal by Night
1947 movie • 11min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Arthur Burrows, Jean PalardyEnglish, French
A look at Montreal, the world's largest French-speaking city after Paris, on a summer's night.
Music by Louis Applebaum
Starring Roger Baulu, Janette Bertrand, Juliette Béliveau, Gratien Gélinas, Jean Lajeunesse
cover The Most Hated Family in America
2007 tv movie • 60min
8.0 ★★★★★★   2k   Documentary
Directed by Geoffrey O'Connor
Written by Louis Theroux
Louis meets the Phelps family, who protest against an America that tolerates homosexuality
Starring Louis Theroux, Lauren Drain, Steve Drain, Fred Phelps, Jael Phelps, Megan Phelps-Roper, Rebekah Phelps-Roper, Shirley Phelps-Roper
cover Mr. Happy Man
2010 movie • 11min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography
Directed by Matt Morris
For the last three decades, Bermuda's most beloved resident, Johnny Barnes, has dedicated his life to making the world a happier place in his own unique way.
Starring Johnny Barnes
cover Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet
2002 movie • 116min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Omar Al-Qattan, Michael Schwarz
Tells the story of the seventh century prophet who changed world history in 23 years, and continues...
Music by Martin Bresnick
cover The Music Instinct: Science and Song
2009 tv movie • 115min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Elena Mannes
Written by Elena Mannes
The power of music: The Music Instinct: Science and Song provides a ground-breaking exploration into...
Starring Audra McDonald
cover My Brother the Islamist
2011 tv movie • 57min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Robb Leech
Starring Anjem Choudary, Richard Dart, Robb Leech
cover My Dinner with Abbie
1990 movie • 60min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Nancy Cohen
Ex flower child goes looking for revolutionary hero and finds a brilliant no-quitter with a good appetite.
Starring Nancy Cohen, Abbie Hoffman
cover My Enemy, My Brother
2015 movie • 18min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Drama, History, War
Directed by Ann Shin
Written by Melanie Horkan, Ann Shin
MY ENEMY, MY BROTHER is the real life story about two former enemies who become blood brothers for life:...
Music by Ari Posner
cover My Name Is Kahentiiosta
1995 movie • 28min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Alanis Obomsawin
Written by Alanis ObomsawinEnglish, Mohawk
Music by Claude Vendette, Francis Grandmont
cover My Son the Pornographer
2008 movie • 45min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Peter Campbell
Written by Arthur Holbrook
Art, a Victoria filmmaker, struggles with his conservative moral values when he visits his son Kole...
Music by Bruce Ruddell
cover The Mysterious Monsters
1975 movie • 86min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Robert Guenette
Written by Robert Guenette
One of the many notorious 70's "unknown" documentaries, The Mysterious Monsters covers topics such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster...
Music by Ruby Raksin
Starring Peter Graves, Peter Hurkos, William Stenberg, Sidney Walter, Jerilou Whelchel, Geoffrey Bourne, Lawrence Bradley, Gregory Brusey, Peter Byrne, John Cobb, Tim Dinsdale, John Green
cover Mystery of the Maya
1995 movie • 38min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Barrie Howells, Roberto Rochín
Written by Barrie Howells, Óscar MonteroEnglish, Spanish
Music by Larry Crosley
Starring Nicolas Alonso, Juan Carlos Colombo, Susan Glover, Blanca Guerra, Juan Antonio Llanes, Alberto Ruz, Francois Tormos, Oscar Traven, Javier Viesca
cover NCR: Not Criminally Responsible
2013 movie • 99min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Kastner
Written by John Kastner
Canadian documentary film, following the story of Sean Clifton, who stabbed and badly injured a woman in a shopping mall while he was in a delusional state.
Music by Bruce Fowler
cover Nahanni
1962 movie • 18min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Donald Wilder
Written by William Weintraub
The legend of a lost gold mine and a river in the Northwest Territories that lures men to their doom...
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Starring William Weintraub, Albert Faille
cover Nails
1979 movie • 13min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Phillip Borsos
A film about the manufacturing of nails.
Music by Michael Conway Baker
cover Namibia Genocide and the Second Reich
2005 tv movie
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Olusoga
cover Nanook of the North
1922 movie • 78min
7.7 ★★★★★   8k   Documentary
Directed by Robert J. Flaherty
Written by Robert J. Flaherty, Frances H. Flaherty
In this silent predecessor to the modern documentary, film-makerspends one year following the lives of Nanook and his family, Inuits living in the Arctic Circle.
Music by Rudolf Schramm, Stanley Silverman
Starring Allakariallak, Nyla, Allee, Cunayou, Allegoo, Camock, Berry Kroeger
cover The Nature of Existence
2010 movie • 94min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Roger Nygard
Filmmaker Roger Nygard roams the globe to the source of each of the world's philosophies, religions...
Music by Billy Sullivan
Starring Nancy Ellen Abrams, Rob Adonis, Aha, Javed Akhtar, Matthew Alper, Darryl Anka, Butch Anthony, Jon Atack, Amiri Baraka, Steve Biller, Mehera Blum, Geoff Bolt
cover Nazi Concentration Camps
1945 movie • 59min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by George Stevens
Produced and presented as evidence at the Nuremberg war crimes trial of Hermann Göring and twenty other Nazi leaders.
Starring Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar N. Bradley, George S. Patton, Hayden Sears, Herman Bolker, Adolf Wahlmann, Karl Willig, Jack Taylor, Josef Kramer
cover The Nazi Plan
1945 movie • 127min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by George Stevens
Written by Budd Schulberg
Produced and presented as evidence at the Nuremberg war crimes trial of Hermann Göring and twenty other Nazi leaders.
Starring Hermann Göring, Adolf Hitler, Reed Hadley
cover Needle Through Brick
2009 movie • 52min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Patrick Daly
About the struggle for survival of traditional art and culture in the face of a rapidly changing and modernizing world.
Music by Gil Talmi
cover Nelli Kim
1978 movie • 28min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Sport
Directed by Pierre Bernier, Georges Dufaux
A profile of olympic gymnast Nelli Kim.
cover Neurons to Nirvana
2013 movie • 85min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, News
Directed by Oliver HockenhullEnglish, Czech, Slovak
A stylish, in depth look at the renaissance in psychedelic drug research in light of current scientific...
Music by Steven Gutheinz, Dennis Burke
Starring William S. Burroughs, Wade Davis, Rick Doblin, Lesley Ewen, Julie Holland, Aldous Huxley, Gabor Mate, Dennis J. McKenna, Ralph Metzner, Jeremy Narby
cover The New Cinema
1968 tv movie • 24min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Gary Young
Written by George Eells
Music by Val Johns, Mike Curb
Starring Francis Ford Coppola, Edith Evans, Peter Fonda, Terry Garin, Dustin Hoffman, Isabel Jewell, George Lucas, Joanie Minibopper, Roman Polanski, Michael J. Pollard, Ingrid Superstar, Sharon Tate
cover The New Rulers of the World
2001 tv movie • 65min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alan Lowery, John Pilger
Written by John Pilger
The myths of globalisation have been incorporated into much of our everyday language. "Thinking globally"...
Starring Pramoedya Ananta Toer, George Monbiot, Dita Sari
cover New York: A Documentary Film
1999 tv series • 600min
9.1 ★★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Ric Burns
Written by Ric Burns, James Sanders
Ric Burns (brother of the famed documentarian Ken Burns) presents an exhaustive history of New York...
Music by Brian Keane
Starring David Ogden Stiers, John Steele Gordon, Kenneth Jackson, Robert A.M. Stern, Mike Wallace, Philip Bosco, Brendan Gill, Calvin O. Butts III, Robert A. Caro, Peter Hamill, Alfred Kazin, David McCullough
cover The Next Black
2014 movie • 47min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, History, News
Directed by David Dworsky, Victor Kohler
Written by David Dworsky, Victor Kohler
An exploration of the future of clothing, profiling forward-thinking companies who are at the forefront of redefining how and what we wear.
Starring Mathew Hymers, Suzanne Lee, Brittany McCrigler, Rick Ridgeway, Nancy Tilbury, Kyle Wiens
cover Nick DiPaolo: Raw Nerve
2011 tv movie • 46min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Jay Chapman
Written by Nick Di Paolo
Scathingly satirical comedian Nick DiPaolo brings his razor wit, trademark sarcasm and strong political views to this socially relevant, typically reckless standup performance.
Starring Nick Di Paolo
cover Nico-Icon
1995 movie • 70min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Susanne Ofteringer
Written by Susanne OfteringerEnglish, German
A look into the many lives of Christa Päffgen, otherwise known as Nico; from cutie German mädchen to the first of the supermodels...
Starring Nico, Tina Aumont, Christian Päffgen, Edith Boulogne, Jackson Browne, John Cale, Danny Fields, Carlos De Maldonado-Bostock, Jonas Mekas, Paul Morrissey, Sterling Morrison, Billy Name
cover Nine Days That Changed the World
2010 movie • 94min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, History
Directed by Kevin Knoblock
Written by Kevin Knoblock
Music by Michael Josephs
Starring Callista Gingrich, Newt Gingrich
cover No Direction Home: Bob Dylan
2005 episode • 359min
8.6 ★★★★★★★   10k   Documentary, Biography
Directed by Martin Scorsese
A chronicle of Bob Dylan's strange evolution between 1961 and 1966 from folk singer to protest singer to "voice of a generation" to rock star.
Music by Michael Brauer, Robert Bower, Diane Lapson, Annette Kudrak, Jennifer L. Dunnington
Starring Bob Dylan, B.J. Rolfzen, Dick Kangas, Liam Clancy, Anthony Glover, Paul Nelson, Allen Ginsberg, Dave Van Ronk, Maria Muldaur, John Cohen, Bruce Langhorne, Mark Spoelstra
cover No End in Sight
2007 movie • 102min
8.3 ★★★★★★   7k   Documentary, War
Directed by Charles Ferguson
Written by Charles FergusonEnglish, Arabic
A comprehensive look at the Bush Administration's conduct of the Iraq war and its occupation of the country.
Music by Peter Nashel
Starring Campbell Scott, Gerald Burke, Ali Fadhil, Omar Fekeiki, Robert Hutchings, Paul Hughes, Marc Garlasco, George Tenet, James Bamford, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz
cover No Maps for These Territories
2000 movie • 89min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mark Neale
Written by Mark Neale
Follows author and cyberpunk pioneer William Gibson, on a digital North American road trip.
Music by The Edge, Daniel Lanois, tomandandy
Starring William Gibson, Kimberly Blair, Bono, Nick Conroy, Jenna Mattison, The Edge
cover No Place Called Home
2003 movie • 57min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Craig Chivers
Written by Craig Chivers, Michael Lavoie
No Place Called Home is a documentary about the lives of the Rice Family over the course of a year as they move across Canada in search of affordable housing.
Music by Steve McNamee, Steve Munro
Starring Kay Rice, Karl Rice, Alex Rice, Breanna Rice, Ellen Rice, Richard Rice, Zak Rice-Dunn, Kaitlynn Rice-Kavanagh
cover Nollywood Babylon
2008 movie • 74min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ben Addelman, Samir Mallal
Written by Samir Mallal, Ben Addelman
Nigeria's film industry, Nollywood, is the third-largest in the world--an unstoppable economic and cultural...
Music by Olivier Alary
Starring Osita Iheme, Chinedu Ikedieze, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Uche Jumbo, Kenneth Okonkwo, Bob-Manuel Udokwu
cover The Nomi Song
2004 movie • 98min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Andrew Horn
Written by Andrew HornEnglish, German
Having failed to break into professional opera in his native Germany (where, as an usher in West Berlin's Deutsche Oper...
Music by Richard Barone
Starring Klaus Nomi, Ann Magnuson, Gabriele Lafari, David McDermott, Page Wood, Tony Frere, Man Parrish, Kristian Hoffman, Ron Johnsen, Kenny Scharf, Anthony Scibelli, Alan Platt
cover Normetal
1960 movie • 18min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Gilles Groulx
Written by Gilles GroulxFrench
Music by Maurice Blackburn
cover Noseland
2012 movie • 82min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Comedy
Directed by Aleksey Igudesman
Written by Aleksey Igudesman, Sebastian Leitner
A humorous ode to the world of classical music and some of its star musicians.
Music by Aleksey Igudesman, Giya Kancheli, Richard Dubugnon
Starring Boris Andrianov, Nicola Benedetti, Boris Brovtsyn, Harvey De Souza, Leonard Elschenbroich, Itamar Golan, Sabina Hasanova, Aleksey Igudesman, Hyung-Ki Joo, Boris Kuschnir, Lily Maisky, Mischa Maisky
cover Not Afraid: The Shady Records Story
2015 movie • 32min
8.8 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Written by Insanul Ahmed, Isanul Ahmed, Damien Scott
Eminem, Paul Rosenberg, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent all reflect on how Shady Records became one of the most dominant labels of the 2000s.
Starring 50 Cent, Royce Da 59, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mr. Porter, Paul Rosenberg
cover Nothing But the Beat
2011 movie
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Musical
Directed by Huse Monfaradi
A look at the life, work and influence of French DJ David Guetta.
Music by Corey Lloyd, Christophe Piot, Danny Zook, Cameron Redovian
Starring Afrojack, Akon, Avicii, Taio Cruz, Fatboy Slim, David Guetta, LMFAO, Ludacris, David Morales, Usher Raymond, Flo Rida, Kelly Rowland
cover Notman's World
1989 movie • 29min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Albert Kish
Music by Chris Crilly
Starring Graeme Decarie, Rosina Fontein, Nora Hague
cover Nova the Film
2011 movie • 75min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Isaac Niemand
An inspiring 75min DIY documentary film on new art and the young artists behind it. It was all filmed on the heat of live action of the first NOVA Contemporary Culture Festival, July and August 2010 in São Paulo, Brazil.
Starring Mulheres Barbadas, Felipe Brait, Tofer Chin, Cristopher Cichocki, Koen Delaere, Bernhard Fleischmann, Defi Gagliardo, Renaud Hallée, Max Hattler, Highraff, Taras Hrabowsky, Yusk Imai
cover Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island
2015 movie
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Animation, Short, Drama
Directed by Lukas Schrank
Written by Lukas Schrank
Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island is an animated short film, which tells the stories of two men...
Music by Ian King
cover Nuclear Tipping Point
2010 movie • 57min
7.1 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ben Goddard
Written by Ben Goddard
A documentary produced by the Nuclear Security Project to raise awareness about nuclear threats and to help build support for the urgent actions needed to reduce nuclear dangers.
Music by Pete Kneser
Starring Michael Douglas, Mikhail Gorbachev, John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, John McCain, Sam Nunn, Barack Obama, William J. Perry, Colin Powell, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Shultz
cover Nuremberg Trials
1947 movie • 58min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Roman Karmen, Elizaveta Svilova
Written by Boris GorbatovEnglish, Russian, German
A look at the trials of Nazi leaders.
Music by A. Grana
Starring Francis Biddle, Henri Donnedieu de Vabres, Karl Dönitz, Robert Falco, Hans Frank, Wilhelm Frick, David Maxwell Fyfe, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler
cover OCD: The War Inside
2002 movie • 72min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by David Hoffert, Mark Pancer
Music by Paul Hoffert
Starring Marvin Freedman, Tricia Huggins, Chris Krija, Mark Pancer, Grace Petrella, Ainsley Stewart, Andrew Stewart
cover The Oasis
2008 movie • 88min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Ian Darling, Sascha Ettinger-Epstein
This documentary charts the fraught lives of the street kids Paul works with and captures his daily battle to save these lost children of the so-called "lucky country".
Music by Felicity Foxx
Starring Paul Moulds
cover Oasis: Definitely Maybe
2004 video movie • 59min
8.7 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Music
Directed by Dick Carruthers, Nigel Dick, Carlos Grasso
Retrospective documentary on the making of Definitely Maybe, the 1994 debut album by British rock band .
Starring Anthony Griffiths, Chris Griffiths, Mani, Keith Cameron, Marcus Russell, Alan McGee, Mark Coyle, Tim Abbot, Chris Abbot, Gem Archer, Phil Smith, Jason Rhodes
cover Obey
2013 movie • 52min
8.5 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
This is a film based on the book "Death of the Liberal Class" by journalist and Pulitzer prize winner...
cover Obsessed and Scientific
2005 movie • 26min
7.9 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Jay Cheel
Written by Jay Cheel
Obsessed & Scientific is a documentary about the possibility of time travel and the people who dream about it.
Music by Sufjan Stevens
Starring Larry Haber, Michio Kaku, Robert Niosi
cover Occupy Sandy
2012 movie
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Josh Fox
cover Of Dolls and Murder
2012 movie • 70min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Crime, Mystery
Directed by Susan Marks
Written by Susan Marks
Of Dolls and Murder explores a haunting collection of dollhouse crime scenes and our universal fascination with murder...
Music by John Kurtis Dehn, Jefferson Rabb
Starring John Waters, Jamie Bowen, Darrolyn Butler, Rajesh Chopra, David Fowler, Peter Georgiades, Brenda J. Haggerty, Sean Jones, Amanda Kensacki, Erica Marshall, Donnell McCullouch, Joe Pochron
cover Off the Chain
2005 video movie • 60min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Bobby J. Brown
Written by Bobby J. Brown
A history of the pit bull.
Music by Dino Dumandan, Paul D. Lehrman
Starring Karen Ross
cover The Olmsted Legacy: America's Urban Parks
2011 tv movie • 58min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Rebecca Messner
Written by Rebecca Messner
From PBS - Frederick Law Olmsted designed New York City's Central Park with Calvert Vaux over 150 years ago...
Starring Kevin Kline, Kerry Washington
cover On est au coton
1970 movie • 159min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Denys ArcandFrench
Director Denys Arcand made an inquiry on textile industry in Quebec, meeting employers and workers of that industry.
Starring Denys Arcand, Jean-Paul Beaudry, Carmen Bertrand, Jean-Jacques Bertrand, Robert Bourassa, Gérard Dion, Maurice Duplessis, Jacques Girard, Gérald Godin, Edward F. King, Claude Lemelin, Marc Lettre
cover Once Upon a Rooftop
2010 movie • 31min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Biography, Drama, History
Directed by Sybil Wendler
On a rooftop high above the bustling streets of Hong Kong, a woman practices the ancient art of tai chi as her daughter watches from the shadows...
Music by Alex Mitchell
cover Once Upon a Time in Norway
2007 movie • 60min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Pål Aasdal, Martin LedangNorwegian
Interviews with central members of early Norwegian black metal bands about Mayhem, the early black metal scene and the crimes they committed.
Starring Varg Vikernes, Kjetil Manheim, Necrobutcher, Billy Nordheim, Anders Odden, Einar Engelstad, Ted Skjellum, Per Ohlin, Erlend Erichsen, Terje Vik Schei, Rolf Rasmussen, Gunnar Sauerman
cover One Nation Under Siege
2006 video movie
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by William Lewis
Written by William Lewis
Music by William Lewis
Starring Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, Jim Marrs, Stanley Monteith, Sherri Tenpenny, Joan Veon
cover Only When I Dance
2009 movie • 78min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Beadie FinziPortuguese, English
Two young kids try to dance their way out of the favelas of Rio.
Music by Stephen Hilton
Starring Irlan Santos da Silva, Isabela Coracy Alves Nascimento Santos, Mariza Estrella
cover Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
2007 movie • 81min
7.3 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Richard Robbins
Written by Colby Buzzell, Edward Parker Gyokeres, Brian Turner
A unique documentary about troops' experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, based on writings by soldiers...
Music by Ben Decter
Starring Sharon D. Allen, Beau Bridges, Colby Buzzell, Richard Currey, Robert Duvall, Aaron Eckhart, Paul Fussell, Christopher Gorham, Edward Parker Gyokeres, Joe Haldeman, Sangjoon Han, Ed Hrivnak
cover Ordeal by Ice
1945 movie • 11min
6.0 ★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Tom Daly
Music by Louis Applebaum
Starring Lorne Greene
cover The Origins of AIDS
2004 movie • 92min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Peter Chappell, Catherine Peix Eyrolle
Written by Stéphane Horel, Peter ChappellEnglish, French
Documentary about the hypothesis that HIV may have been caused by mass vaccination against Polio, in Congo, between 1957 and 1960.
Music by Philip Glass, Frédéric Lagnau, Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Starring Cecil Fox, Simon Wain-Hobson, Joseph Vandepitte, Tom Curtis, John Martin, Edward Hooper, Bill Hamilton, Stanley Plotkin, Robin Weiss, Joseph Limbaya Mwenge, Baelo Alukelo, Philippe Elebe
cover Origins of Us
2011 tv series
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Matthew Dyas, Paul Olding, David Stewart
Music by Niraj Chag
Starring Alice Roberts
cover Orson Welles: The Paris Interview
1960 tv movie • 53min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Allan King
A vintage interview captures the artist reflecting on Citizen Kane and expounding on directing, acting...
Starring Bernard Braden, Orson Welles
cover Orthodox Stance
2007 movie • 83min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Sport
Directed by Jason HuttHebrew, English, Russian, Spanish
Dmitriy Salita is a Russian immigrant, professional boxer and a religious Jew. ORTHODOX STANCE portrays...
Music by Mark Orton
Starring Dmitriy Salita, Jimmy O'Pharrow, Israel Liberow, Bob Arum, Lou DiBella, Oscar Suarez, Hector Roca, Zalman Liberov, Joe Antonacci, Kurt Emhoff
cover Orwell Rolls in His Grave
2003 movie • 84min
8.1 ★★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Robert Kane Pappas
Written by Robert Kane Pappas, Tom Blackburn
A documentary analyzing the role of the modern American media and its effects on democracy.
Starring Charles Lewis, Robert McChesney, Mark Crispin Miller, Bernie Sanders, Danny Schechter, Vincent Bugliosi, Jeff Cohen, Dennis Kucinich, Mark Lloyd, Michael Moore, John Nichols, Greg Palast
cover Our Daily Bread
2005 movie • 92min
7.7 ★★★★★   2k   Documentary
Directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Written by Wolfgang Widerhofer, Nikolaus GeyrhalterGerman, Polish
OUR DAILY BREAD is a wide-screen tableau of a feast which isn't always easy to digest - and in which we all take part. A pure, meticulous and high-end film experience that enables the audience to form their own ideas.
Starring Claus Hansen Petz, Arkadiusz Rydellek, Barbara Hinz, Renata Wypchlo, Alina Wiktorska, Ela Kozlowska, Anna Bethke, Malgorzata Nowak, Halina Kosiacka, Tibor Korom, András Szarvas, Lies Jacobs
cover Our Generation
2010 movie • 73min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, News
Directed by Sinem Saban, Damien Curtis
A documentary on the Australian Aboriginal struggle for their land, culture and freedom - a story that...
Starring Jonny Burrmula, Tom Calma, Judy Djanunbe, Djiniyini Gondarra, Marcus Lacey, Les Malezer, Henry Reynolds
cover Our Nationhood
2003 movie • 96min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alanis Obomsawin
Written by Alanis Obomsawin
A chronicle of the Listuguj Mi'gmaq community in Quebec - a people determined to live off of their traditional lands.
Music by Francis Grandmont
cover Our Own Private Bin Laden
2006 movie • 63min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Samira Goetschel
Written by Samira Goetschel
ourownpriv@tebinladen is a film about understanding the creation of the Osama bin Laden as a phenomenon of the interplay between history...
Music by Shay J. Katz, Jean-Marie Béasse
Starring Saad Al-Fagih, Stephane Allix, Milton Bearden, Benazir Bhutto, Jack Blum, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky, Charles Cogan, John Cooley, Nick Fielding, Paul Fitzgerald
cover Out of Mind, Out of Sight
2014 movie • 88min
7.6 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by John Kastner
Written by John Kastner
Profiles four residents of the Brockville Mental Health Centre, a forensic psychiatric hospital for people who have committed violent crimes.
Music by Bruce Fowler
cover Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
2004 movie • 75min
7.6 ★★★★★   5k   Documentary
Directed by Robert Greenwald
Documentary on reported Conservative bias of the Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News Channel (FNC), which promotes itself as "Fair and Balanced". Material includes interviews with former FNC employees and the inter-office memos they provided.
Music by Nicholas O'Toole
Starring Roger Ailes, Eric Alterman, Christiane Amanpour, Harry Belafonte, David Brock, Tom Brokaw, George W. Bush, Carl Cameron, George Carlin, Neil Cavuto, Douglas Cheek, Dick Cheney
cover Overview
2012 movie • 20min
7.8 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Guy Reid
Astronauts who have seen the Earth from space have often described the 'Overview Effect', an experience...
Starring David Beaver, Ronald Garan, Jeffrey Hoffman, Shane Kimbrough, David Loy, Edgar D. Mitchell, Nicole Stott, Frank White
cover Owned & Operated
2012 movie • 106min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Relic
Owned & Operated is a mosaic of the world through the lens of the Internet. Showing our lives as consumers...
Starring Jiddu Krishnamurti, Lama The Dalai, George Carlin, Eric Schurenberg, Phil Rockstroh, Erik Assadourian, Cynthia McFadden, JuJu Chang, Dan Schneider, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, Jack Cafferty, Casey Anthony
cover Oxyana
2013 movie • 78min
7.2 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Sean Dunne
Tucked in the Appalachian mountains of Southern West Virginia, Oceana, is a small, once thriving coal-mining...
Music by Frank Turbe, Evan Donahue, Spencer Cullum
2012 movie • 6min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Fantasy, History, Mystery
Directed by Duncan McDowall
Written by Duncan McDowall
The exploration of a building's decay, illustrating the building's retreat from the physical world and nature's advance on it.
Music by Simon Marcheterre
Starring Dorotea Saykaly
cover Paddle to the Sea
1966 movie • 28min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short, Adventure, Family
Directed by Bill Mason
Written by Holling C. Holling, Stanley Jackson
This film recounts the adventures of a toy Native American canoe as it makes its way from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.
Music by Louis Applebaum
Starring Stanley Jackson
cover Pakistan's Hidden Shame
2014 movie • 47min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Mohammed NaqviEnglish, Urdu
A look into the sexual abuse suffered by the children living in the North-Western city of Peshawar in Pakistan.
Starring Juliet Stevenson
cover Palestine is Still the Issue
2003 tv movie • 53min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Tony Stark
Written by John Pilger
A documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has lasted for more than 50 years. Contains some interviews with the children in this conflict.
Starring John Pilger
cover The Panama Deception
1992 movie • 91min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, War
Directed by Barbara Trent
Written by David Kasper
A film about the true reasons for the 1989 US invasion of Panama and big media complicity in these activities.
Music by Chuck Wild
Starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Carlos Cantú, Diviana Ingravallo, Abraham Alvarez, Alma Martinez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ashton Bancroft, Manuel Becker, Larry Birns, Esmeralda Brown, Humberto Brown, Eugene Carroll
cover Panopticon
2012 movie • 60min
8.0 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, News
Directed by Peter Vlemmix
Written by Peter VlemmixDutch
Control on our daily lives increases and privacy is disappearing. How is this exactly happening and in which way will it effect all our lives?
Music by Niels Hahn
Starring Peter Vlemmix, Inez Weski, Brenno de Winter, Fukami, Sven Gückes, Oliver Höfinghoff, Bart Jacobs, Alexander Klöpping, Koen Martens, McTyphoon, Alexander Morlang, Jan Swinkels
cover Paper Wheat
1979 movie • 58min
6.6 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Albert Kish
Starring Sharon Bakker, Lubomir Mykytiuk
cover Paperland: The Bureaucrat Observed
1979 movie • 58min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Donald Brittain
Written by John Random, Donald Brittain, Ronald Blumer
The idiosyncrasies and absurdities of bureaucracy.
cover Paradise or Oblivion
2012 movie • 45min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Roxanne Meadows
Written by Roxanne Meadows, Jacque Fresco
A documentary to introduce the aims and proposals of the Venus Project.
Music by Carly Paradis
Starring Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows
cover Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
2007 movie • 60min
8.1 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Biography, Music
Directed by Louise Lockwood
Mark Oliver Everett, singer of the band EELS, on his quest to get to know his later father, quantum physicist Hugh Everett III, who invented the Many Worlds theory.
Music by John Jenkins
Starring Mark Oliver Everett, Max Tegmark
cover Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream
2012 movie • 70min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Alex Gibney
Written by Alex Gibney, Chad Beck, Adam Bolt
Filmmaker Alex Gibney investigates the fact that the 400 richest Americans control more wealth than the 150 million people in the bottom 50 percent of the population.
Music by Peter Nashel
Starring Alex Gibney, Jack Abramoff, Michele Bachmann, Bruce Bartlett, John Boehner, Carol Browner, George W. Bush, Eric Cantor, April Dunkley, Colin Dunkley, Michael Gross, Garrett Gruener
cover The Party's Over: How the West Went Bust
2011 tv series • 60min
7.7 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary Starring Robert Peston
cover Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq
2000 movie • 75min
8.4 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary, War
Directed by Alan Lowery, John Pilger
Starring Felicity Arbuthnot, Dennis Halliday, Jinan Ghalib Hussein, John Pilger, Scott Ritter, Doug Rokke, James Rubin, Karol Sikora, Peter van Walsum, Hans von Sponeck
cover Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land
2004 video movie • 80min
8.3 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Sut Jhally, Bathsheba Ratzkoff
Written by Bathsheba Ratzkoff, Sut JhallyEnglish, Arabic, French, Hebrew
This video shows how the foreign policy interests of American political elites-working in combination...
Music by Thom Monahan
Starring Seth Ackerman, Stav Adivi, Arik Ascherman, Hanan Ashrawi, Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Neve Gordon, Toufic Haddad, Sam Husseini, Hussein Ibish, Robert Jensen, Michael Lerner
cover The Peacekeepers
2005 movie • 90min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Paul Cowan
Written by Paul CowanEnglish, French
Music by Jean Mallet
Starring Karen Feiertag, Kofi Annan
cover Pedigree Dogs Exposed
2008 tv movie • 59min
8.2 ★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Jemima Harrison
Starring Mark Evans, Clare Rusbridge, Jeff Sampson
cover Pen Point Percussion
1951 movie • 6min
6.8 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Norman McLaren
Written by Donald Peters
Music by Louis Applebaum
Starring Norman McLaren
cover The Pendle Witch Child
2011 tv movie • 60min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History
Directed by Ros Ereira
Written by Ros Ereira
Simon Armitage presents the extraordinary story of the most disturbing witch trial in British history...
Starring Simon Armitage
cover The Penultimate Truth About Philip K. Dick
2007 video movie • 89min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Emiliano Larre
Written by Patricio Vega
Starring Philip K. Dick
cover People in Motion
2012 movie • 56min
8.9 ★★★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Cedric Dahl
Written by Cedric Dahl
A documentary about a group of people who turn to parkour in their life -- sometimes to get rid of anger and frustration, other times they just want to feel the earth and be a part of something.
Music by Alexander Bornstein, Justin Douglas, Mason Hopkins
Starring Paul Whitecotton, Brian Orosco, David Agajanian, Lonnie Tisdale, Jacob Siel, Cory DeMeyers, Andrew Cavuto, Hensley Heath
cover People of the Po Valley
1947 movie • 10min
7.0 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
Written by Michelangelo AntonioniItalian
A documentary short detailing the life of Italians living on the Po River in the 1940s.
Music by Mario Labroca
cover The Perfect Vagina
2008 tv movie • 51min
6.4 ★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Heather Leach
Written by Lisa Rogers
Lisa Rogers investigates vaginal cosmetic surgery and why more and more women consider this surgical procedure.
Music by Marner Brown
Starring Lisa Rogers
cover The Phase
2013 movie • 30min
6.7 ★★★   <1k   Documentary, History, Mystery
Directed by Michael Raduga
Written by Michael Raduga
It's an astounding coincidence: in the absolute majority of accounts of the supernatural, be they biblical miracles or paranormal phenomena...
Music by Igor Tokarev
Starring Charlotte Ann, Doug Barron, David Kaplan, Valeria Lukyanova
cover The Phoenix Lights
2005 movie • 80min
6.9 ★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Lynne Kitei
Written by Lynne Kitei
Celebrating the historic and still unexplained Arizona mass sighting of 1997 this critically acclaimed...
Music by Steve Lantz
Starring Charlie Balogh, Frances Emma Barwood, Tom Brunty, Chuck Byers, Tom Chavez, Paul Cook, Jim Dilettoso, Mike Fortson, Trudy Guyker, Rebecca Hardcastle, Ruth Hover, George Judson
cover The Photographer
1948 movie • 26min
7.4 ★★★★   <1k   Documentary, Short
Directed by Willard Van Dyke
Written by Irving Jacoby
Starring Edward Weston, Mel Brandt
cover Pinscreen
1973 movie • 39min
6.5 ★★★   <1k   Short, Documentary
Directed by Norman McLaren
Starring Alexander Alexeieff, Norman McLaren, Claire Parker
cover Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea
2004 movie • 73min
7.5 ★★★★★   <1k   Documentary
Directed by Chris Metzler, Jeff Springer
Written by Chris Metzler, Jeff Springer
Renowned cult film director John Waters narrates this quirky exploration of the Salton Sea, the massive...
Music by Friends of Dean Martinez, Bill Elm
Starring Sonny Bono, John Waters, Norm Niver, Petre Melvin, Leonard Knight, Bobbie Todhunter, Steve Horvitz, Lechon Rainey, Paul Clement, Manny Diaz, Harold Gaston
cover Planet Ocean
2012 movie • 94min
7.8 ★★★★★   1k   Documentary
Directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Michael Pitiot
Written by Michael Pitiot, Lucy AllwoodFrench, English, Portuguese
Dive into our planet's greatest mysteries with a team of international underwater cinematographers as they explore the breathtaking bond between humanity and the ocean.
Music by Armand Amar
Starring Josh Duhamel
cover The Plastic Cow
2012 movie • 34min
7.2 ★★★★